The Hardships of the Light Warriors of the First and Last Hours

by Alice Davidson, July 16, 2014

Dear Georgi,

You will never know how much I missed you. The return of your unmistakable voice – clarifying, illuminating, and summarizing the events of these final days – has brought me the same feeling as I imagine those would feel, who have been on a long ocean voyage when they finally get a glimpse of land.

Yes, the light warriors of the first and last hours all knew we were headed home soon, but it has been a long voyage in the intervening months, filled with high waves and still waters that were difficult to understand. Having our Captain back at the helm again makes the final journey home an easy one.

Nevertheless, it is now very clear why you and Carla needed time to be in strict seclusion, so that you would have the requisite energy to focus on the extremely complex ascension scenario of Gaia 5 and its new birthing as the crystallisation point of a new galaxy!! Such an extraordinary accomplishment could only have been done during a period of complete seclusion.

I have very carefully read and re-read all of your recent postings. The first read-through was for the intellectual understanding. The second read-through was to absorb the information. As always, I am awestruck at your unfailing attention to detail and your dauntless pursuit of the highest Truth at any Now moment. 

Everything that you have written makes total sense.

The hardest part for me has been navigating through an increasingly conscious multidimensional awareness. While the lower overlays of 3D and 4D appear so very real, it’s a bit exhausting to constantly discern what’s real and what’s not real, according to the highest levels of consciousness that I can attune to at any given point. This being said, it also adds to the mystery, awesomeness, drama, and excitement of day-to-day life in these final days.

I will give you an example. On June 21st, my security alarm went off while I was running some errands that Saturday.  As it turned out, I had forgotten to lock my back door, and it had blown open during some heavy winds. A policeman and policewoman had arrived by the time I drove back home. After assuring me that nothing had been stolen, they both commented on the extraordinary loudness of my exterior siren. They wondered why I had installed such a loud siren that “could be heard 1/10th of a mile away.” I explained to them that an interior alarm alone was not loud enough to scare off intruders. My next obvious question to them was, “Did any of my neighbors stop by to see what was wrong?” To my utter astonishment, they told me that not one person in my large town home community or surrounding neighborhood had come by to inquire about what had happened. My next door neighbors were at home! There were literally several hundreds of people who were in earshot of my security siren. The only explanation for this was that I and my portal that surrounds my town home exist in a dimension that is currently outside of the hundreds of people in my immediate community and surrounding neighborhood. When I came to the full realization of what had just happened, it actually seemed a bit of comical setup by HR to advance my understanding of multiple dimensions.

On a different subject, I found Sananda’s following comment to be in complete alignment with my own personal experience: “For each section of the ascension certain light siblings from the Being take over the leadership and act as cosmic light-bearers for mankind. Were until recently the Agarthans entrusted with this duty, now it is the Universal Federation of Light and the space fleet of the 6th dimension.”  About six weeks ago, I found myself wanting to watch at least one Netflix rerun of Star Trek: Next Generation every night. Even though I had seen all of these episodes a while back, I suddenly and inexplicably developed an obsession with watching them again. In light of Sananda’s comment, I believe this was the closest way I knew to somehow, someway experience during my waking hours the same type of training environment that I was experiencing during my sleep time. While I always kept my three Telos volumes close at hand and Adama close to my heart, I had developed a new and profound love for being aboard a Mother Ship and deeply admired the honor and respect that these highly disciplined, yet extraordinarily loving, Beings accorded each other, as well as all life throughout the universe!  Beam me up, Scottie!

Georgi, at the end of each “day” and the beginning of the next, all that I know to do is to stay alert, vigilant, attuned to my God Presence, and continue my daily invocations, especially the new Invocation of the Golden-Violet Flame.  As we all go through these final days of multidimensional times – sometimes confusing, sometimes jarring, sometimes comical – just knowing that my Captain and Carla are firmly at the helm, ever at higher and higher levels of consciousness, and knowing that all light warriors of the first and last hours are in this together, has brought an enormous sense of restored Mission. As the creators/defenders of the New Galaxy, let us all bring Gaia 5 on!!

As the Elohim stated so clearly and beautifully, you and Carla have the “unfailing energetic support” of those of us who were on a ship without a rudder until we found your website. What would we all have done without you both?!!  We were a motley crew that needed your Vision and Unity of Mission.

While I deeply long for ascension, it is clear that this entire ascension process is so huge, so complex, and involves the souls of millions of life streams that I must honor the highest Will of Creator God.  As Sananda so eloquently and cogently stated in regards to our ultimate ascension, “Until then it is mandatory to understand the time, to accept the ascension process in all its facets and to remain anchored in the deep knowledge of the correctness of all things, even if their meaning is very often only gradually being revealed.”

So, I will keep pressing forward – thinking, feeling, and acting each day as if the ascension could take place tomorrow – for indeed it could.

Georgi, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL that you ARE.

I don’t expect to receive any response to this personal email. Please spend your time and energy to help all of your devoted light warriors of the first and last hours to create a new galaxy in the Omniverse! I am so thrilled that you re-opened your website!

With abiding love, deepest respect, and eternal devotion,


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