The Peak of Human Insanity Is Reached

Georgi Stankov, September 23, 2014

The old Orion matrix has plunged into insanity. The Peace Nobel Prize winner Obama is fulfilling his last-year dream (or rather nightmare) and is now bombing Syria, without senate’s approval and in total breach with all accepted international laws. He has done this against the dire warnings of Russia, which has just defeated the Obama’s Empire of Evil in Ukraine. The new Obama’s enemy ISIS is his former protege, which he created with generous financial and military support to oust Assad from power and perpetuate the war in the Middle East. Terrorist recycling as the cause of perennial wars against humanity – this is the current US foreign policy. But Assad is supported by the Russians and as they already won the political war against Obama and the Empire of Evil last summer by solving the chemical weapon conflict in an elegant manner, the chances are very high that they will be also the silent winners in this new Middle East war. As they are already undeniably in Ukraine.

Bombing a country only increases the chaos on this planet, as the USA and NATO recently demonstrated in Libya, and since 2001 also in Afghanistan and 2003 in Iraq. Actually since they bombed Vietnam and Cambodia in the 60s. And the Americans lost all their undeclared wars so far. But this does not matter to the dark cabal, as the objective of all these destructive wars is the establishment of the NWO over a debased and impoverished humanity.

The mess is perfect now and the human collateral damages caused by the reckless expansion of the Empire of Evil skyrocket, while the Americans still slumber in total mental and moral numbness. They know nothing else, but this Zombie-like state of soulless existence and it will stay so till they are wiped out by the MPR. Very soon!

We, the few awakened ones, have every right to resort to profound and justified moral indignation, and even depression, in the light of what is currently happening on this mother planet. But fortunately we know what is at stake and choose a more enlightened point of view. We know that this peak of insanity is the unmistakable harbinger heralding the coming of the long awaited finale – our ascension and the MPR that will end up this madness on this earth for ever.

The culmination of the Middle East conflict is a rapidly expanding military conflagration that will devour the petrodollar structure of the Evil Empire. It has always been planned this way by the Higher Realms for the End Times. This part of the world is the last portal of the dark archons, from where they planned to destroy the earth in the End Times. Although this is no longer possible, mainly due to the creation of a huge Infinity portal of light by myself and Carla last year (see previous posts), the dark ones are given their last chance to demonstrate their wickedness, before they will be jettisoned into the abyss of the super evil 3D planet or their wicked souls will be dissolved into the Tao of All-That-Is. The Source is very patient because linear time is an illusion, but when it strikes back, the effect is perfect and there is no escape for any dark evil ones. And they know this beyond any doubt. Hence their desperation and suicidal actions in these last days.

However, before their insanity can be deleted for ever from this planet, it must first manifest without any disguise. We are now precisely in the phase of overt manifestation of collective human insanity, before we, the new Logos Gods of Gaia, shall trigger the ultimate phase of insanity elimination. The Day of all Days, our reckoning with the dark ones, is approaching with a rapid and pitiless inevitability that lets the blood freeze in the veins of the ruling cabal. Their hypertrophied existential fears drive them to such suicidal adventures as in Ukraine and now repeatedly in Iraq and Syria.

Mad, cruel Jewish Zionists kill innocent Palestinian children and women in Gaza, mad Americans are bombing the rest of the world, crazy Western cabal are instigating a deadly civil war in the middle of Europe – the list of present-day crimes of the evil political elite is endless. Any responsibility towards the people is a foreign word to these monsters and to their stooges, the presstitutes of the MSM.

The perversion of the Orion indoctrinated human mind is now boundless, it has reached the historical bottom of human decency and morality, from where there are only two possible escape pathways – ascension to new higher dimensions or a descent into further eons of even greater darkness, before the longing for God can be re-born in these vicious entities.

From now on expect the unexpected, even though you know the final outcome.





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