Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 7

By Georgi Stankov, October 28, 2014


9. Most light workers failed to understand the LBP in its energetic complexity and as the primary driving force behind personal and planetary ascension.

This has been a leitmotif of all my writings on this website. In the course of the last four years, I have written and published some pivotal essays on the LBP in order to improve the profound ignorance of the light workers with respect to this key energetic process that is not only the driving force behind personal ascension to 5D and higher dimensions, but also of the planetary ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy.

Here are some of my most outstanding articles on the LBP that fully cover this topic from a theoretical and existential (clinical, psychological and personal) point of view:

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5. New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 7

This website is a seamless chronicle of this insight and knowledge on the LBP presented in real time with each ascension test run, which the PAT has accomplished in the last three years since we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and initiated the last, most critical phase of the planetary ascension process.

The basic motto of this website has always been: We ascend ourselves and Gaia to higher dimensions and no extraterrestrial power, be they GF, ascended masters of even Elohim, can help us, unless we do the job here on the ground. If so many ascension test runs have failed since 2011, it is because so very few light warriors internalized this motto and lived up to it.

Then on November 22, 2011, all light warriors of the first and the last hours were beamed with source energy by myself as the only human nexus to the source through their 4th heart chakra and through the 6th and 7th chakra and opened their left brain portal that connected them to the 12 chakra and thus directly to the Source. Since then they fully entered the final active phase of the LBP and could fully participate in the planetary ascension. These events are well documented on this website in real time.

It should be a basic knowledge that before one ascends, one must first raise the frequencies of his fields and physical body sufficiently and become a conduit of source energies himself. These energies are then used to cleanse the dense Orion matrix of this 3d reality and at the same time raise the frequencies of Gaia, which alone cannot achieve this. In the course of this repetition process of cleansing and ascending to higher dimensions in a stepwise manner, each individual field of a light warrior grows exponentially, until it encompasses the whole Gaia with all its numerous timelines.

This is what happened with Carla and myself last year when we joined our Elohim fields and created the first seven 4D timelines of this earth end of May, 2013, which later on multiplied many times. It is a huge expansion process of new creation that goes beyond any human imagination, as the Elohim have told us on numerous occasions.

When this spring the decision was made to postpone our personal ascension after the last ascension test run failed end of May due to the usual unpreparedness of most light workers and star seeds that were supposed to help the PAT, we decided to stay longer on this uppermost mother planet and to actively participate in the ascension of the new galaxy with Gaia as its focal point.

This widening of our mission was only possible because before that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, were so much advanced in the personal LBP (also thanks to the clear guidelines on the LBP on this website, but not exclusively) that our fields now encompass all timelines of Gaia and we were able to expand them further on transgalactically.

For this same reason we were asked end of May by the Elohim to stay on this earth and help the spearhead group of the light warriors that have helped us so far to create Gaia 5 end of 2013 to expand their fields similar to ours and also become Logos Gods and the Guardians of the new Galaxy.

For this reason our (Carla’s and mine) 13th t0 15th chakras were activated immediately after the failed last ascension test run end of May in Burns Bog and we all, the light warriors of the PAT, became truly transgalactic, omni-versal beings. This kind of expansion from such a high density as on the earth to such “wuthering heights” (Emily Bronte) could only be achieved, if one has proceeded indomitably with his LBP throughout all these years, no matter how many severe cc-waves with headache, gastric pain and total exhaustion one had to endure. And all this is a service-for-others and the utmost form of unconditional love and sacrifice, as attested many times by Jahn’s sources for the light warriors of the first and the last hour.

Why am I telling you all this one more time? Because this experience is totally unknown to most light workers and that is why none of these slumbering entities participated in the planetary ascension process as the few light warriors of the PAT did. They do not even bother to learn theoretically from our experiences with the LBP, which is the only universal mechanism of cleansing this planet and raising its frequencies, so that it can ascend when the threshold of purity is reached, but simply discarded this information prima facie. Many of them even mocked us full of envy.

But this is how the New Age community fell from Grace and became what it is now – a complete mess of failed entities. And even such late insights as this one will not change anything on the dire destiny of these derailed light workers, whose soul fragments are now descending on lower timelines and their empty physical shells are barely coping with the new energies, we now transmit from the source on this uppermost mother earth (as was the case yesterday, huge cc-wave and ascension shift again).

When the small portion of the current human population will awaken in the new 4D worlds, they will realize for the first time that most of the ranks of the New Agers are vacant, while many human beings who cared a shit about this infantile and derailed esoteric scene have ascended to the new 4D worlds because they have lived a decent life and have not fraternized with dark archons who transformed them into pitiful mouthpieces of their dark agenda.

This all began with the inability of most light workers to comprehend the key role of the LBP and to bring the necessary courage to enter this process with full force. In other words, to overcome their very powerful fears and inherent resistance to leave the old comfort zone of zombie-like Orion existence and jump without a safety net into the Unknown with full confidence in their HS.

I remember when I had an extensive email exchange with Sue Lie in 2010 and at some point at time I asked her what her symptoms of the LBP were, after listing mine very precisely in an extensive manner, only to found out that she had none. After I recovered from this surprise, I asked her how could she write and channel about ascension if she does not have any LBP-related symptoms and hence she, herself, is not in this process. Since then there was a radio silence on her part on this topic, which only illustrates how insincere and reluctant most light workers and gurus were, and still are, now that the train has already departed, in dealing with this key process of the current End Time. This did hinder such self-proclaimed gurus to offer seminars and webinars for money on ascension and to mire the stupid sheeple of the New Age scene.

Did I or Carla ever offer such an ascension seminar, although we are the first human beings that accomplished a full transfiguration into crystalline light body  – Carla on August 13, 2013 and I a week later? And did the glorious group of light warriors of the first and the last hour need to attend such webinars and seminars  on ascension, when they ascended short time thereafter and now to become the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy a year later? No, a big and resolute NO! You cannot buy ascension with money and who claims the opposite is an outrageous charlatan. This is my final verdict on all these failed New Age gurus.

During the last four years, actually since 2000, I have written a lot of articles and books in order to rectify a number of false ideas on this intricate energetic process that were circulating in the light workers community since the Mid 90s and to promote a better knowledge among my potential readers in the faint hope that some of them will learn something and profit from this priceless (hence free) information (see links above).

If there was one thing I learned from this futile activity to enlighten humanity and these deplorable New Age morons, it is that most humans are so much trapped in their extremely narrow comfort zone of bare survival and that they behave and think in such a robotic, reflexive manner, that they are unable to accept that there are energetic states, even in a human body, that by far and large exceed their present-day (in)human experience and that such light-filled individuals cannot be judged by the current imbecile prejudices of the masses.

The real light warriors, who are fully in the LBP, know exactly what I am talking about as they all have gone through these social pains of complete misunderstanding and total rejection from their environment, relatives and friends, especially when they first started with the LBP and were very much overwhelmed by these inhuman cosmic energies. After that one is so numbed by these energies for the rest of his life that it no longer matters what some idiots think about the LBP.

I have personally arrived at this point long time ago and that is why I have no compassion anymore for all those light workers that consciously missed all the knowledge and chances that myself and some other enlightened personalities have graciously offered them over the years. That is why I do not even care if they continue publishing messages that are infested by dark forces and blatantly boycott my enlightened, very honest and very critical articles. In this denial they only prove that they are still very much part of the Orion matrix that behaves in the same way and have absolutely no chance to ascend with us, the few elected from Heaven.

The “Day of Days” is Payday and Dismay-Day at the same time. And it is coming Now.

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