War Escalation

Georgi Stankov, September 4, 2014


There is indirect information that Putin has ordered the highest possible alert status of the Russian strategic nuclear forces on the eve of the NATO summit in GB, where aggressive measures against his country such as the installment of rapid deployment forces in Eastern Europe near the Russian border will be definitely decided. This  has already led to a change in the military doctrine of Russia towards NATO, which is now being defined as enemy number one  as was the case during the Cold war.

This latest development points to a further massive escalation of the war scenario between NATO and Russia, which has the potential to turn into a devastating nuclear war in the current End Times. This will, however, not happen on this timeline as our ascension and the triggering of the MPR will hinder such an outcome. This is now more than certain.

Hence what we shall observe, will only be a failed attempt to unleash such a war on the side of the Western cabal. Russia and Putin want to prevent such a war with all possible means, but they must be ready to respond adequately to any menace from the West. The Russians and Putin know this all too well, as they do not cherish any illusions about the dark aspirations of their Western adversaries and assess correctly the rapidly growing danger of a nuclear conflict.

While Putin was returning to Moscow from his 5-hour visit with his Mongolian counterpart Elbegdorj Tsakhia in Ulan Bator, he must have been “strategically redirected” to Altai, whereupon the Kremlin Press Service stated that he would chair a government meeting in the Republic dedicated to rehabilitation measures after last year’s heavy floods and would remain there for at least 48 hours. In fact Putin is now running the Federation from one of Russia’s most secretive bunker complexes below Barnaul Airport located in the Altai Republic, which is part of the Siberian Federal District.I

Upon his landing at Barnaul Airport, Putin has ordered all nuclear forces to their highest alert status and informed the West, per treaty obligations, that the Federation would be conducting a massive nuclear exercise in Altai involving over 4,000 troops.

In a Kremlin authorized statement to the RIA News Service regarding Putin’s orders, Major Dmitry Andreyev of the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) further stated that these troops would practice countering irregular units and high-precision weapons in Altai, and would be “conducting combat missions in conditions of active radio-electronic jamming and intensive enemy actions in areas of troop deployment”.

Major Andreyev also said enemy forces would be represented in these exercises by Spetsnaz (Special Forces) units and that Supersonic MiG-31 fighter-interceptors and Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft would take part, while also noting that the scale of air power involved was “unprecedented for exercises of this kind”.

Important to note is that in the immediate hours prior to Putin visit to Altai, Senior Defense Ministry official General Yury Yakubov openly called for a change of Russia’s military doctrine to clearly identify the US and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one and spell out the conditions under which Russia would launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the 28-member military alliance.

Of the number of “grave and immediate” threats facing the Federation, necessitating Putin’s relocation to Altai, was the US-EU blocking hours ago of a 7-step cease-fire arrangement negotiated between Ukraine and Russia, which was immediately dismissed by NATO’s secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen who said “what counts is what is happening on the ground in eastern Ukraine”, where the West purports that Russian troops are fighting with separatists against the Ukrainian military.






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