Breaking News to “One Step Away From WW3… and the Appearance of the Agarthans”

by Georgi Stankov, December 9, 2014

Only yesterday I wrote in my article “One Step Away From WW3… and the Appearance of the Agarthans” that the French president Hollande has warned in an urgent meeting on Saturday morning at the Moscow airport Ptuin of an imminent attack on Russia organized by the criminal Obama regime.

Today we read the following breaking news on RT:

7 people arrested in Moldova on suspicion of uranium smuggling

Moldovan police have detained seven people on suspicion they smuggled uranium and mercury from Russia to be used in a dirty bomb, AP said. Police confiscated 200 grams of uranium-238 mixed with uranium-235 and a kilogram of mercury, smuggled by train. The material has a black-market value of $2 million. Authorities in Moldova are cooperating with Ukrainian and Russian police to identify other gang members.”

Please observe that these terrorists were arrested upon information coming from Russia. Only a few days ago Wachabi terrorists sponsored by Saudi Arabia caused a massacre in Grozni, Chechen and were eliminated after heavy street battles. This happened at a time when Putin made his 2014 Address to the Nation in Kremlin. These events are not random – they reveal the same recurrent pattern of the CIA to create havoc at any price in Russia in order to destabilize this country and cause its collapse, as Putin reaffirmed in his speech to the nation.

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