Weight of the Last Days

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 17, 2014

first published in English on August 26, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Truly: Many beings in human gestalt have taken on the guardianship for ascension. This brings with it that they let all suffering flow through their Being, so that it is removed, so that it is released into the Light and is transformed. (see my Announcement as of July 27, 2014, note George)

You are many and there are ever more, who decided for this service, because the energy field of this world must be liberated from pain, from old suffering from the deeply imprinted structures which have disintegrated human souls.

And this happens in these days in a unique joint action of the light warriors of the first and last hours. There are many, who shoulder the weight of the last days, so that it gets distributed and so that the dark clouds volatilize and the ever-denser becoming fogs in this world dissolve.

You have chosen the service of all services!

To remain, where you could leave, to affect, where you have fulfilled, to give, where all has been given and to love, where an inexhaustible field of hate waits to obtain healing in your Love.

You are being uplifted and you have uplifted yourself, because to stand in service means: Becoming equal to God and to offer human Beings the measure of all Life.

You are hallowed, who have fulfilled all and you fulfil beyond that, truly: Who loves, to him God’s nearness is over-all ensured.

Ascension means entry into Life – on all levels of All-That-Is, on all levels of Creation.

Live and you will be carried away, still today.

The Great Masters of this time enter into the Light and return at the given hour to the worlds, which they have created themselves.

I am

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