Framing of the Planet in Light

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl September 10, 2014
first published on September 20, 2014 in

translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov

This message is a full satisfaction for me, because it fully confirms at the end of all days my basic criticism of the tactics of the higher realms in shaping the ascension scenario. It was the subject of an extensive discussion with Sananda about two months ago, as this one half-heartedly apologized and largely withdrew from the responsibility with meaningless arguments.

The fundamental decision to prolong the final ascension in order to increase the yield of incarnated awakened souls “went thoroughly into the pants” (German saying for a “thorough failure”), because due to the long waiting the people on the ground were discouraged and turned away from the light, instead of making progress in their awakening. Only higher beings that are not subject to the constraints of linear time can be subjected to such a blunder. It was their lack of psychological understanding that drove them to this wrong decision.

As I constantly repeat for three years, and only recently stressed in my discussion with Karlis once again, if we would have had a tangible financial crash in 2008, which would have largely destroyed the illusion of this material world for most people in the West, then we would have had a much earlier “awakening in fright”, but also an earlier ascension. In this case, more people would have qualified for it because the gratifications of the Orion system would have also been destroyed and no sliding back into the old comfortable niches and comfort zone would have been possible. This is basic knowledge of human psychology.

And now Asana Mahatari confirms at the end this my assessment, somewhat out of context, however, clearly, by making the following statement:

The longer the ascension remains “unfulfilled” and the more human Beings experience themselves in the waiting loop of the ascension, without diving through this valley of illusion, the more massive is the turning away of these Beings from this reality and the more probable is the turning of these human Beings toward the notorious, the all-familiar, and the already “lived” experience in space and time.”

Voila! Had the higher realms previously listened to me, we would have had both:

1) an earlier ascension with less personal distress and

2) a greater number of ascending ones.

Now it is too late to complain about it, but after we return home, there will be a serious debate among old and new ascended masters about all what the old ones did wrong from the higher realms, this I have firmly decided. Asana Mahatari already knows this too well, when he says:

The glorious time of this mankind, the unique journey through this limited structure in God’s Creation, has given us all many lessons and has enabled many insights.

Also, some unnecessary, painful experiences for us, the incarnated Ascended Masters, as extensively discussed on this website.



Beloved Ones,

In these days the world is being “framed in light for ascension”. This is the finalizing energetic enclosure, so that the separation of the worlds can occur.


From the beginning of time I have been connected with this world and from the beginning of time I have been a reliable servant from the Light for this mankind, who has now come in order to establish the world kingdom of peace on a new level of All-That-Is for many human Beings of this world. Together with me, many Ascended Masters and many realized Masters work on earth. Only in this way is the process of ascension assured and the arrival of willing human Beings secure.

Who can change a divine order, and who can block a mandate from Heaven? I say to you:

There is no force in Creation, which can defy God and there is no power in the universe, which will still effectively set against the decision of mankind to ascend.

Base Energy of the Planet increases

All battles and all upheavals, which appear even more obviously on the world stage than ever before, are the result of the transformation and the upcoming change of all so far known paradigms of mankind. Today, each drama results from the necessity to redeem energies and not in order to create dramas with karmic bindings, which would prolong the imprisonment of humanity (see my energy update as of September 19, 2014, note George). The suffering, which appears today, the pain, which human Beings are expected to bear, and the destructive discharges in this world, serve only in order to continually increase the base energy of the planet, so that the transfiguration of the earth will smoothly and easily occur.

All those, who have chosen the ascension for this existence as their central issue of their life, will experience this lightness.

For all other human Beings, a world is being removed, the suffering seems absolute and the pain of time remains an unredeemed condition, until also these human Beings stand ready for the change in a new world at a new time and are ready for their own healings, and fully dedicate themselves to this.

What happens in this world will occur after a long, long time in another world, and some of you will assist human Beings in this far away time based on the knowledge, which you acquire today as loyal companions, who never do anything else than give assistance where it is needed.

Comprehensive Preparations for the Separation

The heavenly forces are actually in the process of preparing this earth in all areas for the separation of this galaxy and orient it toward separation.

All 3D and 4D overlays will be removed and what remains is the all-unifying 5D reality on a new level of All-That-Is in a new galaxy.

The capture of the holographic reality of all life in this process is the top priority, because uplifting and descend coexist in immediate vicinity. These processes are only separated by a transparent veil during this sequence, are close and equally far away, because worlds are not separated or joined due to their spatial vicinity, but instead due to their vibrational reality.

Vicinity and distance develop due to vibrational impulses, which a human Being sends out like worlds and thereby the many low vibrating holograms, which until now affect this world, are nothing more than overlays of worlds far away. These overlays are increasingly removed, because the ascension planet is already in a vibrational reality, which is unreachable at this level.

Each overlay, which today still affects this world, is the result of separations of these worlds, because these worlds and the Beings in these worlds cling to the ascending human Beings and the planet as if they are drowning. A “firm grip” and a clutch, which will be released and increasingly lose in strength and effect.

The Great Kingdom of Peace has begun

This time quality demands from the ascending human Beings the steady binding to the Source of all Life and requires the deep understanding of all processes, even though they are already finished, they still remain subjected to linear processes.

As long as this level has not been totally stripped off, this remains to exist, because before time evaporates, all space-timelines gradually dissolve and free the view of a limitless Glory of the space- and timeless existence in God, when the last level of space-time has been dissolved.

The great kingdom of peace has begun and this is true, while this world slides into new conflicts like a storm turning into a tornado.

I say to you, these inconsistencies will lift as soon as the higher-ranking perspective of an awakened Creator God has been adopted and as soon as the deep and hidden meaning has been wrung from the actual processes of this planet.

Starting Place for the Change in Dimension

No stone remains where it is now! The dislocation of this world is in full swing and this world has already moved to a different place in Heaven. It is the “starting place for the change in dimension” and the innumerable healing and transformation tasks of the “Great Ones” in this world are building the starting ramp for it and for this mankind (see alsoenergy update as of September 19, 2013, note George).

The final preparations for the moment of truth are going on for months and, as it is appropriate for divine processes, they do so consequently and totally frictionless. Dark and low frequency disturbance fields can no longer affect the inter-dimensional tasks, because these already happen on a higher vibration level.

The last coordinates will be transferred; the final vibration patterns will be given. Thereafter this world finds itself in a Light garment, which breaks through space and time, and whereby willing humanity will arrive safe and sound in their light bodies or due to different divine manners, according to God’s time of Grace, will arrive in bliss, and will anchor there for eternity. Remembrance returns, the knowledge comes alive; the kingdom of Heaven has been attained.

Who can today still endanger the ascension of this perfected mankind? What could compromise it? I say to you: nothing and nobody! Only to those human children, who change their choice and have distanced themselves far from the Light, nothing more can be given to them on the day of the days than what they are willing to receive.

It is an undeniable fact that the number of ascending ones continues to decrease, while the quality of the ascending ones continually increases, and this is the most remarkable aspect of this time quality.

The longer the ascension remains “unfulfilled” and the more human Beings experience themselves in the waiting loop of the ascension, without diving through this valley of illusion, the more massive is the turning away of these Beings from this reality and the more probable is the turning of these human Beings toward the notorious, the all-familiar, and the already “lived” experience in space and time.

The glorious Time of Mankind

The truth of the ascension for every human Being shows itself at the end. Only at the end of time will the ascension tourists be separated from the actual ascending ones and on the last day of all days the chaff will be entirely separated from the wheat.

The glorious time of this mankind, the unique journey through this limited structure in God’s Creation, has given us many lessons and has enabled many insights. And the last of all insights is: time and space have been overcome long time ago, even if you still experience it.

The one, who knows the levels, is assured, who can distinguish between space-time and no space-time like between day and night, has arrived and maintains his consciousness on this temporary level as long as the divine assignments command him to do so. Who understands this mystery to some degree, to him no golden calf will be enough, no foreign God can offer him a home, and no deception in this world can divert him from the path.

The end time is what it is: End time and the end of time.

We passed through all times, we lived through innumerable spaces, now it is time to say goodbye, because we shall never return to this world as the ones we were so far and are now.

Who is God? Everyone, who fulfills God’s will, everyone, to whom God is the most important name of all names, everyone, who devotes himself to God, such, as if he would let himself sink into his own arms. Gone is the life in transiency and Eternity fulfills itself in this world. …Life, which is infinite, begins. From Eternity to Eternity.


Peace for all human Beings, peace for this world. In the Light your hearts shine and through Love they obtain their brightness. The one, who knows me, knows the tools of the last days! Make use of the golden-violet flame of transformation until the last of all days, because this was transferred to you as protection and for the creation of a new reality. So that the last days in time obtain a lightness and so that the expectation of the ascension remains carried with joy, because the Light of Heaven transforms you now and the Light of Heaven has liberated you from this world long ago.

On all our pathways God walked with us. And also the last step in the Light we fulfill with HIM, In HIM and through HIM. Limitless is His Grace and now it fulfills in us.

I am in this world, but not of this world, And I am mankind’s devoted servant. I am the omnipresent guardian of the steps of ascension and the bridges into the Light. I am the Peace, the Life and the Love, I am the Light for Truth and I am the Way for the new reality of mankind.

I am That I Am


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