The U-Turn


channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 22, 2014 

first published on October 24, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Introduction: The following dream was given to me during the night of October 22nd 2014, immediately after I wrote down the message “Days of Truth”  : \ and when I went to bed, as an indication of carrying on. 

Dream: I am being tortured! It is an unbelievable torture, whereby I feel no pain, even though I am very severely trimmed. Thereby I remember foremost a very sharp piece of iron, which was pierced through my hand and the thumb of my “writing hand”. After that, I escape and the game entirely reverses. The torturers are arrested and very suddenly not only forfeit their fright but also their power. Thereby I see that this “thrust in reverse” occurs worldwide, because in all countries the responsible ones are taken away. (End of dream) 

This short dream sequence shows how the game in this world turns around in favor of the forces of Light.

And it becomes obvious that this struggle, which brings the U-turn, is going on right now and rages now.

Consequence of the separation

This is a direct consequence of the separation of the Galaxy and the energy, which now flows toward this world as part of this process. We have reached a significant section of the pathway! It is the “platform of the U-turn”:

The level in the ascension process, where upon all things in this still sluggish world turn around in favor of the forces of Light.

Thereby the immense field of darkness is initially purified, flooded with divine Light and redeemed. The dark energies, hidden until last, depart now and so do all forces, which have represented these so far. Therefore do not get frightened in view of these events and facts, which come to light now. Remain centered and grounded and be aware:

The best method to come through the shadows that are now becoming visible, through the emerging maliciousness of a system without new shocks, is to turn toward your own shadows and to redeem these.

Remove your Fears 

Therefore right now look into your heart, your soul and into your Being. Because greater than the fear of a human being of his own light is the fear of his shadow. If one’s own aspects like ego-addiction, greed, envy, jealousy and/or hate have been recognized, accepted and transformed, then you can face the events of the end time entirely differently – as a sovereign and not as a frightened being.

But foremost any fear has gone from you, because you have redeemed your own anxieties and hence no external fear can penetrate you – these energies no longer reach you! 

Nothing is alien to a human being, who knows himelf. Therefore the fright of these discharges of this end time can also do nothing to you, especially if you understand, capture and recognize that in the great game of space-time great suffering is present, just as small suffering, which waits in the soul of a human being for final redemption.

Please face courageously your own shadows, even if they are the last ones. Because you shall face all events, which are now exposed to the divine Light, as knowing ones, who have reconciled with their own shadows and have entered into the kingdom of peace.

The Wind has turned! 

Yes. The platform, whereupon everything is reversed, has been entered and the separation of the Galaxy makes this noticeable in this world and in your daily life.

To still deny the U-turn now becomes increasingly more difficult, because the upheavals are so massive, the “grand design” behind it becomes more visible with each day and can be foreseen by more and more human beings.

How is the new Heaven to be interpreted, how can anyone still deny the awakening of whole populations now, even if the last recognition is mostly lacking? The awareness of the “last recognition” means the return to one’s spiritual reality, to accept it and thereby attain its realization. Still only a few are willing to do so, and this maturity of the soul is immanent in only a few. Yet more and more human beings open up to this truth in this world, to the withheld truth about the functioning of the human society, which to this day is still enslaved.

This fact further enriches the removal of the dark ones and brings new zest to the process of the U-turn. And these upcoming events are potentiated by the great cosmic plan, whereby worlds combine and worlds separate. Transformation is Life and mankind faces this Life now, because darkness dissolves now.

Great Steps

We stride forward! A great step follows the next great step – until the end of all days, until your arrival in Heaven fulfills.

Trust! Trust and be whole! Be without compromise in everything that you do and foremost, be consequent, whereby you put yourself into the Light in filling your realm of shadows from within with Light and illuminate yourself. 

The Wind has turned, the Light has prevailed and the events, which illustrate this, take their course.

In infinite Love,

I am


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