HS Message – The Solstice Fires of Ascension: A Message for the Masters

by April Bender, December 25, 2014



Georgi Stankov

After a long period of creative silence (as we also had it this year), April has published a new message from her HS, which I have the pleasure to publish now on my website as to make you aware of her comeback.

April’s HS fully confirms the preeminent role of the new, fully activated and sentient crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet as the primary source of all creation. We are well advised to use this crystalline grid extensively in order to manifest all our visions for the highest good of humanity.

This is now possible after the old electric grid of the Orion matrix has been fully severed from this crystalline grid, so that all old, low frequency emotional, fear-based patterns, thought forms and service-to-self behaviour have no energetic support anymore. They flow, so to say, loose in the infinite space-time of All-That-Is before being recycled by the Source. This is what the Elohim told us in their last message. And this is also the key message in April’s latest channeling of her HS.

Carla and I have personally started to use the new crystalline grid by aligning to it with the help of the five flames from the source as presented in our last decree in order to achieve a peaceful implosion of the current power structures of the Orion elite and their demise to lower catastrophic timelines.

As the current equilibrium between darkness and light on this planet has significantly tilted in favour of the light and the light quotient has reached unprecedented high levels, it is now possible to create the inevitable “resolution through confrontation” – the collapse of the Orion 3D matrix – without the necessity to unleash a devastating new world war, but only through a global crash of the Orion monetary and banking system. “Resolution through confrontation” is another basic term, which April’s HS has introduced some time ago to explain the energetic, dialectical dynamics of the final phase on this uppermost mother planet that will culminate and end up with our ascension and ID shift of part of humanity to the new 4D worlds in the Golden galaxy.


April’s HS Message

The flood gates are open, an explosion of light dances its way in, the unified heartbeat of Prime Creator pulses forth.

Anchored pillars of light ignite and blaze forth colossal fires of shimmering crystalline energy, casting aglow all vessels/portals which have been painstakingly prepared. They now stand awash in brilliant crystalline fires of divine truth and divine potential – simply waiting for thy master’s blueprint (thought/ feeling “impressions”) to give it form, function and purpose.

Living, moving, breathing crystalline codes/glyphs dance upon invisible walls of translucent light within these portals/vessels – sustained they are by its crystalline fire. Invisible to those who see only the material, visible for those with spiritual eyes to see. They are everywhere, every several cubic feet, running from the celestial heavens above, down into the darkest underworlds of earth – illuminating all possibilities, all possible coding/matrix arrangements to the master, so that he/she may select from among these the coding of tomorrow.

Each master must now center, and call forth or decree (and by doing so co-create) that which must be made manifest from this crystalline fire energy that is now made available through each master’s portal/vessel, and exists at every dimensional level (as the bandwidth of crystalline light implies).

You are to mold, fashion and make form from this fire light of creation. You are to hold the image in your mind continuously of that in which you would see made manifest/ form for the greatest good and liberation of All. Hold the idea/ intention/ impression in your mind and then give it a little push to “lock” it in, and repeat. Keep your incubated impression charged by seeing the crystalline fire in your portal/ vessel/ field envelope and nourish this thought form. Soon you will have a nursery of higher dimensional, highly charged thought forms.

Once form, function, and purpose are determined, this crystalline fire energy will then blaze its way across the master/portal/grid network in an effort to magnetize and weave itself together with other like energy/intentions and/or thought impressions. Creating in effect, larger crystalline fires of ascension that will see these crystalline blueprints enacted/sealed. Remember, though you can direct it, this fire, this energy, has a living consciousness all its own. It is a being in and of itself made up of a collection of elemental spirits/ beings of higher order, so not only should you commune with and get to know this divine crystalline fire energy that you’ll be working with, but you should also respect and befriend it.

In contrast, celestial waters of life, light, and intelligent design flow, sparkle, shimmer and shine as they cascade onto earthen shores. Cooling the great ascension fire, bringing balance, harmony and healing as the shadows of darkness/ illusion seemingly grow, contort, dance and play in the background of such luminous fire. And remember, one way or another the shadow MUST be integrated as well as the light, for no fragments can exist without the whole. With water you are also including elements of the collective psyche. Therefore you must know, that the “reconciliation process” is indeed peaking. For many, many worlds at various dimensional levels are indeed seeking reconciliation and resolution through you, the master’s of earth. Tap into these celestial waters when in need of soothing or healing or after any intense crystalline fire work.

(As you are rightly sensing, the world will once again be reborn through the elements of fire and water. Both literally and symbolically.)

*During the last six months, many masters have been reintroduced to their true divine heritage, their soul/ star lineages and ancestors, and countless parallel lives/ incarnations as the soul retrieval process peaked. Now you are asked to go within, connect with them all again, and utilize/ harvest the highest wisdom from each, in order to manifest a new age/aeon of experience. One in which the foundations are based on Truth, Love, Unity, Transparancy, and Wholeness.

For NOW is the time to “impress” en masse, on the new strata of crystalline material now permeating the earth and made fully available to you. For if you do not, others most surely will and humanity has already been down that road. So get busy and have fun with this! Imagine you are a child again and have been gifted a brand new set of play-dough. In your delight of such wondrous raw material, what is it that you will create, mold, or fashion one passionate thought, word, decree, impression, or ritual at a time? And perhaps even through this exercise, you will come to find that group “impressions” are much more effective (Hence our collective decree to crash the banking system, as this is the most peaceful resolution through implosion of the Orion matrix, rather than through a war. Note, George).

There are absolutely no limitations or boundaries in this endeavor so explore, think big, and create! But as always, be responsible. For fire has two dimensions to it, it can birth new life through transformation but it can also destroy. Be wise in your wielding of such creative and destructive inner power for surely you will be called to utilize both, much in the way that you have already applied these elements to your own inner process of growth, but this time, in a much larger and integrated way.

One last thing to consider – your crystalline bodies and Cities of Light are made up of this same raw crystalline material you are now being asked to mold/ fashion/ impress. All the tools and building materials needed are now FULLY available to you, using your highest Will and Wisdom, what is it that you as Creator gods will now create? What are the hearts of your ancestors, both of earth and the stars longing for? What is humanity as a collective longing for? What are you longing for? What does Gaia long for? What does this entire localized area of Creation long for?

What is the highest experience they all, are trying to call forth from within you? Search your heart and your higher wisdom and you will KNOW. Create that. Be as detailed as you are able.

This is your task between now and the spring equinox, when all that you’ve been impressing begins to be made manifest very much in the physical. Your Higher Self and the earthly and celestial orders stand by to assist you. Call on them anytime you need their assistance or support. They are more than eager to add/blend their energy to yours. For this entire endeavor is indeed, alchemy of the highest form.

Be sure to rest or recenter often and to drink plenty of water as you are and will be, moving and interacting with tremendous amounts of highly charged fire/water energy at this time. Keep your self-care toolkit handy, but also be prepared to soar to new heights of joy and adventure not yet experienced. This is the part of the ascension process that can be the most exciting, if that is, you’re able to keep your eyes to the light, and focused on the goal. However, if you waver on issues of faith, empowerment, confidence, etc… you will easily be overcome by the dark shadows dancing and revealing themselves, feel drowned by the rush of incoming celestial water, or short-circuited by the crystalline charge. This is why all the centering, clearing and empowerment work of the last year was of paramount importance along with the overall soul retrieval process. It has all prepared you for Now – this very moment. The stars have now aligned so to speak, to bring you to this most momentous juncture of human history.

Now wield your hard won powers! BE the creator gods you know yourselves to be! Show us what we know you are capable of! Create, create, create!

Until next time…


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