In the Ocean of God’s Grace – Part II

channelled by Jahn J Kassl as light reading on August 22, 2014
first published in English on August 29, 2014 in

translated by Franz

I am among you!
I am God’s omnipresence!
I am the Way, the Life and the Love!


Beloved Children!

Truly: You are this beyond any measures and in each cell, because you have developed from me. My Love for you is limitless, my Love for you is unconditional, and my Love for you is beyond all measures.

You may now partake in this truth and in each moment of your life; as you are willing to lift up into Heaven on my wings. And in these days the ascension is the determining issue for all knowing ones. And it is the preparations for this great day of God’s Grace, which have to be conscientiously and untiringly performed until last.

I spoke to you about the “Now”, about the understanding of this reality. Indeed this is what counts in these days, because for me 1 million years, 1 billion years or 1 trillion years in space-time are only an instance.

A mystery for the human spirit and now you are coming closer and closer to this mystery, until you have understood and you have experienced that everything happens, exists and lives simultaneously and at the same time far from any time.

Pursue Transformation, Make Peace

For those, who keep themselves ready for their assumption, it is foremost necessary to regard two things:

1) To continue consequently and courageously with one’s own transformation, because a polluted Being cannot take possession of the Light’s heritage.

2) To reconcile with this world. This means to make peace with all without thereby sliding into inactivity.

Redeem Jealousy and Hate

Many human hearts are still full of envy, jealousy and full of hate! This is also widely distributed among those, who believe to be on the light path. Because among half-awakened light warriors there is envy. It is necessary to eliminate this unbearable condition and to uproot it. And this by courageously facing these issues. Whereby we have arrived at the central truth and necessity of this message:

Taking Stock of your Life

I urge you to take a truthful stock of your life now! Recognize your power and recognize your impotence, recognize your Light and face your shadows. Many light warriors still have an absolutely insufficient awareness of themselves.

Some believe that everything is done solely through repetition of a light- and love-mantra and they avoid to look there, where the Light and the Love has still not spread out within their Being. Others on the other hand hide their Light under the bushel and thereby deny their reality. Begin with your total “personal stock taking” of your Being! Still today. Because at the end of this process you will recognize that there was just one fear: your fear of your own Light, of your own strength and your omniscience.

To remove jealousy and hate means to obtain power. And many human children are afraid of it, because they have misused their power in many lives on this earth.

Divine Mandate

So I come to you with a great gift:

I hereby mandate that every human child, who repeatedly entrusts himself in me and is willing to do unconditional purification work, is freed from these old and powerful blockages and from all karmic bindings.

Redemption is now. Now is the time of Grace.

I make this gift to all human Beings, who carry out their transformation conscientiously, courageously and unconditionally. Babaji is not responsible for “transformation tourists”, even though these human children are under my care.

In these days it is about to truly accept all and foremost yourself. You recognize immediately that in this area there is still very much to redeem. Such work never stops and there remains no time to wait for your ascension, because you are fully occupied with your own awareness work.

Yet why do we very often talk about that the ascension occurs “soon”, is “immediately ahead” and more like that?

1) Because it is indeed true. Whoever understands the Now, understands this.

2.) So that you constantly come into contact with the ascension vibration. All messages of the Light serve this. These spread out in a human heart, just like with every “sacred writing”:

a) The first touch with the divine occurs by reading.
b) The meditation about the reading will anchor it.
c) Deeds and actions follow after that, which are based on this penmanship.

Meaning that until a true “light warrior” emerges from a “light being”, takes some time. And actually many highly placed human Beings are in the integration phase of the light messages.

Their lives, their daily routines are still no exact reflection of the vibration, which is conveyed by these “sacred writings”. This means that the holding of a high light vibration is the requirement of these days and by offering you all potentials and your links with these, you remain connected and you derive strength from it, as you are weakened, you bear up, as you are in danger of becoming discouraged.

Time of Grace continues!

The great time of Grace of the Creator is ongoing. Opportunities for transformation are being created for every human Being; unlimited and truly inexhaustible. This time of Grace still continues and constantly brings forth new fields of Grace. This is a truly great and unique time. And while you work on your self-healing, this world changes and you are uplifted day by day, until you are carried away. Because it is true:

Each healed human Being serves the living Mother Earth more than any initiative, which makes the claim of wanting to heal the earth.

Significance of Self-Healing

Self-Healing is always in the first position! YOU are always in the first position. YOU, who follows these words from the vibration and the Light of the Almighty. Never believe that you may be “egotistical”, as you settle your own affairs and clear them. An egotist and an ignorant is the one, who neglects self, because such a human Being is a burden to the whole world. Have you understood this?

Revolution of Spirit

Regarding the actual quality of the day in this world, it is to be declared as follows:

1) The great revolution, which I am constantly talking about, is ongoing. It is the revolution, which gets by without weapons. Even if progress seems little for some, however it is a fact: The revolution of the human spirit has captured this world. The cornerstones of the old world, which you came for to collapse, are tumbling and falling down – in these days.

2) Our revolution requires only one medium: The spirit which recognizes. Due to this recognition, everything that vibrates at a lower frequency must dissolve. And also this process is already ongoing.

I say to you: Babaji and the Light forces of Heaven make themselves recognized to mankind due to their omnipresent Spirit. A spoken word of mine possesses more “explosive power” than all weapons of this world. A word from the One and Life is fulfilled. For those, who truly aim for this fulfillment.

Concluding Words

In conclusion I remind you to forge your own perfection, furthermore and daily. Until you are perfect. Nothing and nobody is more important than you! You yourself, my child!

No longer be satisfied with half-truths, half knowledge, and half enlightenment. Everything is ready: unlimited abundance and divine awareness.

Be ready for All, to give all.

Babaji announces to you the end of a long journey. And I am the one, who supports the last steps of every human Being, accompanies you and enriches you with strength, so that it fulfills what you are waiting for.

The World changes its course, Because human Beings have changed! A day like a million years, and from eternity sounds the call of the Lord: Welcome at home, welcome in the Light!

It is accomplished, you are perfect.

How much I love this world.
How much I love you.


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