The Healing Temple in Lofer – My Vision

Georgi Stankov, September 24, 2014

Today, I received a message from my HS that Carla and I shall create a global healing temple in the Austrian town of Lofer in all new 4D worlds. This center will be within the confines of the bigger city of light called “New Germania” or more properly “Raetia”, as it will encompass only part of present-day Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg around the lake of Constance, most of Austria and small portions of Slovenia and South Tirol in North Italy (see map images here). This is essentially the territory of the former Roman province with the same name.

This geographic region in Central Europe has a common history beyond the current national borders and displays a very similar economic, cultural and ethnic character. Very little of the present-day infrastructure will though be preserved after the MPR and the ID shift to the 4D of the new galaxy. However, the human element will be vastly preserved as the population of this region consists in its majority of ripe and old souls, who are candidates for the new upper 4D worlds, which we as the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy have already created.

However, these souls have to go through a painful transition period of awakening and adaptation to the new higher dimensional reality, before they can become sovereign and fully responsible, free members of the new enlightened humanity. In the first years they will need our active support and guidance as Ascended masters and new Regents of these upper 4D worlds. The education of the masses will include an intimate knowledge of the past history of Gaia and humanity in the older 3D Orion matrix and how this humanity has been effectively enslaved by the Powers That Were since the Fall of Atlantis.

For this purpose the people must be also introduced in the new Theory of the Universal Law, which will build the foundation of their future, multidimensional weltanschauung. This theory is also the basis for the introduction and access to many new spectacular 4D and 5D technologies that will immensely facilitate human life and will bring about abundance and prosperity to all people. This alone will eliminate all current dire conditions of life and the associated fear-based patterns, such as survival fears, greed, aggression, manipulation of other people, wars, exploitation etc. which determine the current, very debased way of life and essentially arise when incarnated human beings experience the ubiquitous state of scarcity of all essential goods and foods.

The next urgent need of this ascended portion of humanity will be to heal their physical bodies, psyche and mind with new healing methods, based on crystal energies and modified source energies, such as the gold-violet flame of ascension, transmutation and healing, the green flame of healing and the blue flame of divine God’s will. These new forms of treatment will substitute the current failed health care system.

The necessity to heal immediately all incarnated human beings who have ascended from the current 3D matrix into the new 4D worlds of less density, where no dark patterns, forces or entities will have access to, is self-evident. None of the aforementioned achievements, such as new technologies, based on the full understanding of the New Theory of the Universal Law that will bring prosperity and abundance, can be introduced by people who are very much physically ill, in terms of unbalanced energies in their fields and chakras. After all, human intelligence is the aggregated product of the proper functioning of all these fields and depends entirely on the harmonious flow of soul energies through these bodies and fields.

From this we conclude that there must be a new holistic approach to all current human problems that are caused entirely by the lack of true spirituality at the individual and collective level. Most of these problems will continue to exist in the new 4D worlds at the beginning, after the ID shift, in order to render the necessary pedagogical and existential framework for these entities within the illusion of linear time, so that they can resolve these problems fairly quickly with our help as ascended masters. However, it may take some linear time to accomplish all this in order for the people to have the feeling that this is the result of their collective efforts and not a “free lunch” gifted from the higher realms, that is to say, from us, the new ascended masters and Logos Gods.

This does not mean that we shall not be able to resolve all human problems instantaneously, as we are already the Creator Gods of these 4D worlds. We must though act very responsibly and not infringe upon the free will of the humans. This, notwithstanding the fact that in these 4D worlds the higher selves will take the entire control over the incarnated personalities by largely eliminating the free space for personal decisions, which now the ego-mind still enjoys. In this way most of the individual decisions of the ascended humans in the new 4D worlds will be taken from the fulcrum of their higher selves, so that the people will make automatically the best possible choices for the highest good of All-That-Is. This is, according to me, the biggest, cardinal difference to the current 4D mother planet with its still existing 3D overlays from the lower timelines, which currently superimpose on this uppermost timeline and wait for their final resolution through the MPR and subsequent interdimensional separation.

In other words, there will be a general consensus in the new 4D worlds as to what is desirable and beneficial for the society and for each and every individual. This basic principle of consensual social behaviour may be defined in many different ways depending on the aspect one wants to stress. It could be defined for instance as “unconditional love”, “harmonic convergence” of all incarnated human beings, abundance, etc.

With reference to a recent publication, I prefer to define this principle as the “law of energy optimization”, which is an aspect of the Universal Law and is inherent to all Creation. The principle of energy optimization will be implemented and supervised by us, the new Logos Gods as it affords a very complex multi-dimensional coordination from the Source. This would say that some of the Logos Gods, as Carla and myself, will create throughout all dimensions – from the twelfth (source) down to the 3rd dimension – even though we shall not appear physically on the 3D and lower 4D earths, as the humans there will not be ready to encounter our magnificent energies.

But in the upper 4D worlds in the new Galaxy, our presence will be a great stimulus for the humans to follow our example and become themselves Creator Gods in the foreseeable future. This is the kind of dynamics I envision for the new 4D worlds after ascension. It is fair to say that I am currently very closely switched to these new 4D worlds, simply because the veil no longer exists. Also because I am actively engaged in the creation of these new 4D worlds according to my visions as derived from the General Theory of the Universal Law.

To this the creation of a global healing temple in Lofer plays a central role. It will not only eliminate with one fell swoop the current health care system that may still exist at the beginning on the new 4D worlds as kind of a phase-out model, so that the people can be able to make their own comparisons, before they will turn away from the present-day failed medicine and flock to our temple of healing.

The new General Theory of Biological Regulation as developed by myself in the 90s will provide the theoretical foundation and the necessary practical framework for all humans to discard the current health care system  based on immense, very dark tainted inter-dependencies and a complete loss of sovereignty, as extensively discussed in my last German gnostic book ” Thoughts”. Hence this disquisition has the aim to furnish all the major arguments on behalf of the establishment of such a global healing center in Lofer, in the city of light “Raetia”, by ourselves. It will be also in close proximity to the new 4D Munich, the old and the new technological hub of humanity (In previous articles I have shown that 7 of the 10 current biggest and most innovative companies have their headquarters in Munich.)

We have now entered the most exciting phase in the ascension process, where all visions we design in these last days are charged with the most powerful creative energies and have the potential of immediate manifestation in the new multiverse, which we now create as Guardians of the new Galaxy.

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