World of Miracles – Conversation with Babaji

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 18, 2014
first published on July 29, 2014 in

translated by Franz 

Georgi Stankov

This message from Babaji is the quintessence of my life. Since I have discovered the Universal Law 20 years ago I have written thousands of letters to scientists, politicians and just as much articles to humanity to open their minds and hearts to the higher wisdom of All-That-Is. In this reality, these efforts seemed to be in vain, without any tangible response or bigger success (the few enlightened readers of my website excluded). But I have always known that I am creating new energetic pathways for humanity to get out of its perennial darkness and find the way to the light and expanded awareness. I have never been bothered by the lack of any adequate response to this greatest discovery in the history of this humanity, as I knew that it is of a higher order and that it is at the level of the soul that this achievement has its ultimate effect. And all this notwithstanding the consternation and malicious comments of some readers, who were not able to comprehend the transcendental dimension of any truly enlightened human endeavour on this most toxic planet.

Since several months Carla and I are constantly working on the implementation of the new Theory of the Universal Law on this and many higher timelines. We have been told by the Elohim that we are already very successful on these higher timelines and new 4D worlds and that the new theory is fully embraced by all the incarnated souls there. Hence it is only a matter of a short period of linear time when this goal will be reached on this timeline. 

Some recent events indicate that we have already opened a huge portal for the Universal law to reach the minds and the hearts of the people on this timeline. This breakthrough is a central piece of the End Time ascension scenario and is closely linked with the simultaneous demise of the dark ruling cabal from their positions of power. 

It is needless to say that this will be the time of our ascension and appearance in front of humanity in order to take over the leadership, as it is not planned that the current corrupt politicians will be substituted by other, less corrupt, but still very much prone to follow their pathway to perdition, unenlightened human entities. This humanity cannot be led out of the current morass by other mortal human beings with similar vices and mental limitations, but only by ascended masters with unlimited awareness and infinite powers to create. These are the true members of the PAT, the light warriors of the first and the last hours and now the Guardians of the new ascending galaxy, where Gaia is the crystallisation point.

Letters from Babaji

JJK: For several hours over and over again I think of a fact, which I read in a book about Babaji, namely that Babaji as he incarnated on earth from 1970 to 1984, wrote letters to politicians and higher ranking personalities of public life, in order to have an influence on their behavior. Why really?

BABAJI: I bless this world, I bless mankind, and I bless every life on this planet.


Yes, each human Being will be reached where he stands, will be picked up from where he is and will be motivated there for further insights, where they are possible. It is important to reach human Beings on their level, in their matrix. And all life obeys this legitimacy; otherwise development, knowledge and enlightenment would be impossible, because a Being would have to do without all experiences, which lead to this.

The path to enlightenment always leads a human Being through space-time levels.

JJK: Did these letters find any resonance?

BABAJI: Here one has to ask, from which viewpoint this question gets answered. Initially on a linear timeline very little got changed, the behavior patterns immediately after this were barely changed; a new field of awareness had been prepared on the spiritual level of several human Beings. Everything, absolutely everything in this world influences each other, and therefore each spoken word or written word is inextinguishable and it engraves in the human soul, inextinguishably! This truth is always valid and foremost now, as many light warriors of the first and last hours seem to fight against windmills.

Now, as mankind barely seems to understand, what is being given to them by the light warriors, by you, who get into resonance with these words, it is necessary to orient oneself for the “time after” and to put the “seeds of the future” deeply into human hearts.

Nothing, not a single word, not a single line is spoken or written in vain; and it also continues to remain like that.

Human Beings must be reached where they are. What good is the best train station, if nobody is expected there, because those, who at least awaken to a certain degree, in order to enter into one of the higher vibrating 4D worlds, expect you most of all at the train track of their shattered life.

JJK: The decisions have been made, it says, and yet there is still much work to be done?

BABAJI: Yes. Definitely and many light warriors have taken on these assignments. Why?

The Decisions have been made,

Means that the souls have determined their further course of evolution and it means that before the worlds separate, the necessary assignments must be made and have already been done. Yet all human Beings, who do not directly ascend to the fifth dimension of All-That-Is, now receive further instructions from the Masters of the new time, it is the newly ascending Masters, who are available to them on the new level of experience of a 4D world. Everything has been stored on a cellular level and the remembrance of it will occur in the instance, whereby a human Being is confronted with circumstances, which only then make the profound insights possible. Your efforts seem useless on this level of space-time, which you perceive today.

This is a fallacy, as soon as you expand your horizon, because all of your efforts on specific space-time levels have already been manifested.

You are multidimensional.

This applies to all human Beings, also to those, who are still not aware of it and who have totally fallen for the reality of this one life. And such a multidimensional Being on this level ignores your work and your information signs to the Light, while on another level it complies with your instructions by all means.

It is truly a very impressive game of the Creator to offer each Being unlimited possibilities for development. Therefore please never let you be deceived by the obvious – never.

JJK: This means that the writing of essays, as I have been doing it for years, because these also go directly to human Beings in politics and the media, conceivably has meaning, a deeper meaning?

BABAJI: Absolutely! In this case it is prudent not to pay attention to the immediate reactions from the politicians and the media and to see them in the Light of what is.

These are momentary pictures of this space-time.

The necessary touch with the truth actually takes place, not only with the readers of the Lichtwelt portal, but also with those, who you wouldn’t expect to; even though this is a process that seems to never or very rarely happen on this timeline. A paradox that needs to be overcome, because the opposite conclusion is correct – insight does occur. This is part of the process, when the light warriors of the first and last hours are picking up human Beings, where they are, in the still remaining space-time.

Spiritual awakening always happens at the end of a human journey and it is not its beginning! Meaning, before a human Being can open to a deeper sense of his life and the world, he must want to recognize the superficial illusion as such and also having recognized it as such.

JJK: Last night I had a very erotic dream.

Thereupon I recognize in my waking state that women, who I meet during the day, encounter me very “openhearted”. What is happening here? Are levels overlapping?

Overlaps of Realities

BABAJI: It is a very fluid process, whereby dream and wake reality overlap. Every human being, who is aware of this, can observe this. What is experienced in the dream immediately influences the following day, until the dream pictures have been dissolved from the energy bodies or have been stripped off, in order to create space for new experiences in multidimensionality. This means, in this case, that the sexual attraction was taken from the dream-state to the waking level, until it thins out and the normal condition comes back.

For instance, if a human Being dreams how he has mastered a very difficult situation, or prevails in a battle, then in his waking state he is for a certain amount of time surrounded by this irresistible strength; a very powerful reality. This time can also be used to make effective decisions in daily life and affect overdue changes in life.

To recognize the interplay of the dimensions is an additional key, in order to understand life, as it really is.

JJK: How long do such dream experiences get stored in a Being? How long does it have a direct effect in daily life during the waking state?

The 90 Days

BABAJI: Until they lose in significance, as a Being is fully aware of Self and can access any “experience” at any moment.

Until this “complete awareness” has been reached, it is necessary to actually consider the duration of 90 days on this level of space-time regarding all energetic processes. Every energetic solution of a condition, unless this is not consciously accelerated and induced, needs a time of 90 days. A conscious dedication to an issue shortens this time considerably and can also cause “redemption” in an instance.

The 90 days are therefore very significant, so that a human Being can at least experience a certain degree of purification of damaging experiences. This “automatic self-purification” hinders that too many life issues overlap and absolutely overexert human consciousness. All still unrecognized overlaps are stored in the cellular consciousness, therefore have only been removed from daily consciousness, but have not been redeemed yet.

Until the moment, when a human Being opens to his truth and is ready to look at his multidimensional reality and to understand the complexity of all life.

JJK: Meaning that every human Being receives a certain degree of purification, even though he is not fully conscious of it?

BABAJI: Yes, everything that remains unconscious is “externalized” or stored in cellular memory as long, until a human Being is ready to see this. And until then he receives the opportunity over and over again to have new experiences, so long, until the degree of saturation has been reached and the desire for the origin in God has been awakened.

Guardians of the Galaxy

JJK: I have made the observation that already twice in a very short time I have been stopped by the police (checking of vehicle papers) as I was traveling on my motor scooter. In both cases a male and female police person; both quite young and friendly, although determined. Thereby these two “official acts” happened in usual situations; one time in the middle of a cross section in stopped traffic and then in a shopping street, where I travelled at walking speed.

BABAJI: This is a direct reflection that emphasizes the handing over of the guardianship of this galaxy. Policemen: symbolize the guardians. Male and Female: symbolize the balance between the worlds and your balanced creative action. Friendly and determined: symbolize your wisdom and determination. In unsuspecting and unexpected situations: shows that you are quite careful in the execution of your assignments.

World of Miracles

JJK: I would like to go back to the beginning of this conversation. To “pick up human Beings on their level”, meaning that also an enlightened one can or may not perform miracles?

BABAJI: An enlightened one and knowing one not at all! He knows the laws of creation and always respects these.

Only a human Being can affect a miracle! The heavenly forces only interfere directly, where it is also allowed, under consideration of all divine laws, the effect of karma included. We can perform miracles in the knowledge of All-That-Is and we do it at all times and on all levels. The greatest miracle is, as a human Being recognizes the miracle of his one of a kind life and his uniqueness. You are the Creator Gods and we support you in this, to bring this reality into your daily life now. Then the desire for “miracles” diminishes, because the reality of the power of creation, the self-empowerment of a human Being, has been attained.

Regarding the events in this world it should be mentioned that the spiritual Light realms continue to intervene directly in this world, as the dark ones want to reduce this world to rubbles and ashes. Beyond that it is necessary to enable experiences for all Beings of the third and fourth dimensional worlds long enough until saturation occurs.

JJK: I experience quite often that human Beings come to me with their questions, expecting a “miracle” or a “solution”; at best in an instant. Many are naturally disappointed that it does not happen.

BABAJI: The disappointment is very important in this context! So that human Beings begin to think about themselves and pursue deeper soul searching.

Many questions result from the fact that human Beings are too lazy to seek an answer themselves. Instant awareness without themselves becoming aware. Here human Beings believe that a Master should bring them answers for their happiness. Naturally this is a fallacy.

Questions, the Path and Wanderings

JJK: I also notice that my willingness to say anything to human Beings declines and goes toward zero.

BABAJI: Yes, because it does not describe your actual assignments and that the actual awareness always occurs beyond words.

Words are only necessary until a human Being can bear silence and learns to perceive God’s whispering. Questions, which spring forth from arbitrariness, are only necessary as long as the spirit is restless and the soul is agitated. It is necessary to distinguish between questions and questions:

If somebody asks you for direction and you have given it, then everything is done and you have done everything. Everybody must enter the path and walk on it by himself.

And this is the point. Many human Beings expect that the path and the wanderings will be taken from them, as one would be able to experience the beauty of a forest without walking through the forest.

Questions have a justification only, as these are presented to an enlightened one, and as the questioner has the wisdom to expect any answer; and after that unconditionally orients himself accordingly.

We conclude this conversation regarding many aspects in this time. Be certain of the following: Something great happens. One world disappears and the new world appears. In these days new mankind rises from the rubbles of the old world.

I am God’s omnipresence on all levels of Creation.

I have come in order to serve humanity on the highest level and in order to lead the sons and daughters of humanity to the highest levels of All-That-Is.

I am

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