Echo from Space-Time

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 7, 2014
first published on September 17, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,


This world goes away and a new world in a new universe arises – in these days. And like in those days, in those old times of this world, the understanding for cosmic events is limited and only a few human Beings are willing to open oneself for it. To open oneself for the reality, which now arises, to open oneself for the truth, which now gleams through everywhere, and to open oneself for the Light that heaves this world into a glory, which it had not known so far.

Human Beings continue to live their lives, as if all of this did not exist! And this fact fulfills us Ascending Masters, who know every building block of this world and all motives of human Beings, as well as ourselves, with great awe about what a human Being is willing to choose and how a human Being is willing to go astray.

Awe for the wrong decisions of human Beings is the method by which we encounter the great refusal of mankind toward the Light. Because the one, who chooses suffering on account of the many opportunities for healing, wants to exhaust this level of life; and will thereby generate new experiences, not only for oneself, but also for new worlds, which will develop after this change.

Ascension has been prepared for a long Time

And therefore this refusal of many human Beings to envisage their ascension now, is a fact, which all heavenly Beings encounter with the view of lovingness and with the impulse of a flippantly given away potential.

All repeated incarnations of the great Masters in this world, in all epochs, only served in order to open the way for this time and to pave the way. Only thereby the possibility existed to grant as many human Beings as possible the touch of the “suction of the ascension energies”.

These decisive and last days of mankind were carefully prepared and throughout many times. And now, as the preparations are completed and the last life cycle is nearly complete, we must ascertain that far more human Beings remain behind than ascend, that far more human Beings reject this time of Grace and continue their ordinary life in time and space.

Empathy for the Remaining Ones

Grief is not immanent in us; what fulfills us is deep empathy for the fallacy of the staying behind mankind, which only in the last phase of the new space-time, after eons of new years, can turn back for the blessing of itself and many worlds, and it will.

The seemingly infinite duration of the upcoming experiences of suffering in the new space-time brings forth our empathy for these Beings, because while this world goes away for the ascending ones, this world continues to exist for the remaining ones, with all upheavals and dramas, which form the impetus for the awakening in such a world.

The new image of the old world looms in the actual combat theaters in this world. Area-wide manipulations blatantly obviously show under which old rulers remaining humanity will eke out an unworthy service: Totally robbed of their self-determination, far from their divine knowledge and cut off from their own power. At the end of time it is necessary to name this fact. (This is the main reason why I report so often from the main areas of conflict in this world, especially from Ukraine, where a Third World War is currently raging, Note, George). Human Beings, falling prey to stuffiness, are robbed of their souls, live in ignorance of their own light and they deny God, like a mother, who does not know her newborn.

The wish of mankind for peace, the wish of mankind for happiness, the wish of mankind for union with God, remains buried in the soulless levels of human consciousness and will be rediscovered, as soon as the experiences in the world of darkness have been exhausted; savored by many, many human Beings, who have decided in such a manner.

Time of Grace Continues!

And still, until the last day in time, fields of Grace from Heaven flow toward all of mankind. So that here and there a few individuals awaken, so that here and there a touch of the divine Light occurs. Nobody will, before the veil of forgetfulness lowers for a long, long time, be given up, nobody will be neglected and certainly not those human children, who have chosen an experience, the consequences of which they could barely assess.

And yet each human Being was confronted by his choice on the soul level; the light warriors with the Love of a 5D world, the denier of the Light with the hate and the darkness of a low vibrating 4D world. And even though human Beings were fitted with new shoos, many remained stuck in their old boots. Who deserves the empathy more than those, who are cut off from their own feelings, than those, who have been separated from their own soul?

The devil has done a complete job even though he must leave this world, his power will further build in other worlds, and will dispose of those human Beings, who rejected the Light in this world and have withdrawn from ascension.

The message of this transmission brings the “echo from space-time”, because what is valid for the ascending ones does not apply to any of the remaining ones.

Who inherits happiness, who becomes Love, who receives the kingdom in Heaven, who attains actualization? The great Masters of this time and those who follow. No human Being, who stays far from this truth, can partake of God’s gifts and can participate in the festivity in honor of the arriving Gods.

Beloved Ones, you, who have chosen ascension and have recognized the Light! Fully accept this time! Fully accept the choice of every human Being! Fully accept the consequences of each choice! Respect any decision, have awe of any choice and replace grief with empathy, because this is the healing modality for those, who reject any healing today.

This cosmic game offered many possibilities and options and each outcome was aimed at being able to uplift as many human Beings as possible into the Light. The project of the ascension has fulfilled itself and the number of ascending ones remains far behind the possibilities in this world. The new worlds develop and experiences are being given, in every respect! Why is the denial of human Beings to enter into the Light so great?

In one sentence: The fear of one’s own Light!

To accept one’s own Light means to liberate oneself from all conditions, which darken the soul. This work has been neglected and some believed to be able to enter into Heaven with a worn-out coat.

Quality of the Ascending Ones

Many staggered, many fell, and few stood up. And these few are sufficient to uplift a whole world, to newly create a whole galaxy and to breathe new Life into the whole universe. The quality of the ascending ones is truly unsurpassed in All-That-Is, because who has attained Master ship in this world, for these human Beings Master ship in many worlds is certain and given a priori.

I am Love, I am Peace,
I am That I Am.

Heal yourself in my Light; make use of the transformation flame until the last day of your time in this world. In empathy all Life heals, and Love appears over-all.

I am


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