Germany Fuels WW3 – Part 1

by Georgi Stankov, December 9, 2014

As you can imagine, I am following the German politics very closely, in particular because it is very often incomprehensible to outsiders, who have not lived in this country and are not intimately familiar with the pervaded, highly irrational German character, especially when every German will convince you in the opposite.

The reason for this renewed interest was my hope that Germany, which now feels the acute pain of the US imposed sanctions on Russia with the aim to destroy the latter, and has been hit the hardest. will decide to get out of the Orion gang of the AAA and begin to exert a more independent, and thus more friendly policy towards Russia. In this case the whole of Europe would have been lost to the USA and they will also lose the impending WW3 without firing a single shot against Russia. This possible and logical German foreign policy of neutrality would have mitigated the expanding war escalation and possibly postponed our ascension. Now this possibility can be excluded with a 100 % certainty. And this is the good news.

What we now observe, is a remarkable peak of teutonic insanity that is about to trigger the third national catastrophe of this country which has a long tradition of being ruled by mad politicians. The ultimate two mad politicians are now the clone Merkel, the chancellor and head of the Christian democratic party and her partner in the big ruling coalition, the foreign minister Walter Steinmeier, the head of the Social-democratic party.

Below I will publish two articles that analyse the exacerbation of madness in these two influential politicians, who now fuel with all means the outbreak of WW3. It is no coincidence that Putin has given up on Germany and Europe and now has turned his attention exclusively to Asia (Turkey, India and China).

Fortunately, the neo-militaristic, neo-hegemonial political doctrine of Germany and its subservient EU is not based on strength, but on profound weakness, as the surprising cancellation of the East Stream project by Putin last week revealed to the astounded Orion clones and political shape-shifters in Brussels and Berlin.

Europa has finally realized that it cannot exist without Russian gas and oil and that there is no substitute for it, while Russia is now expanding its political and economic relations with the rest of the world and has turned her back on the EU. And that there is no way that Brussels, Berlin or Washington can put Russia under pressure to do what they want. This week Putin will travel to India to sign a plethora of major strategic deals with this second biggest country in population, after he signed the third biggest gas deal in the history with Turkey last week.

I know that I promised you not to delve too much in world politics and attune more to the coming of the Agarthans and the cities of light. But before we can enjoy this sublime moment, we must experience the collapse of the old matrix. With the decision of the German political elite, Merkel and Steinmeier being the spearhead, to play with the fire against the expressed advise of three former German chancellors –  Schroeder, Kohl and Schmidt – we are indeed only a step away from WW3. If the Germans can do anything so “gruendlich” (thoroughly), it is to fuck off and unleash another world and national catastrophe.

However, before this scenario will come, the Agarthans will show up and together with us, the new Logos Gods, will transform this dark and very toxic reality within the blink of an eye. After all, I have created the most important city of light Raetia for the last 15 years to a large extent on German territory and this city will be the hub for new technologies in all new 4D worlds, no matter how different their geography may be. It is not part of the divine plan that before that some German politicians will be allowed to run amok. I have decreed personally that Merkel and Orion Co will fail very badly very soon, because the silent majority of this country is for peace and disproves Merkel’s reckless policy against Russia and in favour of a new WW3. Watch how Merkel was booed by the people in Dresden as a war monger end of August this year.


Merkel Digs Own Grave, Doubles Down With Harsh Anti-Russia Rhetoric

Daniele Pozzati, December 8, 2014

 – This woman is simply insufferable

– How many more kindergarten bombings is she going to try to justify before the Germans give her the boot?

 As we reported last week, Angela Merkel has come under fire by her three predecessors – Schroeder, Kohl and Schmidt – over her uncompromising stance towards Russia.

Those wondering how she will react to such criticism did not have to wait for long.

Die Welt am Sonntag has just printed an interview with her under the header: „Angela Merkel blames Moscow for the destabilization of Eastern Europe“.

Those still hoping that her words had somehow, sometimes been equivocated, or even mistranslated, will now have to face facts: Angela Merkel really is a staunch servant of the American empire.

Merkel’s words leave no room for dialogue and compromise. She is right, her critics are wrong, and Putin is a evildoer who must pay the price for his actions.

„I am convinced that the EU response to Russia’s actions is the right one“, she says. „Putin destabilizes Eastern Europe“. No risk of getting the translation wrong here.

She goes to the offensive: „that Russia violated the 1994 Budapest Memorandum about the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, cannot remain without consequences“.

Although it’s Xmas time and not April’s fool day, Merkel is in the mood for jokes. Only, her jokes make nobody laugh: „Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine have signed the Association Agreement with the EU out of a fully sovereign decision“.

Hello?! Already forgotten what happened in Kiev as soon as former, legitimate and democratically elected Ukraine’s president Yanukovic refused to sign the Association agreement?

As for the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, with it Ukraine renounced her nuclear power status in exchange for assurances about her sovereignty and the territorial integrity.

Hence Russia shouldn’t have taken over Crimea, so Merkel’s favourite argument. She has repeated it over and over again, most recently in Milan before Putin himself. In fact, she would also be right if that were how the troubles began.

But by organising and then orchestrating a coup in Kiev, it was the EU and the USA that first violated the letter and the spirit of the Budapest Memorandum.

Entangling with the opposition to the point of choosing the next prime minister as the USA unquestionably did – as documented in Victoria Nuland (in)famous Fuck-the-EU phone call – does not equate to respecting a country’s sovereignty.

Or could Merkel tell us when foreign politicians last engaged with demonstrators, and even violent rioters, in Paris, London or Berlin – or anywhere else in the EU – encouraging them to turn against their elected governments?

It is really about time to stop putting all this emphasis on the Crimea affair. That wasn’t how the current international crisis began. It is preposterous to pretend, as Merkel does, otherwise.

Sergio Romano, a respected Italian commentator, and former ambassador to the Soviet Union and the NATO, hit it on the nail when he wrote on 20.11 in the Corriere della Sera:

„Before Russia modified Ukraine’s geographical map, the USA had already modified Europe’s geopolitical map by expanding NATO to comprise almost all the former Warsaw Pact members; during the 2008 Bucharest summit the US proposed NATO membership of two new countries; Ukraine and Georgia.“

„The NATO is not an organization for the collective security of the whole European continent. It is a political-military alliance created to contrast a potential enemy.“

„Was it really that difficult to foresee which would have been Russia’s reactions to the progressive enlargement of an organization borne during the Cold War?“

Apparently for Angela Merkel it was. No matter how hard her fellow Germans – from former chancellors to high ranking politicians, from business leaders to even Der Spiegel – are trying to make her see things also from a Russian perspective. But this time her rant doesn’t solely focus on the Ukraine crisis. She goes beyond, ready to open a new front. Well, two.

She indeed criticizes Russia for having „caused difficulties“ to Moldova and Georgia as soon as the latter signed the EU association agreements.

Wie bitte? Moldava? Georgia?

Wait, what a coincidence, those are the very same countries the US Congress has just singled out as subject to Russia’s „continuing political, economic, and military aggression“!

The way Merkel dovetails her policy to the neocon-dominated US Congress leaves on in wonder.

„Moldova suffers since years under the conflict in Transdnister. We have made big efforts to help, so far unfortunately in vain. Likewise, Georgia suffers since years under the frozen conflict in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.“

As for the Ukraine, no words about the war crimes committed by Pravy Sector neo-nazis. The suffering these paramilitary groups have brought to the people of Donetsk and Lugansk obviously haven’t caught her attention.

No mention of the repeated shelling, with all sorts of internationally outlawed weapons – from cluster bombing to phosphorous bombs – of civilian targets such as homes, schools and hospitals.

But hey, „Ukraine had to endure the annexation of Crimea and the fight in the East of its Land“

As if Ukraine had not itself started that very conflict! As if Ukraine’s president Poroshenko was not ruling out a federalist compromise as recently as last week.

Merkel also openly resents „Russia trying to establish economic and political interdependence in a few West Balkan countries“.

There you go. Completely isolated from the rest of Europe, Russia should thus exercise no influence at all even in those countries, like Serbia, with which it has strong historical links!

It is clear that, no matter the (fake) compassionate words about Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine „suffering“ from allegedly Russian-fuelled ethnic conflicts, what really bothers Angela Merkel – i.e. her American masters – is that Russia refuses to be cornered, and forges new alliances instead.

While Russia had been welcomed as a respectable European power at least since the 1814 Congress of Vienna, now Merkel only sees Berlin, Brussels and Washington as legitimate „European“ players.

For the rest, there are budget cuts in the West – in her interview she also mandates „reforms“ in France and Italy – and IMF agreements, hence again budget cuts, in the East.

Russia just shouldn’t care about what happens to its borders nor, God forbids, protect ethnic Russians from foreign supported (or even installed) ultra-nationalist leaders.

Whatever happens next to Russia – including coups, nazi resurgence and the installation of ABM systems – it’s none of her business. Never in history was a country expected to act so foolish.

Angela Merkel couldn’t have spoken clearer and at the same time darker words.

Hers is the typical hubris that precedes the fall.

„Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make them mad“

And Merkel’s geopolitical views are precisely that – simply mad.


Watch also this video:

MP Wagenknecht criticizes Merkel for serving US interests to detriment of EU population/economy 26.11

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