How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time

 by Carla Thmpson and Georgi Stankov, July 17, 2014

Background by Georgi Stankov

On May 14th, Carla received an unequivocal message from her HS that we shall ascend in two weeks on the new moon portal. We had to check the calender when the next new moon was – May 28th. You can imagine how happy we were, as we had never received such an announcement before.

Then the Agarthans came to us in Burns Bog Park and confirmed essentially one more time our ascension date at the new moon portal end of May (see below).  On May 21st – 24th we both experienced a prolonged episode of huge ascension test runs with heaviest form of cleansing.

After that I again felt very much depressed and pissed off with my life on this planet. Since then I knew that our ascension has been postponed one more time because all the light warriors did not perform again as they were expected to and in this way prevented with their indecisiveness our ascension at this very powerful portal.

This bad premonition was confirmed by Carla’s dream on May 26th, when she dreamed that she has not been allowed to pass her examination. This postponement of our ascension has been subsequently confirmed by Jahn’s sources, the HS of April, and also by our sources.

On May 24th, the Agarthans came one more time to us to insert three more chakras in Carla’s fields. During this time the most important decision in the ascension process was taken – the infusion of Gaia and humanity with the gold-violet flame of ascension and immediate creation from the Source. As we are the nexus to the Source and the major conduits of Source energies, the gold-violet flame had to flow through our fields first, before it could be anchored and implemented on Gaia. This is the core message of the Elohim as of May 26th / 27th below.

During the whole month of June we were working intensively with the gold-violet flame. Only at the end of June had this flame fully imbued the fine structure of Gaia and humanity and could be released for a broader use to the rest of the light warriors of the first and the last hours.

As I have already reported, St  Germain came on June 29th and gave us the invocation of the gold-violet flame of ascension and immediate creation, so that we can make it available to all of you. He initiated Carla (and myself) as the Chohans of the gold-violet flame. As I am already the carrier of the blue ray of God”s will, I was practically working already with this flame. This was one of the main reasons for me to re-open my website, which however did not work properly at the beginning as we had problems with the server (the owner changed and the program also), until Chris, my webmaster, could resolve all technical problems a few days ago.

The introduction of the gold-violet flame was the ultimate effective response of the Source to the inability of the light workers community to trigger ascension on the ground by turning away from the light in the very last moment, as Sananda confirms in his response to my question on the ascension scenario.

I am giving you this background retrospectively, so that you can properly understand what has happened in the last few months and days and why we are still living in this reality. The major reason is the total failure of most light warriors to fulfil their light mission, for which  they came here. The whole burden was transferred onto the shoulders of the few active light warriors of the first and the last hours and this necessitated new approaches and new unique resolutions and strategies in order to proceed smoothly with the ascension process, notwithstanding all the setbacks with the star seeds.

The arrival of the gold-violet flame – the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra from the source  – was such an ultimate, initially not planned measure to compensate for the failure of the vast majority of light warriors, who decided in the very last moment not to participate in the final ascension stage and subsequently not to ascend. Given the numerous incredible idiocies that now circulate in the esoteric scene and literature, it is mandatory to understand once and for all what happened this spring and why we are still dragging on with our ascension. Then without us, the few light warriors of the first and the last hours, nothing would have happened on this earth.

Carla has just received a new message from St. Germain (Asana Mahatari), which I may publish together with this article. During the last two days all the ascended masters are around us and with us – St. Germain, Babaji, Sananda and all the others from the Mothership of the GF, which hovers closely above us. St. Germain’s message further elucidates the role of the gold-violet flame for ascension.

We are now the new Guardians of the new galaxy that will ascend with Gaia as its crystallisation point and you, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, the true PAT, have been initiated to become the new Logos-Gods of Gaia and the Guardians of the new Galaxy, together with us, Carla and myself. The failure of the light workers became your ultimate advantage and we have already achieved such awesome results, which we have not planned in our wildest dreams prior to this incarnation.

You have to be very proud of you and this achievement and should regard the current relativistic delay of ascension in the linear time as a great and unique privilege. We are writing history for All-That-Is that has no parallels so far.

May 17, 2014  –  Message from The Agarthans

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message that I received from the Agarthans while we were visiting Burns Bog Park, .  

I have lived in Vancouver for many years, since 1986 in fact, and have heard about this park, but never have I created the opportunity to visit it. This experience was so very powerful for me! I am also reminded now how all the vegetation had grown up by 8 inches or so, following our visit, something we noticed late in the afternoon when we had another opportunity to walk there once again.

With great love, Carla



we are the Agarthans and we are here in this place as representatives of the many civilizations within the realm known to you as the Middle Earth, the Inner Earth.

You both now reside across several dimensions, where you are able, within your activated vehicles of light, to bridge not only the third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional aspects and levels of Being, but where you are also able to move across many timelines, asserting positive far-reaching influence, between the third, fourth and fifth levels of creation.

This is achieved by your fully activated light bodies, necessary for the upcoming transition, your transformation through transfiguration. This achievement is what results in great fatigue and disorientation. We are here to confirm your activation of several portals within this location on Mother Gaia at this time [I am shown the whole lower mainland, including White Rock, as well as southern Vancouver Island, the Victoria area].

You have dutifully aligned energetic pathways directly from your third/fourth dimensional overlay, into the fifth dimension as well as some collateral influence upon the sixth dimension, within the energetic centres, also infusing each portal with the infinity code, given to you at the White Rock portal upon your joint visit in February.

All codes, known or unknown to you, have been seeded by you both, into several key portals, including infinity codes, balanced divine masculine and divine feminine codes, Sacred Sun codes from Helios and Vesta, and inter-dimensional markers used to identify the ascending human, and ensure their ultimate ascension through this current gateway.

There are also codes which you have transmitted to humanity, that are activated once a certain light quotient is attained, that then ultimately direct each individual to their designated timeline. As they achieve each new timeline, then new codes are anchored for any further upward change in timelines.

One may go upward in evolution at this time, however, there is no falling back. New levels of frequency must be attained and maintained at consistent levels in order to receive the gift of upward expansion to a higher timeline.

Our presence, here and now, is to announce our arrival very soon, on the surface of GaiaThe energetic conditions have successfully culminated in such a way that herald in our arrival on the New Earth following the up-coming New Moon portal (Mai 28th).

Attune now solely, totally, and constantly to our energies and through this connection our bond shall be fortified – a necessary condition to draw you in to our fields during the immediate transition phase.

Georgi and you shall ascend to the fifth dimension, together, then you shall separate, as you each have different roles. You shall re-join following the completion of certain tasks, each to your own.

We love you.  We are with you, in all ways.

We are the Agarthans.”

Note:  Georgi, a few days after receiving this message, I was aware that there was some shift in our plans, where we will remain together and not be separated, as they have said here in this message.

Mai 24, 2014 –  Message from the Agarthans and Adama

Dear Georgi,

The visit yesterday to the park at Burns Bog was magical once again and here is the message that I received from the Agarthans.  I should also note that Adama of Telos, was also present. A few minutes into our visit, I was aware that Archangel Metatron also joined us there, in order to assist in the activation of the three extra chakras.  

I have always been aware that I have 15 chakras, instead of 12, as the Elohim confirmed this for me in early 2012. They also mentioned that my 12 chakra system would be fully activated by spring 2012. As an aside, it was at this time that they told me you were my dual soul, a fact which I kept to myself until I felt the opportunity arose to meet you for lunch in Germany, which of course then grew over time into a much more fulfilling interaction and gift of personal service to the PAT as well as to humanity.

I am uncertain if you also had only 12 chakras connected in early 2012, but I must tell you that now that I have met you, in person, I believe you have always had 15 chakras, and given your powerful fields and experiences that I can confirm directly and personally, I believe that these extra three chakras have been fully activated in you for some time and I suspect that you have used them for years.

With love, Carla


“We are the Agarthans and we greet you in peace and in love, love of the eternal One, with the cosmic all-encompassing Christed energy that flows from the Central Sun of All-That-Is!

We have aligned and cleansed your 12 chakra system with this high frequency energy in order to create a signature, or what you may call, an imprint of the Divine. You are correct that three more chakras, which have always been present, have now been activated in order to complement your current 12 chakra system, what you may consider to be chakra 13, 14 and 15. These chakras are not linearly placed, only presented to you as such, in your visual [I am shown them stacked one upon the other, above the other 12], to aide in comprehending their presence and activation.

These three chakras facilitate the interface with the Divine Mind, The Will of God, and the Laws of Creation. [At this point I am aware of mathematical formulas and sacred geometry falling down into our fields].

This newly-formed connection to these levels of expression of being now aide you in new ways, as new ideas for creation shall now self-express within your realms of dimensional interface through direct involvement.

Your dual soul will understand the deep implications of this gift, the three new chakras of Divine Ordinance and your creationary powers will now be enhanced.

We are with you constantly now and prepare many re-alignments and healings almost in every moment.

All is well Dear Ones!  All is well!”

One more note, Georgi: Now that I have thought about this message and moved into the energies a bit more, I recognize that you have always had a 15 Chakra system, with activated Chakras 13, 14 and 15. This visit was to activate mine, so that we are aligned and can operate now as one unified field, now that our missions have been feathered into a unified mission, as was decided a few days ago.

May 26th and 27th, 2014  –  The Elohim

Dear Georgi,

Early this morning (May 26th) I believe we transfigured to Shamballa within Middle Earth.  It was so clear, with bright colours, fresh air, brilliant gardens with bright flowers and crystal buildings everywhere.  I felt you walking beside me for this visit, and even though you don’t recall it, I am certain that we were there.

Two dreams stand out today. The first took place in a library, where I had found a garburator that was full of stuff like paper, binding cord, zap straps, and it was completely plugged.  No one wanted to clear it out, so naturally I did it!

The second dream was really alarming and it goes like this: I am at a University and I must write an exam. I am completely prepared to write the exam in that I am fully confident of a perfect mark.  I walk into the room where others are already writing and the professor tells me to follow him to meet someone.  He is very tall and has grey hair.  

We walk a ways away, outside of the building, and meet a woman who looks at me and says “You cannot write the exam.” To which I reply “Pardon me?!” I couldn’t believe it! I thought this was a real nightmare because I was already linking it to the ascension project and remembering, in my sleep, all the discussions we had with the PAT, discussing the meaning of writing exams in the dream state.   Needless to say, I was really upset.

I believe you were in the classroom waiting for me to return with the final verdict, but I didn’t have to deliver this news to you after all, in the dream state… I only had to deliver it when I woke up. It was then that I/we felt this dream represented a real sobering truth, that there had indeed been another delay in the ascension at the new moon portal on May 28th as announced to us by the Agarthans.

You had already a knowing of this, and I had asked my Higher Self to confirm the state of affairs, and this was the dream that I experienced.

I went to the beach at Boundary Bay, where the weather was very beautiful and the Elohim came to me with this message. Their tone was one of compassion, but with an overlay of consternation and sternness, meant for the light warriors that are not considering Ascension as a reality at this time on Earth, neither for them, nor for Gaia.



“Greetings Beloved!

We are the Elohim and we join you now in our embrace of unconditional love. The world shines in shades of deep royal violet and gold as the undercurrents of the new creative flames flow in, around and through each consideration of our dear Gaia.

The violet flame is of the highest frequency, the highest divinity, the highest order and it has been decreed that its arrival shall nourish ALL elements of this expression, through to the end of these precious ascension moments, and beyond.

The true power of the violet-gold flame is until this moment, unknown, as it was always known as the violet flame of transmutation and cleansing. But this royal violet flame, empowered by an overlay of the Gold-Christ consciousness representation, seen as gold sparkles to your third eye, is now empowered for divine balancing, balancing of feminine with masculine, divine balancing of introspective self-love with the healthy outwardly sourced, seen and experienced love, and the balancing of true expressions of love, felt as joy, contentment, and an inner warmth, now all become the fuel of the creative engine of change.

This flame is the new flame of creation!

As the violet-gold flame infuses all renditions, it will naturally be seen and felt everywhere, and from here we ask all light warriors on the path to full self-realization, to concentrate upon the power of the violet fire, to hold it within your fields and use it with a genuine effort during your intimate and timely moments of creation.

The intimate moment is one of concerted effort of focus through an open and transparent inquiry upon your inner world, your soul essence. Through this elaboration, you shall inevitably arrive at clear decisions, decisions that represent only the highest good for desired outcomes in your own lives, in humanity’s current expression on a societal level, and ultimately, decisions that only honour your physical home, Gaia, who continues to provide a beautiful and safe space in which to live, which you call “home”.

The inner reflection requires a deep commitment to the Self, the Soul, the very existence of which is questioned by many, who think they know better, and who have surely closed their hearts to this exquisite and formidable truth!

To these doubtful Souls who read this…  KNOW that you are more than the physical body you port, and that your Soul reaches out beyond your head into the infinity of All-That-Is! This statement should not need proof of truth!

If one closes their eyes, as we are now, sitting outside, in nature, under the warm sun and bathed in the gentle caress of this soft warm breeze, one cannot help but feel the wholeness of life, and the truth that we are all connected; that we are ONE WITH THIS CREATION!

It is time, NOW, to close off to the world of bus-i-ness.  It is time to create for your own Soul, to simply reflect on what one sincerely needs to live within this expression, in a genuine manner, in all honesty with your Self, your Soul! And from this moment that you embrace the absolute truth, the violet-gold flame shall rise and present itself by the grace of creation, to empower you to lovingly create your own world, a balanced world – a world of acceptance of who you truly are, that you ARE ONE WITH CREATION and that THERE IS NO DEFICIENCY IN YOU!

We are the Elohim and we love, cherish and guide All, whether we are accepted for what we are, or not.”

This message came with compassion, yes, but also with a strident desire to impress the importance of light warriors to now take their Souls seriously, and to give the ascension discussion an honest consideration, by simplifying their lives and turning to their own Souls to discover what makes them TICK!   

The Elohim continued on with another message after I had a bit of a break:

“The current space you hold supports the upward reaching of Gaia and her upper-most expression, expanding into a fully fifth dimensional expression.

The veil thins daily for you and soon it shall be a continuous experience equivalent to your expectations of how the Fifth Dimension shall present. Your expectations create the fifth dimensional experience.

Utilize the violet-gold flame to enhance your reality, to formulate the divinely perfected experience you expect to see, feel and perceive. You no longer feel of this world and this is true testimony that your evolution is dynamic and never static any longer.

Hold sacred space constantly, never allow negative, disharmonious energies to intrude, as they shall pull you back to the fourth dimension. Be resolute in your opinions and trust that they shall guide you to open doors as well as safe havens.

There has been tremendous success within your (Carla’s) family structure and this has been the template for change within humanity – the healing of relationships long-seemed heavy with pain, confusion and misunderstandings. The template was cleared and so is the Family of Man. This work represents the sacred work, that many light warriors carry out within their own family home.

Know that healing within yourself, and within your immediate family are only the beginning of the great work you are doing, and that all of these healings ultimately correct deep issues present also within humanity.

Personality deconstruction has been the theme in the recent past (past week, Georgi), where non-supportive personality patterns are identified by your dual soul and a deconstruction or dismantling is called for in order to hook up new links to positive traits, traits of self-support, self-acceptance, and surely of self-love.

This action is now identified correctly as a critical change necessary to humanity’s soul structure and therefore its ultimate survival through the ascension gateway.

As we look out over the garden of flowers, trees and shrubs below, we delight with you, as One Being, in the majesty of this physical earth, where in this moment, this evening, the gentle pink and blue sky is a reflection of the pure love you and all light warriors hold for Gaia, and her ‘thank you’ to all of you for your sustaining love for her, and for all of life in the unified field of creation, held fast with the unity consciousness of this perfect creation.

Energies rise and fall, but the over-arching lift upwards to ascension continues. As souls are dispersed to multiple new parallel earth experiences, the light quotient continues to show itself to be more refined in every moment. As the light quotient is the prime catalyst to the ascension threshold, all care is taken now to balance the outward flow of soul essence, with the critical light quotient mass needed to boost this event.

It is a critical time, and this is why many channeled messages demand inner reflection of the readers. It is time to come home! It is time to choose your final destination! Make the ultimate choice – choose the ascension!”

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