Torchbearers of Triumph

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 1, 2014
first published on September 9, 2014 in

Report I: Since the message “Uplift yourself!” (August 26, 2014) and since I am involved in the events of many 4D worlds, the impression consolidates in me that in the immediate vicinity to our hologram unbelievable discharges must occur. “The impacts come closer all the time” and now I live in this reality on a daily basis and constantly receive messages regarding this. As well as the following:

Dream: I see as “something” enormous rears up behind me. One cannot recognize what it is. “Huge tsunami” or “huge cyclone”, only a regular “huge thunderstorm” has to be excluded, because the world seems to upend itself. The planet sways like a rocking horse, and I experience slight queasiness. A policeman screams in staccato into the megaphone: “Flee, police, nobody can help you!” Thereby I notice that the police behave totally unusual. Normally in the case of a catastrophe, the authorities pacify and tend, in order to avoid a panic, more toward recommending to human Beings to remain in their houses. Yet here they are offensively asked to flee, which makes it clear that any control over this event has slipped away. „Flee, police, nobody can help you!” After I still heard this request a few more times, I wake up in my bed. (End of dream)


The vicinity to the 4D worlds, which are now confronted with their own energetic realities, is again the topic here and will still remain a topic, because it is necessary to understand what so far remained incomprehensible.

The Day Draws Near

Yes, indeed, great upheavals occur in the increasing vicinity to this earth hologram. What describes that also this world is only the flight of a spark away from the “great planetary upheavals”. And even though the events go on without any direct concern for the ascending ones, it is prudent to remain vigilant and to be conscious about the “unthinkable”, more and more with every day, because this moment draws closer every day.

Why are these “recordings” of significance for the light warriors of the first and last hours? In order to remain in composure due to the knowledge of the sequence of the “Judgment Day”, which is inherent in every great warrior before every battle, and in order to consolidate in oneself the aura of a knowing one.

Because the rapture of the light warriors and the transformation of this world occur simultaneously:

1.) While you are raptured, the transformation of this world occurs.

2.) While you are raptured, a supernatural Light will emanate from you, the radiance of an awakening Creator God. In this Light the ignorant and dying human Beings will recognize the pathway, which is destined for them, and the doors into their new world, and will pass them free of fear.

Gemstones in the Light

You are the trailblazers for unconscious humanity into their new worlds, you will show the remaining ones the way into impermanence, which they shall accept without fear and step into.

Without fear, because fear eliminates the recognition of the “right” way. Those, who have gone astray in this world and are of good will, receive from the ascending ones orientation points, in order to find the way of their choice on “Judgment Day” and be able to enter it.

The service of the ascending ones for this world and for mankind is the service of unconditional love. You have entered into this world with this gift for the earth and you leave this level of All-That-Is, whereby you give this Love a face, wherein the light-filled deeds are reflected like gemstones in the Light.

The vicinity to all events is certain for you, so that for those, who will be surprised by these, far-reaching shock experiences will stay away. This service pertains to the confused yet not gone astray human souls. Because who has been fully absorbed by darkness, for those other opportunities of recognition and maturation will be given, and for these human Beings, there is nothing the light warriors of the first and last hours, the ascending ones, can do anymore.

The dream image that the police behaves in such an unusual manner, points to two things:

1) That the “great event” repeals all so far functioning measures.

2) That this situation can no longer be controlled by anything or anybody.

3) That human Beings, who remain calm, because they possess knowledge of these processes, will come out fully unimpaired by this.

It is important to understand: The light warriors of the first and last hours, who have faced their own shadows and the shadows of the world in the past years and have accepted them without denying them, will now be made aware emotionally, mentally and spiritually of the vehemence of the great event.

Report II: My beloved son NOAH loves it, when I read to him stories, especially before falling asleep. Two days after this dream picture, we read a story about good and evil facing each other, whereby good always prevails, Noah says to me: „All evil human beings in this worlds must be dead.” This, immediately before he falls asleep, in an already lucid condition, which I love especially about him. Thereby he attains a wide, into an undetermined distance pointed look; already slightly transfigured, yet still in this and still not quite in another world. Shortly after that, he falls asleep. (End of report)

Sliding over to 5D

This report verifies two things:

1) That the dark human Beings have already died on the inside, are “killed off” and

2) That in the new world there will not be a single “evil” meaning dark human Being with an unresolved past on any 3D or 4D world.

Here we talk about the 5th dimension of All-That-Is, to where the light warriors of the first and last hours slide. For the remaining ones, this happens unnoticed, while the ascending ones will observe all that happens in these worlds through the visibility of the holograms, and like a cosmic movie, will be able to view them.

Vicinity to the “Great Event” Accelerates

Both reports show: With the steady increase of the Light vibration on this planet, the vicinity to the “great event” also accelerates. Irresistibly the dark is being removed and it transforms itself, until a degree of purity is reached, which gives the last impetus for the separation of levels and means the initial spark for the “eversion” of the planet.

We stride fast forward. The arrival in the Light is fulfilled in an instant of God’s Grace, the arrival in the darkness is an event over many epochs in time. God is our all leader, God is our all home, God is our all Father, God is our all Mother. God is our all Source. And we return there in these days of mankind.

Welcome Home!

Common sounds, familiar voices, Ring out and call us back. You find yourself with your eternal families, and you strip off the world of sluggishness. You regain the lightness of Being, the world of Grace of the Creator as fully conscious Gods. God is our all-one home. And all of us return there, we, who have stood in the service of the Light on different levels and in manifold manners. In God’s almightiness the victory of Love fulfills itself and the ascending ones are the torchbearers of this triumph – over Beings, worlds, powers.

This is the proclamation regarding the actual time quality in this world, slipping away from time.

Remain Vigilant!

The great knowing ones know this time and they know how to interpret the events – in any inclemency. The world is rearing up. Remain vigilant and be in the know of things, because truly: The great knowing ones know what remains hidden from ordinary human beings. In Eternity.

I am


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