Elijah Prophesies Nr. 49 – 65 For All 4D Worlds Until the Year 3000

channelled by Jahn J Kassl
first published on July 30, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Foreword by Georgi Stankov 

After consulting Jahn J Kassl, I decided to publish in advance these excerpts from his new book “The Prophecies of Elijah“, because they are sensational and discuss precisely the new 4D worlds that we create in the present moment and populate with new souls. These are the worlds, in which we shall be working as ascended masters and new Logos Gods. And this will be very soon, most likely later in this fall. 

Jahn’s book with the entire prophecy of Elijah will appear in the fall and I recommend all my readers to read this book very carefully, because it contains the essence of what we discuss here since three years. According to Jahn, there will also be a complete English translation by Franz. They are now in the process of preparing the English website of the light-world publishing (Lichtwelt-Verlag) and will open it soon. This is a major expansion of Jahn’s journalistic activity as a messenger of the higher realms. 

The first 48 prophecies relate to the events immediately before and during the MPS and the Ascension. The prophecies published here discuss the long-term history of the new, higher-frequency 4D worlds, which will emerge from the ID split and will include only a portion of the currently incarnated souls. However, there is at present a massive colonization of these 4D worlds with new souls, whereas at this moment it is not clear to me whether the current empty body shells will be retained or replaced with new bodies. 

Probably those personalities (about 10 – 20%), who have qualified for the top 4D worlds, will continue with their existence there and their bodies will be only gradually healed and regenerated, so that they can live for several hundred years, as is provided for these advanced 4D worlds. Personally, I am assuming that these people will then encounter entirely new entities, with which they must come to terms first. These individuals have already settled on these worlds and shape them now under our leadership as ascended masters for the benefit of all incarnated souls there.

Carla and I have been working very actively on these 4D worlds as Logos Gods to teach the masses there on the new theory of the Universal Law, among many other activities. Sometimes we get hints about this in the dream state, as was the case last night. The same is true for all PAT members, the Light worriers of the first and the last hours. 

In this respect, this new book of Jahn J Kassl is a true gem of information and a brilliant confirmation of what we have accomplished in the last three years and have discussed in detail on this website. Please go to the website of Lichtwelt-Verlag and see when the book will be published, so that you can receive the full information from the prophecies of Elijah. It is extremely important for you to know the future as the new Guardians of the new galaxy, where these 4D worlds will soon commence with their full existence.

Foreword by Jahn J Kassl

Honored Reader,

I received these dream sequences, “Revelations” in the years 2011-2013. For a long time I did not know how to interpret them, because the present ascension of mankind and the world brought forth a dynamic, whereby I could not place these pictures. These “linear sequences” of events seemed to intersect with some actual developments, yet as a whole did not fit the present ascension dynamics.

Today, it is the 27th of July 2014, I received clarity: “This is the Revelation of End Time of all 4D-Holograms before these worlds will also uplifted to the fifth dimension of All-That-Is.” Elijah. In joy and gratefulness may I present to you this writing of the Prophet Elijah. This is an expanding proclamation from the Light, whereby we partake in the complexity of this unique process of the ascension of many worlds.

Introduction by Elijah

This is the Revelation for the 4D-Worlds, wherein time has no more power and life is limited by space. This is the Revelation for the end time of all 4D-Holograms, before these worlds will also be uplifted into the fifth dimension of All-That-Is. This is the Revelation after the Revelations; after this world has been transformed, begins the process of transformation for the “remaining” human Beings.

This is the Revelation, which says that the newly ascended Masters will act on these worlds, until the end of space-time has been reached and the final departure from this level of All-That-Is has also come for these Masters of Love.

This is the Revelation for humanity, so that those, who are involved, understand and those, who already know for a long time, receive knowledge of the further development of space-time; far beyond the upcoming events in this world. This is revealed to you for joy, for blessings, and for the benefit of all Life.


Return of the Prophets

Prophesies until the year 3000
Message from Elijah


God’s Prophet, returned and in my spirit the eternal presence on this planet.

Fire will burn everything, Water will flood everything, The Earth will bury everything under her, The Storm will bring a new World.” Truthful seekers know it, truthful knowers among the knowers, interpret the signs of the time and understand what is.

The decade 2011-2020 changes the world view.

The decade 2020-2030 changes humanity.
The decade 2030-2040 establishes the subtleness of the planet.
The decade 2040-2050 establishes the subtleness of the human body.
The decade 2050-2060 brings immortality.
The decade 2060-2070 brings the earth into the suction of the 6th dimension.
The decade 2070-2080 brings many human Beings, who have attained enlightenment a long time ago, back to the levels of 3D and 4D.
The decade 2080-2090 lifts the earth, which presently is in the next hologram to earth, which presently chooses ascension, into the suction of the 5th dimension.
The decade 2090-2100 means farewell for many Masters, who from then on will complete their evolution cycle on the 6D-12D levels.

The century 2100-2200 liquefies the earth into the crystalline primal substance of all matter.

The century 2200-2300 brings forth a totally new human – androgynous, multidimensional in the universal sense, almighty.

The century 2300-2400 puts the leadership over this galaxy in the hands of the Beings of GAIA TERRA X HIGH X27.

The century 2400-2500 transfers to the planet GAIA TERRA X HIGH X27 the guardianship of this universe.

The century 2500-2600 creates the last space-time upheavals; the end of the linear perception of time.

The century 2600-2700 is the century of great “Heaven phenomena”, new stars establish themselves around the planet. New moons, new suns, new stars, in multitude and according to the new place of the planet in Creation.

The century 2700-2800, the century of time travels. Levels of 5D-12D visit levels 3D-4D, in order to obtain an overview or in order to destroy them, or to bring them into the Light.

The century 2800-2900 and the Sun no longer goes down, there is light all over the planet.

The century 2900-3000, the earth reorients itself, to a long time of eternal Light, all tasks for it will have been completed by then, paradise is established – for thousands of years, and thousands more.

Beginning and End

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