Appearance as Creator God

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 17, 2014
first published on September 30, 2014 in

Dream: Destructive forces disturb a Light Reading to such a degree, so that I must interrupt it. Thereupon I am so frustrated that I want to give up my work. Immediately after that I receive another dream picture, with exactly the opposite scene. My plans to “give up” are passé and like the “Phoenix from the Ashes” a very powerful Light Reading is manifested, which very many human Beings blissfully participate in. Cold-warm. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

Here two things are portrayed:

1) The actual attacks and disturbance attempts from dark energy fields in connection with the monthly Light Readings. These attempts remain “attempts” on this level and are acted out on another level.

2) The further expansion of the Light Readings and generally the work of the Lichtwelt project. Also this one has already happened on a higher vibrating level and also reaches this your reality.

The Light always prevails!

The message is, and thereby we are dealing with the message for all human Beings, who perceive oneself as light carriers, as light warriors or as light beings in the service of their own or the ascension of this world: Light-filled action is never to be stifled or permanently undermined by anything or anybody! The Light always prevails, even if it can be overlaid for a certain period, be hidden and reduced in its charisma.

These dream pictures show furthermore that the “dark ones”, already with the rope around their neck, interfere wherever it is still possible and by all means, which are still available to them. Thereby it is important to know:

Every human Being, who has purified himself to his base and has oriented himself toward God, receives the protection of the Almighty, enjoys it and may claim it at any time. And this message is an invitation for the ascending ones, to continue tirelessly in their doings and to claim God’s protection at any available opportunity.

Live in unity with God, and the separation of this world into good and evil, black and white, above – below, dark – light, will not leave any traces behind in your souls. You can neither stagger nor fall, because the evil can only take a hold where sufficient “grab handles” can be found. And “grab handles” are the impurified energy fields of unredeemed human Beings.

This dream points to still another specific: Multidimensional perception of reality. Meaning, all potentials, and not only the opposite ones, like in the dream, become visible. Every human Being, who needs this knowledge, in order to deduce further actions on this level, will be supplied with it at the right time and will be equipped with it.

According to the example of this dream picture, it means that Jahn and the closest circle of Lichtwelt messengers must continue to be very vigilant.

Remain vigilant!

The Light, which emanates from the work of this project for mankind, always calls the dark ones into action and they let nothing undone in order to create disturbance fields. Foremost those human Beings are responsive to this message, who themselves are standing on the bridge into the Light, who themselves function as a Light on the summit or act as an indestructible Light tower for all, who seek orientation in a stormy sea.

Vigilance is the command of time, decisive action is the command of the hour and an unrestricted appearance as a Creator God is the All-That-Is reality of all ascending ones on this level of Being. Apply all instruments of Heaven, which were already turned over to you, in order to leave this space-time, after you have fulfilled your assignments and have turned over your gifts to mankind, as complete and perfected creatures.

Be happy, everything fulfills itself for your benefit, because truly: Whoever knows the worlds, understands Life and knows his position in All-That-Is and his power in front of and in God.

I am

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