Typical Attributes of End Time

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 6, 2014

first published on September 15, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Report: I am with my beloved son NOAH at the bakery, as two boys, one a little bit taller, the other a little bit shorter, suddenly begin to swear at Noah and drive him into the corner of the establishment. How “small” he is and how “dumb”, breaks out from the two, which seem to be possessed by a dark spirit. The mother or grandmother, who stands next to them, takes no notice of it and only stares into space. Finally I intervene and decisively scold the two boys to such an extent that all customers and also the service personnel become silent. After the boys, as I demanded from them, apologize to Noah, we leave the location.

On the street the following dialogue develops between Noah and myself:

JJK: Were you afraid?

NOAH: No. But why do they do this?

JJK: Because nobody tells them that they cannot do this. The parents are either dumb and therefore the children behave in such a manner; or the children also sense how strong you are, therefore they want to weaken you.

NOAH: Why am I stronger than all other human Beings?

JJK: Because you were created like that. (End of dialogue)

I report this incident to my wife during lunch. Noah listens attentively, whereby he unmistakably confirms again that he was not afraid. In totality I perceived the human Beings, who Noah and I met during our outing of today, as dull and absolutely soulless. As so often, only today with the additional impression to notice a certain madness and unpredictability (like with the two boys in the bakery); everything seems possible as the suppressed issues come up or as alien occupations have an effect. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,


This snapshot of today reflects the actual quality of time in this irresistibly into the Light turning world.

Open Attacks of the Dark Ones

The dark ones try with all means, whereby they take possession of human Beings, to bring fear to the light warriors of the first and last hours, or try to weaken them in any possible way. Thereby, and this is new, they attack these offensively. The “hide-and-seek” game is over, because there is no more time left.

For the dark powers it actually is about the whole thing. And they have nothing to lose anymore; therefore they throw everything into the already lost battle. The scene in the bakery therefore describes two things:

1) Surprising, uncovered and open attacks increase against the light warriors and

2) The “bakery” as a symbol for the “bread of life”, which under all circumstances should be held far from human Beings.

This means: The attacks of the dark ones against the light warriors of the first and last hours, and the Masters and the soon-to-be Masters of this time, change in the method of how they are carried out. No longer from behind, but obviously, because the end time allows nothing but this step.

Based on these premises I remind all ascending ones to use their lightsaber and choose the path of vigilance, because truly: At the end of time the destructive forces of darkness fly the lowest.

Regarding the perception of the environment of human Beings, as documented here by Jahn, I add that with the steady increase in the vibration of Light, the discharges of individual human souls must also condense. Like in a “pressure cooker” before the explosion, human Beings begin to “go bananas”, “overcook” or “spill over”. On the one hand they can no longer sustain this high vibration, on the other hand this high vibration brings all dark programming into the light.(This is the energetic mechanism of culmination of aggression and final resolution through confrontation of light and darkness that will unleash our Ascension and the MPR, note George)

A very demanding aspect of end time, which so far has not been experienced to this extent; demanding for the ascending ones as well as for the remaining ones or in this manner alien-possessed human Beings.

In totality, these days show what is, what the typical attribute of the end time in a sluggishly vibrating world amounts to: The attacks on the light bearers increase and due to lack of time, which would be needed for well planned attacks, are carried out more obviously and more clumsily.

Thereby, all human Beings, who have undermined their own beauty, are being confronted with themselves in a very drastic manner, whereby certain “madness” is written in their face. This is also the reason why at this time the awakened ones perceive most human Beings as “ghost figures” with “grimace faces” (e.g. see shocking demonic photos of Obama here, note George).

Described is: The end time with its typical attributes. For the ascending ones there is nothing else to do than to consciously encounter this fact, in order to behave without fear and decisively toward such infringements.

General Purification of the “Lukewarm” Ones

For those, who stagger, are neither fish nor flesh, for those, who have knowledge of the ascension, yet deny it, as it is necessary to avow oneself to it, the time of general purification begins.

It is the goal to prepare these Beings for the day X. For this purpose it is necessary to cleanse their energy fields to a certain degree, so that these human Beings can partially recognize in the proximity to these divine events what makes the ascension to a higher vibrating 4D world effective. These “lukewarm” ones will be jolted in a very specific manner; whereby all their “securities” will be taken away.

Initially, this means that many human Beings will lose the orientation in this world, before they will be gifted with the orientation in themselves.

This is an intensive program of healing, whereby some human Beings will free themselves from the claws of the dark powers. The divine Light also illuminates the dark shadows, brings clarity into the turbid waters of these souls.

And at the “end of scrutiny” it requires the firm decision from these human Beings to turn away from half-truths and turn to the whole truth. The unredeemed dark in human Beings now appears blatantly obvious and the visible fright in the world increases temporarily; discharges on all levels before it will be silent in this world – with a hint from God.

This is a clear assessment of this time because the final transfiguration of the planet will be accomplished mostly without human Beings. The ones will receive new homes in the temporary world; the others will enter into the Heavens of the fifth dimension, while this world will be freed from all dross.

In Love and with God’s Grace, I bring you the blessing from the spiritual world. We truly are like a fortress, which cannot be taken.

We are the outpouring omnipresent Light. We are the crystalline field of Love. We are the transparent and all penetrating power of Creation. We are the builders of new worlds – all over in All-That-Is.

I am
In infinite Love

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