Energy-Update, July 25, 2014: Creating from the Fulcrum of Your I Am Presence

Georgi Stankov

We are in the midst of a huge ascension tsunami that began about five days ago and shows all the typical characteristics of massive cleansing of human dross, dissipation of old Orion patterns, cc-waves from the Source of extreme, almost inhuman intensity, and rapid separation of the worlds. All this creates an extremely tense atmosphere and brings the repetition of old negative experiences, we might have considered to have fully overcome. The difference is now that these events do not touch us personally, as they bounce from our powerful energetic fields as if we are coated with Teflon.

But these experiences create, nonetheless, enormous emotional reactions in the light warriors of the first and the last hours and now Guardians of the new galaxy, so that you should be very careful and try to remain centered in your inner core, where your prana tube is and where peacefulness and calmness reign all the time and not be overwhelmed by the turbulences of the waning 3D emotions that come from your environment and are now surging high in order to be eliminated prior to our final ascension.

Yesterday, July 24th was such a day when Carla and I lost any sense of being humans. It was devastating. The cleansing wave exceeded anything we have experienced so far and we were barely able to move around. It was as if tons of human dross were weighing on our shoulders and we were pressed outright flat on the ground. We suffered from nausea and asphyxia (suffocation). The prevailing negative patterns that flowed through our fields and had to be released by the “turnstile-mechanism”, which my HS established four months ago, were of pecuniary character – avarice, greed, coercion, manipulation and immeasurable fears of scarcity and poverty, all these associated with untethered aggressions. 

Needless to say that for us personally these experiences were triggered by unpleasant events, where close family members fully derailed and developed unprecedented and unexpected destructive tendencies. But due to the omnipresent power of instant karma, all such heinous deeds bounced back from us immediately and threw the perpetrators in the abyss, they were digging for us. Please, don’t ask any details, as they do not matter and I am sure you yourselves are confronted with plenty of such negative experiences these days too.

This night was another energy peak with a massive cc-wave from the source, severe headache and pains in the left eye socket and a split head all the time and it is still ongoing this morning, while writing this update. But, and here comes the good news, I was repeatedly told by my HS or from the Mothership of the GF, it is difficult to discern now, that my “I Am Presence” has now fully descended in my body. At the same time I was flooded with the most blissful energies of consolation and peacefulness that mitigated my incessant headache. 

This experience needs a further elaboration. My “I Am Presence” has descended in my body long time ago and since then I act all the time from the fulcrum of its powerful field. But until now we were still fully immersed in the density of the 3D Orion matrix and the I Am Presence felt rather uncomfortable in my body field and stayed most of the time above it. For instance in the last two days Carla and I descended again to lower timelines to do this nasty cleansing and most of our souls left our bodies. We felt like shadows. Now they are back again when the sun shines. Our souls give us an umbrella when the sun shines and takes it away when the rain starts. 

I can see my I Am Presence with my third eye at about 5 -8 meters above my head, where the projection of the tangential from my vertex is crossing with the beam of my sight. This means that the place of our I Am Presence is flexible and changes with the position of our head and direction of sight. I see it as an opening of a vortex that floods my body with crystalline light, like cascades flowing downwards in a cone form that fully encompasses my body. Depending on the quality of the waves, the opening of this vortex varies and may extend in a diameter of up to  25 cm. Normally it is much smaller.

I am sure that many of you are also able to see your I AM Presence during or after meditation when you lie on the bed and stare at the white ceiling and see how the cascades of crystalline light pour down upon you. And as we talk about light, here is another aspect I would like to share with you.

We are now flooded with the gold-violet flame. This is an inevitable fact as part of the overall ascension process that is carried by this energy quality – the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra of the source. After all, this is the flame of Ascension and Transmutation, but also of immediate Creation. And we are not only an integral part of it, but also the bearers of these energies and creators at the same time.

And this is what I want to stress here one more time. Please, do not underestimate the power of this flame and its invocation as given to us by Saint Germain. This is not the usual New Age BS, as I have written below to Claudia, but indeed the most real thing you can experience in these last days:

Dear George,

I’ve been wanting to write you for a year now but every attempt didn’t work on your web. Glad you posted your mail address. Since you posted about the Invocation of the Gold-Violet Flame I’ve been making it daily, asking for the truth to come out so it helps the ascension process. But today it was special. I asked also for the conflict in Gaza to finish, and while making this mandate I felt a strong flux of energy through my body, it was so sad, so full of suffering, and images of mothers crying, of children afraid, came to my mind. I couldn’t stop myself and started crying. I made the invocation at first hour, and since then I feel so much anguish in my chest and intense sadness. 

I don’t know what it was, but if it is 1% compared to what you have been through all these years with the cc-waves that you have described, then my full respect to you, you have endured so much and nothing but deep gratitude can come from me. So many questions come to my mind, and I wish I’m given a chance to learn from you and Carla from NOW on. 

With much appreciation and gratitude,
Claudia Ortiz


Dear Claudia,

Thank you for having established contact with me and sharing your personal experience with the gold-violet flame, cleansing all negative patterns associated with the conflict(s) in the Middle East. I can confirm that yesterday was a particular peak in cleansing human dross and I felt this particular wave rather inhuman, even compared to previous ones – the intensity was unbearable. We are now on a steady upward spiral of rising energy intensity and I associate it with the splitting and ascension of Gaia and the new galaxy which will peak this weekend.

The gold-violet flame invocation is very powerful indeed and we use it every day to create successfully our reality. This invocation is not another New Age BS. but the reclaiming of our pristine creative abilities, which will come to us only when we have full faith in them. For instance, since we started using the gold-violet flame two months ago, now our apartment is fully embedded in violet light and you can see it everywhere as a kind of a filter that covers all objects.

With love and light

Carla and I use this powerful energy daily to create our reality in a most advantageous manner, which means in the first place for the highest good of All-That-Is and all human beings, and it works fabulously this way. I wish I could give you some details, but they are of a personal, family character and I prefer to stay discrete for now. But let us say that we are able to influence particular events and outcomes in a most positive and desirable manner the world over, although we are not directly involved in these events.  

And you are able to do the same. You must know that you are now acquiring, precisely reclaiming your pristine creationary powers as unlimited multidimensional beings and as Guardians of the new Galaxy and you can create anything, as long as you firmly believe in this and do not offset this ability with doubts at the ego mind level. 

I know this kind of stuff has been very popular in the early days of the New Age movement, when every spiritual charlatan wanted you to believe that you can create immediate prosperity as long as you desire it strongly enough and if you failed, your desire was not sincere enough and you were supposed to do more spiritual work, preferably in his expensive teaching courses. But here we have a completely different situation and it is not about establishing your personal comfort niche in the Orion matrix and live happily ever after. It is about leaving this sluggish reality of linear time and beginning to create in the Now from the fulcrum of your I Am Presence, which is pure violet light of the Source.

Let me explain, The I Am Presence consists of the violet light, which is a composite spectrum and also contains the blue light of God’s will as the Elohim told us with respect to my field recently. It has always been so for all of us who come from the Source. That is why St Germain’s teachings are centered around the I Am Presence. As we, the light warriors of the first and the last hours  have now all ascended to 5D and 6D and are merging our fields with the violet light of the Source and God’s will of infinite Creation, we are now really able for the first time in this incarnation to create everything we consciously wish and envision. Please read this article that explains this issue in more depth.

All the filters, all the blockages that were inserted in the past between our human consciousness operating as ego mind and the infinite creative awareness of our I Am Presence in order to create this sluggish illusory 3D reality of linear time and to prevent immediate creation as the most natural aspect of All-That-Is, have been now fully removed, so that there are no principle hindrances for us to create immediately in a very powerful manner.

In addition, Gaia has now been fully embedded and imbued with the gold-violet flame, which profoundly changes its quantum and electromagnetic structure. This flame also comes from the source and contains the gold flame of Christed Consciousness as an ingredient. That is to say, we have now for the first time in the history of this planet an energetic situation, where there is a full congruence between individual I Am Presence as a sovereign creator force and an energetic environment – full operational crystalline grid and Christed unity field – that supports this creation, as it is of the same energetic origin and quality.

This is only possible as this highest timeline is now firmly anchored in the unity field of 5D and 6D. In other words, all our personal fields have expanded so much that they are now of global proportions and part of this unity field. This new energetic state of being enables us to expand our powers infinitely as part of our new mission as Logos Gods of Gaia and her new 4D worlds and as Guardians of the new Galaxy.

We are now the unity field of creation and it will stay so for all eternity.

The sooner you realize and internalize this basic truth, the quicker your creative powers will unfold and bring you the most precious gifts. It is just a question of opening your consciousness to this fact as you are already all that at the soul level.

We are now fully merging with our souls, the I Am Presence, and this is what ascension is all about. A collateral effect of this process of reclaiming our pristine power is that, as exponentially as we expand our powers, the power of the dark elite is diminishing. Hence very soon we shall reach the energetic threshold, where this weakness of the ruling cabal will become manifest through a futile, most destructive act on their part to reaffirm their dwindling power and this will be the moment of their demise.

Their purge will be nothing else, but the result of instant karma. If they decide to unleash a devastating third world war, this heinous act will immediately bounce back upon them and they will lose all their power and will be revealed for what they truly are – monsters.

This will be the point in time when we shall make a huge quantitative and qualitative leap in our unlimited powers as creators gods and will transfigure. This will happen in an instant. Given the current global ascension of Gaia as a crystallisation point of a whole new galaxy, we shall still continue being part of this reality, in the sense that we shall continue to be physically present here in our crystalline light bodies that will not differ from our current biological bodies as we have actually transfigured them and ascended last year as reported on this website. The new aspect will be that, from this moment onward, we shall acquire unlimited awareness and thus unlimited creative and other powers. We shall then bilocate wherever we want, create any physical form, we wish to experience and effectively shape the destiny of mankind on all 4D worlds, mother planets, parallel holograms and timelines as the Guardians of the new Galaxy.

For this purpose Saint Germain has merged his fields with ours and is constantly present in our vicinity. It is a well known fact that he is the bridge between this reality and the higher dimensions and that he can manifest in a physical human body in this reality whenever he wishes to do so. Now it is our turn to do the same.

With respect to this uppermost timeline, we shall appear immediately after the exposure and ousting of the dark ruling cabal and take over the leadership of humanity. This point in time is very near and I need not present any evidence as you all feel that this outcome is coming with giant steps.

When the devious acts of the current politicians are revealed, they will not be replaced by other, allegedly more ethical politicians as there are no such persons on this planet. All humans, except for the few light warriors of the first and last hours, are still part of the current cesspool and contaminated with darkness to their bone marrow. If it were otherwise, there would not be any MPR and the vast majority of the people would not die during this event, as it will be the case very soon. There are no human individuals that are open and intelligent enough and have the moral and ethical strength to lead humanity out of the old matrix. I have shown this by analysing the inherent shortcomings, limitations and flawed concepts, which even the most pronounced critics of this reality such as Paul Craig Roberts embody these days.

The new beginning can only unfold, when we, the new ascended masters, take full control over this reality and lead it to higher dimensions. This is a leitmotif of all Jahn’s messages and of those given to us by the Elohim and other sources. Carla and I have gained some glimpses as to what is scheduled to happen with us in the coming days and I may report about this soon, depending on how the events will unfold on the ground. I do not want to anticipate these events as everything is in a constant flow and changes rapidly, so that the interim stages of this End Time  scenario are unpredictable. But let us say that we shall most probably be engaged one more time in cleansing the Middle East, this most darkest spot on the planet.

The current bloody war, which this darkest and most criminal state in the world – Israel – is now conducting against the population of Gaza and Palestine shows the urgency of the situation. Our invocations have helped a lot, but Heaven now needs the big guns.

As you may remember, Carla and I opened the second Infinity portal in Istanbul and extended it over the Middle East in June last year. Then I came here to Vancouver to open the third Infinity portal in White Rock on the Pacific Coast of North America, where the remnants of Lemuria still exist (e.g. in Victoria on the Vancouver Island). The third one is my Infinity portal in Munich Bavaria, which also harbours the new city of light, called “Raetsia” or “New Germania”. It will be the new technological hub of all upper 4D worlds. There are only three Infinity portals on Gaia and all of them have been created by us to connect this planet with all other realities of the omniverse.

From what we are gathering now, is that  I must return one more time to Germany at the beginning of August as to expand the Bavarian Infinity portal and merge it with the one in Istanbul as to reinforce its power over the Middle East. This will contain the dark forces in this part of the world, the dark entity Netanyahu in the first place, who desperately try everything possible in order to unleash a new third world war. As my German Infinity portal is extending to Russia and beyond Ural, I will also very positively influence the Ukraine conflict.

The objective is not to resolve these conflicts in a completely peaceful manner, as war and aggression is already part of this reality, but to dampen the aggressive powers of the dark ones sufficiently. This will weaken their position and at the same time push them to act in a very irrational, desperate manner and this is how they will reveal their true abominable nature to humanity and will lose for ever their power. It is a very intricate process based on the dialectical strife of light and darkness, the way they manifest here in a physical form in this still existing 3D overlay, before the curtain falls and this earthly drama is finished forever. So much for today.

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