The Most Shameful Episode in Canadian History

by Georgi Stankov, November 27, 2014

In my article of November 22 on Canada, USA and Ukraine, being the only three countries in the world to vote against an anti-Nazi resolution proposed by Russia in the UN General Assembly, I wrote dismayed as follows:

I am living in Canada now for more than 8 months and I am dismayed by the complacency and gullibility of the Canadian people with respect to the criminal government of the Orion clone Harper. I have so far refrained from publishing articles on this insignificant Western country with the second biggest territory, but now the “barrel is full” (Der Fass ist voll), to quote a German saying.

In this my outrage I am not alone as the alternative media have shown in the following days. Below I am publishing the excellent latest discussion in CrossTalk with Peter Lavelle in RT, where this problem is tackled very intelligently and with a lot of factual knowledge of human history by the participants. Please, do not consider that the condemnation on the Western and Ukrainian Neo-Nazism is of pure academic character and that there is not an urgent need to discuss this issue again and again.

Only yesterday I received the following letter from an American woman that literally infuriated me.

Dear Georgi,
The article you wrote on Nov 22 has intrigued me.  I find it very interesting that Russia, of all nations, proposed this resolution.  Am sending you a link to a documentary on Adolf Hitler by Dennis Wise.  There is much more to this story than we were ever allowed to know.  Its long but the best research I have seen on this controversial subject. Scroll down, there are 25 parts each about 15 minutes if you care to watch it. The lies and deceit go much deeper than most minds can comprehend. I think you will appreciate it.  I can understand why the Ukraine diplomat said what he did and why they wouldn’t sign the resolution. A note; I am not promoting Nazism or any type of “ism” just the truth.


Given the incredible political ignorance and impertinence that emanates from this email to me, after  I have published so many articles on this topic, my response was very controlled and moderate:

“Dear Rhonda,

I am not at all impressed by this documentary and I do not need this kind of pseudo-historic evidence collected by people who have never lived in Europe and have not experienced WW2 and Nazism first hand. Let me tell you that when I came to Germany in 1975 most of the generation of my father-in-law were in the war and many of them were still former Nazis. I have visited many Nazi sites and concentration camps and have heard so many personal stories to not believe this bullshit you have sent me. Nazism is real and the one in Ukraine terrible – they are killing, raping and bombing innocent people. I could sent you hundreds of links to prove this, but it is up to you to find them to properly educate yourself, e.g.:

If the Public only Knew – US Aid to Ukraine Monsters. Atrocities Committed by Ukraine National Guard Azov Battalion

By the way, my father also fought against Hitler as a soldier and he was during the war in Germany and Austria.


In addition, I have, as former program editor of Radio Free Europe, dealt with the Ukrainian Nazism (Fascism) a lot at a time (in the 70s and 80s) when this historic fact was barely known in the West and never discussed in the Communist East and know how serious this dark political heritage is for Europe and the rest of the World.

And now enjoy this excellent discussion, you will never watch in the censored Western MSM (watch also this video: ), which confirms brilliantly my devastating verdict on Canada in its darkest moment in its short history last week:

CrossTalk: Whitewashing fascism

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