I Experienced First Hand the MPR on Lower Timelines on August 1st and 2nd

by Boyd Kraigher , August 4, 2014

Dear George,

I like to confirm not one, but two MPR’s. I witnessed them with my full consciousness in broad daylight, one on August 1st around midday in Melbourne, Australia and other one about 24 hours later.

About a year ago, when we had only seven 4-d earths, I witnessed, for the first time, MPR of the highest vibration earth. At that time Gaia also ascended/moved a step higher on the dimensional ladder.

Incredibly strong wind, coming from south, triggered my curiosity. I stepped outside my shop, have to bow a bit and almost closed my eyes to protect myself from the high-speed wind.

It was daylight in the north and above of me, while almost total darkness was coming from south direction. It looked like the massive fine dust storm, caused by the thermo-nuclear explosions that almost disintegrated and imploded the WTC towers on 9/11.

I didn’t feel any fear and gave it another, more precise observation. Wow, it looked like 300-500 meters high tidal wave moving into my direction and pushing forward a deeper and densest darkness. It moved with an approximate speed of 100 km/h.

I was fascinated by this cosmic theatre and watched it until it closed the distance of merely several kilometres. I turned around and take a refuge in the shop.

Phone call. I answered it, got distracted, looked for items, a customer was asking for. When I finished, I realized that 15 min of time has passed and began to wander what happened with the cosmic devastation outside. Stepped outside again and what I saw…

Sunshine, crystal clear and most beautiful sky with mild climate. People were peacefully and mindlessly driving their cars, like nothing ever happened.

I skipped dimension, while distracted by everyday activities inside my shop.

Truly amazing experience and I cannot share it with anybody outside the PAT because humanity simply doesn’t get it.

1st and 2nd August it happened all over again. Only this time it was more diluted version of my previous experience. The two earths that poll-shifted were not in immediate proximity to our, highest vibrating Earth.

There is no doubt in my mind that all other, parallel and lower dimensional multitudes of earths will begin to poll shift in succession.

Since I also actively participated in those two MPR’s, don’t ask me how I physically feel.

I also believe that your operation in Munich will have something to do with future, more decisive actions. After all you said on more than one occasion:” only way to remove the darkness of this word is with a SURGICAL CUT”

Love to You, Carla and all the PAT

Dear Boyd,

thank you for sharing this amazing experience first hand with the MPR with me. Your vision is very similar to the one we had in Victoria on the island of Vancouver early this year and later on from  the coast in North Vancouver when a similar huge tidal wave wiped out the skyscrapers of Downtown Vancouver. On August 2, we left the lower timeline just on time and while driving with our car, crossed a dimensional portal and left the place of the lower timeline to be devastated by the MPR. But we saw it with our third eye coming down the slope of the mountains into the lake and sweeping this small town totally.

There is no doubt anymore that my surgery will start the ascension process. Yesterday when we were here on the beach and enjoyed the unusually warm water and sun, St. Germain came to us. He was very excited and told us that our Ascension is imminent. He advised me to invoke all the time the gold-violet flame and to establish an impermeable filed around my body prior to surgery that will actually heave me to the 5D and higher. He said that thousands of angels and ascended masters are now around me and protect me. 

This morning a woman’s voice came to Carla and told her that we shall meet very soon in Celestria. This time it seems irreversible and our ascension is around the corner. Everything points to this outcome.
I will publish your report today before I fly back to Germany.

With love and light

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