Sacred Geometry of the New Human Race

The Elohim Confirm the Seeding of the New Human Template on October 12, 2014
channelled by Carla Thompson on October 12, 2014

published on October 16, 2014 in

by Georgi Stankov

As I interpret this message, the Shift of this timeline to the 4D new worlds and our final ascension to the Source and eventual return to 5D and 4D as Logos Gods and Ascended Masters is closely linked to the seeding of all new 4D and lower 5D worlds in the new galaxy with the new template of humanity. It started in the night of October 12, 2014 and will be finished with a “lightning speed” until the new moon and solar eclipse on October 23rd, as the Elohim tell us in this message.

As you may remember, and we have only yesterday discussed it with Carla, the Agarthans told us in May that we shall ascend on a new moon. We related this message to the next new moon on May 29th at that time. While I still believe that this message meant this date for our potential ascension, which was then postponed as reported on this website and confirmed many times also by Jahn’s sources, Carla believes that this message actually means that we shall ascend during a new moon. I don’t mind if this message from the Agarthans was meant this way, as it only increases the chances of our ascension this month.

I have personally given up any speculation on fixed dates for our ascension, but only gauge the intensity of the incoming waves from the Source that flow through my body and fields and cause numerous symptoms. And the energy waves are horrendous these last days and indicate a final culmination. I wonder how long our bodies will be capable of coping with these energies before they are entirely burnt from within and without.

The human physical vessel was not designed to ever experience such inhuman energy intensities. If we do experience them these days, it is because this is the only way to complete the ascension process of the new galaxy and Gaia as its focal point, after most of the “conscripted” star seeds and light warriors for this mission failed to awaken and participate in this incredible and unique process. Hence the burden has to be shouldered by a selected few and here is, where we now stand.


The Elohim Message    

“Greetings, we are the Elohim and we announce to you the successful arrival of the new template for a New Humanity, in the ethereal level of All-That-Is, ready for distribution into the new upper fourth dimensional and the lower fifth dimensional worlds.

You see them hanging there, like perfectly matching shirts on a clothing rack, ready for the divinely guided and all-perfect distribution to each new soul as it incarnates into these new worlds.

As a soul decides to incarnate there, and the level of soul development has attained it’s notable balance, it is ripe for these new worlds.

As you can see [ and I am shown ] the templates are slowly and gently floating off the rack, as souls incarnate on the already created upper fourth dimensions, and lower fifth dimensional expressions. As you move through the next short period of time, the velocity with which they move in to these new worlds shall increase at lightening speed.

“The Shift” is a culmination of the full re-seeding of the new fourth dimensional and fifth dimensional worlds and will occur instantly during the next short time frame by your standard of measurement [ 11 days, October 12 to 23rd ].

It is true that you were both in the Healing Temple of Lofer this night. This was an energetic mission, although it felt even fully physical. This is because you were energetically removed from your physical bodies for so long, that this felt to you as though you had transfigured there (This statement refers to my perception that I was completely removed from this reality during this night as reported the same day; note, George).

Now the seeding begins and a new humanity is free forever from the chains of time, reincarnation cycles and manipulation on all levels, manipulations by expressions [incarnates] that shall now return to levels of evolution outside of the current Christic-based dodecahedral path of evolution.

Explanation: The new human template has the ideal crystal form of dodecahedron as presented to Carla in the visual shown below. This is the sacred geometry of the pristine Christed form of human evolution, to which the new transgalactic humanity shall return.


While the others represent “lost and confused” expressions, they shall ultimately find their way back “home” as they learn to integrate deep-soul lessons and lose their love of fear, greed and hatred, the foundation of their current expressions.

An achievement of the highest order is complete!  And a new evolutionary path begins anew!

With infinite love and eternal peace, we are the Elohim!”

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