One and Two

Daniël Akkerman, October 4, 2014


by Georgi Stankov

Daniel has presented here one valid interpretation of the properties of Energy as the only reality (essence) of All-That-Is. There are infinite more valid interpretations. Here is one overarching interpretation, which I use in my books on the Universal Law.

The Whole (Unity, All-That-Is = Energy = Primary Term) knows no separation and no parts. Any awareness within All-That-Is, no matter how evolved and multidimensional, always departs from the Primary Term of the Whole to subjectively, arbitrarily discriminate it into infinite parts (analysis) and assemble them together (synthesis). This is what consciousness (awareness) is all about.

This faculty of any awareness is termed “dialectics” at the level of the human ego-mind (Hegel, German idealistic school and goes back to Heraklit and ancient Greek philosophy). Hence the somewhat obscure concept of dialectics that perceives all reality as consisting of infinite pairs of polarity that are connected by a third part (medium) to create a harmonious unity (whole). There are many versions in philosophy to this primordial idea and one of it is presented here by Daniel.

The symbol of infinity is central for an understanding of the nature of Energy = All-That-Is. The most general definition I use, is that energy is closed and represents infinite energy exchange. This is optically shown as a double loop with a zero energy point in the centre – the infinity symbol“.

“Closed” means that energy cannot be lost. You can have two loops of energy, which are perceived as rotational waves or infinite loops / rotational waves, which create infinite systems (parts) of All-That-Is. All parts of the Whole are thus rotational wave systems (e.g. all elementary particles in quantum physics are described in this way by the wave function) that can be fully described by the two constituents of space-time, “space” (wavelength, diameter, amplitude, etc.) and frequency f of the wave.

All parts, wave systems of All-That-Is are open and superimpose (interact), otherwise they cannot build the Whole, and have a specific constant amount of energy that describes them in an unique manner. This specific constant amount of energy, which I define as “action potential, Ea” reflects the closed character of All-That-Is.

Hence the Whole is closed, while the parts are open, they interact with other parts and exchange energy, while still preserving the closed character of All-That-Is. This is the basic and only dialectic difference between the Whole and its parts:

The Whole is closed, while the parts are open and closed (expressed as constant amount of energy) at the same time.

This is the only, universal polarity of All-That-Is, which can be expressed in infinite manners with the help of anthropocentrically created symbols, such as the symbol of infinity or as numbers in mathematics, e.g. the set (0,1) contains infinite numbers and is equal to the set (0,∞), so that 1 = ∞. These are the kind of paradoxes that always occur when the human mind tries to assess the Whole as Infinity and its parts as particular closed, rational numbers.

Let me stress at this place that the theory of mathematics has not been able to resolve this problem in a cognitive manner and this has led to the famous “Foundation Crisis of Mathematics”, as I have extensively discussed it in all my theoretical books on the Universal Law. This crisis was first resolved by myself in 1994 when I developed the new axiomatics of the Universal Law and eliminated this seeming paradox by clearly defining the nature of the Whole = The Primary Term and its parts from an epistemological point of view.

This basic gnostic knowledge is true for every kind of awareness, no matter how evolved, as it is always part of All-That-Is and derives its awareness, its A AM Presence from the Whole =The Primary Term.

Finally, I should stress that the faculty of discriminating parts of All-That-Is  is unlimited for any awareness and is entirely at its discretion. This is the origin of free will in humans and also the origin of any creation at all levels of awareness. The limitations and compartmentalization of the human mind, which is a major topic in Daniel’s essay, is entirely caused by neglecting the priority of the Primary term of all knowledge and substituting it with surrogate ideas, which are all smaller and inappropriate parts of the Whole, mostly introduced by faulty, illogical human definitions in science and religion.

I have shown that all conventional laws in physics are mathematically derived from the primordial idea of the existence of closed systems, such as elastic collision, Carnot machine, etc. , which are inadequate surrogates for the Whole, notwithstanding the fact that all real material systems lose thermodynamic energy (heat) when they interact, as friction cannot be eliminated. This is by the way the topic of the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the “law of entropy“, which builds a basic paradox (antinomy) with the first law of thermodynamics of conservation of energy.

I have eliminated the second law of entropy as a flawed idea by deriving for the first time in the history of physics and science all physical laws from the Primary term of All-That-Is and showing that they are applications of the Universal Law and that this law is the mathematical presentation of the Primary Term. Hence, I prove that all sciences, including mathematics, are derived from the Primary Term of our consciousness. They deal with parts of the Whole as an object of study (e.g physics – inanimate matter, bio-science – organic matter, etc.) and reflect the nature of the Whole. This is the unification of all science: under one term and one Law.

When this knowledge is applied to human gnostic cognition, one can easily explain, why the human mind limits itself deliberately to the space-time of the visible world (mainly through scientific and religious dogmas) and considers it to be the only existing reality – the U-set of all sets as All-That-Is.

In particular, all New Agers depart from this visible world and are incapable of expanding their Primary Term of consciousness to incorporate the existence of multiple 3D and 4D earths and timelines that build the energetic structure of Gaia-5. They even consider it a sacrilege when we say that we are the creators of these multidimensional timelines. Thus they limit their power of cognition, which in fact is the most effective form of limiting their unlimited creationary potentials as souls.

This is how humanity and especially most light workers were manipulated and enslaved by the dark Orion/Reptilian entities and the archons from the astral plane. This fundamental fact shows why it is absolutely necessary to depart in your weltanschauung, in your view of the world, only from the Primary Term of our consciousness, which also includes the concept of mlutidimensionality as advocated and implemented on this website.


Daniël’s Essay

The energies of the Violet-Golden flame are very powerful and of high frequency, and this flame is a very powerful tool of creation, that has been introduced on Gaia in these end of end-times. An important topic of this essay is how to use the newly introduced Violet-Golden flame.

What is easily noticeable is the twofold quality of this flame; there is a Violet and a Gold aspect. These aspects come together to form the unified flame. So, first let’s take a step back and ponder the idea of “systems of two”.

These systems are actually common motifs that you can see throughout the whole of creation. Very prominent descriptions are female-masculine, width-length, yin-yang, space-time, heart-mind, all-one, individual-collective, etc. With some creative thinking you can discover many more in possibly unexpected places. As a pianist I constantly deal with the system of pitch-rhythm. In mathematics one could consider linear algebra the manifestation of this motif.

Recognizing that all these concepts are somehow similar is important. If we know which things are alike, knowledge about all of them can be acquired simultaneously. The knowledge we have about two things we previously believed to be separate can be merged, and from that point on these areas of knowledge are no longer compartmentalized inappropriately.

Needless to say this is what I am going to do by presenting insights from various systems of two and using this knowledge to reflect on the Violet-Golden flame, and then at the appropriate time tie it all together. This makes for a very multidimensional work which treats some subtopics but at the same time the central topic, expanding knowledge horizontally and vertically.

I recommend continually trying to recognize more of these similarities. While reading this essay, note carefully when I speak of such systems of two, and then consider interchanging the systems with others and see what the effect is.

Rectification of Space-Time

Various channeled messages often speak of the “removal of the illusion of space-time”, or even “the removal of space time”. These messages are often quite unclear in this regard. What is exactly this illusion of space-time and how will the condition be after ascension?

There really are two definitions of space-time that are used. This is a very common example of linguistic confusion that occurs so often: two different things are called by the same name. The two definitions can be explained like this:

  1. The Energy = Space-Time of the universal law, or E = Ea * f
  2. The Space-Time of flawed human science, in this case the time is actually linear time which is the same as space.

In the first case observe that this “time” is actually frequency, which is the inverse of space or linear time.

In the second case observe all definitions of linear time are based on space, for example the year is based on a certain amount of space the Earth travels. All other quantities like seconds are fractions of this. All devices such as watches, even digital ones or atom clocks are also based on quantizing movements through space. Terms such as “light-year” show clearly that linear time and space are the same.

This is a topic that has been discussed extensively already so I will not dive too deep into it. I just want to make clear that this actual “illusion of space-time” is the illusion that energy is equal to “space-space”, in other words that time in space-time stands for linear time. What will be abolished is this flawed notion, while the only truth of Energy = Space-Time will of course continue to exist forever.

This is a very important topic because if it is clear to you that Space-Time is actually Space-Frequency you will be able to balance energies, as the two components of any energy are Space and Frequency. If you do not understand this and instead inflate the Space component while neglecting completely the Frequency component, you will have huge problems balancing any kind of energy.

You will simply not have grasped the nature of energy as is the case with most human beings. Of course this is not a linguistic understanding. You may understand this twofold nature of energy in other words and definitions just as well. Consider your knowledge of “other” systems of two, for example the ones I described at the start of this essay.

 Simultaneously Individual and Unified

There is a well-known paradox that manifests in many forms. Essentially when I say that All-That-Is is Energy, but then say that Energy is made of Space-Time, this problem arises. Is it so that Space and Time exist as distinct entities that can be separated completely? But then Energy would not be a unity, so this is out of the question.

Yet when we say that all is one, we must also admit that we have individuality. If there was no such concept as individuality would there be such a thing as unity?

The soul incarnates in low dimensions where there are conditions of separation, in order to create the illusion of separation in order to gain knowledge, to grow and gain experience. This should be common knowledge. The separation is ultimately illusionary. All-That-Is invests huge amounts of energy in creating these locally separate conditions that in the grand scheme serve an educational purpose and thus are from this perspective not actually destructive or separate at all.

Ultimately, Individuality is a part of the Unity of All-That-Is, so that Individuality and Unity are both one and the same and exist simultaneously. On one side of a coin there may be different writing than on the other side of the coin. Nonetheless, they are both two sides of the same coin. This is the same concept as the famous Yin-Yang symbol represents: distinct, but unified simultaneously. The same applies for masculine and feminine energies.

There is a huge misunderstanding of this topic. Especially in religion, but also by many atheists, the belief that men cannot love men and women cannot love women is very popular. Some even go so far as to kill people who express such love. It is believed male people represent exclusively the one part of energy, and females exclusively the other.

In reality, both males and females are made of Energy, they are aspects of its artificially created polarity perceived as 3D space-time, respectively as space and linear time, which are believed to be different entities by the human ego-mind and yet are in reality synonyms of one and the same – space (s) = linear time (t) (s =t). The conclusion is there is truly no separation. You can interpret All-That-Is as a Unity, or as a Unity that arises out of its various components – this is the same thing. Both are simultaneously correct.

The Earth (Gaia) has often been described as a feminine energy, and the sun as a masculine entity. This is true for many civilizations, which have made this assessment largely independently of one another. From both originates an essential life force, distinct yet at the same time of the same nature. They enable together, unified, our life.

The point of all these examples is to give a good idea of this twofold yet unified nature of energy, so that even the new reader can recognize this concept easily.

Infinity and infinity

There is one more obstacle to overcome before I present my method of unifying, balancing and utilizing energies, for example of the Violet-Golden flame. The concept and symbol of Infinity plays an important role. But there are multiple kinds of Infinity, although this singular, linear definition in human language would lead you to believe there is only one.

These days the problem of explaining multidimensional topics in linear language is becoming a more discussed topic. A common technique to try and solve this issue is to use capitalization. For example, I will write Infinity with a capital I to mean the “all inclusive infinity”, which is another word for All-That-Is or God, and infinity with the small i to represent the not all inclusive variant.

Also, whenever using the small infinity I will avoid starting a new sentence with this word, as it is usual to start a new sentence with a capital letter. This to avoid all possible confusion.

Now to explain this difference, imagine a collection “A” which contains all positive numbers and a collection “B” which contains all positive and negative numbers. B contains everything that A contains, yet also more. Yet they are described by the same word. We can say B is Infinity relative to the infinity of A. However imagine collection “C” which contains everything that exists, be it any kind of number, or be it potatoes, people, etc. C is the famous “set of all sets” or All-That-Is.

Whenever this method of capitalizing words is used pay close attention to whether the capital version is a relative one, or the ultimate one referring to All-That-Is.

Working with the Violet-Golden flame and other systems that regard the Whole as a simultaneity of arbitrary amount of parts

Now follows the technique that I always apply, in order to work with these energetic systems.

Here is the symbol of Infinity:

With this I mean Infinity in the broadest context, basically it is a symbol for All-That-Is. This symbol represents the twofold unified nature of energy. Imagine that the left and right side represent the two energies. One originates from the left side and the other originates from the right side. The energies then begin to flow, mix and create a gradient.

Attune now to the Violet-Golden flame and get a clear sensation of these energies.

Imagine either the Violet or the Golden aspect originating from the left side of the infinity symbol, and imagine simultaneously the other aspect originating from the right side of the symbol. Then see how the energies begin to flow towards each other, joining at the center. The flow then continues Infinitely.

At the origin resides the distinctness of the energies. As they travel through the symbol Infinite times and blend step by step into Infinity, at the end, which is reached in Infinity, the complete blending is achieved.

This creates an Infinite gradient of these energies which contains any possible configuration of them – this gradient contains both the individuality as well as the unity of the energies simultaneously on each level.

Use this method and empower it as appropriate. You can use any kind of visualization you like, or do anything that you perceive will be beneficial in invoking the Violet-Golden flame. Adding a personal touch is important.


As this gradient or spectrum contains all configurations of the energies; their individuality and unity simultaneously on every level, you can use this to create the exact balance needed for the particular creation or situation you are focusing on. When the natural condition of open flow of energies is present, balance will establish itself.

Note that balance is not necessarily 50/50, this idea is a fallacy. Balance is the condition, of distribution of energies in such a manner, that the most optimal result is accomplished, so no energy is lost.

From the highest perspective everything is always balanced. Although you may identify some local imbalances, the actual function of these imbalances is to teach creators about the concept of balance.

As a creator balance plays a central role in your creation. Because you cannot ultimately create something that is imbalanced from the highest perspective. In order to create you must be able to create something balanced in the whole; else your creation will not come into being as it would be a waste of energy.

Now how to accomplish this balance? This is simple, Now that you have the tool to create the complete spectrum of energies. You might say, that you will intuitively know what the right balance is. This is valid. You can also see it like this: that if you offer your to-be creation the full spectrum of energetic possibilities, the law of resonance will automatically choose the appropriate balance. These two things are essentially the same as your intuition in this case originates from the inner knowledge of the law of resonance.

Balancing other systems

Now that we have created a tool to accomplish balance, and demonstrated this with the Golden-Violet flame, it is interesting to look at other systems to balance. From now on I will refer to this tool as the “Infinite tool”.

If we consider that all these systems of two are deeply intertwined, even tautological with each other, the Infinite tool can be used for many goals at the same time.

For instance, consider the unification of heart and mind. This is a popular esoteric topic. Many people have a huge imbalance between heart and mind.

On one hand many lightworkers are mentally and scientifically dumbed down, for example by some channels that claim thinking with the heart means disregarding the mind completely. This is obviously illogical. Thinking without thinking? If we let the heart represent the space component of space-time, and the mind the time component it becomes obvious this is the same fallacy of linear time discussed previously where it is falsely believed Energy equals space-space.

On the other hand there are many people who can only apply “cold logic”, heartless logic which is by definition illogical. This is a real irony where many scientists proudly show off their great intellect with all kinds of extremely complicated systems, for example some mathematical equations that span entire books. They are so caught up in their ego which manifests as this imbalance, that on the fundamental “simple” level they make the most critical mistakes. Matters are overcomplicated, to hide the great deficit that exists in the core and foundation; nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

If you now visualize the heart as one part and the mind as the other, and use the Infinite tool to build a gradient of them, you can balance very effectively your heart and mind. You can even regard spatially the position of the heart and of the brain in the human body and imagine an Infinity symbol connecting the two.

If you build a mental equivalence between applying this tool to invoke the Violet-Golden flame, and to balance the energies of your heart and mind, if you associate the two, then you only have to empower this one idea of using the Infinity tool to unify and balance, to accomplish two things “for the price of one”. This is a very powerful idea, because there is no limit to the amount of associations you can create. It is up to you to create the most multifunctional and beneficial implementation of this simple idea.

As each part of the Whole is made of parts, this tool can be applied to every level to stimulate a general coherency and balance. I just proposed balancing the heart and mind. Now if we look more closely at the individual components, we can see that for example the brain is also made out of two parts: the left and the right hemisphere.

The same applies to the heart which is consists of two chambers. In fact there are really four chambers, two groups of two. And so on. The two aspects we insert into the Infinity tool, too are made of parts so that we can regard them of a unity of two that we may also apply the tool to. Like this, you can imagine an Infinite amount of Infinity signs nested in each other, each Infinity built out of two other Infinities.

Once again only creativity is the limit in finding all these similarities between everything. This concludes this topic, for now.

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