The Elohim Confirm the Massive Cleansing of all 4D Earth Holograms from Dark Pecuniary Patterns such as Avarice, Greed and Manipulation in the Night of June 29th, 2014

Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, July 12, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

Scrutinizing the esoteric scene worldwide in the last eight months, since I stopped editing this website and dedicated my power fully to my creationary activities as a Logos-God, I came to the conclusion that the so called “New Age” has fully collapsed and lost any relevance whatsoever (of course with the exception of Jahn J Kassl’s blog). The confusion as to what is currently happening is so profound and the views expressed are so out of touch with the multidimensional character of all energetic reality, which Carla and myself as Logos-Gods, together with the few active light warriors of the first and last hours incessantly create, that I decided that it is time to come one more time to the fore and rectify the numerous aberrations in present-day light workers’ thinking.

I am fully aware that my publications will not change anything in the final decisions as to who will ascend (only a few), who will go to an upper 4D earth (ca 10%) or who will die and drop to a lower 3D timeline (90% of the current soulless duplicates that inhabit the upper 4D timelines), as these decisions have been made long time ago and are now irreversible. Hence my contribution to a further clarification and a better understanding of the highly convoluted ascension scenario will not save a single incarnated soul from her final destination. But my articles may facilitate the sojourn of the few light warriors of the first and last hours, also defined as the PAT by myself three years ago, now that we have taken over a new mission as the new Guardians of a new Galaxy that is associated with another relativistic delay in our final transfiguration to 5D or to the source (12th dimension).

In this context I published on May 30th a collection of messages given to Carla by the Elohim and other sources, such as the 6D fleet, the Mothership of the GF, the Agarthans, etc., since November 28th, 2013, when I stopped editing this website. They give you a very precise chronicle of what has happened during this time, first and foremost the creation of Gaia 5, which is an omni-planet, a huge conglomerate of 4D and 5D holograms, mother planets and parallel timelines. Now this Gaia 5 will be moved in all eternity to a new place in the omni-verse, precisely it will be the crystallisation point of a new galaxy, which is now being birthed, and Carla, myself, and the few light warriors of the first and last hours will be the new creator gods and Guardians of this new galaxy, as Babaji has informed Jahn in his message yesterday, after I made him aware of the latest change in the ascension scenario.

The old 3d earths, including the newly created Super-dark 3D earth, have already been separated from these 4D timelines and will remain where they are now. They have nothing in common with Gaia 5, which is a completely new creation. In this sense the current timelines, which you now experience are already 4D holograms with a still persisting 3D overlay of the old separated and sealed earth as to make the camouflage perfect and guarantee a seamless continuation of the old 3D matrix for the sake of education of the incarnated souls in the End Times. 

But this is just an optical illusion as a few medially gifted persons can discern. The 4D holograms, through which you now move, are essentially empty, that is to say, they are vastly populated by soulless, empty duplicates. 

I am now in Canada and can attune to the collective soul essence of not only this second biggest in territory country in the world, but also to that of the USA and thus to the whole North American continent. And I can assure you that it is almost empty, with some small clusters of old souls scattered here and there. Even the urban area of Vancouver (more than 5 million inhabitants), known to be an esoteric world centre, is almost empty and south of it, Seattle and the like are a veritable soul desert. And this, notwithstanding the fact that we have created the biggest infinity portal in White Rock on the border to the USA. 

This of course applies in the first place to the dark Orion elite – their lack of soul power explains all their current futile efforts to instigate a new 3rd World War. The few light warriors have left the old earth long time ago, almost an year ago, when Carla and myself created the first seven 4D earths end of May, early June in 2013 and separated the old 3D earth from all subsequently created 4D holograms. 

Since then our life has become multidimensional in the true sense of this word. We are moving rapidly through these parallel holograms in the horizontal and vertical dimension, while we are incessantly creating new worlds and holograms. This has not been appreciated by most of the light warriors and is not a topic at all in the New Age community. Due to their pronounced stupidity, these self-proclaimed light workers are unable to develop any abstract idea of multidimensionality and grasp the dialectical dynamics of all events. That is why they will not ascend and the articles and messages that I have just published confirm this fact unequivocally.

This message of the Elohim deals with the practical implementation of the gold-violet flame. The invocation of the gold-violet flame, as given to us by St Germain (Asana Mahatari), was preceded by the arrival of the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra from the source about two weeks ago and could be seen since then on the new firmament. The arrival of these energies was announced to us by the Elohim in a special message, which I may publish at a later date. 

In this sense the presentation of the gold-violet invocation by St. Germain on June 28th and 29th was the logical application of these most powerful source energies that have ever flooded Gaia and this humanity. They have a combined effect of healing, transmutation, ascension, immediate creation of harmony through love, etc.. We use these energies every day in a conscious manner to create our desired reality and we can confirm the power of the gold-violet flame personally. That is why I recommend all our readers to use this flame regularly. Here is what Alice Davidson writes with respect to her personal experience with the invocation of the gold-violet flame as recommended by St Germain (Asana Mahatari):

I literally burst into tears of joy upon reading today’s message from Georgi, Carla, and Saint Germain.

As soon as I gave the Golden-Violet Flame Invocation by Master Saint Germain, I could feel the Light descend from my God Presence, as my palms and the soles of my feet tingled intensely with this Golden-Violet Ascension Flame. They continue to burn as I write this email and the tears of joy keep running down my face.

I must humanly admit that I miss Georgi and Carla so very much. Their message today was the Sweetest Burst of Light and brought the greatest happiness to my heart.  They are always the Voice of Truth, and I miss them dearly.
The message of the Elohim on the next day, June 30th, confirmed both our invocation of the gold-violet flame on June 28th/29th and the subsequent massive cleansing of Gaia with this flame during the night of June 29th. The Elohim specify that this flame is actually a composite of the spectra of four colours – violet-blue-gold-pink – that represent the highest vibrational energies from the Source that have ever been experienced on the earth. These combined energies transmute all old patterns of separation and prepare Gaia and part of humanity (the active light warriors) for their imminent ascension.

The cleansing was triggered by a concrete experience of negligible importance. This then creates an alchemical reaction in my mental and emotional fields, which has a profound global effect on all timelines of Gaia 5. In this particular case the destiny of China was in the centre of my interest. 

I have always considered Asia, and in particular China with 1.5 billion population, as a huge pool of very young, unripe souls that are fully immersed in the most primitive form of materialism and have no sense of spirituality. Such Asian souls will unlikely advance to the upper 4D after the ID split, which does not means, however, that there will not be any Asian people there, as their bodies will be then taken over by old souls as walk-ins. This process is already happening now, as Sananda confirms in his response to my question about the ascension scenario and will peak after the interdimensional split takes place and the new 4D earths are fully stripped of the current 3D overlay and are anchored in this dimension.

The mechanism of an alchemical reaction is completely unknown to humanity and even to the few adepts that have lived and taught on this planet. It is reserved only to Elohim, as we are, and represents the most powerful form of immediate creation from the fulcrum of the source. I am the only one that is actively and consciously using the alchemical reaction of transmutation and new immediate creation on this planet, as it is extremely exhausting and challenging to the psyche and mental body. Only persons with an exceptional strength in will, emotions and logical thinking can cope with this burden. During an alchemical reaction these energetic systems are put under an incredible pressure by rampant, conflicting, lower frequency dark energies that have to be processed and transformed in a neutral manner, although they have a very personal touch. 

This topic has been partially elucidated in the messages of the Elohim from last year. The mechanism of alchemical reaction has been reinforced this year after my arrival to Canada by creating the so called “turnstile mechanism” in my multidimensional fields. This new cleansing gate of cosmic proportions allows the immediate elimination of huge amounts of human dross and other negative energies at a global, multidimensional level by sending them one way to the source, where they are further processed and turned into light. This is how we have accomplished our most spectacular achievements at the energetic level in the last months, as can be read in the Elohim messages about our role as Logos-Gods.    

I owe this explanation and background to my readers after my prolonged silence, so that you can get attuned to this exciting multidimensional process of ascension and realize at a very deep level that we are the creators of this ascension, and that we are the only ones that determine its pace and the point in time, when we can leave this reality and return back home. If every star seed, who has incarnated on this earth in these End Times, would have followed my example and that of Carla and a few other light warriors of the first and last hours, we would have ascended long time ago. 

Although this has been the leitmotif of  all my writings on this website (more than 1700 articles and 15 books), my impression is that this notion has not been truly internalized by most of you. And this is a highly sobering and disappointing conclusion, but it also explains why so few humans have already ascended to 5D and higher and are sure of their transfiguration in the coming days. 

And here is the Elohim message, which they gave to Carla after the invocation of the gold-violet flame and our massive cleansing of dark pecuniary patterns, such as greed, avarice and manipulation on all 4D timelines.


The Elohim Message – June 30th, 2014

Many greetings to you, beloved Ones, We are the Elohim!

The violet-blue-gold-pink flame is now fully resident and permanent within your fields.  

These are the four most powerful rays upon the Earth plane at this moment in time, and combined together as one unit results in the realization of a perfect causal body connection to All-That-Is.

With your combined fields, one of masculine-dominant orientation, and the other of feminine-dominant orientation, a pan-connection occurs to all current earthly expressions, masculine and feminine respectively, where you then share your causal fields with those ascending light warriors who may not fully meet the energetic requirements to the ascending worlds.

This recent event, the invocation and sacred flooding of your fields with the gold-violet flame, was a predetermined blessing for the end time. It is a necessary event, because of the nature and quality of its sacred power. The power of this flame, in terms of creation and purification, can only lead to an all-encompassing and all-pervasive fire necessary for the pen-ultimate pinnacle and completion of this phase.

There has been cleansing once again, cleansing this night (of June 29th), from the multi-dimensional aspect, from a multiple timeline aspect, from the divine masculine and divine feminine aspect as well as the electro-magnetic fields of all causal energetic fields from each representation.  

This cleansing has been of such huge import. It has released concepts of financial greed, monetary avarice, and subsequent control and enslavement. It has set in place the seeds of containment for a sacred and long-awaited stewardship for the new abundance, coming to all middle and upper 4D timelines, and new parallel mother planets. This energy is needed to recreate true abundance, where human sovereignty shall flourish instantly.

Great levels of achievement create resounding success on every level, no matter where one looks!

While this cleansing began with the entire society of this country [China], and where these tasteless representations of greed and avarice reside and flourish, it remains simply a clear reflection of all human behaviour, no matter where it is found.  

The countrymen of this group feel, they are a step “above the rest” of the world and this may be true from the point of view of their ancient recorded wisdom, but a new kind of modern man has risen, tainted by financial instruments that only serve to delete the ancient teachings of humility, peace and cooperation. This country may be able to re-direct its path toward the light, if some younger influential individuals gain influence but they must each also reject the old ways, in solidarity, in order to overcome the current rulers, and make a genuine evolutionary leap within their society. This decision has yet to be made upon a lower timeline than yours, where you reside now, but you have set the stage for these soul monads to make the ultimate choice.

A new day dawns and we love and honour you both, beyond measure.

We are the Elohim.

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