Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 2

By Georgi Stankov, October 21, 2014


3. The Cognitive Bankruptcy of Empirical Science and the Intellectual Inability of the Lightworkers to Think in Scientific Terms

If there is an adequate field on this planet, where human intelligence can be truly tested, it is science, notwithstanding the fact it has totally failed as a method of acquiring knowledge by experiments. Present-day scientific empiricism is the dead end of all collective human thinking, as it externalizes the source of human knowledge to the extreme and alienates the ego-mind from the inner Source of all knowledge – the soul – more than any other current categorical system of human knowledge. But precisely because of this fact, this area of abstract thinking is the most daring one for the human spirit, where it can encounter and discern all fallacies of present-day compartmentalized human consciousness and where it can be able to rectify them by presenting a viable alternative within the given set of established scientific methods of thinking.

And here is, where the New Age movement and all light workers have badly failed without any exception. They are unable to formulate the simplest scientific content in proper terms or to solve a theoretical problem in a strict scientific, methodological manner. This is due partly to the lack of any sound scientific education, especially in the USA and North America, but also in Western Europe. But first and foremost this intellectual inability of all lightworkers is due to their inherent contempt for any kind of science – be it of theoretical or more social order.

I know very well what I am talking about, as I have experienced this contemptuous rejection all the time from many self-proclaimed New Age gurus and have accepted it for what it is – as their unspoken admission that they are so overwhelmed by any scientific argument of more abstract nature, which they always fail to grasp, and this mental deficiency generates such immense fear in their emotional field that it almost paralyzes them. Coupled with their huge, unredeemed self-esteem that hinders them to evolve spiritually, they do what also all scientists do when they are confronted with the shortcomings of their scientific theories: They resort to utter denial of any such source of true knowledge and continue dwelling in their esoteric cesspool until they get sour. This is what happened with most slumbering light workers in the last several years and we have now reached the payday of Heaven, when all these intellectual omissions will come to the fore and many a lightworker will experience his /her Doomsday, as AA Hermes announces in his latest message.

Since I have published the new theory of the Universal law on the Internet in 1999 on this, in the meantime, archive website:


there has been no response at all on the part of the New Age movement about this greatest discovery in the history of this mankind since the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. It suffices to point at the recent messages of the Elohim that confirm that the Universal Law will be the intellectual and spiritual foundation of all new 4D worlds and is an established Law of One in the 5D and higher dimensions.

The greatest personal achievement on my part was not that I “discovered” this Law, which is known to all transgalactic civilizations – I simply incarnated on the earth with this primordial knowledge as Elohim coming directly from the Source – but that I was able to mould it into an immaculate Axiomatics – into an impeccable, logically consistent categorical system of thinking that also encompasses the entire scientific knowledge, which humanity has amassed in the last several centuries since modern science emerged on the historical stage in late Renaissance.

It is a matter of fact that most New Agers do not have a modicum of decent scientific or even personal ethical thinking – I am deliberately not speaking of intellectuality as they do not even know how to spell this word –  to even consider in a more popular manner the sweeping consequences, which this revolutionary theory brings, not only to science, but also to any transcendental knowledge.

In other words, they missed the greatest chance that All-That-Is offered to them by giving them the biggest mental and spiritual advantage in their hands and minds, which, had they appreciated it accordingly, would have given them the  most powerful intellectual platform to confront successfully not only the established present-day Orion science of human subjugation which they fear like small children fear the beelzebub and at the same time reject in most schizophrenic manner, but also all established religions (see below). After all, human evolution is an eternal strife of conflicting ideas (Heraklit) and only the best ones lead to true spiritual progress and ascension.

Had the New Age movement been able to firmly establish its spiritual platform on the incredible achievements of the new theory of the Universal Law, we would have ascended years ago and would have taken millions of light warriors with us to 5D and higher dimensions and not only a handful of them as is the case now. It is very important to realize the scope of this missed opportunity by all light workers in order to understand their imminent tragedy when all these facts will come to the fore with the huge expansion of human awareness during the new moon and full eclipse portal this month. Hence the great actuality of this disquisition at this point in time. Nothing is happening without purpose.

The New Age evolved from the very beginning in a state of profound intellectual weakness towards conventional science and mainstream opinions, which also rely to a great extent on this fraudulent empirical science of Orion / Reptilian nature, as all MS presstitutes are just as stupid as most light workers, only in a different way. The old souls of the New Age were supposed to  bring to humanity the basic gnostic truth that this reality represents a very narrow frequency spectrum and that there are much higher spectra and dimensions, where humans also dwell as multidimensional beings. And that this knowledge must become a common intellectual good to all the people, if they have any chance to evolve to 5D and higher dimensions.

This was supposed to be the social and spiritual forerunner-role of the New Age movement as an alternative to the established scientific view of narrow-minded materialism and agnostic empiricism. Or to put in simple words: Modern science has been reduced to futile experiments to find out what it does not know about God. Hence we cannot discuss the bankruptcy of this recent esoteric movement without discussing its profound failure to deal with scientific concepts in a sovereign intellectual manner. And this default can be traced down to the foundation of modern esotericism when the Theosophical society was first established in the 19.century.

Since I entered the Internet again in early 2011 after ten years of deliberate boycott, I have been attacked on all possible issues, mostly on alleged personal deficiencies, but mainly in response to my fierce critics of the profound and very pronounced inability of most predominantly American New Age gurus to think in logical, scientific terms. But there has not been a single attempt on their part to deal seriously with my scientific theory of the Universal law, even when the chances to grasp it intellectually were zero from the very beginning. That is to say, to do it for the sake of objectivity. It was simply excluded from their weltanschauung, as if it did not exist at all, and as if my personality and my views of the world were not decisively shaped by it. If these people possess such a hypertrophied ability to neglect the most obvious facts, how could they be able to discern their own fallacies and redeem them in order to progress on the ladder of ascension?

However, I do not sustain that it is an absolute necessity for someone to enter the LBP (see below)  and ascend to 5D and higher dimensions only after he has understood the new theory of the Universal Law to its full extent, as this is obviously not the case with most light warriors of the first and the last hours. But it is also a matter of fact that all successful PAT members have acknowledged this theory as an evolutionary leap for humanity and try to implement it in their gnostic disquisitions, as Daniel did recently, and many other readers have done on many occasions in the past as can be read on this website.

Now go to any other New Age website on the Internet and see if you can find a single word about the Universal Law and its scientific theory. There is profound silence among the light workers community, just as there is profound silence in the whole scientific community with the exception of some outstanding scientists outside the matrix, who diligently work on the implementation of this future science of All-That-Is. If you think this is a personal lamentation on my part based on disappointment, you are deeply mistaken and have not understood anything.

The new theory of the Universal Law is already an established world and transgalactic view in all 4D and lower 5D worlds, which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, have already created in the new Golden Galaxy. It is only not a common knowledge on this uppermost timeline. But as you all know, this timeline is about to disappear very soon. It is a simple sideline, a crucible for all lower 3D and 4D overlays after the MPR have destroyed these lower timelines and now superimpose here, before this uppermost mother planet reaches the threshold of purity and ascension and merges energetically and frequentially with the already existing 4D and 5D worlds. That is to say, when it merges with Gaia 5, which we have already created last year and now exists as a sentient being throughout all dimensions up to the Source (12th dimension).

Hence any conclusion based on the exclusive experience of this reality about the magnitude and scope of my discovery of the Universal Law as an Elohim and nexus to the Source is futile and stupid. The coming tsunami of consciousness expansion will reveal this truth and everything, I have said now, will be of enormous relevance to the whole humanity in the coming days.

Succinctly said: All humans who continue rejecting or neglecting the new theory of the Universal Law – be they scientists or light workers – will have absolutely no chance to ascend, and may not even move to the upper 4D worlds. This is the criterion of true awakening and evolutionary selection at the soul level, and no lamentations on the part of the light workers will change this stark fact.

That is why my appeal at this place to all readers of such dark sources as Kathryn May, Susanne Ward (Matthew), Salusa, Steve Beckow (you probably remember the infamous guy, who wanted to travel with a black limousine to the mother ship of the GF) etc.: Stop reading these websites and sources and start studying the new theory of the Universal Law, if you want to have any chance of ascending to 4D. Otherwise you will drop to much lower timelines and will have to go through another protracted incarnation cycle, before you get another chance in eons of linear time in the distant future.

It is about your destiny and it is about pure science and the clarity of your mind in these auspicious days. A proper understanding and acceptance of the new theory of the Universal Law is your last and unique chance, graciously given to you by the Source and myself, to save your soul from another infernal incarnation cycle on 3D and lower 4D timelines. Take it and be grateful and do not spit on it.

If until now the world view of most light workers was not much evolved than that of the people in the Dark Ages, when they barely understood that the earth is round, now they must radically drop their simplistic human perceptions based on this Orion reality, understand the nature of energy and space-time, develop a sound concept of multi-dimensionality and the existence of numerous holographic timelines, in which they simultaneously exist.

But first and foremost, understand that we are creator gods and that the whole Orion empiric science, which most light workers do not understand and in their ignorance fearfully reject, do not give them any clue about All-That-Is, about the Whole, to which they so desperately want to return. But the more so my General Theory of Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law. While one rightly rejects all conventional science, one should not throw the baby with the bath water. Start learning the new theory of the Universal Law as this will be the only intellectual achievement of this humanity in the field of science that will survive the coming Big Shift. This is also the only way for all light workers to survive this shift and not descend to much lower timelines and experience hell for eons of time. It is up to them to make the right choice when the heavenly bells ring 12.







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