The New World

by Carla Thompson, November 25, 2014

There is a New World here now, full of beauty and peace and loving kindness, through and through the space between the space. I myself have experienced an opening of the Souls, a new level of awareness in many, and I feel it is all connected to this magnificent portal that keeps on keeping on!

I have experienced bi-location on a couple of occasions, occasions that I am told by the Elohim have been happening for all the First-Wave light warriors, those in the Light Body Process, it is only that we are not able to remember these events in great detail with our limited organic brains and the hard-drive within. 

The other night, following that incredible light-sabre battle, I spent the most amazing time with a beautiful male energy. He appeared to me in a bright electric turquoise-blue lightbody. I had the impression at the time, that being in his lightbody was new to his awareness, and I am not certain what he saw me as, but I was overcome with love for the beauty of the simplicity of this expression, and the ease of transmission of feelings. There was an instantaneous knowing of each other, of our own emotional bodies, of our own passions. It was an instant connection that I felt physically, in my physical body as I lay in bed, but that also included all of my upper chakras, 8th through 12th and on, and my lower earth chakras, below my physical feet. And the connection, this melding, drew in all the space in between the chakras, in between our lightbodies and for what felt like light years around! 

There was a photo that accompanied a recent channelling, and on this photo there is an exact replica of what I saw before me on that night. It is the figure on the middle-left side of the photo.

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at

So I am here to report this, so that everyone can hold this image clearly in their fields, if it resonates with them. This is indeed what we look like, from my 3D mental perception of things anyway!

The photos of Lofer, Austria, that Georgi published the other day, have moved me deeply in ways that I cannot explain. I send my genuine open and loving-heart gratitude to Sarah for sharing her beautiful pictures with us.

This portal is explained to me as a “pulling away” from the dense Earth expression, up into the new Golden Galaxy within our new expression of an ascended Gaia. This is why we have experienced the archon battles, as they are separated from the electromagnetic grid as we are being released as well. It was evident to me in Banff that the crystalline grid is now holding new frequencies, now that the old EM grid has been split off. The grid appears to me now, since Banff, as a bright turquoise crystal colour, a grid that radiates bright living light. We are now moving upwards at light speed, expanding in an algorithmic fashion. 

The upward expansion has taken a heavy toll on our lower chakras, and perhaps this is the moment in time where it was described by Georgi, that we will “dedicate our lower chakras to Gaia”? The Elohim describe the Golden-yellow ray, the ray attached to the third chakra, as the ray of illumination and wisdom, that many of us are able to see now. With the application of this ray we shall “receive omniscience of understanding through love, of the complexities and power of discernment, through the application of the Divine Mind“. This understanding will integrate quickly for us now, now that we are released from the true etheric density of the third dimension.

As I move through this portal, the heaviest portal that I have personally ever experienced, I wish to address all the light warriors, and acknowledge your unending courage and resolve to carry through to the end, as you have surely done as much work as I have and supported me in everything that I do, and so I now express my sincere and deeply heart-felt love for you all. I may not know you by name, but I KNOW you, and I THANK YOU.


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