Our Regular Visits to the Spaceships of the GF

by Georgi Stankov, Pamela Ennis and Carla Thompson, July 21, 2014

In the current last phase of the ascension process all the light warriors of the first and the last hours regularly visit the spaceships, including the mothership of the GF for healing and attending the numerous council meetings, where the next steps in the ascension scenario are discussed, before they can be implemented on the ground and multidimensionally. This should be a common knowledge to all true PAT members.

I am addressing this issue now, because I received a letter from Pam that discusses precisely this aspect of our light work in the dream state, but also during daytime, as I shall show below with Carla’s sudden dematerialisation and retrieval to the mothership of the GF on May 29th, in order to heal her chakras and energetic fields, which were impaired during our participation in a massive ascension test run on the same day. Here is what Pam wrote to me the other day and my response to her: 

Dear George,
Wanted to mention my own experience with “the Ships”. I don’t know if I was actually there or just given a strong sense of being there, but it was a most enjoyable sensory and visual experience. I seemed to see a group, of which I was a part, engaged in some endeavor as a unit; that is, we were functioning as individuals but also as one thing. The feeling was so wonderful… so fulfilling in the way we were in such natural communication, and with that was a delightful sense of joy and of being truly known to one another.. .our unique talents were understood and utilized without the need for words at all. Such a “not of this world” experience!!! I long for a return to that life, as communicating “here”, although I learned the language [Ha!], was never very satisfying for me. I have always come to understand things on an inner, non-verbal level first and then had to translate into words… not always successfully!  And now, perhaps as we get closer and closer to the final shift, I find it ever more difficult to truly express my understandings of things, for which I seem to have no conscious awareness.
Anyway…. onward and upward… or, as Alice quoted from Star Trek; “Beam me up, Scottie!”
Thanks for your continued dedication,
With love,
Pam [still in Albuquerque,NM !!!]

Dear Pam,

you have definitely been on a spaceship of the GF, and most probably many times so far, as this is what we are doing now constantly in the dream state to recover from our light work on this still very dense timeline. In particular, our bodies are getting very light now and they can hardly cope with gravitation and need every night treatment and recovery to cope the next day with this still very heavy electromagnetic pool, which we experience as gravitation (This information was given to us by the 6D fleet during our conversation on July 17th).


And here is my email to Jahn on Carla’s sudden dematerialisation and visit to the mothership for a healing, on May 29th, 2014, which I wrote to him the next day:

Dear Jahn, 

I write to you with a delay because I was hit by a strong cc-wave yesterday that depleted me during the whole day. It actually began on May 29th, when I lay down in the early afternoon and was withdrawn for four hours from this earth. The energies during this period were a lonely peak and I thought that I would ascend. It felt like an ascension test run, and even Carla slept for about an hour at the same time, so that we both were simultaneously withdrawn from the earth. When I woke up around 18:00 clock, I was still very dizzy and found myself in a huge energy vortex, which impressed me downright flat. 

Then came an incident. We found on the guest bed in the living room of the upper floor of the apartment a pair of glasses that belonged to no one and we had no idea how it got there. We then went with Carla on foot to make some shopping and I told her how I experienced in the years 2000-2010 many times that various objects were dematerialized and were then occasionally materialized again. This was a fun game of the higher realms to keep me in a good mood and also to draw my family attention to their existence, even though they did not believe it.

In particular, I remember how I once visited a friend in Garmisch-Pattenkirchen and just before leaving I used my glasses – I was wearing reading glasses at that time. Then I stuck them in the pocket of my shirt as usually and when I wanted to use them again in the next moment, they were already dematerialized. This happened at that time very often, whole sweaters disappeared in my closet only to emerge again after months as if nothing had happened. I went home without my glasses. About 8 months later I suddenly found one day the same glasses on my shelf next to my desk. 

So I told this story Carla, while we made our purchases. On the way back we saw in the evening sky an unusual cloud with smooth contours that looked like a stealth light ship. We attuned onto its frequencies and got the telepathic information that it actually acted as a scout ship of the mothership of the GF, with which we are in almost constant contact. 

We brought the purchases back home and wanted to go again for a little walk in the evening. Carla remained in the lower floor, in the narrow entrance area and wanted to put on her raincoat because it was colder. I quickly went to the top floor to visit the washroom. After about 30 seconds, I came out of the washroom and walked past the guest bed in the living room, which was empty, I stress – it was empty – because I see this bed as soon as I get out of the bathroom and also must pass very close by this bed. 

I went down the staircase, where Carla was waiting for me, but she was not there. Her mother watched television and Carla’s son was in his room, I called her name briefly and when she did not answer, I turned toward the stairs to the upper floor and shouted this time loudly “Carla, where are you? ‘I heard her reply very quietly. I was very amazed and ran up the stairs to the upper floor and found her lying on the guest bed, in full dressing, in her black raincoat outstretched like a mummy on the white quilt of the bed. She lay there, as if she had been put there by a higher force, at a slight angle on the bed. 

Well I have to say that it is not so easy to lie down on this bed because there stands a chair in front of the edge of the bed and next to it a small table, where we leave the water jug, so that one must push them to the side before one can lie down on the bed, because otherwise they block the whole edge of the bed. We usually do not use this bed and when Carla gets caught by a wave, she lies on her bed in the bedroom. 

Well, I was really “flabbergasted” and asked her, “How do you come here, I walked five seconds ago past the bed and you were not there?”. 

“I don’t know.” Carla replied very weakly as if from another world, “I don’t know, where I was and I do not know what happened to me. The last thing I remember is that I was down in the entrance and put on my raincoat and then I felt very nauseated and weak, and everything went black in front of my eyes. I must have lost consciousness. “

“Probably you have had an ascension test run in a physical body in this case or a bi-location,” I suggested. 

“I do not know,” Carla answered, “I cannot remember anything, except that it took quite a while, while I was away.” 

“It can only have been a few seconds, at least in our linear time, at maximum 10 -15 seconds while you were gone,” I objected. 

“Maybe they have stopped the time and I was away much longer,” Carla replied. 

“Maybe you were on the spaceship that we’ve seen,” I suggested, “they must have undertaken an ascension test run with you after I was previously retrieved for 4 hours and it looked like as if it was a mighty ascension test run for me, very much like the one I experienced at the end of April (see the article ” The Birth of the New Logos Gods“). Perhaps that is why they have materialized these glasses for us on the guest bed, so that we are warned that soon it would be your turn and not to worry “

“It could have been a teleportation indeed” suggested Carla, “because I’ve been told in the past that such teleportation experiments will first take place inside the home, probably for security reasons. The only thing I can say is that after I woke up I feel much better than before. Maybe something was done to my body, something has been repaired. “

We continued speculating on this incident, but could not find any plausible explanation at this point in time.

On the next day we went in the morning for a walk on the beach, the sun came out and warmed the sand, so it was very pleasant to lie there. Then the beings from the mothership of the GF came and confirmed Carla that yesterday she was retrieved to the spaceship in order to repair her light body, as a sudden “glitch” had occurred in her ethereal fields, probably related to our very intensive work on the ascension test run in the afternoon, when we both were withdrawn from this reality. I myself was in a good shape and did my light work on this ascension test run of Gaia and humanity well. However, fast corrections had to be made on Carla’s fields and that is why they brought her with her physical body to the mothership to make this correction and have then put her down very gently on the guest bed…..

And here is the message of the Elohim on this same issue in the evening of May 30th with Carla’s comments:


The Elohim: Carla’s Sudden Dematerialisation and Visit to the Mothership for a Healing, May 30th, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Following the extreme energies and healing of Gaia and whatever else we processed the other day [May 28th ], I had a very strange experience in the evening of May 29th, 2014 that I should put in writing.

I became suddenly very weak as I was putting my jacket on to go out to the beach and I then suddenly felt as though my whole body was instantly drained of energy, and I may have slipped to the floor and hit my arm on the table there, something that would explain the large bruise on my right forearm.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself upstairs on the bed and had no recollection of how I actually got there.  As I awoke, I heard you call my name rather loudly.

I asked the Elohim to clarify what actually happened, and this is what they had to say the next day:

“The incident you perceive as a bilocation of your physical body, from one location in your home, to another location within the home, was not a bilocation at all but a reclamation of your body in order to correct a fractured/ compromised chakra system and auric field, following extreme cleansing of dross within the collective. This extensive cleansing of the emotional bodies of the collective, created a sudden energetic overload in your system, an overload that felt as a sudden emotional flooding [ the morning of May 29th, 2014 ]. You were removed to a healing way-station, or platform, where energetic healings take place on light workers from this reality, who require re-alignment and a re-infusion of light into their chakra systems.

Most often you are not consciously aware of these adjustments. This intervention was noticed because of the sudden loss of energy, from a wakeful state, as opposed to the dream state. You were simply retrieved in an instant (this is how our ascension through transfiguration will happen when the time comes, note George) and after the re-alignment was complete you were returned in the lying down position, safely and what you perceived as quickly. “

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