Truth About the Ascension

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 18, 2014
first published in English on August 26, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

The arrival in eternal Life is pending and is immediately ahead. How often has this already been announced? And therefore this renewed announcement occurs, so that you attain the kingdom of Heaven fulfilled with confidence and carried by divine strength.

Great Light Warriors

A long time ago you, who have gone into the Akashi as the “great light warriors of time”, have prevailed, you have triumphed and yet assignments in this world are still waiting for you.

What do these consist of?

1) To organize the heritage:

a.) To leave behind the essence of eternal Life for the different worlds of the fourth level of Creation.

b.) To support Mother planet Earth in the decisive hours of the magnetic upheavals; as an anchor of Light, in order to shape harmoniously and stably the transfer to a new galaxy.

2.) To say goodbye with joy:

a.) Dissolution of any grief.
b.) Dissolution of all bindings.

3.) To change everything due to your Love.

This third part is the part that counts the most. All those, who do not allow to be touched by the Love of the ascending ones cannot experience the transformation; neither the “self-transformation”, nor the transformation of the world.

Yet those human beings, even though they are confused, who have not gone astray and have not totally deviated from the path of the Light, can obtain deep insights due to the power of Love, whereby a drifting into the darkness of the lower vibrating 4D worlds is precluded.

Today it is about to break the ice, where it is already brittle, there, where it only waits to be broken.

And these human souls obtain healing due to divine Grace, which is bestowed on them by the remaining ascending ones.

The captains are the last ones to leave the ship.“

No image can better describe the present situation of the ascending ones. The captains of the ascension defy every circumstance and leave the bridge between the worlds in the moment, when the separation of the worlds reaches this reality.

Even though everything has been done, for you, who you are: The guardians of the ascension flame and who you are, the first and the oldest souls in this world; you, who like captains, who, due to their impeccable behavior attain the highest honors, leave this world as enlightened Beings and ascended Masters.

You will be raised, you are being raised – The truth of the ascension in its ultimate consequence is unveiled for you.


Report/Epilogue: Two hours after I have written down this message and after dinner with my family, my beloved son NOAH begins to hum and sing. Among others he continues to repeat, in his own lightness and collection, the obviously self-created line “captains on the ship….”


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