How the Law of Energy Optimisation Resolves All Human Paradoxes and Contradictions

by Zoltán Görömbey and Georgi Stankov, September 23, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I’ve been attempting to assume a higher vantage point of view, with respect to the infinitely complex process, as there has been a gigantic blind spot with respect to the question of awakened, half awakened and “sleeping” light warriors, which from a limited point of view, I could not solve. According to Carla’s message, that she received from the Elohim on August 1, there are ultimately no failed light warriors, or unfulfilled soul contracts, as their apparent failure has been decided on the level of the Monad, in order that other souls may prove themselves in expanded roles.

Now, after this message was posted by yourself, there have been quite a few critical messages from your part, confirmed in their validity by Jahn’s sources as well, with respect to the repetitive failure of a great number of light warriors to awaken sufficiently, respectively, to work more attentively on their misaligned mental/emotional and belief patterns, thus raising their vibration, instead of wasting themselves away in the fading-crumbling old paradigm’s ‘bread and circuses’ lifestyle, all this in spite of the continuous intensity of Source energy influx, which has been more tangible than ever recently.

I strongly believe that it is necessary to assume the higher ranking perspective to solve this issue, which for the human intellect appears to a blatant contradiction, as there is a huge difference between trying and failing, and consciously or unconsciously stepping aside. My present conclusion is, that these repetitive wake-up calls from Jahn’s sources, and yourself, already serve the purpose to awaken those warriors, who have been temporarily trapped on lower vibrating timelines, due to the conscious decision for them to do so, on the Monad’s level. If this is the case, it proves that the awakening/ascension is already indeed reaching a final stage, although the word “final” seems somewhat obsolete, as the linear perception has been loosing significance drastically, to be replaced by the ever present Now, the living time. I wonder if you, and perhaps Carla have any additional insights on the topic.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltan,

thank you very much for highlighting this seaming paradox between having the best of all worlds (the Elohim) and a very deficient performance of the light workers as admonished by myself and Jahn’s sources. Of course there is a lot of semantics in these different presentations.

But this paradox (contradiction, as you put it) also touches upon the core of the current ascension strategy of the higher realms. Ultimately, I see it as an attempt of the Elohim to “put a smile face to a bad game”, to quote a German saying.

Let me explain why. While it may be true that some monads decided to foster one particular soul over some others from the same monad as to give her the chance to maximally expand, I personally do not believe that this was done at the expense of the expansion and support of the other souls. Rather it was known by the Monad that these other souls will be unyielding to the ascension process, because they were mired in the Orion matrix and could not awaken in order to fulfil their mission. Any further promotion of such souls from the fulcrum of the Monad would have been a pure waste of energy.

As you know, I have advocated and explained the law of energy optimisation  (maximal efficiency) as an aspect of the Universal Law of Creation from the very beginning. Most of the decisions of the HR can be very easily and consistently explained by this law. Unfortunately, this law is practically unknown to most light workers and even many members of the PAT, who have heard of it, cannot interpret it properly in the context of the unfolding events.

For instance, most of the failed ascension test runs in the past were entirely based on the multidimensional assessment of energetic thresholds in the light of the law of optimisation. This is a very complex algorithm to solve, which we can never grasp at the human mind’s level. But the principle in itself is very easy and straightforward to comprehend.

The seaming “neglect” of some non-awakened souls by the Monads and the concentration of energetic support for the few maximal awakened incarnated souls fully observes the law of maximal efficiency under the existing conditions on the ground. But this situation does not alter anything in the fact that much more souls could not awaken and fulfil their soul contracts as initially planned to be the worst case scenario by the HR. These two observations do not exclude, but complement each other.

In terms of overall success, it does not matter if ascension of Gaia and a small portion of humanity to the newly created upper 4D worlds in the new Galaxy was achieved only by a few, very powerful souls or by a bigger number of modestly successful souls as the cosmic objective is reached by all means. This is the higher vantage point of view of the Elohim.

But with respect to all those incarnated souls who could not fulfil their personal contracts, this will have huge negative repercussions, as they will now need to make a huge detour on their way to ascension. In other words, they have missed this unique opportunity to ascend in this lifetime and  must wait eons of time to get another similarly favourable opportunity. Of course as linear time is an illusion and the soul is immortal, even this failure is of negligible importance from an Elohim’s point of view.

But believe me, if you are such a failed soul and you return to Celestria through death experience instead of ascension and then fully realize in expanded awareness all the chances you have missed, you will be sorry for the rest of your life, which will last one whole eternity.

Hence, there is no paradox and no contradiction at all between the Elohim point of view and those of myself and that of Jahn’s sources, but only different perspectives. And indeed, pointing out regularly the deficits of the present-day light workers has also the objective to awaken a few of them in due time, before the MPR will wipe them from this reality. Even such messages follow the law of optimisation or maximal efficiency. Or as Jesus put it in the Bible – what is worth saving the flock if I have lost only one sheep. Strictly speaking, even this Christian parable is a naive, simplistic presentation of the law of optimisation that reigns in all Creation.


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