Go There and Love – On Account of Money

Master Kuthumi

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 28, 2014


translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones,

The end of this time means the end of this financial system. And until then it is necessary to have an attitude of Love also toward money, as well as toward all appearances in this world.


The reality, which the light warriors of the first and last hours now depend on, is the realization of Love. Love sets free streams of energy, where from nobody and nothing can withdraw; Love overcomes hate and this in all areas of life. Thereby it is about that you are in Love, vibrate and remain  in Love, and not about to be a smooth talker about things and human Beings, which are not vibrating in Love. It is about the complete inner orientation and the base vibration of Love, which are now set into motion by the souls of the light warriors. Now it depends on you and it depends on how you encounter the different manifestations of life.

Money and the financial system are rushing toward the near end. Infinite suffering, great injustices and crimes were fostered and caused solely on account of this system. And now at the end of time follows the great upheaval and collapse of the system of darkness, where from few enriched themselves and for many only the hunger cloth and a life in great scarcity remained.

Realize Love

And now it is time to bring oneself also into a love-filled vibration toward money, because you are dealing with it and thereby it can be of good service to you. Fight the system, yet avoid to let the anger and the fury, which you have against the system, get a foothold in your soul, because truly: Hate erodes any human soul and unredeemed anger precedes any hate.

Begin to love what you fight against!

Begin to love your adversaries, whereby you adjust yourself in Love before any fight and bring yourself back to Love after every fight. And the Love to call things and human Beings by their name is the most effective weapon of a light warrior. Love, which does not excuse anything, yet is able to forgive everything, is the instrument, which, at the end of time brings forth the most beautiful sounds in a soul. (This is a motto of this website; note George)

The most powerful weapon of the light warrior: Applied and realized Love.

Money and the Financial System

And therefore it is necessary to also love money as you reject the financial system. Know: Love includes rejection and does not exclude it, because you do not have to endorse a condition and yet you can internally orient yourself in Love toward it. Money can and will be of very good service to the light warriors of the first and last hours. Orient yourself toward this energy flow, whereby you attract money due to mandates and due to a loving attitude toward money, and bring it into your reality.

Reasons for Lack of Money

Many light warriors of these days are confronted with worries about money and the reasons for it are manifold. Two significant reasons are mentioned here:

1) Because only due to it, you can carry out your divine assignments in this sequence of space-time and

2) Because your basic attitude toward money, toward abundance, is a destructive one, instead of a constructive one.

Proper Management of Money

Today I describe to you the proper management of money at the end of time and it says,

a) love money.
b) let it circulate, as it is available to you.
c) do not save it, instead pass it on, because saving means to withhold it – from whom and for whatever.
d) supply those beings and organizations with money, whose work hits resonance in you.
e) pass on money and know, the more you give the more will be given to you.

Fundamentally please observe the following rule: The energy of Love liberates any energy flow. Even if sometimes it takes some time. 

Due to Love everything gets into motion and lack of Love blocks everything – everything. This is to be understood fundamentally and all of your decisions to be based on it or to be considered on it.

Love is the great activator and healer, and Love creates abundance.

It does not require your wish for money or to ask for it. Wishes belong to the levels of imaginations. A human being emptied of all wishes is free of all imaginations – and therefore also free of fallacies – and is therefore free to maintain everything that serves his divine assignments. Know: 

Everything, which is required for the fulfillment of one’s assignments, is given to a human Being, who serves his assignments; this is a cosmic law and it is always complied with!

And in the fulfillment of assignments on this level of All-That-Is, it is mostly about to never let yourself be diverted from the Light and Love vibration due to any vagaries of this space-time.

Today the light warriors of the first and last hours fight on many different fronts – very often at the same time. It is necessary to reach the critical point so that the ascension can be completed.

Thereby it is necessary to withdraw any energy from the old system, and let all energy be applied to the emergence of the new earth. And the financial system represents old energy of the now dying time.

New Attitude toward Money

To withdraw energy means what it says, to withdraw and to dissolve energetic links. Once all old energy paths to money have been dissolved, can you build a totally new relationship to money! One in Love, and not as up to now, one in greed, jealousy, fear and dependency.

It is necessary to apply the condition of Love to all life situations and to every life condition. And for that you must at first free yourself from old bindings to the different appearances of time. Reject any dark energy! And infinite streams of dark energy flow from the financial system to human Beings.

Dissolve these energies, whereby you ask for it, then reorient yourself, whereby you adopt a new attitude toward money, which can serve you and will.

Know: Money, which flows toward a light warrior, so that he can fulfill his assignments, is purified of all dark energies, because the pure intention and the clear assignment affect this!

Fundamentally the energy of money is neutral. Because of the great manipulations, which are being carried out with money, it became a power instrument of the dark ones and the dark and diabolic character appeared. Therefore it is to reject this financial system, the energy, which is inherent in it, but not money per se.

(This is a leitmotif in all my articles on money. That is why I have suggested as early as 1998 to substitute money with a simple numerical system that has the same function as the SI system/units in physics and make it available on Internet or another more sophisticated system of communication to everybody in form of a numerical account as an inviolable basic human right (contrary to the Mark of the Biest). This simple innovation will automatically lead to the elimination of all intermediary structures , such as banks, national state, tax revenue systems, stock exchanges etc. New money will be generated by ethic committees of highly evolved souls for new projects to spiritual principles, so that there will be a perfect equilibrium between money supply and real value. This will prevent all kinds of speculations and inflation, which are main cause for the total collapse of the Orion monetary system in the coming days. This proposal is valid only for the interim period of change before humanity realizes that it can evolve even more effectively without any money. Please observe that I abolished money on all higher 4D worlds in December 2013 in Lofer when we created Gaia 5, as reported here. Now this circumstance is confirmed one more time by Kuthumi in this message a year later. What do you need more? We are the creators of this reality; Note, George.)

Many human Beings wait for the collapse of the financial system, for the magnetic pole reversal and/or for their transfiguration.

Reconcile with Life 

And meanwhile they begin to turn away from this world. The structures of this Orion society are rebuffed, fought against and rejected – which is urgent. Thereby these conditions very often are allocated with hate – which is to be suspended. Because thereby a new resonance field develops to those worlds, which one wants to leave. This is a paradoxical situation, which is to be looked through and suspended.

(The best way to overcome this emotional rejection of money is to understand its nature – money is a poor material substitute for energy – and then change the current debased monetary system by creating new forms of money and payments with respect to the true nature of energy as suggested by myself above. This is a very important theoretical disquisition at the End of Time. Note, George)

In summary, it is significant for this time to recognize the divergent differentiations. It is time to set the blessing of money against the evil of the financial system.

Money is able to ease suffering and is able to level the path for light-filled realities. Money is able to level the path for this day, until the time of times is fulfilled and you have entered into the money-less society of a higher dimension of All-That-Is (as created by myself as Logos God first in December 2013. Now with the new decree the whole PAT elaborates on this idea.). 

During the time of transition it is necessary to recognize the character of all impermanent things and to program them with new energies. It is necessary to recognize that what generally is viewed as a hindrance to enlightenment, levels the path toward enlightenment, if it is correctly applied.

It is each human Being himself, who gives value to things, gives them power and reality – due to his energy.

Whoever only assumes the dark side of power in money, has not yet recognized that everything, where an almighty Creator God directs his Light toward, changes and receives a new structure – the quality of Light, the reality of Love.

You are the initiators and givers of sense to all things, you are the ones, who fit a condition with energy and fulfill it. You are the ones, in whose power it is to end a loveless condition and to enrich it with Love.

Recognize: You have come into this world in order to transform it and in order to perfect yourself. Therefore you have descended. Whereby today you are confronted with the abyss of this space-time. Encounter the abyss with determination, whereby you reject it and ban it from your life.

Yet never let yourself be carried away to hate-filled sensations or deeds, because the value of things never lies in the things themselves, instead it is you giving value to all things in this world or giving it significance. The divine consciousness is the Almightiness, make use of it, the time for it has truly come.

Your Love determines this time, your Love fulfills things with new Life and your Love guides the course of worlds. Reconcile with this life, so that at judgment day, which is rightly expected by you, it can entirely easily and entirely naturally fall off from you. 

Inner Peace is the goal, the Kingdom of World Peace the assignment and Love is the instrument for human Beings on the way to it.

The time of money will last only for a short time. Make use of this time, to breathe new Life into the things of this world.

In infinite Love


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