Short Energy Update – October 11, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

We are in the midst of a huge inter-dimensional shift and split. It started yesterday in the morning when all the light warriors of the first and the last hours, the true PAT members, started a massive cleansing operation. You all must have felt the deep anxiety coming from the collective that had to be released and even the total desperation of the masses when new MPR hit near-by timelines.

I was at that time in Downtown Vancouver and felt in a very physical, tangible way how the streets dissolved under my feet and vanished in an abyss. I felt very insecure during my walking, in particular when you know that you are surrounded by the ocean on all three sides and expect a huge tsunami, as I have seen it several times in the past on lower timelines for Vancouver.

Then in the afternoon, there was the most massive descend of source energy to Gaia and humanity. I was struck by this huge wave and had a severe gastric pain and nausea the whole afternoon and into late evening.

In the night, I was shown the final preparations of the dark cabal for their ultimate confrontation with the light that will lead to their demise. At first I was shown that Netanyahu and the Israelis are planning a major crime against humanity. They are now threatening the dark cabal in the West to follow suit or they will do it on their own. But I was also told that they are only bluffing, as they have no ace up in the sleeve and are frantically desperate.

The reason for this blackmailing is that the Israelis see already the defeat of the USA in the current bombing war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is about to capture a strategic important Kurdish town in North Syria on the Turkish border, while Turkey is in a major dispute with the USA, not only because of Biden’s comments, but first and foremost because of diverging national interests. Besides, Turkey was swept by a wave of clashes with Kurdish demonstrators, where dozens of people were killed,

ISIS is rapidly advancing towards Baghdad and is only 8 miles away from the airport of the Iraqi capital. The new Iraqi pro-american regime is now quivering in fear and is awaiting the further progress of the ISIS forces like a paralyzed rabbit in front of a cobra.

This all is well known to the Israelis and they anticipate the imminent collapse of the “coalition of the culprits” which is essentially only the USA and a pin-up girl presented as a Saudi war pilot. After that the very existence of Israel is questionable and Netanyahu and his bunch of criminal Israeli politicians know this all too well.

Then I visited Ukraine and Moldavia and also Romania, where I personally defeated the Western beast, which appeared to me very much like a disgusting crossing between Dracula and an archonic zombie. I hit him many times with my bare fist in the face, until it collapsed.

After the Western Beast was completely defeated and eliminated from this timeline, I was invited to visit the central command (headquarters) of the Russian army. I was invited there by Russian generals who accompanied me through different sections of the army and explained to me that they have started ten years ago with a completely new military strategy, how to defend their country from all possible attacks coming from the Western cabal.

This strategy is clear-cut and it goes straightforward down to the simple solider. They pay great attention that everybody is fully informed what is at stake and how to combat in a war situation even when the soldiers are cut from their units and officers and have to make their own strategic decisions. These generals then compared their military tactics with that of the US army, which is in a full disarray and follows only one goal – to create maximal havoc and destroy any country that is deemed to be an obstacle to their goal to establish the NWO.

This new central strategy of the Russian army has already paid off in Ukraine, the generals told me, where Russian officers from the central command were sent alone in enemy areas and they had to make vital decisions on their own together with the Novorussian insurgents and won a number of brilliant victories over the regular Ukrainian army due to their superior strategical thinking and decisions, while the forces of the Nazi Kiev’s Junta that were advised by US experts failed on all fronts.

This forced Kiev to sign a ceasefire with the insurgents and Russia in Minsk only two days after Poroshenko met with the NATO leaders and proclaimed his full victory over the insurgents. This ceasefire was signed in total exclusion of all Western powers and can be considered their most spectacular defeat since the US defeat in Vietnam. Since then the Western mass media have stopped reporting about Ukraine that has now fallen into an abysmal crisis and is in a state of total lawlessness. Any governance has ceased to exist.

If you think, I have dreamed this encounters I can assure you they were more real and impressive than anything I have experienced in this reality in the last months or even years. From what I got is that the dark cabal is now in their last throes and must make the next move, knowing all too well that it will fail, no matter what they decide to do next and that this will be their bitter end.

To this outcome the new relentless energies from the Source decisively contribute and there is not a single human being on this mother earth, with or without a soul, that is not influenced by these energies. Until the solar eclipse portal on October 23rd not a single stone will be left unturned on this planet and even some self-proclaimed gurus in the New Age may experience their dreadful downfdall.

Last night we descended to a very low timeline. Here on the Pacific coast, we had a lot of rain and the sky was leaden and very low. The weather forecast was that the rain will continue during the next several days. This morning the rain continued unabated.

Then between 10.00 and 11.00 am Pacific time we, Carla and I, lifted the whole group of the light warriors of the PAT to a very high timeline. Within several minutes the weather improved suddenly and the sun began to shine brightly. The sky is crystal blue and one can breath much easier now. We checked the weather forecast immediately after the sun came and the weather report for Vancouver was still heavy rain. I wonder from which timeline this report came.

Since then the PAT warriors of the first and the last hours are steadily moving to higher timelines. This huge shift is in preparation for the seeding of the new human template on all upper 4D worlds that must take place under optimal energetic conditions.

The seeding of the new template of humanity is proceeding with full speed. This morning we flooded all templates with five basic spectra of source energies as recommended by the Elohim:

1) The blue flame of divine’s  God’s will, the bearer of which I am.

2) The pink flame of love, the bearer of which Carla is.

3) The green flame of healing.

4) The violet flame of transmutation with Carla as the Chohan of this source energy and

5) The gold-Christed light from the Source.

Everything points out that the seeding of the new human template will happen this night or early Sunday local time. We were told to expect some new shifts in the coming 12 hours. Hence stay alert and assess very carefully your inner space. We have entered the most vulnerable phase in the ascension process.




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