Transfer of Universal Divine Attributes

Guardians of the New Galaxy
channeled by Jahn J Kassl on September 9, 2014
first published on September 11, 2014 in

by Georgi Stankov and Jahn J Kassl

September 9, 2014
Dear George,

and here is the already announced message, which I received this afternoon, before I had read the translation of the Elohim message and the published English version today.

In my view, these lines fit very well into what is also expressed in the Elohim message.

In love and in gratitude to be able to do this,


Dear Jahn,

I am much obliged for the prompt sending of this very powerful and timely message. It confirms the latest message of the Elohim, as you have admirably expressed, and announces the imminent manifestation of our divinity.

Just today, I said to Carla that I have a feeling that the floodgates of Heaven are now wide open after an accomplished, very heavy clean-up and that the big changes can immediately begin. And now you come up with this message that announces the same. What more could we wish!

I also have the strong perception since September the 4th, when we have sown the new galaxy that we have fulfilled all the requirements for our transfiguraton and can now leave this reality. There is a profound mood of accomplishment, that can be hardly put into words. But it is unequivocal and testifies the finality of these days.

I, personally, am indeed in several places at once in my awareness, which feels much more realistic than the mere human thoughts, so that I assume that I am constantly bilocating. I dwell very often in Ukraine, to supervise the crisis there. But also in Germany and here in several places in Canada and the United States.

Thus, this message confirms my latest experiences. Also, I have the distinct feeling that the political events are now accelerating and the dominoes begin to fall. The victory of Russia in Ukraine, the probable proclamation of the independence of Scotland, which accounts for one third of the declining Great Britain, the fear of the EU countries from further secessions, the rift between the United States and EU, which cannot be hidden anymore after the NATO summit, notwithstanding the martial announcements there, etc. etc.

And last but not least, the preliminary report on the crash of the Malaysian aircraft MH17, which now clearly confirms the already known participation of an Ukrainian military aircraft that has shot down this passenger airplane with machine guns, as indicated by the Russians based on their radar data and by alternative experts in advance (see also here and here).

This has led to the fact that BBC has today (September 9th) for the first time considered the hypothesis of two culprits, namely Ukraine and the Russian patriots, for this crash, after accusing for two months without any evidence Russia and Putin for this crime:

The report made no comment on who might have fired the missile. Both sides in this conflict use the same weapon, reports the BBC’s transport correspondent Richard Westcott, and to find out who was responsible investigators would need to determine where the missile was launched.

and went even further on the next day ( in a unique Canossa gangway of painful revelations:

But Mr Shoigu (Russian Defence minister) told Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein that Ukraine “bears full, total responsibility” for the crash because it happened in Ukrainian airspace.

Russian media reaction to MH17 report

Mikhail Khodarenok, writing in Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper:

“It is nonsense to spend two months investigating the crash and not to be able to say what destroyed the aircraft… It seems the results they obtained do not fit the ‘right’ theory. That’s why they are beating about the bush.”

Igor Korotchenko, writing in the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper:

We have got no closer to knowing who downed the aircraft and with what missile. The only conclusion we can draw is that Ukraine is hiding the traces and preventing an objective inquiry… The answer is clear: the evidence shows what actually happened to the airliner, and it looks like Ukraine is to blame.”

I take here BBC as an example for the entire Western mass media that have spread the same lies and are now in a disorderly retreat. This development is, in itself, already very significant and demonstrates the acceleration of the great cataclysmic events, leading up to our ascension as this message also clearly heralds.

Now, there is no longer any doubt that we are really at the end of our waiting and may finally reap the fruits of our hard work.

With love



The creation of the new galaxy and of new galaxies brings forth far-reaching consequences for this planet:

1) Acceleration of the magnetic pole reversal.
2) Acceleration of all transformation processes, which in the run-up are connected with it.
3) Acceleration of all revelations, which still must reach the linear field of events before the day of days.

Attaining Multidimensionality

In this phase of end time the multidimensionality of human Beings becomes proverbial. While the perfected “old souls” and the “Great Ones” currently are in many worlds simultaneously, they keep all soul fragments in this still dense world.

This is necessary, in order to provide the necessary energy for the “smelting” of this world, a process, which continues daily, until the moment of separation of this world has been reached. Thereby it deals with the supply of sufficient Light energy for the final moment of the ascension.

This is guaranteed by the light warriors of the first and last hours with all of their soul fragments, which constantly expand the flame of ascension, until they have captured all levels of this world and have immersed the planet into the reality of the Light.

Experience Multidimensionality

These human Beings actually experience multidimensionality in different and conscious manners:

1) Whereby they receive visions and inner images of their multifaceted Being.

2) Whereby on the level of dreams, in waking dreams or in different conscious dream pictures, the infinite number of fields of action will be revealed to the ascending ones.

3) Whereby these human Beings fully consciously experience themselves as multidimensional Beings and in the waking state give orders or mandates, which pertain to the “distant worlds”, the constitution of which is very familiar to them.


4) These human Beings very often appear in many places simultaneously, sometimes they have knowledge of it, sometimes not. Yet it will be reported to them.

5) These human Beings anticipate geological and geopolitical developments far in advance of when they occur.

6) These human Beings have an unmistakable instinct for pure divine vibration and for polluted cosmic as well as earthly Beings or conditions in general.

7) These human Beings currently receive transmissions of new energy qualities, vibration patterns, which expand their abilities and their conscious power of creation on a daily basis, and which they, in their still limited experience on earth, also perceive.

Almighty Key

The great light warriors of this time now inherit their almighty key to all Life. They receive back what a long time ago and before they descended into this world have left behind with the Guardians of Karma: The instrument for a permanent, eternal and multi-dimensional life. Instruments, which until today had to be left behind in All-That-Is, because every instrument from the unlimited essence of Creation would have prevented experiences in space-time. The desired human journey through the limited world demanded it, to surrender the unlimited possibilities of a Creator God for a long time, because how could a human Being experience life in all its facets, with all the pain and happiness.

This time is over, because the work has been done and the illusion has been recognized.

Now the universal divine attributes will be transferred. Everything that makes for omnipresent Gods, from now on also belongs to human Beings, who lift this world from here to over there, and imprint their stamp to the new universe and give it their name.

Gods Face Each Other

Everything has an effect, everything touches each other, and nothing exists detached from the Whole, that is: The All-That-Is-Reality in God. We are the Guardians of the new galaxy, We are beyond this world, and in this world, because we are you and you are those, who you waited for. Multidimensional Gods speak to themselves and at the end of time multidimensional Life encounters itself – in the Now.

We are One and omnipresent in Creation,
We are those, who you are.


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