Message From Asun, Ascended Master, on October 30, 2014

Carla Thompson, November 2, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Here is a message that I received from Ascended Master Asun, the morning after our visit to the Radiant Rose Academy. Some of the information is personal, and I have removed it.

With love,


Hello!  I AM Asun! I extend to you a warm welcome to our beloved group of ascended masters in the making! Your energy was pure and brilliant to many there. You left quite an impression within the group! [ Asun is laughing ]

 Your role was to create a Trinity, a Trinity Union, with myself and Akasha. The purpose of the Trinity Union was to fulfil your destiny to provide your divine template, to ours, in a combined effort, for the purpose of flooding those ascending souls who have been deemed to be ready for the next level of integration and service.

You recall my message to say that next year, these souls will be ready to move into hands-on healing and fuller manifestation of their dreams? Well, they required your presence, your template, to receive these gifts of the Godhead.

You are now recalling the message that anyone who looks twice their biological age simply holds a chaotic energy field and a non-acceptance of self-perfection and self sovereignty. This confirms that some Beings in your life also reflect this chaos, the chaos from an unsettled mind and a broken heart. Do we recommend these energies to anyone? Of course not! We, as Creator Beings must surround ourselves with peaceful energies, and from these peaceful energies, clarity of thought ensues. But for clarity within the heart One must do the inner work; One must reveal the layers of the onion that represent one hurt, or another. Each hurt must be healed and released, for there is no ascension without a whole heart, a healed heart!

Those who have experienced pain at an early stage of life, particularly in this life, must now move to clear each moment of suffering, in a moment to moment removal through intention to heal and release every single layer of suffering, and there are many layers to suffering in some hearts!

So welcome here! Akasha also welcomes you here!  We send you the greatest blessings of Love you have ever received! We wish you a wonderful day, blessed heart! We will meet again very soon!

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