The Nature of Transformation

Conversation with Babaji
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 10, 2014
first published on July 18, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Georgi Stankov

This is not a theoretical conversation about spiritual values and behaviour. It discusses the main reason why ascension did not take place end of May, when all cosmic alignments were ready and only the light warriors on the ground failed one more time to keep the light quotient. Instead they turned away from the light in the very last moment and decided not to ascend – not to jump into the abyss without a safety net, as their faith in God was not strong enough. 

Those, who think that they are being lied by heaven or by its few prophets, such as Jahn, Carla and myself about ascension and have the audacity to bother me with emails about the fallout of their lack of faith and spiritual blindness are simply empty soulless duplicates, and part of the problem. You cannot use your own failure as an argument that the prophets have been wrong with their prophecies. 

You create your prophecy and life in the Now and if you fail to believe in it, the prophecy still remains valid for those who believe in it and live up to the highest good of All-That-Is. This is what this message is all about and all further arguments are the perpetuation of human stupidity, blindness and lack of spiritual ripeness that have made the old earth the most darkest planet in the omniverse.  Please understand that this earth no longer exists and the time when words mattered has passed by. 

This website is giving you only the most reliable and precious information, you can find on this planet, because it comes from the highest levels of cosmic awareness and is transmitted by the clearest and most honest spiritual leaders on the current Gaia 5. If you are clever, accept it, understand it or let it go. But do not disturb us and the few light warriors with your unprocessed problems. Nobody can help you anymore and you will find yourself very soon – actually you are already there, but you have not realized it yet – on a lower timeline, appropriate for your current level of evolution, where we shall no longer be there for you to bother us. Think instead about instant Karma.

Our Conversation with the 6D Fleet

We have already entered the time of direct “conversation with God”, respectively with All-That-Is. Yesterday when we went late in the afternoon to the beach and enjoyed the warm weather and ocean water, the 6D fleet came to us and the most exciting dialogue began that lasted for more than 6 hours and ended at midnight on the balcony of our apartment under the sparkling firmament of the 5D and 6D. We have never experienced such an intensive direct communication with the HR and during this interaction Carla’s consciousness was extremely expanded and firmly anchored in the 6D fleet, just as mine, though in a different way. The purity of the discussion and the precision of the information was breathtaking.

Most of it was of personal character and I will not discuss it here. But  I also asked the 6D fleet, among others, to confirm one more time the postponement of our ascension on May 28th, 2014 and to comment on the reasons for this decision. Here is what they said: 

All the cosmic alignments for your ascension were ready on this new moon portal. At the beginning the ascension wave started to grow as expected. Then the light warriors could no longer hold the light as they were not ready mentally for this and because they succumbed to their fears and turned away from the light in the very last minute. They decided not to ascend and this was their free will. It was not predicted that they would react in this way, as they had expressed their desire to ascend before the event at the soul level and to follow the pathway of the few light warriors of the first and the last hours, who are the true wayshowers of humanity. As a result, we could observe how the ascension wave began to fall away, before it reached the necessary threshold of ascension as a kind of orgasm that never reaches the expected peak and spoils the sexual pleasure.” The last remark was given to me as a vision.

Was this the reason why the gold-violet flame from the Source was sent to Gaia and humanity in order to compensate for this deficiency of most light warriors on the ground to hold the light and achieve the threshold of ascension and was it planned this way“, I asked the 6D fleet.

Indeed, the gold-violet flame was sent to earth by the Source to separate the ascension of Gaia and the few light warriors of the first and last hours from the failure of most slumbering light warriors on the ground to hold the light and reach the threshold of ascension on their own. Now Gaia’s ascension is embedded in the ascension of the new galaxy and this creates completely new possibilities and pathways of ascension for both you, humanity, and Gaia. The ascension process has been hugely diversified and all kinds of scenarios are possible now for each individual, according to his level of awakening and evolution. The decision to flood earth with the gold-violet flame was not initially planned as all decisions are spontaneous and take place immediately in the Now. Stop thinking in a linear manner.

For instance you are now living on the uppermost timeline with the highest vibrations. But this is also the timeline, on which you continue to dream your 3D reality. At the same time you are very active in the dream state, which is your actual awakened state of full consciousness, and where you already introduce and teach the new Universal law on higher (5D) timelines.

There was much more important information, some of which I shall share with you on occasion. At the end of our conversation with the 6D fleet, Carla’s fields were flooded with a massive wave of mathematical codes, which she could see as complex equations with her third eye. Then she was told by the 6D fleet that these codes contain protocols for Gaia with regard to this highest timeline: “It is now in full energetic balance and will not experience a MPR and devastation but a smooth transition to higher dimensions.”   

How is it possible?” I asked, ” We were just told by Jahn’s sources that the MPR is necessary for the ascension of this galaxy and Gaia as its crystallisation point?”

The concept of the MPR is much more complex than you presently understand it with your linearly thinking minds.” was the answer of the 6D fleet. 

At this moment I was flooded with a lot of information, which I will give to you in my words. While the MPR will also happen on this uppermost timeline, we, the new ascended masters, will not experience it personally as we shall have ascended so much in frequency in the meantime, that we will automatically glide into a new 5D reality, which will be different for each one of us at the beginning. We are now exponentially ascending in our frequency and this is the reason why many people do not see us. For instance, Carla and myself now move much faster than all other people do. Indeed we have noticed in the last weeks how slow and clumsy all people move and operate around us – in stores, restaurants, banks, driving their cars, etc.

This fact was affirmed by the 6D fleet. While passing a cops’ checkpoint on the road without being noticed by the police on our way back home from the beach, the 6D fleet also told us that “on our uppermost timeline there is no law enforcement anymore and no state, but that we still experience these institutions due to the interception and overlay of many lower timelines with ours, before they are finally separated by the MPR.”  

The clones, the empty duplicates, who will die during the MPR and the other incarnated beings, who will eventually move to a 4D timeline, which will be free of the current 3D overlay, will experience this devastating event with its fullest might. Some entities, who will move to a higher 4D timeline, may have no memory of this event when they arrive there, as this dreadful remembrance will impede their quick adaptation to the new, more favourable conditions of life on 4D. I have already discussed this issue in conjunction with the “three-earth-scenario” since early 2012. 

Altogether, all  these beings, who will continue with their incarnation on a 4D timeline under much better circumstances, will not realize at first that they have moved to a new reality. In fact this happens at present already. We were told that even on the beach we met many people, who came from different timelines that intercept with our highest timeline and we transmit to them the codes for their final destination. This fact was already given to us by the Elohim more than a month ago and has been published on this website. This is an internal check for you.

The most important information from the 6D fleet for me personally was the following:

Now, the clarion call has been sent throughout the universe that there are numerous new 4D worlds that you have created and that they can be populated with new souls. These worlds are now free of any dark entities and these souls can begin with their new incarnation cycle under much more favourable conditions. These new worlds will be part of the new galaxy and they will ascend at different speeds and will evolve under completely new conditions that are now being created by you  – the new ascended masters, Logos-Gods and Guardians of the new galaxy. You are already working in these worlds in your dream state and very soon you will begin to have conscious knowledge of your activities on these new timelines and worlds.”

I have given you this brand new information that was obtained by Carla and myself in a direct, very intimate dialogue with the 6D fleet yesterday evening. These entities appear to us as an omnipresent awareness of the One that is extremely powerful with its collective energies. We were really engulfed by their energies and Carla was dizzy most of the time during this information exchange, so that I had to help her not to fall, while walking. 

One final proof that we are on a completely new timeline, as confirmed by the 6D fleet: The temperature on the Pacific coast in Boundary Bay here in Canada is currently 24-25 Degrees Celsius in the evening, when we have a high tide and can swim. This is where the centre of our Infinity portal in White Rock lies. Carla and all Canadians, whom I know, have though assured me that the ocean temperatures here never rise higher than 12-14 degrees Celsius in the summer and that they normally do not swim in the ocean. Therefore, it took me some time and effort to convince Carla to test how warm the ocean these days is and that this is the same temperature I am used to from the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria or on the Mediterranean coast in the summer. 

The 6D fleet then confirmed that we have now warmed the ocean water with the gold-violet flame on this highest timeline and have already created the new reality, new moderate climate, we wish to experience. It is superfluous to mention that this dramatic increase in the temperature of the Pacific ocean in Canada cannot be achieved solely by the sun radiation. We have here tides of almost 12 feet and the water is exchanged twice a day, so that it cannot get so warm, even if the coast is very shallow and, in fact, such high temperatures  have never been seen in the past.

This is just one example how we now change our reality and why the masses still fail to notice these dramatic changes. As the 6D fleet put it: 

The people do not look at the sky because they worry all the time about their phone bills and  even if they do, they most certainly do not notice the new firmament with the new blue-violet-pink-gold spectra coming from the source that transforms their reality. Their blindness is programmed by their souls in this way as to continue living the 3D illusion, until the moment of awakening arrives and this 3D overlay is dissolved. This is the experience, which these unripe souls need for their further evolution. There are very few enlightened people that are able to see the current changes leading to ascension and to interpret them in the right way as you do.

There is nothing more to add to this discussion.  Except this: In his message below Babaji affirms that currently there is only one enlightened master in one million incarnated entities on earth. This makes roughly 6000 masters on this planet. We were told by the Elohim on several occasions that there are only about 3000 highly evolved souls and active light warriors of the first and last hours that promote ascension with us, Carla and myself, on this earth. However, there are some more enlightened souls that do not participate directly in the cleansing and the ascension test runs. This is another proof for the validity of the messages, I publish on this website.

And here is Jahn’s latest message:



Jahn: For several hours I have been preoccupied with the question, why so many human Beings in the last moment turn away from their own ascension? Thereby faces of human Beings constantly appear in front of me, who pretend to want to face their own transformation, yet do not do it. Simply because they do not understand the nature of transformation. Transformation is completely misunderstood.

BABAJI: I am All-That-Is, I am BABAJI.

This question is of great importance.

And before I give you an answer, I ensure you of my omnipresence on this earth; Ascension and descent behoove my almightiness, and no stone changes its place without my will.

The nature of transformation is barely understood, even though the expression itself very much exists. What constitutes transformation? Where does transformation begin and what defines the end of transformation?

Any profound transformation is preceded by the desire for God. Meaning, before anything can begin, a human Being becomes restless and knowingly or unknowingly begins with the search. If this inner core does not break open, transformation remains only a word whereupon no tangible impulse can be based.

Desire for God

How can the desire for God be attained?

Due to the sacredness of a divine Being, of an enlightened Master, who has been entrusted with this task, or through the maturation of a human Being itself. Thereby an infinite number of pain experiences and an infinite number of joy experiences must be lived through on this level, in order to finally recognize that this world can never be the home of a human Being. If this condition of the loss of meaning in life occurs, then the magical cosmic game begins, when a human heart unfolds – no matter how it has been awakened.

These two possibilities exist and they are hereby described.

Cry of the Soul

Now about the actual event of the changes and the fact, why human Beings cannot understand the nature of transformation:

1) Due to the lack of desire for God.
2) Due to the lack of will for self-awareness.
3) Due to the still not finished maturity of a soul.

Any transformation, even before it can begin, is moulded by the profound wish to recognize “who am I and what am I doing here”. This question brings everything into motion, if it emerges from the depth of a human soul. For an awakening human Being suddenly everything feels foreign and he begins to have an idea that there must be much more than what is visible and that it exists, and he begins to fully devote to that feeling, these inner impulses, which do not end.

Until this inner urge for awareness, the cry of the soul for the Light becomes unmistakable.

After that a human Being, who has been touched from within, will undertake everything in order to attain clarity about himself and his essence. No path is too steep, no task too demanding, no burden too heavy. The “cry of the soul” is a further stepping stone that offers the initial ignition for transformation.

Such a human Being is ready to bring Light into his life – unconditionally; he has no other choice anymore. And to bring Light into life means, to consequently, without compromise and courageously remove blockages, and it means to fundamentally change thoughts, words and deeds.

Most human Beings take flight from exactly this kind of change. The light warriors, who now back off and move back from the last steps toward awareness, have these fears; fear of giving up their familiar life and to begin a new, absolutely different life.

Transformation for many human Beings is just an arbitrary word and is barely understood. Foremost it is not understood that transformation includes and incorporates everything. Any unclear condition will be purified, which means to constantly make decisions, which change life – without compromise and in absolute trust in God, a work without a net.

JJK: I know many human Beings, who complain about their suffering, who weep about their fate and groan under heavy karmic burdens – still. These human Beings report to me that they constantly speak mandates and invocations, turn to Heaven and yet that almost nothing changes in their life. They tread water. Why?

BABAJI: Any invocation or mandate can only unfold its power as a human Being actually provides enough power for the realization of his intention – and is not just lip service.

If a human Being, as an example, is not willing to separate from his “wrong” life partner, from his “wrong” job, then a mandate can barely have an effect.

The inner willingness, the absolute will for a change of one’s own “Self” guarantees success.

And this inner unconditional attitude, to commit entirely to God and to radically dissolve all of one’s issues, is weakly pronounced or not existing in most human Beings, who now fail. They intone the invocations with a full mouth; they ask and pray, they recite mantras from the wisdom of the prophets, without the fundamental intention of wanting to live with the consequences of these changes or to take responsibility for a new life.

Transformation, yes, but only as long as everything remains the old way, as long as nothing or barely anything changes, that is the main theme of many light warriors, who now throw away their light sword.

To ask for rain and back off from the purifying and nurturing wetness; whose field can be cultivated, which trees can richly bear fruits under these circumstances?

Transformation of that kind deteriorates into useless clichés; changes and results stay away. So let us summarize:

1) With the question of “who am I” and with the beginning awareness of this world and one’s life as an illusion, the first transformation characteristic appears.

2) Who superficially aims for his transformation, yet thereby is neither willing to change his life from the bottom up or to change himself unconditionally, in no way has the qualities of an adept for ascension, let alone the characteristics, which distinguish the light warriors of the first and last hours – and must distinguish, namely: The daily willingness to let go of everything.

To portray the right questions to the Creator, that is the way! And every human Being knows his own “right questions” quite well. But many lack the courage to pose these, because they back off from the answer and from the consequences.

JJK: Why do human Beings constantly talk about wanting to transform themselves? Many indeed visit “transformation therapies”, “transformation seminars” and more of the same; there is an oversupply, as I find, and very often with little success, as human Beings report to me, or what I can see in them?

God your Therapist

BABAJI: There is only one true therapist: God. And many human Beings are taking detours to God.

Is it those human Beings, who expect healing from other human Beings and seek it there? Why? Because they avoid the direct pathway to the One, that is all. Because they are still not ready for this truth. Therefore these human Beings are satisfied with an “awareness placebo” only to deceive themselves, thinking to be doing everything for their transformation, while the actual issues remain left out. Know:

A human Being can deceive another human Being, a half knowing one can deceive an unknowing one, but enlightened Beings and God himself are not subject to these deceptions of a human Being.

Therefore human Beings seek different forms of therapy, only in order not to face their actual transformation.

A genial trick of the subconscious, which can only be recognized as a human Being one day registers that despite all his efforts life remains unchanged and happiness stays away.

Transformation always signifies the radical change of life, inside and outside; if this attribute remains missing, then the transformation has not occurred.

JJK: Many human Beings, I see this over and over again, make good progress, but they never truly arrive? I mean the last steps are missing.

BABAJI: Yes, it is those human Beings, who still do not want to arrive, for whom the last recognitions are still too early.

These human Beings want to experience certain conditions in this world and therefore intuitively back off from complete purification, because this would mean the end of their journey.

Be assured of the following: Everyone, who seeks God, everyone, who wants to return into Heaven on all levels of his Being, will find all conditions in order to achieve this also. There is not even the slightest doubt about this, because the law of resonance affects this.

If a human Being persistently walks along the path toward God, it creates such a powerful resonance field, so that there is no other possibility than to see God.

The insistent and consequent orientation toward the inner wish to return home and to see God is the key.

JJK: Enlightenment happens without an earthly Master, without instruction? Or is this path put into the heart?

The Sufis describe such a path, whereby the Master initially awakens the desire for God in the heart of the disciple, who experiences a reflection in the Master, in order to then fully orient him toward enlightenment.

One in a Million

BABAJI: Earthly Masters act as path showers, if they are enlightened, not more – never.

Only, who goes through the trouble to truly seek such a Master or wants to find him? And once you have found him, who wants to go through all the trouble, to follow what the Master orders?

I say to you: In a million human Beings, there is only one, who brings with him the quality for enlightenment, and this number is unchanged in thousands of years.

There are many intermediate stages and intermediate levels, where human consciousness unfolds, yet the highest stage, the “master level” is reserved for one in a million. The attributes, which count, are the desire for God, the love for truth, courage, the strength and the consequence to do everything, in order to attain perfection.

Who can claim that for himself?

JJK: Do all the ascending ones have to be fitted with this quality?

BABAJI: Depending on to where he ascends.

Ascension is not equal to ascension; as little as descent equals descent. There are and there will be few enlightened ones until the end of days, although the density of enlightened ones in this world is unique at this time.

It is known that a great number of already ascended Masters are actually on earth, so many, as never before at any time.

And it is known that these ranks are supplemented with and closed by the newly ascending Masters.

Thereby this world disposes of an awe inspiring density of enlightened ones, which fully contribute with their specific abilities and assignments in this last moment of the uplifting. Yet the greatest number of human Beings will anchor on one of the 4D levels after the “great event”. The half-hearted seekers, the tepid God worshipers, the undecided light warriors, will continue their journey in less light-filled environments, until they are also saturated by it and until the “cry of the soul” can be awakened. “Transformation, yes, but?” This basic approach emerges from a personality willing to compromise, and these human Beings inherit one of the “4D worlds of compromise”, because their energy pattern exhibits no clarity, instead diffuse overlaps of unresolved intentions.

Where are you?

Deep inside a human heart is the treasure of Life. It is the desire for God and the knowledge about one’s own significance and assignment.

Deep inside the human soul lies the hidden desire to see Self and God; and thereby recognize everything that seemed so significant, as useless and let it go.

The wheel of fate continues to turn incessantly, as long as and until a human Being jumps off from the spinning gyroscope with his own strength. Any security is gone, any hold is lost, and every habit is overcome. Life, as it really is, begins, and the world, as it truly is, is understood. Such a human Being sees himself as truth, becomes the way and is Life – a solid ground is trust in God, the deepest anchor is God’s Love, highest fulfillment is the union with HIM.

Where are the children of mankind, who want to leave the carousel of time? Where are those, who want to jump into the abyss without a safety net, in order to be caught in God’s arms?

Where are the children of mankind, who want to dedicate themselves totally to God? Where are you, whom I expect, from the beginning of time and to Eternity.

Transform and totally get lost – in me.

Who knows the conditions, and who loves the consequences? Who knows the Light and wants to meet the Light and himself?



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