Discernment for the Channeller

by Carla Thompson, October 20, 2014

Dear George,

Last year you posted a message that was received by Kathryn May which was entitled: “Blissful Life After Ascension” which was info that was similar to what you have received.

Below is her latest message that also is similar to what you stated in your Oct 19th “Short Energy Report” in that there will be abundance and prosperity in the New 4d worlds.




Dear Larry,

Kathryn May is currently the darkest channeling source, and I expect from my readers to show the necessary intelligence and discern this for themselves. I am not going to discuss this dark woman personally. But you can read my latest article, where I address this and other related issues in a more theoretical manner.



Dear Larry,

Georgi is not sure what you wanted to say with this email, but is writing to you about his opinion on any channeller who mentions “NESARA” within the body of any message.

I myself have personal experience with Orion-Reptilian (4D) beings, and they are the ones who are pushing the NESARA idea. Therefore, if a channeller is channeling Reptilians, then one could assume that perhaps any and all other messages that they are receiving, are tainted.

Only the channeller him/herself can answer this question, of course. The reptilian messenger is typically “in your face”, at ground level, either directly in front of the channeller, holding a very dominant and forceful energy. They also appear very “dark”, like a shadow. The reptilians also approach from the left side and behind, when they are trying to go unnoticed. Their energy imprint is “prickly” and feels very “uncomfortable” to me. It leaves me feeling nauseous.

The information channelled from a reptilian source is always 3D referenced, always about money, always about being “saved” by a new monetary fund. These issues are not the concern of beings of the Fifth and higher dimensions. This information is provided by a 4D reptilian, who wants everyone to blindly hold on to the hope that they will get more money! and soon!  in order to carry on the enslavement of the Human race, by the way.

A “clean” message comes to me in very abstract words, with visuals, and with the energy of peace and inner joy. There is no force in these messages, there is only love and unconditional kindness, an energy that is all too uncommon here on Earth, unfortunately. The Elohim present to me at ceiling level, whether that is 12 feet in my bedroom, or 20 feet in my living room. They will provide information about staying healthy, including how to deal with engineered diseases but they will never discuss money within the NESARA model.

I have written this response because I feel very strongly that some channellers are being used to disseminate disinformation. It is a very difficult thing, to discern the nature of a Being who has come in to us channellers with a message. I am fortunate in that I have finally learned how to discriminate and qualify the Beings who come to me with information.

By sharing my personal experiences here, I sincerely hope that it is understood that all I hope for is to bring truth to all light warriors who are here to help with the shift into the Golden Age.

With love and light,

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