Real Time Karma Redemption – What Does it Mean?

by Georgi Stankov, July 15, 2014

In the last message of Sananda channelled by Jahn we read that “the law of cause and effect, also known as Karma, begins to rule in an almost real-time”. What does this mean? I think that this information is extremely significant in the current last phase of the ascension process and needs a special elucidation.

What is the most significant energetic quality that distinguishes this highest 4D timeline and the few light warriors from the old 3D matrix, which still exists as an overlay for the masses and in particular for the dark ones and represents the reality, where the masses still obey the Law of Karma? Particularly in these End Times.

First of all, we have now entered the simultaneity of the Now and have left behind us the linear time that creates all illusion of the old 3D matrix. This would say that also the law of Karma has entirely changed its function and quality. In the linear time, Karma could only be experienced in a sequential manner. First comes the cause of an action, which has to be experienced as an effect for a long period of time by both the perpetrator and the victim. Then in another “future” incarnation the cause and the effect are reversed and the perpetrator is obliged to experience the effects, the consequences of his dark action, which was the initial cause of a karmic relationship.

This is how humanity has lived for the past 12 thousand years or even longer. The people have got so much used to this artificial law of the 3D illusion that they cannot envision a new life, where this law may change its function and thus profoundly alter the way how people see themselves and others and how they organize their social life.

Let me explain. Karma is of much deeper psychological character than most humans suspect. It has to do with the very notion of who they truly or wrongly believe to be. Karma as a law became necessary when the idea of separation was birthed on this dark planet and soon determined entirely the weltanschauung of all incarnated human beings. It is the primordial cause of their “Fall from Grace” – their separation from the Source, their soul, and All-That-Is.

Only after that many secondary dark ideas were created within this separated and hence limited human consciousness that are the origin (cause) of all dark and insidious actions, we observe in this human society. These necessitated in a second step the introduction of the Law of Karma – the law of cause and effect. In fact, Karma is a specific application of the Laws of Creation and Destruction, which are the laws of constructive and destructive Interference as presented in my book on this topic and in many past publications  

The foundation of this “law of energetic balance” is the lack of love in most human thoughts and deeds. First and foremost the lack of self-love and then the lack of love for others. The idea that we all are One and there can be no strife among humans is obliterated from their compartmentalized minds and the “survival of the fittest” becomes the only rule of existence.

This is how the dark elite thinks from the very beginning and why they want to enclose the whole humanity in this paranoia and engage it in perennial wars, as we currently observe. Now, in these last days we witness the culmination of  this psychopathic tendency that will be also the cause (and effect) for their demise from this uppermost 4D timeline.

Hence the topic is of great actuality.

The law of cause and effect can only function in a reality that is created by limited awareness as the old 3D matrix was. Actually Karma is based on the protracted experience of cause and effect in the linear time that shapes the history of the current society. This law operates with the inherent inertia of all creation in the dense 3D matrix.

In the simultaneity of the 5D and higher dimensions this law functions immediately as the Law of constructive and destructive interference, because linear time is eliminated as human illusion and all ideas acquire immediately a shape and reality, which has to be experienced by their creator in a direct and immediate manner. Such reality is highly subjective and no other entities will experience it, unless they explicitly desire to share it telepathically with its primary creator. This is the energetic mechanism of the true sovereignty of all entities in the 5D and higher dimensions    

In the current consensual reality of the 3D matrix, all participants are constraint to experience the reality of others. If they project their negative visions with a huge power and intensity onto the society and other people, as the dark cabal have been doing this for eons of time, then one cannot avoid the effects of this negative cause. This is how Karma is created and then has to be released in a second step, so that the law of constructive and destructive interference is fully obeyed even in the dense reality of the 3D matrix

The primary characteristics of such a limited awareness is that the entity is not aware of his dark features and subsequent heinous actions that arise from them. Otherwise the Law of Karma will not work, as every negativity will be resolved within the archetypal structure of the soul and the incarnated personality. This is the state, in which the overwhelming portion of humanity has always lived and still lives, until the MPR and ascension will come and will obliterate this illusory reality for ever.

Not being aware of one’s dark features creates a very peculiar mentality, which one can observe ubiquitously in this society – in the family, in political life, in culture and arts, in other words, in all human activities and relationships. What is it? It creates a mindset that is completely oblivious to all dark features, such as thoughts and emotions, which a human entity harbours in his mental and emotional fields and hence blind and imperceptive to all destructive actions that are driven by such a dark mindset. The result is the creation of enormous projections of highly destructive and negative nature. Please observe that all creation is based on projections – the creation of light and the creation of darkness.  

If you have no respect for yourself and cannot love you, and you are aware of this deficiency at the mental and emotional level, and if you are more or less a logically thinking person, then you must see the cause of these negative patterns exclusively in the way how your limited awareness operates and try to change these negative emotions and thought patterns within your daily consciousness and personality structure. In this way you will automatically eliminate also all the negative effects that will inevitably occur when such dark mind patterns are constantly cherished and become the driving motors of the personality in social life. This is the only way as to how an incarnated personality can resolve Karma and progress on the spiritual, evolutionary ladder. Ultimately this is the only pathway that leads to ascension. Period!

These negative thought and emotional gestalt patterns, being the cause of all evil, may lead to effects, results, consequences of internal or external character. The internal effects may be anything – from self-mutilation to self-destruction – and the external effects end up most of the time with the destruction of other people. This is how this humanity has existed from the very beginning and has not been able to progress much.

Currently the power of these negative projections has reached such an unprecedented peak that most dark humans are rather inclined to destroy the whole earth, including themselves, than change their mindset and turn towards the light. The spontaneous discharge of these highly negative projections in the current End Times will seal the destiny of most dark human entities on the super dark 3D planet, where no souls coming from the source will incarnate as was the case on the old earth, and will at the same time render the fuel for our ascension.

This is the dialectics of the current End Time dynamics that will lead to the demise of the dark cabal and the ascension of Gaia and a few light warriors, who have overcome the law of Karma, in the coming days.

The immediate redemption of Karma, the immediate experience of cause and effect is thus the first most prominent feature of the current last phase of the ascension process, when the linear time is eliminated and everything occurs in the Now.

The second major feature of this time is that the we, the few light warriors of the first and last hours have already left the matrix, have ascended to 5D and higher dimensions and thus no longer obey the Law of cause and effect. For instance when somebody tries to harm us, by projecting his negative thoughts onto us and acts accordingly, he will not be able to reach us energetically any more as we are no longer part of this matrix,

Instead such a negative projection will be immediately reflected from our fields, it will bounce from our protection shield of Christed light and will return back to the initiator of this negative projection. The latter will feel this immediate “redemption of Karma” as if he is fully imprisoned by his negative thoughts and intentions but is, at the same time, not able to get rid of them and experience a psycho-mental relief by projecting them indiscriminately onto other people, the environment, or even onto the whole humanity. This form of interaction, which was basic to the 3D matrix of consensual reality is no longer possible in the 5th and higher dimensions, where only immediate creation and its subjective experience is possible.

This new immediate redemption of Karma is exemplified in a paradigmatic manner by the Western ruling cabal, who try in vain to demonize Putin in the Ukraine crisis, which they deliberately instigated, but instead only make their own people aware of their heinous nature and are now experiencing huge rejection in their own countries, while Putin is receiving more support and comprehension than ever before, and not only at home, but also abroad, as his current visit to South America shows.

The consensual reality of the higher realms is not built by forcing all participants to experience any of the projections of other entities, indiscriminately of their negative and heinous character, as is the case in the old 3D matrix. In fact this was the prime mechanism, how this dark and dense reality of separation was created in the first place, namely by creating the conditions of maximal entropy (dissipation) of the organized, high frequency energy (light) towards the lowest vibrational level.

In the higher dimensions instead, the principle of “negentropy” reigns, to use a term first introduced by Schroedinger, the founder of quantum mechanics, when he put forward the idea of reverse entropy (negentropy) as the primary cause of all highly organized biological life. In simple words, the general consensus of the higher realms is that negative gestalt patterns of lower frequency can only be experienced if the entity explicitly gives its consent to it.

This is the bottom line for all incarnation experiments in 3D realities. However, these than occur in selected and sealed realities as the old earth was and the new super-dark 3D earth will be.

If an entity cherishes negative dark gestalt patterns in the higher realms, he is not allowed to project these onto other entities, but is constrained to experience his own creations in a direct manner, because such projections build the individual, subjective reality of all entities in the higher realms. As the entity will be horrified by his own negative creations (this is how the Christian idea of “hell” has emerged), he will be forced to change the character of his thoughts and projections and substitute them with new more loving, harmonious and light-filled projections and thought gestalt patterns. This will immediately improve the quality of his life. The mechanism of correction and evolution lies entirely within the energetic structure of the individual entity and less so in the society or external reality, as there are infinite such realities for any entity and degree of evolution.

In the old 3D matrix on earth on the contrary, all these negative features, thoughts, emotions etc. were downloaded on other people and created a very dense and dysfunctional society. Most people follow this life pattern in an unconscious manner up to the present day and demand that other people succumb to their negative projections and participate in their neuroses. This is the primary source of all failed families and personal relationships on this planet and their number vastly exceeds the number of successful and harmonious relationships.

In this last phase of ascension, the inner constraint to discharge all these negative thoughts and emotional patterns is reaching an unprecedented peak in most humans. We, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, may now experience a new peak of unpleasant encounters, where family members, friends or simply acquaintances insist on continuing to download their trash in our fields and lives, only to realize that they are buried under their own trash immediately. This is what the immediate redemption of Karma achieves these days.

I personally witness this process very vividly after I opened my website a few days ago. All of a sudden all these readers of my website, and here I do not mean the true PAT members, but essentially all the dark tainted readers who loved to camouflage themselves as such and who started to spit on me immediately after I stopped my website and after I have patiently coached them for three years (no need to mention their names, as they have left their stench on Facebook), those same persons are now “crawling back to me on all four” (German saying) and want to establish connection again. And when I decline this, by saying that I have no desire for further communication with these entities – which is the divine right of any human being and the only possibility to survive on this  dark planet – their venomous reaction is of such gargantuan proportion and their comments so egregious that, according to this, we must have already reached the threshold of ascension and the final discharge of all human negativity.

What these poor creatures do not realize, is that they are still fully embedded in the 3D matrix, while I and the few light warriors of the first and last hours are already dwelling in 6D, so that all their negative feelings and reactions bounce back onto them and are making their life more miserable than it already is. Especially the knowledge that they will not ascend and that this fact is now irreversible and beyond any doubt, even to themselves, and also independently of whether I edit my website or not, drives them crazy. And rightly so. Why should they have a different destiny than that of the ruling elite, when they share their common darkness and have understood nothing of true enlightenment, as I have preached it on this website, and through this website, for the last three years. But “this is not my beer” anymore, to use a famous Bavarian saying. The MPR is the next paymaster for these ungrateful people.


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