The Peak of American Insanity is the Tipping Point for Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, August 27, 2014

We witness in these days the peak of human insanity as embodied in a paradigmatic manner by the American society, which many people believed, and some still believe, was chosen to be a role model for Pax Americana – the New World Order that was supposed to dominate the third millennium. The neoliberal approach of the US “double standards” foreign policy of a world gendarme, who claims to be above international law (US exceptionalism as proclaimed by Obama this year and sharply criticized by Putin in an editorial in New York Times last year at the height of the Syrian crisis) and has the right to invade, bomb and destroy any country that defies its hegemonic goals under the pretext of “spreading democracy” and “nation building” has now, for the first time, been clearly recognized by the vast majority of citizens in the West and by almost everybody in the Second (Eurasia) and Third World.

The precipitous downfall of the Western MSM that are now fully manipulated by the dark cabal and only produce obvious lies, desperate insinuations and unfounded war-mongering propaganda, which immediately dissipate – because they have no longer any support in the crystalline grid of Gaia and the source energies that enhance transparency and truthfulness – before they can reach the masses, is the most clear sign for the incoming Big Change. 

During my stay in Germany I had the opportunity to observe the collapse of the press there and to learn that most of the Germans have stopped believing their politicians and the MSM. They no longer read newspapers and watch TV. Many big German newspapers are bankrupt and have stopped publishing. The daily circulation of German newspapers has rapidly fallen in the last several years and has now reached its lowest level since the End of WW2 and the beginning of the “Wirtschaftswunder” (economic miracle in the late 50s and early 60s). Persistent cost-reduction programs, massive job cuts and the demise of daily newspapers such as the Financial Times Deutschland are the consequence of newspapers in vassalage to Washington. Many excuses are made for the decline, but the real reason is that German newspapers no longer take their readers seriously.

This is already the Waterloo of the dark Western cabal. And it is the end of the old Orion matrix, then spirit is the source of all creation and an enlightened collective spirit on this timeline precludes the existence of any political order based on global machinations, enslavement and perennial wars. One single light warrior of the first and the last hour is more powerful than all the dark ruling cabal in the western capitals together. But when the spirit of enlightenment encompasses the masses, then the tipping point for the demise of the ruling dark elite has already been reached. This is precisely what we observe these days.

The people with a soul on this timeline have begun to open their eyes as if awakening from an interminable nightmare and to perceive all of a sudden the true reality that has been insidiously hidden by the cabal for so many centuries. They begin to express their moral indignation, where deafness and ethical vacuum once reigned, as this article from an alternative German website, which I recently discovered, clearly shows:

In the aftermath of the downing of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine, the Western media followed Washington’s lead and manipulated reports in order to make Europeans believe that Russia and Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine were responsible for downing the airliner. In Germany, the press was an extension of Washington’s propaganda machine despite the lack of evidence from both Washington and Kiev to support their irresponsible claims.

It was not long, however, before the public mood in Europe began to turn. A pivotal factor was openly voiced U.S. threats in a law that had been passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the U.S. Congress that could eventually result in an invasion of the Netherlands by United States army forces.

When this was learned, outrage was expressed not only within the Dutch government, but also among the population of the country. According to the law, if it should ever happen that American citizens are brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused at The Hague, Washington would exercise the preemptive right to invade the country in order to prevent prosecution.

Remember that Malaysia’s government had permitted a tribunal in 2011, whose judges in the tradition of British court proceedings condemned both George W. Bush and Tony Blair as war criminals.

Some Europeans are asking if there could be a connection between the ruling of this tribunal and the loss of two Malaysian airliners.

In addition, alert and intelligent Europeans have caught on to Washington’s campaign to demonize Russia. A Dutch group of professors sent an open letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin on August 12 in which the signatories officially apologized for the propaganda lies spewed by Western media:

“Dear  Mr.  President  Putin,

Please  accept  our  apologies  on  behalf  of  a  great  many  people  here  in  the  Netherlands  for our Government and  our  Media.  The  facts  concerning  MH17  are  twisted  to  defame  you  and your  country.

We  are  powerless  onlookers,  as  we  witness  how  the  Western  Nations,  led  by  the  United States,  accuse  Russia  of  crimes  they  commit  themselves  more  than  anybody  else.  We  reject the  double  standards  that  are  used  for  Russia  and  the  West.  In  our  societies,  sufficient evidence  is  required  for  a  conviction.  The  way  you  and  your  Nation  are  convicted  for ‘crimes’  without  evidence,  is  ruthless  and  despicable. You  have  saved  us  from  a  conflict  in  Syria  that  could  have  escalated  into  a  World  War.  The mass  killing  of  innocent  Syrian  civilians  through  gassing  by  ‘Al-­‐Qaeda’  terrorists,  trained and  armed  by  the  US  and  paid  for  by  Saudi  Arabia,  was  blamed  on  Assad.  In  doing  so,  the West  hoped  public  opinion  would  turn  against  Assad,  paving  the  way  for  an  attack  on Syria.

Not  long  after  this,  Western  forces  have  built  up,  trained  and armed  an  ‘opposition’  in  the Ukraine,  to  prepare  a  coup against  the  legitimate  Government  in  Kiev. The  putschists taking  over  were  quickly  recognized  by  Western  Governments.  They  were  provided  with loans  from  our  tax  money  to  prop up their new  Government. The  people  of  the  Crimea  did  not  agree  with  this  and  showed  this  with  peaceful demonstrations.  Anonymous  snipers  and  violence  by  Ukrainian  troops  turned  these demonstrations  into  demands  for  independence  from  Kiev.  Whether  you  support  these separatist  movements  is  immaterial,  considering  the  blatant  Imperialism  of  the  West.

Russia  is  wrongly  accused,  without  evidence  or  investigation,  of  delivering  the  weapons systems  that  allegedly  brought  down  MH17.  For  this  reason  Western  Governments  claim they  have  a  right  to  economically  pressure  Russia. We,  awake  citizens  of  the  West,  who  see  the  lies  and  machinations  of  our  Governments, wish  to  offer  you  our  apologies  for  what  is  done  in  our  name. It’s  unfortunately  true,  that  our  media  have  lost  all  independence  and  are  just  mouthpieces for  the  Powers  that  Be.  Because  of  this,  Western  people  tend  to  have  a  warped  view  of reality  and  are  unable  to  hold  their  politicians  to  account.

Our  hopes  are  focused  on  your  wisdom.  We  want  Peace.  We  see  that  Western  Governments do  not  serve  the  people  but  are  working  towards  a  New  World  Order. The  destruction  of sovereign  nations  and  the  killing  of  millions  of  innocent  people  is,  seemingly,  a  price  worth paying  for  them,  to  achieve  this  goal.

We,  the  people  of  the  Netherlands,  want  Peace  and  Justice,  also  for  and  with  Russia. We  hope  to  make  clear  that  the  Dutch  Government  speaks  for  itself  only.  We  pray  our efforts  will  help  to  diffuse  the  rising  tensions  between  our  Nations.

Professor  Cees  Hamelink”

The former “quality media” in Europe have lost the confidence of readers. A growing number of Europeans relying on Internet sites such as are quite well informed about the propagandistic nature of the Western mainstream media.”

The dissipation of the Orion facade is rapidly progressing on both sides of the Atlantic. Were the alternative media such as Paul Craig Roberts, about whom I recently wrote, and Alex Jones from the ones who determined the tone until recently from their narrow conventional point of view, we now observe increasingly educated men, professors from the US universities, who all of a sudden take the lead in the global search for truth and express their indignation like their Dutch colleagues from the Old continent (see above). These are remarkable developments that give me the confidence that we are indeed on the cusp of the big Change, which we are expecting so eagerly and even impatiently for so many years (18 years in conscious waiting for ascension in my case).

The following article by Professor Edward Curtin confirms all my observations on the dumbed down behaviour of the American people, which I have published in these last years and have been the object of most heinous attacks on the part of the Internet trolls, who were paid by the US secret services to stifle any independent and honest opinion in the world wide web that reveals the truth about the current Orion matrix – sometimes more than 20 attacks each day. Now these dark Internet trolls have disappeared for ever in the deluge of the MPR on lower timelines and my pioneer work is now being continued and expanded by the average people, who have lived until now in a deep slumber. This is the kind of evolution I have been waiting for so long and heralded all the time, knowing that linear time is an illusion and that we create our reality in the Now. In the next days I shall publish a remarkable message from Babaji that discusses this issue one more time.


Lies, Propaganda and “Political Brainwashing”. Remembering and Forgetting

by Prof. Edward Curtin, August 26, 2014

What is the explanation for the brainwashing of so many Americans when it involves the nefarious, unspeakable deeds of their government? Why are so many so easily duped time and again? Why is there such a vast ignorance of the truth behind national and international affairs?

I would suggest that the answer lies not just with the specific issues themselves and the lies and propaganda used to befuddle the American people, but with the cultural and social background that frames Americans’ thinking. The latter serves to cut to the root people’s belief in their own power to think freely and clearly about the former. Invade people’s minds over many years with an ongoing series of interconnected memes, occupy their minds with alleged facts that induce a frenzied depression, and then fooling them on specific issues — e.g. Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, etc. – becomes much easier.

I am a sociology professor, and my students always laugh when during a discussion of memory, social and personal, I ask them about their forgetties (the actual word is forgetteries, but the shorter rhyme gets more laughs). They think I’m joking. Maybe you do, too. I’m not.

But when I suggest that if they “possess” the faculty to remember, then they must “possess” the faculty to forget, they are astonished. You can’t forget, they reply, you just don’t remember; you can’t retrieve the memories that are stored in your brain. In other words, there are no forgottens, just temporarily unavailable memories. From there we are onto a discussion of retrieving (I think of dogs), processing (their word for thinking and mine for making American cheese), and all the computer lingo that has been the surround of their lives. Like fish in water, the mechanistic computer memes have been their environment since birth. They are shocked at the suggestion that there might be more outside the cultural water, and that they could go there.

And they have a lot of company.

This may sound flippant, but it’s crucial for understanding why so many Americans can’t comprehend and pay attention to the ways their minds are scrambled and confused about life and death issues, how their country has fallen victim to the military-industrial-intelligence apparatus that operates deep in the shadows, and oftentimes right in the open.

If we examine the social and cultural context of the last twenty-five years, we can see a number of issues that have dominated Americans’ “thinking.” These issues have been promulgated and repeated ad infinitum by the corporate media, professional classes, and schools at all levels. We have been swimming in these issues for years. I suggest the following five are key: the inability to concentrate or pay attention (ADD/ADHD), memory/forgetting (dementia, Alzheimer’s, technological memory devices), people’s lack of time and constant busyness (a recent email I received from a publisher read: “crazy-busy? use our power-point decks”), drugs legal or illegal as problems or solutions (over 4 billion prescriptions written in the U.S.A. yearly), and technology as our savior.

Together with shopping and the weather, these five topics have been the stuff of endless conversations and media chatter over the years.

When people are questioned about major issues of war and peace; political assassinations, such as those of JFK, MLK, or RFK; the alleged war on terror; the downing of Malaysian airlines; the overthrow of elected governments in the Ukraine or Egypt; the events of 9/11; government spying; economic robbery by the elites — the list is long, it’s common for people to echo the government/corporate media, or, if pressed, to say, I don’t know, I can’t remember, no one knows for sure, it’s impossible to know, we’ll never know, etc.. The confused responses are replete with an unacknowledged despair at ever arriving at clear and certain conclusions, not to say being able to do anything about them. On many issues they bounce between the twin absurdities of Democratic and Republican talking points, thinking they are being perceptive.


If we set aside the substantive issues, and examine the aforementioned cultural memes, the answers are not hard to find. Here most people speak as if they are certain. “Of course there isn’t a forgettery.” “Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance.” “Memories are all stored in the brain.” “I really am so busy all the time.” “Facts are just opinions.” Americans have internalized the ethos presented to them by the elites. At the core of this is the propaganda of scientific materialism and biological determinism that we are not free but are victims of our genes, neurotransmitters, brain/computers and chemicals, technology, etc. Having lost our minds and fixated on our brains, we have been taught to be determined to be determined, not free. And whether consciously or unconsciously, most have obliged. The linkages between memory, attention, distraction, drugs, technology all point to the brain and the obsessive cultural discussion of brain matters.

We have been told interminably that our lives revolve around our brains (our bodies) and that the answers to our problems lie with more brain research, drugs, genetic testing, etc. It is not coincidental that the U. S. government declared the 1990s the decade of brain research, followed up with 2000-2010 as the decade of the behavior project, and our present decade being devoted to mapping the brain and artificial intelligence, organized by the Office of Science and Technology Project and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. How convenient! George H. W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama — what a difference! But this is science and the welfare of the world.

For years we have been fed philosophical presuppositions smuggled in as fact. It’s an old trick, ever young. Tell people over and over and over again that life is in essence a mindless material/biological trap and over time they will believe it. Of course there are unspoken exceptions — those who are the masters of this con-game, the few, the elite, those who make and reinforce the case. And even some of them are too ignorant to comprehend their questionable presuppositions. They hoist themselves by their own petards while cashing in at the bank.

My students can’t forget because they don’t believe in it. But they can’t remember either. They don’t know why. So, like the older generation, they fall into the careless habit of inaccuracy, to turn Oscar Wilde on his head. They have downloaded their memories, uploaded their trifles, and been tranquilized by trivia.

As the great American sociologist C. Wright Mills wrote over fifty years ago, “Nowadays people often feel that their private lives are a series of traps.” That is truer today than then. A sense of entrapment and determinism pervades our culture. And it extends to public issues as well. We are told either to accept official explanations for public events or be dismissed as crazies.

I would suggest that for people to break through to a true understanding of the important public events of our time, they must also come to understand the false memes of their culture, the way they have been mindwashed to believe that at the most rudimentary level they are not free.

Maybe the first best step toward free thought and out of the propaganda trap would to accept that you “possess” a forgettery . Listen to the American philosopher Paul Simon sing, “When I think back to all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.” Use your forgettery and forget the crap. Make haste slowly to question everything. Remember that the corporate media works hand in glove with the ruling elites on two levels of propaganda — cultural and political, and it is necessary to understand how they are intertwined. Freedom is indivisible.

That’s worth remembering.

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