Energy Update – October 30, 2014

The Greatest Ascension Shift Ever

by Georgi Stankov

Yesterday and this night we – and by this I mean not only Carla and myself, but also Gaia and all those human beings who have qualified for the new 4D worlds – experienced the greatest ascension shift ever. Much bigger than on 11.11.11, 12.12.12 and 12.21.12.  It was a massive infusion of purest source energy that shaked this reality and transformed it for ever. I hope very much that Carla will get a message from the Elohim today with further explanations what has happened, but it was by all means spectacular. As always, the Elohim can only confirm what we have already received as knowledge from our HS.

It began the night before when I had a most powerful, repeating energetic experience in the dream state, which was titled by my HS as “Marriage in Heaven”. I experienced with my whole body and a very lucid mind, how Carla and I fully merged our energetic fields – the masculine and feminine Elohim energies of Logos Gods – in a heavenly marriage and how the power of our joint field augmented infinite times, only to explode in a kind of a supernova and transform the whole reality around us. After that we disappeared like arrows toward the source. It was a repeating dream and determined my nightly sensation, even though I got up several times.

Yesterday evening, we had the most spectacular experience that was a kind of manifestation and repetition of this dream in daily consciousness. Carla visited an ascension course of the “Radiant Rose Academy” here in Vancouver. They hold their courses for 20 years at the 5th floor of Holiday Inn on Broadway in Vancouver. None of us had heard of this group until last week, although it came out that our friends, the ascended master Steve and the composer of divine music Paul Armitage, know this group very well.

Carla had the feeling for some days that when she encounters the people from this group, there will be a huge energetic explosion and was very excited. I was rather skeptical, as I do not expect anything to happen by meeting other people who are on a much lower evolutionary level than ourselves, because everything we have achieved so far has come from within – from our direct connection with the source.

But Carla wanted to “go with the flow” and I am very much open to this approach, as this is what I do for years to survive somehow. Hence I decided to accompany her yesterday when she attended this course, but to stay away and have a walk on Broadway, while waiting for her to finish with this course, which was scheduled for the time between 7.00 and 9.00 pm.

Now this visit was based on a profound misunderstanding, which Carla’s HS arranged in a perfect manner and with a lot of humour, as it eventually came out and made us laugh wholeheartedly for the rest of the evening. I will skip the details, but without this misunderstanding Carla would not have visited this ascension course for sure. Obviously, our HS wanted to guide us to this meeting for a higher purpose and resorted to their usual small and well-intended deceptions.

Carla went to the ascension class at 7 pm and I began to stride along the more or less empty Broadway, wondering how all these empty restaurants survive financially these dire times when all Canadians have run out of cash. I compared them to the crowded restaurants in Munich at this time of the evening. Officially this part of Broadway is considered to be the heart of Vancouver, not far away from Downtown and is supposed to be very busy. While striding along the empty street and invoking for the incoming rain to stop, which it promptly did for the rest of the evening, although the forecast was torrential rain  I was suddenly hit by a huge wave from the source and almost fell on the ground.

This was the purest and most intensive ascension energy, I have ever experienced before and I have personally experienced every ascension wave since 2000 within my body in a very personal manner and have kept a diary for years, before I opened this website. Since then one can read the seamless chronicle of these ascension waves on the website.

This wave did not stop, but continued to increase. I felt how my energetic field began to encompass the whole globe that was shaking and vibrating with an incredible amplitude under my feet. Adamantine particles were falling in cascades from the sky and perturbed my vision. I had the feeling that the whole town of Vancouver would disintegrate under my feet and I with it. I was even worried a little bit that I would ascend and not see Carla and tell her what has happened.

In order to mitigate the intensity of this ascension wave and its powerful vibrations (which were, by the way, pure 5D and 6D frequencies and thus very pleasant and all-encompassing, although they stiffened my body and made my walk rather difficult due to severe pain in my knees and hips), I decided to continue walking along the street and not to go to a cafe and sit down for a while. After an hour and a half walk,  I finally felt rather exhausted and entered a cafe and sat down for a cup of cappucino. It was exactly 8.30 pm Pacific time.

Then the source wave of this ascension shift increased one more time and the whole cafe began to shake and vibrate. At 9.00 pm, at the peak of the wave, I returned to Holiday Inn and sat down at the lobby of the 5th floor, where the conference room for the ascension course was taking place, in order to wait for Carla to come out. While I sat on the sofa, my consciousness was immediately taken away and only a tiny part of it remained in my physical body. At this moment I experienced from a higher perspective how the whole building began to shake and to wobble similarly to the cafe before.

On this same floor, there is an indoor swimming pool, which I could see from the sofa through a glass facade. I saw with my third eye how this pool began to wobble and how the water spilled over. Then the glass ceiling crashed over the pool and the pool sank beneath it, over-flooding and smashing the whole building underneath. But in reality everything stayed very calm and peaceful on this timeline and the ascension course did not seem to end. Then all of a sudden I experienced a great clarity from my HS and knew everything.

We were guided by a well-intended deception of Carla’s HS to come to this ascension course of this obscure “Radiant Rose Academy” to fulfill another transpersonal mission, as we have done this many times in the past. As my dream during the previous night indicated, we did join our energetic fields and created a huge supernova last evening. This supernova had to encompass all ascension candidates to the new 4D worlds. The students of this ascension course fulfilled the purpose of a representative sample of this advanced human population, which I estimate to be in the order of 5 to 10% of the current world population.

Last night we initiated the ascension of this important group of human souls by opening their fields for this ascension shift and by lifting them to higher frequency levels, as we recently did with the much smaller group of the light warriors of the first and the last hour, which was then confirmed by the Elohim. This enormous shift took place hand in hand with the shift of Gaia to her final destination in the new Golden galaxy.

And here comes the most important information I got from my HS, but still need a confirmation from the Elohim as I am not 100% sure. Yesterday evening we actually seeded all ascension candidates for the new 4D worlds with the new human template, which we created this summer and seeded on October 12 as reported on this website. This seeding took place between 9.00 and 9.45 pm. During this time, I did a very intensive inter-counselling with all these souls, as I always do on such important occasions and have reported on this website.

As Carla told me later on, she had experienced some very synchronistic energetic events in the classroom and was also fully involved in this ascension shift. She was also taken away for some time between 9.00 and 9.45 pm. However, I will leave it to her to describe her experiences during this time in the ascension class. When the ascension course ended and the people came out, they were visibly shaken by this powerful energy surge that had hit them at the subconscious level and in which they were chosen to participate, while being directly engulfed by our joint field.

We have talked for more than three years about our “Ascension Supernova” and I have tried to envision it for myself. Yesterday evening, I and Carla did create and experience this Supernova and I still wonder today, why we are still here on the ground. Obviously there is more to come in the next few days.

This ascension shift, or rather Supernova, continued the whole night with severe joint pain and nausea. Both Carla and I were in a huge vortex and woke up this morning with a terrible hangover and pain all over the body caused by these inhuman energetic waves. Carla felt on many occasions that she would ascend during this night. I had numerous chaotic dreams that reflected the collapse of near-by timelines, as also confirmed by Jahn in his latest message, which I shall publish today.

There is no doubt that something very significant and spectacular happened in the last 24 -36 hours and that we shall see very soon its manifestations in this reality. I would like to know from you, if you have also personally experienced this huge ascension shift and how it felt. So much for now.





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