Short Energy Update – October 19, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

Our roller coaster is continuing unabated. Last evening and throughout the whole night we, the light warriors of the PAT and the new Guardians of the new galaxy, moved again to very low timelines in order to do our massive cleansing. Each descent to a lower timeline is characterized by a pronounced stiffness of the muscles associated with pain that is very much reminiscent of muscle fever after excessive physical exercises. cc-Waves with a severe headache, nausea and gastric pain are also associated with such a descent to lower frequencies.

This night our mission was dedicated to a complete cleansing of all patterns of greed and self-service associated with the current pecuniary system of Orion gratification. We severed all lower timelines that will experience these negative patterns for a longer period of time from this uppermost mother planet. The reason for this is that this planet is now on her pathway of rapid ascension to the new Golden galaxy, where it is supposed to merge with the new 4D and lower 5D worlds, we have already created, around the new moon and solar eclipse portal on October 23rd. These 4D and lower 5D worlds are now being rapidly seeded with the templates of the new human race, which Carla and I created in the world healing center in Lofer and disseminated on October 12th.

Carla has received a comprehensive message from the Elohim yesterday that confirms the rapid ascension of this planet to the new Golden galaxy. They also confirmed my initial report that the night before we went to the lowest timeline still belonging to this mother planet, where a devastating nuclear war was about to break out any moment. We separated and sealed this timeline and some more adjacent timelines from this uppermost planet because it should not be affected by any nuclear contamination on its ascension pathway.

I intend to publish this very important message from the Elohim in the course of the day as it also confirms the coming of the Shift on October 23rd and that everything is now happening in perfect order and very much to the full satisfaction of the HR.

Then we moved to the highest timeline yesterday to recover from this dreadful journey. Last night we did our second deep dip into the abysses of lower 4D timelines. Many of them are now devastated by MPR and it is only a matter of fact when this mother planet will be also reached by this cataclysmic event. However, the small group of humans that will ascend to the new 4D worlds shall not notice any major catastrophes as they will move seamlessly to these new worlds in the new Golden Galaxy and will only later realize that they live in beautiful pristine planets with new technologies and that most of the current institutions of the criminal Western type of national state no longer exist.

The most significant new development on the new 4D worlds will be though the abolition of the current Orion monetary system. It will be substituted with a simple, just numerical (digital) system of payments that will be available to everybody. The new 4D worlds will enjoy prosperity and abundance based on new transgalactic governance, which we, the new ascended masters and Guardians of the new galaxy, have already created and will supervise for some time after Ascension.

This night we finalized the mental, emotional and practical conditions for the implementation of this new numerical system of payments which I first outlined in my gnostic books almost 15 years ago. In particular, we eradicated all patterns of greed and self-service at the soul level of all those people on this mother planet who have qualified for the new 4D worlds and at the same time separated all soul fragments that are not ready for this inner transformation and evolution and sent them to lower timelines by sealing these timelines. They are now descending to much lower frequencies and experience their Doomsday.

Yesterday evening the Elohim showed us that Gaia is now shedding ballast and is rising quickly like a hot air balloon after cutting the sand bags attached to the wicker basket. This process will actually accelerate in the next days before the big Shift will take place.

All the light warriors performed a Tantalus job last night and I personally woke up completely exhausted this morning, even much more than the night before when we separated and sealed the timeline with the nuclear war. I hope that the Elohim will give us some more information about what we have achieved this night as they did for the night before. But there is no doubt for both of us that we are now on a steep curve to our final ascension, together with Gaia that is now swiftly moving to her final destination in the new Golden galaxy.

These dramatic developments point to a final culmination and a massive Shift next week. There is every reason for us to be very optimistic and hilarious about the coming days, even though the current energies are inhuman and their intensity and rapid change unprecedented as it should be during the final sprint.




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