Final Alignment of Planetary Ascension

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 7, 2014
first published on July 14, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Georgi Stankov

Sananda gave this message to Jahn the next day after he responded to my comments and questions regarding the ascension scenario on July the 7th. In this respect this message can be regarded as Part II of his answer to me. Many aspects that Sananda touched upon in his first answer are further elaborated in this second message. 

It also reaffirms my assessment of the current political situation as presented in my article on Paul Craig Roberts (PCR). In particular why there will be no WW3 on this highest timeline. It is noteworthy to point out that this message was given exactly at the same time when I wrote my article on PCR’s interview with Voice of Russia, where he supported the view of the inevitability of a global nuclear war. I received this message from Jahn though five days later, so that we have here another unbiased proof for the validity of my conclusions with respect to the more favourable ascension scenario on this timeline. This will however not prevent the occurrence of the MPR on this vibrationally highest hologram.

Essentially this message announces the end of all preparations and adjustments in the ascension process that gave infinite chances to the numerous fence straddlers and sleeping light warriors to awaken and embrace the idea of ascension. All decisions have been made and now it is all about the final coordination of the ascension of Gaia to a new galaxy as its crystallisation point. Ascension and the MPR are “only an instant away in time”.

The bottom line is that the battle is won and the dark ones must go to a lower super-dark 3D planet that is a veritable hell. This will stipulate their negative reactions and will accelerate the ascension process. To this I have just received a new very important message from Jahn, given to him by Babaji on July 2th. I must say that Babaji is also present with us in these last days and his flamboyant energies are everywhere.

The key new piece of information is that a final vibrational measurement of the threshold of ascension for Gaia and humanity will be made in these last days. This announcement was made on July 7th (7.7), the beginning of the lion’s portal, which is the most powerful ascension portal of the year. You can go back to my archive and find what we have achieved during this time of the year in the last three years. The lion’s portal ended with the super full moon on July 12th. 

After this final assessment of the vibrational quotient, the final ascension can begin. This time Gaia will ascend together with the new galaxy, for which we have been advanced as the new guardians. She will be the crystallisation point of this massive separation of galaxies and their subsequent ascension, respectively further descent:

“The renewed vibration measurement of this world is required, because the final determination and the final adjustment of the planetary ascension take place. Based on these measurements, the final docking station far from space-time is determined for this planet. This is the point where this world holistically is on a higher vibration level, in a new galaxy and in a new universe. This moment is connected with the total separation of this world from the sluggishly vibrating earth holograms; and thereby the level of space-time will be broken through and stripped off.

This final gauging of the vibrational threshold of ascension has already taken place.

On July 12th, during the super full moon, all light warriors of the first and the last hours were overwhelmed by a massive cleansing wave of darkest and most depressive emotions. On that day Carla was in a total depression and could not recognize herself. I have just received an email from Ellen Emerich that also confirms this wave.

These past months have been a roller coaster for me as well. Extreme highs and lows. BUT, on Saturday I had reached a very different level of deep sadness and despair. Along with extreme hellish physical symptoms as well. I reached out to a couple of PAT members to “check in” and also found them to be in the same mental, emotional and physical condition as myself. I was positive that I could no longer continue on this journey. I knew that another change HAD to come.” 

On that day I was more or less exempted from this cleansing, as I am already beyond this vibrational level. But in the night to July the 13th I was hit by the most massive cc-wave with a descent of source energies, which I have experienced in the last several months. I had an excruciating headache the whole night and during the morning of July 13th. I knew by then that this is the ascension test run announced by Sananda in the message below. 

Such ascension test runs are always associated with the assessment of the vibrational energies of Gaia and humanity and whether they have already reached the threshold of ascension. They also lead to the release of remnant dark patterns and energies that are still harboured in the numerous holograms of Gaia. Light warriors like Carla and Ellen, who have directly anchored their fields in Gaia, experience such episodes in a particularly exhausting manner. But this also indicates the effectiveness of such ascension test runs, which always heave Gaia to new higher vibrational levels.  

Then my headache improved at noon and in the afternoon I was flooded with most blissful 6D energies of ecstasy and the joyful feeling of returning back home. I was really euphoric for no apparent reason. I knew beyond any doubt that we have successfully reached the threshold of ascension on that day – yesterday, July the 13th.

Then in the evening I got very tired all of a sudden and had to lie down. I was immediately taken away. At the same time I was flooded by the most intensive ascension wave, I have ever experienced and believed at that moment that my physical body will disintegrate and I will finally undergo my transfiguration to a crystalline light body. I was in a trance state, but with a very lucid thinking and immediately connected telepathically to the mothership of the GF that was very near above me. 

In the moments, when I drifted away, I must have visited it. I was urged to start saying the invocation of the gold-violet flame. At the same time, I was unable to move. This state of almost total immobilisation lasted for about two hours. I was alone at home, as Carla had to drive the boys to Downtown of Vancouver for their hockey training. 

When I finally got up, I saw the most remarkable sky in my life. There was a clear contour of the mothership as clouds above me with a lot of clouds like the wings of angels and the colours of the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra from the source were indescribably intensive. I immediately called Carla on the iPhone and reported about my experience. She was waiting for her boys in the car outside and confirmed the colours of the sky as follows in an email to me:

Dear Georgi,

Yes, the sky is absolutely breathtaking in its colours of turquoise, magenta and electric peach! I feel the huge energies also lifting me to new levels of consciousness. I cannot wait to hold you tonight – we may ascend tonight!  You are correct, the mothership is here!


Then this night all the ascended masters from the mothership and all over the universe came to me and Carla and beamed us the whole night with the loving energies of reverence and appreciation for the light work we have accomplished so far. There was such a finality in this form of energetic gratitude that I knew that we must have achieved something exceptional.

I have just informed Jahn about these events and hope to get some more information what has happened in the last 48 hours. Carla is also trying to get more information from the Elohim. Babaji’s message as of July 12th, which Jahn has just sent me, already addresses this issue. I will  try to publish it tomorrow and I urge you to follow from now on very closely all my reports as we have already entered the most exciting, but also the most dense and conflicting phase of the ascension process, before the MPR will take place and the separation of the galaxies will occur. This is also the time of our ascension to the 5D, respectively to the source, and our full endorsement as the new Guardians of this new Galaxy and not only of Gaia.

Finally let me address one further pivotal information in this message. The current ascension scenario of Gaia has taken the most unlikely outcome and this explains three major facts.

1) Most of the light warriors sent on the earth for the end time did not awaken and could not contribute to the ascension process. They were mired by the Orion matrix and will not ascend. Many of the readers of my website who have chosen to criticize me in the last six months belong to this group. They did not grasp my silence as a chance to finally establish a direct contact to their HS and progress in their ascension, but stayed fully dependent (addicted to) on external information, even when it came from me and was the best and most reliable information, one can get on this planet. This was the worst case scenario as predicted by the higher realms for the end times.

2)  This fact explains why there were so many delays, detours and setbacks in the ascension scenario. I will publish this week an article on our announced ascension end of May by the Agarthans and how it was postponed in the very last minute due to unforeseeable problems. This experience prompted me to ask Sananda about the ongoing delays in the ascension scenario and to question the wisdom of delaying the final act to the very last moment in time. Now this discussion is of pure theoretical character as we have indeed entered this final phase of ascension, no matter how many days it will take in the linear time. But we must definitely discuss this issue one more time after ascension as to gain further insights.

3) The fact that so few light warriors of the first and last hours awakened and actively participated in the ascension process allowed them to exceed their wildest dreams. The were able to advance through these challenges much further than they had envisioned prior to incarnation. Now all these light warriors have become Logos-Gods and Guardians of the new galaxy, together with us, Carla and myself, as the Elohim of the first ray. This group, also known as the PAT, has accomplished the most difficult mission ever seen in this omniverse and this immense success has been acknowledged not only by the Elohim in their regular messages to us, but also by all sources which Jahn channels. And now this night by all ascended masters and forces of light.

Hence do not lose hope we are the most victorious group of light beings in the whole universe and have every right to be proud of ourselves.  

And now  Sananda’s message on this topic.

Beloved Ones,


I am omnipresent in this world. Nothing escapes my eye, nothing can withdraw from my attention and My Love is the birthright of every human Being. Hopeless humanity loses itself in one of the most wonderful places in Creation and it is me, who delivers hope, brings Light and gives Love; Everywhere, where hope, Light and Love may be accepted, everywhere, where the desire for it cries to Heaven.

The last days of humanity happen very quickly. The world changes, the day, when the world changes its countenance from the bottom up, is only an instance away in time. Many ways, also detours, many ascension scenarios, also displacements and many unforeseen events, also unpleasant ones, border God’s pathways in this world. Years passed and humanity received all instruments for the ascension. And those years are now gone. The time of an encompassing and extensive preparation of mankind for ascension is over.

Vibration Measurement before Ascension

In these significant days of mankind the vibration measurement of the planet and of human Beings take place. Because the renewed determination of the human and planetary vibration is the yardstick where from the further ascension process fulfills itself, until it is finally finished.

Today, as an infinite swarm of light warriors fell for darkness and today, because these human Beings turn away from the Light, today a few single light warriors rise up – and their Light reaches into Heaven – in order to give blessings to this world, until all upheavals are ended with a single surprise action from God.

The Universal Council of Light had to consider many scenarios for this ascension and all these scenarios were looked at, evaluated and examined on a cosmic screen. This means that the heavenly Light forces are and were principally adjusted to every ascension scenario. Yet what happened, was, what is the least expected result, namely: That so many human Beings in view of the nearing farewell from this world decided otherwise; and those few, the ascending ones, are of such a quality, which surpasses everything and all. Never before were so many “enlightened ones” on this planet.

The renewed vibration measurement of this world is required, because the final determination and the final adjustment of the planetary ascension take place. Based on these measurements, the final docking station far from space-time is determined for this planet. This is the point where this world holistically is on a higher vibration level, in a new galaxy and in a new universe. This moment is connected with the total separation of this world from the sluggishly vibrating earth holograms; and thereby the level of space-time will be broken through and stripped off.

What does this mean for the remaining time?

The Matrix has been left

To overcome the concept of impermanence. Understand that you have left this matrix mentally and emotionally, and not that you will still leave it. It is valid to accept further upheavals until day X with serenity and in the certainty of a Creator God. The ascension remains until last a dynamic and extremely stretchable process that releases new potentials over and over again, and brings them into reality, even those, which were predicted, but were not necessarily counted on.

In the course of the creation of the Super (dark) 3D-Planet, whereupon all inconvincible and unwavering dark ones will find themselves, a new awareness manifests for the ascending ones on this level. A lighter, more peaceful and joyful perception of this end time gains the upper hand. The heaviness recedes gradually from your reality, while darkness seems to continue to get stuck on the ground.

The ascending ones truly operate in a “tension field”, between a lighter and easier awareness of the divine vibration and the dark and sluggish base vibration, which emanates from many human Beings and from the discharges of time. Simultaneously the dark ones shift their reality to the newly created planet. Nobody can oppose this mandate from God; “resistance is pointless” describes this quite well.

The Dark Plan fails

This also means that the dark forces now put their card on “scorched earth”, because they want to let this earth ignite into a fire storm or let it suffocate in the morass of their own creations, before they leave it; and I say to you: This fails, as everything fails, what has been figured out by the lightless Beings for this world.

Yet it seems that success is certain for the dark ones, many may object. I say to you: This false assumption is based on the fact that the game of the dark ones has functioned nearly trouble-free for thousands of years. Thereby for you the impression has been created that you may never be able to escape this one.

And this impression has also been consolidated in the dark ones, so that they cannot become aware of their own downfall. Their misjudgment regarding the actual situation on earth, their false assumption regarding the power of the awakening of human Beings, is the springboard for their descent.

Because somebody who was able to play a “program without competition” for thousands of years, can neither interpret, nor recognize the moment, when the curtain falls. These “thinking patterns of superiority” were passed on from generation to generation and thereby it is impossible for the actually ruling dark elites to see, how God’s sword and the sword of the light warriors do their job, whereby all life cords of the dark ones are cut off (for further confirmation of this statement see my article on “our timeline travels“, note George).

They exist, the great wars, the great upheavals exist; yet before the world sinks in the blood frenzy, which the dark ones have visualized, the dark ones will:

a) fall themselves victim to this.
b) will find themselves in another world.
c) will be removed from this world.

Yet you are uplifted and enter into the Light. Godlessness no longer reaches you, because Heaven has spread out its power and God has spread out his hand in protection of mankind.


The believers, the knowers, the lovers, the peacemakers, the truth seekers, the light-filled, all those are turned over into God’s care. Whoever throws a rock unto these Beings, will go down in a rock slide, because any energy that is directed toward a light warrior will immediately come back to the sender.

Today the law of cause and effect begins to rule in almost real-time, and the energetic balance occurs instantly in a case of attack of an ascending one. Therefore each dark one, who gets involved with an ascending one, wants to do damage to him, immediately receives the pay-off and will himself be confronted with his action.

The game is truly over

Those, who have decided to step out of this illusion, will remain untouched by the principle of karma, because he no longer creates karma and has redeemed everything in himself that has accumulated over time. On the day of truth many will call on God and God knows all of them by name. And God will call up his missed sons and daughters and will ask: Where were you, my child, where do you go, my child, who are you, my child?

In the answer to this lies the happiness of human Beings. Because those, who love God will see him – from countenance to countenance.

In Eternity,

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