Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 5

By Georgi Stankov, October 26, 2014


6. The New Age people deliberately closed their eyes with the “Love and Light” illusion to the fact that a pitiless global war is raging on the earth between the few light warriors in human bodies and countless dark archons on the astral plane for Ascension.

From a cognitive and factual point of view, this deliberate blindness of most light workers caused their infamous downfall – their Fall from Grace.

First, the knowing of this fact was a necessary mental and intellectual prerequisite for all light warriors to open to their divine mission, for which they have come on this small planet from the Source or from much higher dimensions than most human souls, including most old souls,  and take the full responsibility for this global war by entering the LBP (see below) and becoming beacons of light and powerful cleansers of dark human dross. In other words, become members of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) and the driving force of planetary ascension.

I hope most of you remember the epic battle we fought against the archons at the astral plane as multidimensional beings and gloriously won last autumn and how depleted most of you were at that time. Actually much more than at present, as this latest portal on October 23rd brings much more refined energies that are not so devastating to the human physical body than a direct merciless battle with the worst dark archons at the astral plane.

And who from the other light workers knows about this battle last year, which paved the way for the creation of Gaia 5 by Carla and myself in November last year and later on the creation and current ascension of the Golden galaxy this year? Nobody! Otherwise they would not continue to repeat the same crap or even worse, which they are digesting since the beginning of this infamous New Age movement.

I do not expect any recognition for the PAT as the egos of these blind light workers hinder them to acknowledge any true achievement of other more evolved and enlightened people. But what actually happened is that these morons not only excluded themselves from the active participation in the ascension process and thus closed their personal portal of ascension for many future eons of time to come.

They also opened wide the door for all dark entities to enter their fields, mind and psyche, after we began to oust them from the numerous lower 4D timelines, which we have been creating as Logos Gods since the summer of last year. What we observe since then is the total infestation and degradation of the New Age movement. You only need to compare the quality of the channeling messages and other esoteric articles that were written and published before 2013 and after that and you will immediately register the significant downfall in quality to extremely dark abysses for most channellers and wishful New Age gurus, the absolute void of any decent human intellectual and moral faculty among these people.

The already discussed Kathryn May is the classical example of this perilous downfall of the New Age. Here is an excerpt from her latest channeling from Lucifer (?!) that illustrates the complete imbecility and total contamination of the New Ager’s mind by dark entities:

Lucifer: I come to you today to talk about something that is dear to my heart. I pinched Kathryn’s toe (on the other foot) to make sure she would make time for me. She laughed when I confessed it was I. We play her toes like a musical instrument so she always knows who it is by the toe we play, but I hadn’t come through for a while. It’s sort of a joke we like to play on her. I gave her quite a jolt when she was driving (hahaha).”

For such people even the clinical term “cretin” is an euphemism. They are veritable imbeciles, and also those that publish such articles. So much about the abysmal downfall of the New Age.

The problem with this is that no aspect of human life is  fully isolated. It is always related to the bigger picture of ascension. As most light workers and warriors turned away from the light and succumbed to various dark entities and forces, the ascension process was in real jeopardy and we, the few light warriors of the first and the last hour, had to quadruple our forces as to compensate for this unexpected failure of most star seeds.

This has been a leitmotif of many channelings from Jahn and articles by myself, which I have published on this website, so that nobody can say, he has not been informed on what is currently going on in the light workers community. It is all there, exhibited for everybody to see and analyse, in case one possesses the faculty of sound intellectual analysis.

This self-induced blindness of the New Age movement to the fact that the earth is a planet of enslavement for all humans by the dark archons, where the propagation of indiscriminate love for everybody and all archons only paves the way to hell, hindered most light workers to properly discern the current political, economic, judicial and financial matrix of the Orion empire on the earth and became an easy pray to all kinds of deliberate psyops of the dark ones. This will be the topic of the next point.

7. Most light workers did not truly grasp the fraudulent nature of the current Orion / Reptilian order that is camouflaged behind rigged representative democracy of clones and shape-shifters, and an obsolete judicial system entirely on behalf of the hidden Orion agenda of the NWO and in support of the current Orion economy based on scarcity and perpetual deficiencies, leading to perennial wars. 

As this point encompasses a vast portion of the published New Age literature on the Internet, it should be the most obvious. At the same time the blunders and defaults of the New Agers in this respect are so manifold and heterogeneous that a full-fledged discussion would necessitate the writing of a whole book.

I hope that you all remember that when the darkest political entity Obama was elected as presidential puppet of the US dark government, how many New Age sites officially announced that this is a “Pro-Obama” website (e.g the moron Steve Beckow). And how many dark sources, such as Kathryn May, Susanne Ward (alias Matthew), etc. were posting (and are still doing this) channelled messages declaring Obama to be a highly evolved soul of the light, who has come from the Source  here on earth to be the redeemer of humanity, however, only if the dark ones would allow him to do so.

This is the utmost form of dark archonic sarcasm at the expense of the New Age sheeple that shows how infested this esoteric movement really is. And this at a time when even the MSM acknowledge that Obama is a mass murderer who uses anti-constitutionally drones and other black ops to kill innocent people in a lawless manner and should be sentenced to a life-long imprisonment for committing crimes (genocide) against humanity by an international court of human rights.

If all light workers would have esatblished a clear-cut, morally and ethically immaculate weltanschauung based on all the knowledge, I have already discussed in these series and published on this website since 2011, none of these stupid blunders would have been made and such dark sources as Cobra would not have enjoyed the current popularity among the New Age morons.

I honestly do not know where to begin and where to end – the idiocies of the light workers are uncountable and so overwhelming that to even discuss the most obvious ones would take more time than the current rapidly progressing ascension process allows. Hence I better stop at this place and leave the further elaboration of these critical issues on the eve of the greatest revelations in the history of mankind to the personal preferences of my readers.


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