The Seeding of the New Human Race Happened

by Georgi Stankov, October 12, 2014

The seeding of the new human race happened this night, October 12, at 3.33 a.m. Pacific time exactly as the Elohim told us in advance. Before that, late in the evening, Carla and I made our invocations of the five source flames that ought to be anchored in the new human templates before birthing and seeding.

After midnight we went to bed and vowed to visit the world temple of healing in Lofer in the city of light Raetia, where the new prototype of the human race is kept in an incubation phase. Around 3.00 a.m. I received a huge energy package from the source, which dissolved my body completely and I disappeared from this reality. Carla stayed in bed and could not move because the energies almost paralysed her. But she noticed that I was physically gone. According to her I must have been absent for an hour and a half.

I could not figure out how long I was away, as I have no memory what I have done during this time, except for some abstract visions of shifting a lot of energies around. Obviously I was actively involved in the seeding of the new human race, while Carla was supposed to anchor these energies in the physical reality. When I materialized again in the bed, I felt a severe stabbing pain in my right knee and immediately woke up. Due to the pain I could not move for more than half a hour and then got up. It was 5.15 a.m.

I will continue reporting on this most auspicious event in the ascension process in the coming days and will also publish some information from the Elohim that we received in the last several weeks on the seeding of the new human race and the importance of this event for the future transgalactic humanity.

In the last year and a half, Carla and I have gone through many spectacular experiences and events and many of them have been reported on this website. But the seeding of the new human race was for us personally the most dramatic and most beautiful experience we have ever had, although it was at the same time very strenuous for both of us and particularly for Carla, who, as already mentioned in previous messages from the Elohim, is the prototype of the new humanity and carries its template in her energetic fields since she entered this human body as walk-in at the age of 12.

My contribution was traditionally modest as is the case with all “fathers” – I only contributed to the creation of the new human race by merging my masculine energies with Carla’s feminine energies. As I have already mentioned, the creation of the new human race was a planned event, but not while we are still in physical bodies. Hence it now happened under completely new, experimental conditions as such birthing of a new sentient race simultaneously from the 3D to the 5D and higher dimensions has never been tried before. Now the seeding of the new human race has been a resounding success and the foundations for our final ascension and transfiguration from this reality have been laid.


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