Are You Still Alive?

How did you survive the Monster Energy Tsunami of the Solar Eclipse Portal?

Georgi Stankov, October 24, 2014

Are you still alive after the monster energy tsunami that hit us and this uppermost mother planet yesterday? Judging by the lack of any emails to me during the last 24 hours – this has never happened before – you all must have been hit very hard, as we all somehow expected this powerful portal to be.

For me it began in the early morning with a most unpleasant massive cleansing wave that was a mega-surge of all human negativity and nastiness put together – something like being a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay and being tortured by US criminals with water boarding all the time. I was burning like a torch from within and without and my skin felt like a parchment fully exposed to all human darkness in a most condensed form. No way to escape. Severe gastric pain due to full involvement of the 3. chakra. Physical exhaustion coupled with inner restlessness, no matter how many invocations of the violet-gold flame I made. No normal human feelings at all. Total mental and emotional numbness. It was a good decision not to publish anything yesterday and stay calm and centered.

No impulses from our souls either. Full radio silence. Then we prepared for the partial solar eclipse around 3.00 pm Pacific time. We put all our crystals on the table on the balcony to be charged by the sun codes as Metatron suggested in his latest message. However, it was pouring all the morning. We made several very powerful invocations to clear the sky and disperse the clouds. And it happened, half an hour before the solar eclipse began, the sky cleared above us and the sun came, so that we can see the partial eclipse with the moon shadow on the sun disc at 1 and 2 pm through a pair of glasses, which I sooted on a candle before that.

We checked the news and they reported torrential rain during the time of the solar eclipse where we live and for the whole Vancouver area. We must have ascended to a much higher timeline as we had invoked it before, because shortly after the eclipse finished, the rain came all of a sudden and we descended again to a lower timeline as I can register very precisely by the swelling of my leg.

With the beginning of the solar eclipse and the dissemination of the new codes from the Central sun, the quality of the tsunami wave changed suddenly and became more harmonious and bearable for us, only to return to the initial unbearable intensity soon thereafter.

This immense energy bout from the Source must have scraped out the deepest memory compartments of all human bodies, which led to a complete void of any normal human sensations. A complete re-calibraton of the human energetic system took place. And not only for us, but also for the whole humanity, no matter how unconscious most of them have responded to this  portal. From what we saw and heard from other people, nobody was spared, all these people were hit by this tsunami and felt ill, exhausted or experienced massive waves of negativity that led to a veritable meltdown at the emotional, mental and physical level, although they will still have to experiences the consequences of this portal at the societal level in the coming days.

According to my estimate, we must reckon with some more waves, I am being told by my HS three more waves, in the coming days over this weekend, before this powerful portal will reach a very high plateau when the first major manifestations will most probably begin to show up.

The only information we got from the 6D fleet and AA Michael yesterday was that “it is a new beginning in every respect“, but this should not be anything new to all of you. There has been and still is a huge separation of timelines and souls, where whole human populations are ripped apart and descend to their final destination on lower timelines, while few of them ascend rapidly with us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, much higher. We were the given the biblical vision of “Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.” However, we are now constantly moving up and down through the dimensions and it may seem as if we are left behind at one moment and taken away at the next.

Today, I feel much better, though still very exhausted, and was able to write this short energy update and share it with you. As soon as you also feel better, give me please a short notice what you have personally experienced during the solar eclipse portal yesterday and today, as it is still ongoing with an unabated force.

I hope to get some more information very soon with respect to the announced huge expansion of human consciousness. But this can only happen after all past negative patterns are almost fully eradicated from the cellular memory of the people in order to be ready for the new re-set, which may very well be the expected paradigm change, including the introduction of the New Theory of the Universal Law.

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