Whom Does Obama Serve ?


channelled by Jahn J Kassl 

first published on October 27, 2014 in


translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov


This message from Jahn came punctually with the publication of the latest sequel of my overview article on

Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 5

where I discuss the dark nature of Obama and how most light workers were mired by the dark sources to believe that he was of the light.

As it is in such cases, there is always a higher, divinely orchestrated synchronicity in all events and in particular of those that reveal the heinous nature of the dark Western cabal, with Obama as a spearhead and a most docile stooge of the former. This synchronicity is the trade mark of the current End Time and it will increase immensely in the coming days, until it triggers a real avalanche of new most dramatic revelations.



Three simple Dream Images

Dream/Scene I: US-President Obama drives up in his armored car to the restaurant where I work and thereby knocks over one of the display boards with the menu for the guests. He does not even notice this. I perceive myself in Obama’s car and at the same time as the “waiter”. Obama appears entirely remotely controlled, as I confront him, if he has even noticed that he drove against the display board. Thereby I grab him quite dashingly by his hand, then again “friendly”  by his neck, in order to affect a certain comprehension. This fails. Obama’s security personnel surround him, yet they allow that I treat their President quite disrespectfully. 

Interpretation JJK: The armored private car and the careless driving reveal how protected on the one hand and how careless the president is on the other hand. That I perceive him in the car as well as a “waiter” later on, who can very dashingly confront him about this situation, shows that here I exercise a higher-ranking function. 

Dream/Scene II: In the second dream image I see Obama in the White House and how he wraps several kilo-bars of gold and a significantly large bell of pure gold, entirely secretly with lowered sights to the left and right, into a cloth, in order to get it ready for transport. It obviously is US government property. Thereby Obama is talking to himself whereby he mumbles: „If one works for the devil, a human Being can understand why one would do something like that.“ Whereupon he takes the treasure and sneaks away in a bent-over posture past a servant, who eagerly tries to clean a windowsill with a feather duster. 

Interpretation: Gold represents here the freedom of human Beings or an individual. The dream picture shows, how Obama sells the freedom of human Beings to a dark power (the devil). He has taken possession of government property, meaning, he sells the constitution of the USA and human rights in general, based on his global demands, because the pursuit of the NWO is the work of the devil. Thereby Obama knows very well what he does, which is quite clearly expressed in his self-talk. 

Dream/Scene III: Now I am with a “whistleblower”, or an investigative journalist, a man, who wants to identify Obama for his personal crimes already a long time, in order to remove him from office. We inspect a box, which was detonated and thereby killed several human Beings. Also the gold-bars and the bell reappear, except there we cannot find a trace, which leads to Obama. We therefore continue to inspect the box, which contained toilet paper as a decoy, in order to find something useful against Obama. 

My colleague says to me: “Obama is here!” Thereby he means that Obama is present in a subtle body. Obama does not want that we investigate further, says my colleague to me. I respond:“Yes I know that he does not want this, yet there is nothing he can do against it.” 

Interpretation JJK: This third and last scene is self-explanatory, because it is about the case to turn over Obama for a personal crime, in order to bring him to justice and remove him from the world. That this is so difficult shows how well the Obama system works. (End of dreams and interpretations)

Beloved Ones,

These dream images were given, so that human Beings experience in a very striking manner, whose servant this Being is.

Call them by Name 

Today it is of great importance that those, who conduct a devious game with humanity, will be recognized, and to call them by name (This is what I currently do with some light workers who have sold their soul to the devil and there is nothing they can do against it; note, George). Many readers of this or also of other spiritual messages still balk at looking into the eyes of truth and they still assume light where deep darkness rules.

The whole character of this personality is revealed in three simple dream pictures. Whoever recognizes this now, has lifted a great mantle of deception and has come much closer to his liberty.

Thereby the second scene in the dream is foremost significant, because the president knows what he does, who his allies are and whom he has to serve. This allows the understanding of the total extent of his actions and it is possible to look at this in the light of truth.

For those human Beings, who are familiar with these facts for a long time, it is a confirmation for their knowledge. These actual pictures with this message are primarily directed toward those, who are ignorant in this area of geo-political perception, because many messages from the “spiritual world” paint an entirely different picture of this president.

Go inside; recognize what you are dealing with, because the insight is always a first step toward freedom and self-determination.

In conclusion I still point to the fact that in all dream pictures Jahn is busy confronting Obama, or turning him over for a crime. This means that the pressure and the power of the light warriors increases and the days of the old system are numbered. Also from the higher-ranking multidimensional view point this dream shows very clearly that Jahn is aware of himself in the car and in the restaurant at the same time, and he is also invisibly present at the White House. This signifies that other forces are at work here, which this dark system also can no longer controls.

These dream images serve the awareness process for those human Beings of the “spiritual scene”, who have blinders until today, as they encounter this or any other princes of darkness in whatever manner.

I am with those, who demand further insights, who are open for the truth and the Light, which is set free due to the recognition of a fallacy. 

I am with you, who you nurture your soul in the inexhaustible ocean of Love and thereby pave the way for a light-filled and merciful world.

I am the Love and Life.


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