Why All Conventionally Thinking, Critical Experts on World Politics Such as the Brilliant Thinker Paul Craig Roberts Fail to Capture the Whole Truth About the Political Events in the End Time

Dr. Georgi Stankov, July 6, 2014 
First published as guest article on Jahn J Kassl’s blog (Lihctweltverlag)

The latest interview of the excellent and morally and ethically impeccable American thinker and former politician Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) with Voice of Russia (VOR) 

US war against Russia is already underway


and here

prompted me to prepare this disquisition at the end of all days.

It’s about the whole truth as it is accessible only to transcendental thinkers such as the publisher of this website and my friend Jahn J Kassl , even though we as human beings can have only a very imperfect knowledge of the details of the current cosmic events.

I will elucidate below the transcendental background of all energetic events that decisively determine the destiny of Gaia and humanity in these days (actually all the time), because this knowledge is only accessible to a few people and because until now it escapes a deterministic proof. I will also shed light on the logical and weltanschauung’s pitfalls of the conventional critical thinking, as exemplified by Paul Craig Roberts in a paradigmatic manner. If even such excellent thinkers are not able to capture the whole truth, what can we expect from an average person or even from the masses. Nothing at all!

This finding is of greatest importance because it also illuminates the many delays, detours and urgent solutions, which the Light Warriors of the first and last hours, together with the source, had to make in the ascension process in the last two years. They were necessary in order to gradually eliminate this massive collective delusion at the soul level that provides the energetic basis for the current, rapidly dissolving 3D reality and has so far prevented the paradigm shift of the matrix.

This intransigence of the masses is now very rapidly being transformed under the influx of Gaia and humanity with the gold-violet Flame of Ascension, which comes directly from the source. It is the core issue of the current End Time that elucidates at the same time the dire fact why so many light warriors have turned away in these last days from the truth and have thus prevented their ascension at the very last moment, after they have worked in such a diligent manner towards this goal in countless previous incarnations, full of hardships and indescribable human torments, including this last one.

This topic is a leitmotif of all transcendental sources that have been published on this website on a regular basis and a permanent concern of the editor Jahn J Kassl, as I gather from his essays and our regular correspondence. Therefore, it is logical that I finally decided, on the basis of a concrete occasion – the interview of PCR with VOR – to take a position on this issue.

Why is it not possible to fully understand the motives of the ruling cabal, if one does not take into account the Orion-reptilian presence on this planet? 

All critical reflections on current political affairs must inevitably fail at this central question. And this independently of the fact that the dark archons, who previously operated the Orion-Reptilian system of human enslavement from the astral plane in a hidden manner by shamelessly exploiting the limited human perceptions, were expelled long time ago by the light warriors of the first and last hours from all upper 4D earths (mother planets and parallel holograms).

From the very beginning their primary and only goal was the establishment of the New World Order (NWO) in the End Times and all the policies that we have experienced since the end of the 2nd World War on this earth followed this goal, starting with the rise of the USA as a world power, the cold world war, nuclear proliferation, the endless proxy wars around the globe that already anticipated the Third World War, the establishment of an entirely criminal, exploitative financial system, based on the worthless fiat currency of the dollar, the conscious creation of a world inflation with the help of an incredibly irrational collateralizing of the world capital, whereby the money supply in circulation currently exceeds several hundred times (300 -500) the entire world production as GNP, etc, etc. ..

This is the historical context, upon which the current policies can be accurately assessed, and it does not require many words to convince my readers that only a few clear-sighted Light Warriors of the first and last hours are capable of this intellectual achievement. Sadly, the most renowned, critical journalists, who form an agreeable counterpoint to the non-ending lies of the mainstream media, do not belong to this exclusive circle of enlightened ones. This also holds true for Paul Craig Roberts …

Human truth is always a function of human perception, which can be expanded only from within with the help of the soul. This is an irrefutable truth and all spiritual thinkers at all times have devoted their entire work of enlightenment exclusively to this truth. Of course, an expanded perception is also a function of the individually acquired knowledge and this endeavour is always a personal achievement, to which unfortunately only very few light workers are capable of. Hence the failure of the esoteric scene and the contamination of the Anglo-Saxon New Age movement with many very dark thoughts, above all with the pernicious idea of NESARA.

In short, the esoteric scene failed in the first place, because it turned away from “pure reason” (Kant) and was unable to develop an intellectually motivated spirituality. The critical spirit became a victim of unprocessed feelings, and while the heart was celebrated, the brain of the light workers was almost amputated by being dogmatically overridden by the “love and light illusion”.

Unfortunately, this applies to the full extent also to such critical thinkers as PCR, who display, according to human standards, an outstanding intelligence that however, when regarded from a higher vantage point of view, appears to be very much one-sided, because they are neither adept at transcendental thinking, nor have they the slightest idea of its mere existence. This is also the source of countless human confusions in today’s End Times.

For from whom else should the few enlightened people learn the full truth when they are being constantly and blatantly deceived by the mass media and are also “duped” away from the light by the few critical thinkers because they themselves are not of the light. This is the epistemological core problem of the current End Time and it will become a major issue in the coming days, when the events will stipulate and the long-awaited paradigm shift will finally find its way onto this planet.

And now to the political perplexities of PCR, which are very much reminiscent of the “The Confusions of the Young Törless” in the famous novel by the Austrian writer Robert Musil, whereby the protagonist in this novel is representative of the many young souls and their confusions on this earth.

There is no doubt that the United States, being the citadel of the dark cabal in the West, strive desperately to incite a Third World War against Russia (please observe that a U.S. war against Russia will always escalate into a nuclear global war) in the End Times in order to maintain their hegemony over this world, respectively to consolidate it after they were driven into a corner by the few, but very powerful light warriors of the first and last hours about a year ago. However, this relationship is not known to PCR.

This was accomplished by us end of May 2013 when we split interdimensionally the dark “3D earth of the dogs” from Gaia (see article on this topic in this blog). In early June 2013, we began to create first the seven 4D holographic models of the earth, which were then expanded in the autumn to 12 4D holograms. In December 2013, as Gaia 5 was birthed by us, we, the active light warriors and the new creator gods began to expand infinitely these holographic parallel realities and this also brought about the ongoing delays in the ascension scenario.

The aim of these initially unplanned new creations is to thin out the energetic potential of the dark forces of the Orion-reptilian empire in the astral plane and on earth, because they were now forced by us to reproduce themselves in an infinite number of human duplicates, so that they could be present in all these holograms. The disadvantage of this duplication was that their soul essence was very strongly, actually exponentially diluted, until they were only able to exist as soulless, empty duplicates. In addition, the proportion of the human soul carriers decreased on these many holograms, so that the dark human duplicates, first and foremost, the power elite, and the underlying operating archons could no longer sufficiently feed energy from these few people with soul fragments and thus were more or less “starved” by us and the forces of light.

This process has been meticulously described in a number of messages which Jahn has received. Most messages have already been published and some important contributions are yet to come. I mention this important energetic fact at this point to emphasize one more time what a treasure trove of information and knowledge this website is, and why all the readers should re-read earlier publications over and over again in order to refresh their memory as to what has happened so far and thus better understand what is happening at this very moment behind the scenes.

Now, while new holograms are being constantly created, many lower holograms experience the downfall and are separated and sealed from the omni-earth “Gaia”. Their downfall is always caused by a magnetic pole reversal (MPR) and I, myself, have already experienced three such MPR on lower timelines in the last several months, before I was brought to a safe upper timeline by the forces of light. Jahn has also described in the last year his experience with the MPR on a lower 4D earth and published it. This fate will also befall this uppermost earth immediately after we, the Light Warriors of the first and last hours, have ascended (as explicitly stated in many of Jahn’s messages).

This all can be found here on this blog. It should also be noted that on many lower 4D holograms, the dark ones have managed to install the NWO before the MPR occurred, because the light quotient was too low there to prevent this negative outcome.

Why is this energetic background so important for our truthful understanding of the current political events? Because firstly it explains why the dark ruling cabal in the West have no chance of instigating a Third World War on this timeline, and secondly, because it gives us a clue as to when the ascension will occur.

All active Light Warriors have withdrawn their soul fragments from all lower 4D holograms in the past few days and are now present here in their full soul essence. These lower timelines are then destroyed by the MPR, break away, are separated and sealed from Gaia. At the same time our full soul presence creates such a powerful light quotient in this top hologram that a Third World War is excluded here before the occurrence of the MPR, rather a peaceful, evolutionary paradigm change at the collective level is more likely, which can come any day from now on.

All excarnated ascended masters from the higher realms also contribute to this end – they prevent very effectively the outbreak of a Third World War, even though the dark powers are constantly trying to do exactly this. Their free will is, however, offset in the End Times because it is not allowed to instigate a thermonuclear war on this highest timeline that is already firmly anchored in the 5D and 6D.

None of this is known to PCR and thus he comes in his interview with the VOR to the conclusion that a Third World War is inevitable, which ultimately only triggers collective fears that however must erupt anyway in these last days prior to ascension before they are erased forever from the human cellular and DNA-memory.

The advantage of this interview is that PCR clearly delineates the fracture lines of the current conflicts, which very few critical thinkers are really capable of. The Western cabal, the U.S. and their EU and NATO vassals, must at all costs unleash a global war in order to establish the NWO of enslavement because they are literally running out of linear time. At present Putin, who is an old soul (walk-in) that I have closely coached since 1997 and Russia are the only bulwark against this intention of the Western dark powers and that makes the cabal so mad about this steadfast light-politician.

They know that if they fail to trigger the Third World War, their power will break away and they will be recognized by the people as the criminals and mass murderers, who they really are, and then they will be held accountable. This process has already commenced, as the former British Prime Minister and war criminal Tony Blair is experiencing these days.

With respect to the current conflict in Iraq, for which he is personally responsible, Blair wanted all of a sudden to put the blame on the Syrian President Assad in order to whitewash himself for his invasion of Iraq, only to immediately being branded by the entire British-Orion political elite as the real culprit, because they themselves are now shitting in their pants and want to distract the public from their own crimes. I assume that the readers pursue this current miserable discussion in the mass media, so I will spare you the details here.

This trend will accelerate now and very soon the eyes of the people will open at once and they will realize that the king is naked, more precisely, a criminal as the current Mafia boss of a Western-backed Mafia and Nazi state, namely Poroshenko in Ukraine is now being the role model (see “Ukraine Gangster State calls for ‘Nuclear Strikes’,  http://rt.com/shows/the-truthseeker/169176-ukraine-gangste-nuclear-strikes/)

In this interview, PCR can not explain the obvious contradictions in the U.S. foreign policy, as revealed by the unerring questions of VOR. For example why the U.S. pursue a hegemonic doctrine aiming at the total subjugation of the world and at the same time they have systematically ruined their own economy by outsourcing their industrial production to China and have helped in this way to the emergence of the second most powerful national economy, whereby the manufacturing capacity of this “Middle Kingdom” has overtaken that of the United States long time ago.

While China has been advanced to become the banker of the bankrupt U.S. government and now even plans to build an own world bank, which will replace the current, dominated by the U.S. cabal World Bank, and already is in the process of introducing the Renmimbi as world currency, the U.S. have indebted their state “to the ears” (German saying for a maximal, irreparable debt) and de facto ruined it; they have strongly weakened their own currency by an exorbitant, although still greatly capped inflation and have thus undermined substantially their own hegemonic world politics. As PCR rightly observes, the goal of U.S. foreign policy is to create continuously failed states through massive interventions, wars and occupations as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, several African countries, and now in Ukraine, in the center of Europe.

He comes to the conclusion that the U.S. needs desperately a 3rd World War for several reasons, and that they consider to win a nuclear first strike against Russia –  hence the aggressive expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders. The U.S. elite know though that they have to carry out this war as quickly as possible, as long as the dollar is still accepted as a world currency and they can print money at will as to finance their military-industrial complex and a Third World War.

That much about PCR’s view. From a limited earthly point of view, the U.S. foreign policy appears indeed to be full of contradictions and, like all “experts” and astute observers point out rightly, it makes no sense, because it destroys with the left hand all that it purports to build with the right one.

This paradox can, however, be very easily resolved if one takes into account that the actual dark government of the United States, which pulls the strings behind Obama, the U.S. government and the congress, has one primary goal  – to make the U.S. themselves a “failed state”, so that they can install the NWO in this country and spread it from there throughout the globe.

Hence our strategy as ascended masters, and some of us as future Logos-Gods of the new earths, to delay the demise of the USA to the last possible point in time, so that the dark U.S. cabal have no chance to enslave their own people, even though they are already very far advanced in this dark project.

For this reason, the financial crisis in 2008, which ruined all U.S. banks, was deliberately mitigated by the forces of light and postponed to the extent, until the light quotient on this timeline reached the necessary threshold to prevent a massive takeover of mankind by the dark forces. For the same reason, I came about 5 months ago to North America, Canada, to decisively raise the light quotient on this continent, consisting almost entirely of soulless duplicates. Along with my dual soul Carla, we have so far succeeded admirably in this endeavour.

Multidimensional versus Linear Thinking

This new multidimensional approach also provides us with the key as to how and when the change will come on this vibrationally highest timeline and also when the MPR and the downfall of the vast majority of people will take place. Because every enlightened ascended master in these days should be clear about one basic fact: there must be a mass extinction of the current soulless human duplicates, so that Gaia and a small part of humanity can ascend. This was from the very beginning a leitmotif of my journalistic writings on the ascension scenario.

This highest mother hologram of Gaia will experience the change and the MPR only when the constant discharge of dark energies on the part of the ruling elite reaches the threshold of ascension. That is, when this negative energy spontaneously discharges in a single moment, in the blink of an eye, and the energy fields of all Light Warriors of the first and last hours, described by myself also as the “Planetary Ascension Team, PAT,” transform it into ascension energy, before it can be absorbed by the source. This massive discharge is sufficient to bring about the demise of the dark cabal from power prior to being able to trigger a Third World War.

I have precise ideas on how this should happen concretely and it is right and true to say that I am heavily involved in the design of this peaceful change. However, this evolutionary paradigm shift will not prevent the occurrence of the MPR and the mass death of billions of people on this highest timeline, just as the MPR, some of which I have experienced first hand, could not be prevented in all lower holograms.

Now all the signs and developments point out that this humanity is on the verge of a global collapse. The West is determined to press on the criminal Nazi and gangster regime in Kiev to extend their bloody civil war against the civilian population in Eastern Ukraine and thereby to force Russia to take counter-measures, which will be then exploited by the West as “casus belli” to unleash a Third World War.

None of these will happen, however. Putin knows exactly what is at stake and he will not be intimidated. He knows that it is about the very survival of Russia, and Ukraine is only the means of the dark western cabal to its destruction. However, Russia alone will not solve the problem and it was not planned this way from the very beginning. Rather, the task of Putin and Russia was to halt the Western cabal until the cosmic events stipulate, i.e. until the threshold of ascension is reached, and they will be compelled to shelve their plans for the NWO by the power of reality – by the natural devastating force of the MPR.

This point in time is currently determined by the events in Ukraine and to a lesser extent by the crisis in Iraq and the Middle East. The light quotient on this timeline, which is maintained exclusively by us, the few warriors of light, and the continuous discharge of dark energy on the part of the ruling cabal are carefully gauged and coordinated by the higher realms. Since I am personally involved in this process, I could write a lot about it, but it is sufficient to note here that we are only a breath away from the occurrence of these events.

It is wise and prudent to follow very closely the Ukraine crisis because there the decision will most likely fall. Then it will go very rapidly, but that is not the topic of this essay.

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