The Splitting of the New Galaxy Has Begun

The 6D Space Fleet of Light
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 19, 2014
first published on July 20, 2014 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


Georgi Stankov

The good news first: The interdimensional splitting of the new Galaxy and Gaia as its crystallisation point has commenced and we, the few light warriors of the first and the last hours – the new Guardians of this Galaxy – are in the eye of the storm. We are the main protagonists of the ascension process and are at the same time fully detached from this dense reality in a process of rapid dissolution, as Jahn has experienced it during the reception of this message (read below). The reason for this detachment is that we all now dwell in the 6D and are here only as avatars to guide and observe this unique cosmic event of incredible proportions.

We are now making history for All-That-Is, for the whole omniverse, and uncountable souls from all over the realms of Being are watching our Tantalus act as the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new “galaxia dorada” (golden galaxy), as it has been named in a remarkable channeling, which I read more than a year ago.

The ascension of the new golden galaxy began when the gold-violet flame arrived at Gaia end of May and was first transmitted through Carla and myself for more than a month, before it had imbued the quantum structure of Gaia and humanity and could be given as a divine gift to the light warriors as an invocation of St. Germain at the end of June. These events have been very precisely described and reported in my articles, after I opened this website again and should be re-read by my readers over and over again.

With the help of these most powerful energies – the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra – from the Source, we have advanced to powerful creator gods, which are not only in the position to contain any heinous deed of the dark ruling cabal in the End Times, but also to create numerous new 4D and 5D worlds of indescribable beauty that will exist eternally in this new golden galaxy and will be visited by infinite numbers of newly incarnated souls. This is a most remarkable creation beyond the wildest human imagination. And it has started from the most densest and toxic planet in All-That-Is. There is nothing comparable to our success in the whole multi-verse. We should keep this key fact always present in our minds in these last most difficult and tense days.

Soon I will publish a new message from Maam Te‘ Elias, channelled by Jahn that elucidates our incredible achievement as the new Logos Gods one more time from the highest perspective of cosmic awareness, which has, of course, nothing to do with the deplorable dark source with the same name that circulates on the Internet (or has it stopped channeling already, who knows?)

For us the ID split of the new galaxy began three days ago as my correspondence to Jahn confirms:

GeorgeI can only say that today (July 18th) the energy intensity is incredible, I hiss like a time bomb that can explode any moment, or may ascend, so I do not know how long they can keep us with these energies here on the ground. Probably we raise now every second exponentially our frequencies. 

JahnProbably a very powerful process in order to achieve the “ascension temperature” and to activate more “ascension bridges” (this information is given to me now.)

GeorgeI am very glad that you have experienced personally this energetic detachment in the transmission of this message by the 6D fleet and have described it. We can fully confirm this “state of being fully embedded” in the 6D energies  as we experienced it during our long conversation with the 6D fleet on July the 17th. This energy quality of the 6D fleet is unmistakable and very intense.

Of course, not unexpected, since they have already announced to us 5 months ago, when they first made contact with you and then with us, that they will be the ones, who will accomplish the actual ascension process.

Now they have come again to announce us the beginning of this process – the splitting of the new galaxy. I had told you yesterday that the energy waves had reached such an intensity that I expected my body to dissolve at any moment and that I would transfigure. 

We are not there yet, but it was not to be overlooked that we have launched the actual ascension process, after I was hit in the last three nights in a row by very powerful cc-waves with massive descent of source energy and had to suffer from severe headaches and joint pain. 

Yesterday and today (July 19) we, Carla and I, were moved to a very low and very dense 4D timeline, where particularly negative pecuniary patterns of greed, manipulation, coercion and repression reigned. On this occasion we had to enter into this hell of a timeline and flood it with the gold-violet flame. Shortly after that the weather improved noticeably – since yesterday it was very cold and cloudy here in Vancouver, before that we had almost tropical weather for two weeks – and we moved again to higher timelines, once we had done our job. The weather has noticeably improved and we can breathe more freely again. A very exhaustive process for us, but the beginning of the interdimensional split (ID-split) of Gaia and the new Galaxy can be fully confirmed by us. 


The Message

The compression of space-time, the splitting of the galaxy has commenced and makes its way to the earth, the ascending planet. We represent the space fleet of light from the sixth dimension of Being. We are everywhere in space-time that represents the adventure and experience level of the ascending humanity. We are in the midst of you.
The big final operation, where all the living bodies from the most diverse dimensional densities that were breathed into reality in this galaxy and will be teleported or transformed from this fabric into a new universe has begun.

This brings the Ascension to the mother planet, for the planet Earth there will be initially no immediate or “final” big changes, because it takes time, before these cosmic processes arrive in the space-time.

Noticeable, immediately noticeable is the new increase in vibration and the new intensification of all geopolitical events.

Compression of all events

At the same time a renewed escalation of all individual, still unredeemed and unrecognized internal processes take place in all of the people. A new vibrational frequency that reaches this earth causes this effect and the latter vibrates much higher than any previous, already perceived as very intense vibration conditions.

This also means: The creative power of the Light Warriors grows exponentially, while the power of the dark ones to exercise the de facto power on this planet, radically decreases. There is no energetic basis any more for the survival of these sluggish structures, and it is precisely for this reason why the Orion warriors try to bring this world under their control before the final curtain falls.

This causes ill-considered power games and the loss of a realistic assessment of the situation. The complexity of all the events that affect this world is little familiar to the dark warriors. Too much are they confronted with their own survival. The world has slipped away from their grip as humanity awakens to a sufficient extent.

An “act of desperation” to give the game a U-turn fails, and the essence of a capital crime is revealed to mankind. The assignments are made and the dark ones are recognized as dark. By a sufficient number of people.

Perception of the processes:

1) The ascending ones will see the events approaching and will recognize these projects long before the broad masses of the people.

2) The ascending ones will be inwardly touched by the events, which will evoke a deep compassion in them, but none of the ascending ones can nor will be drawn into the energy of suffering.
3) The creation of love and light is the main intention of these masters in this difficult time, so that the people, before they will find themselves in their new home cities, will not lose hope.

4) Experiences of pain and suffering affect only those who have also chosen these and there are many, very many.

5) The beginning of the splitting of the Galaxy is a process, which will then reach the space-time and will completely effect the latter, as soon as the new 4D worlds will be taken in possession by all entities (new incarnated souls from all over the universe, note, George).

6) The “Great Dying” at this level will happen and will affect either “uninhabited” human bodies or to a maximum of two soul fragments of a being, thereby keeping the shock of a being as small as possible, but big enough to allow further  insights.

This transmission from the  6D space fleet of light marks the beginning of a new era and heralds the end of the old time!

The events will become visible in the space-time. And that in a new quality and dimension.

This level of being, which is described as the great illusion of the divine-human game, will be recognized as such, will be overcome and abandoned by the ascending ones.

We, the 6D space fleet of light, have all the necessary prerequisites to heave this world to the next level and we put our omnipotence toward this end. It happens for the benefit of all the worlds and takes into account the individual decisions of the people, each one of which is holy in itself.

We love this humanity – infinitely. We are with you – forever.

We are the
(End of transmission of 5:22 PM)

Final note from JJKI wrote the message in a garden in the center of Vienna; a very busy environment. During the transmission, I was so uplifted that I could clearly perceive me as not being of this world. People walked past me as beings from another planet. However, my perception was crystal clear, nothing eluded me.

My inner connection to what was happening around me (a small accident, loud people, provocative women, etc.) was zero, all that did not penetrate through to me; even the wonderfully sunny day I noticed from a distance. A pure “reality movie”, without personally participating in it.

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