The Incredible Light Work of the PAT Warrior as Logos God and Guardian of the New Golden Galaxy

by Daniela Lupo and Georgi Stankov, November 12, 2014

Cara Daniela,

Provo umiltà per la tua donazione generosa e devo ammettere che ho una cattiva coscienza. È sicuramente bisogno di questo denaro tanto quanto me. Dopo tutto quello tu hai un figlio da curare. Mia figlia Milena ricorda ancora molto bene la vostra ospitalità ed è molto grata. Anch’io. Ora è in Irlanda per un termine straniero a Dublino. Recentemente ho parlato con lei su skype e lei molto piace il popolo irlandese che sembrano essere molto gentile e cortese.

Come stai? Non ho sentito molto da te negli ultimi mesi. Spero che non si è più di tanto devastato da queste onde disumane che ora spazzano su di noi.

Per favore, mi scrivere più come sopravvivere le energie in questi giorni.

Con amore e luce

George, Banff, Canada

Dear Daniela,

I am humbled by your generous donation and I must admit that I have a bad consciousness. You surely need this money as much as myself. After all you have a young son to care for. My daughter Milena still remembers very well your hospitality and is very thankful. Me too. She is now in Ireland for a foreign term in Dublin. I recently talked with her on skype and she very much likes the Irish people who seem to be very kind and polite.

How are you doing? I have not heard much from you in the last months. I hope you are not that much ravaged by these inhuman waves that now sweep over us.

Please write to me more how you survive the energies these days.

With love and light
George, Banff, Canada

Dear Georgi,

It is an honor for me to be able to support you and Carla in these difficult times, you are right when you say that the warriors of light have had to face financial difficulties, and I have to say that 2012 and 2013 were two very difficult years for me, especially economically.

Plus I had inherited a property from my parents that I could not sell and which weighed me down with taxes, utility bills and all the amenities devised by the system to impoverish us more and more.

I entrusted this property to two real estate agents, who affirmed that “… times are hard for selling”, which hence created the impossibility of the sale.

At the very moment when, thanks to your and Carla’s work and help, we, the warriors of light of the first and last hours (I and Denise) who have become Logos Gods and have increased our Creationary Power, beheld that the sale of my apartment should be reflected in the physical reality (I had left the agency and took over the sale of the property by myself) it happened.

With the Power of Logos Goddess, with my trust in the Mighty I Am Presence and with the help of the decrees of pure intent and an unshakable confidence in the space of three months I sold the apartment.

This now allows me to not have to work and even if the next step is to move into a rented house, I can provide for me and my son and the gift that Heaven has made me with this sale allows me to implement a statement that I made to myself and to the universe: “… that this sale is made for the sake of myself and all.”

And that explains the possibility I now have to make this donation gift, which I make with all my heart and with all the love I have for you two.

This is really the only way I see how to share something so distorted as money, and as you teach us and also the message of Asana Mahatari confirms “everything is energy and money is flowing energy” and goes where it is needed, it goes to support and is supported with all our hearts until “the era of money policy ends.”

This experience with the sale of the apartment has taught me a lot and allowed me to reveal many things “hidden in plain sight”  about myself and the insane mechanisms of this 3D reality.

Having to deal with the field of real estate  agents for both the sale and the search for a new home gave me the opportunity to cleanse this environment. I took on this task with dedication, sometimes with difficulty, but with the certainty that this whole area, as well as that of notaries, the tax agency, banks and all criminal government agencies will no longer be present in the higher 4D worlds that we have created as Logos Gods and new Guardians of the Golden Galaxy.

For the sake of finding a house to fit my needs, I covered a territory between the towns of Savona and Imperia 60 miles long on the coastline and about 20 km towards the mountain, and as you have shown us by example,  I was the catalyst of the local energy, turning it into pure Light energy.

In this painstaking task, I was accompanied and helped by Denise Godber, beloved friend and member of the PAT. When the energies of two Ascended Masters come together and work together great things happen, and in the days when we met, Heaven blessed us with all the colors of the rainbow and the wonderful flood of Pink Light, Violet and Gold Light.

It was and is always wonderful to work with the Flames, in particular with the Violet Golden Flame and personally I feel a resonance and a deep connection with the Pink Rose Flame of Unconditional Love.

The energies recently have been inhuman and, like the rest of the PAT, I have various physical challenges: the most painful is when a wave comes from the Source that leaves me feeling like l have had a gym session and in the morning I get up feeling aches and pains all over; the most absurd, but often funny thing is when things slip out of my hands as I am unable to clench the muscles of my hands, or when l stumble or trip up for no reason, I call this effect ‘mbriaco (from Neapolitan dialect means “drunk”).

Recently, the effect of the energy is like a yo-yo and goes by fast, one moment I feel “normal” and the next moment a weariness hits me, so that all I can do is just lie down on the bed or sit still, the only thing l have the strength to do is to invoke  the Violet Gold Flame and wait for the moment to pass. This traveling at supersonic speed causes me nausea and total brain fog that I have never experienced before.

Jacopo (my son) has lived in Florence for a year and now he will stay for a few months at home with me, but in January / February he will return there. He’s became fully independent, but there was a time last year when I was embarrassed for not being able to provide for him financially. But even then the universe intervened and in 2 months Jacopo  found a job at an ice cream shop, new friends and an apartment which he shared with other boys and girls.

On 9 and 10 November, I was in Florence, I went to pick up Jacopo with my car. This city has a heavy, oppressive energy where the difference between the people is remarkable and visible and where poverty is next to ostentatious opulence. Jacopo chose this city to live in, work and give life to his plans, and I must say he is doing a good job, especially and above all, in terms of energy. During a time of anxiety and uncertainty this summer, Jacopo addressed a question to his Higher Self and the Divine Beings of Light, and this is the answer he received:

Is it still excellent for me to stay in Florence? We say Yes, for your are spreading your light in an area that has seen great darkness and destruction in the past. The greed of a few is clearly demonstrated in this city, from religion to power over others. The portal is opening and widening and the spread of Our spiritual warriors across planet earth is ideally placed to enable “blackberries” opening and more light. Continue to locate yourself in Florence until you no longer feel the need or if you feel a pull to another area. Always follow your heart. There is no right and wrong way, only the true path of the heart. We know that it is difficult being in a place where you feel detached from other people and have no heartfelt connection with anyone, open yourself up to your own heartfelt connection, love and honor yourself and find that connection Within. Then you are never alone, for we are with your always”.

These days, while I was in Florence, I felt that Jacapo’s work has given its fruits and there were pillars of light placed at the cardinal points of the city. For the work to be complete the pillars needed to be strengthened and connected together, while we were in the old part of the city. So on the evening of the 9th we went to have a drink in the very center of the city, (Jacopo’s apartment is right behind Piazza della Signoria), and despite the feeling of nausea and sadness that pervaded me, l felt that on this night the union of the pillars would be complete.

On the 10th, before we left, when I was in the car with Jacopo, we made a powerful invocation for the total cleansing of Florence from all the  past, present and future darkness, remembering how you, dear Georgi, mentioned that you use an alchemical turnstile, so I asked  to put a swirl of light in the center of the city that works as an alchemical turnstile just like Georgi’s. As soon as we had made this invocation, we were both overwhelmed and stirred to cry, then finally we felt better. It was very intense and moving.

During the return trip it rained more than I have ever seen, and I think that we traveled through many timelines. While I was driving, Jacopo fell asleep all of a sudden, it felt like he was sustaining an enormous flow of energy, in fact he woke up just as we were almost home; while crossing Genoa under torrential rain (it seemed like going through a hell of water), I felt that this city was being hit by a sea of mud and water and on driving through the last gallery of Genoa, the rain diminished a bit and I heard in my head a sentence that said “you are literally being accompanied home by thousands of angels.”

As I write this I am moved again, these experiences have been overwhelming and exciting; today, 11/11  a powerful wave of energy swept me away in the afternoon, I’m still very tired and only now I can finish writing this email for which I apologize for the length. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Georgi, for all the interesting information you post on the site and for all that you teach us and remind us all the time, I hope you and Carla are well, here it continues to rain a lot but is not cold.

I’m really happy to hear that Milena is doing well and continues her travels. Often with Jacopo, when we talk about the news posted on the site, we are reminded of Milena and what a lovely, lively, determined girl she is.

With love
Daniela from Andora, Italy

Dear Daniela,

this is the most wonderful letter I have received for a long time and I am overwhelmed by your power and optimism in what we are accomplishing as light warriors and Logos Gods in these last of all days. I will publish your letter today as it also very well depicts all the efforts we are doing on a daily basis to raise the frequencies of this planet and its population and help them ascend to 4D and eventually 5D.

I am very happy that you have resolved your financial issues in a sovereign manner and have used this negative experience to cleanse the Orion monetary system in an alchemical manner. This is the most powerful way to heal, transmute and transcend this dark and dense reality from the fulcrum of our HS.

There are striking parallels to our situation here in Canada, where Carla had also huge problems with the Orion state authorities in financial matters. We could only resolve this issue with determination and by not succumbing to their fear-based rules, according to which the people here in Canada play their current Orion game of total illusion and disillusion, and against all legal advices of much fearful younger souls vested as lawyers and the like. It will take now too much time to write about the details, as they no longer matter, but I know how much effort and frustration one has to go through before these patterns are cleansed by us and for us first and then for the rest of humanity. This is what we are doing here in Canada and North America for this slumbering population on a global scale, as was the case yesterday and today, about which I may publish a report later on.

I can fully concur with your assessment of the dark energies in Florence which I sensed very strongly during my longer sojourn there in 1983 when I studied one term Italian language and culture at the university there as a foreign student. Tuscany is a little bit more light-filled than Florence, but still very dark. So I know very well what a huge light work you have done with Jacopo to cleanse this city from its miasmas which have been spread throughout Europe by the Medici family throughout the ages, many of whom were Reptilians and shape-shifters. Very rarely did this family produce a light gestalt like Lorenzo di’ Medici.

I can confirm that the best way to move through timelines is when you drive and move from one 3D place to another. I am sure that you have visited a lower timeline when Genova (Genua) was destroyed by the MPR and other natural catastrophes and you have been raised on angels’ wings to a higher timeline and thus saved.

We had absolutely the same experience in Harrison, a bath resort about 150 km east of Vancouver in the Cascade mountains when the MPR swept over this city and fully destroyed it. We were urged by our HS to depart suddenly, although we initially wanted to enjoy the pool one last time and were removed from this low timeline of total destruction in the very last moment ten minutes after we left the town.

This is now our daily travelling through the timelines and I fully concur with you that this is physically the most devastating experience of all when the waves change their pattern and quality from one moment to the next one and leave you totally depleted and exhausted. Only somebody who has gone through such similar experiences – and here we talk only about the few light warriors of the first and the last hours of the PAT – knows and understands what we are talking about.

Enjoy now the pristine pink-rose flame from the angelic realm that has imbued the firmament and the crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet and has dramatically transformed its energies to higher purity and more lightness during the 11.11 portal yesterday. At least this is what we feel today here on the Pacific coast and I am sure that these angelic energies are now felt throughout the globe by all light warriors of the first and the last hour as we are their bearers as Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy.

Finally let me tell you how happy I am that you have established a close contact to Denise, who is also a very powerful light warrior and does an incredible light work in this part of Europe.

With love and light


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