Georgi Stankov, July 27, 2014

As mentioned in a previous post, I must fly to Munich, Germany at the beginning of August. There are several reasons for this initially unplanned journey:

1) I am needed in Europe to reinforce the Infinity portal in Munich, Bavaria that extends to Russia and in Istanbul, Turkey that extends to the Middle East. I must flood both regions with Source energy as to mitigate the conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine-Israel and prevent a third world war.

2) I must undergo an emergency surgery of my tumor in the left groin that has grown unexpectedly rapidly in the last two months and causes me big problems now. I postponed this operation due to my arrival in Vancouver, Canada early this year, as I was confident that ascension would soon take place and would make such an operation obsolete. This could have very well been the case if ascension would have taken place end of May, during the new moon portal, when all the cosmic alignments were there for this Event. Now the whole ascension scenario has been changed and expanded profoundly one more time – currently Gaia is steadily ascending with the new Galaxy. 

Apart from the medical indication, this operation serves a higher purpose. I was told by the 6D Fleet on July 17th that my HS has decided to commit one last sacrifice on behalf of humanity – that is to say, to sacrifice me one more time – by arranging this surgery on my physical body prior to ascension. With this procedure my HS will redeem and heel at the soul level all desecrated, mutilated and physically destroyed human bodies on all timelines and throughout all epochs on Gaia, before her final ascension. 

This will be the culmination of my global cleansing mission on this planet as an Elohim of the first ray and bearer of the blue flame of God’s will. During this time, I will be retrieved to the 6D and only my body will experience the physical operation. As it seems, Heaven has taken precautions that the operation will be without any complications and that I will recover quickly. 

It is noteworthy to mention that on lower timelines my tumor was malignant and has been the cause of my premature death. It was triggered by my soul as an escape route for me to leave this reality at an earlier point in time due to inhuman cleansing of Gaia and total physical exhaustion. I have been able to transcend this negative timeline and outcome when I met Carla last year and the cancer has evolved (mutated) to a benignant tumor. So much about the energetic background of this clinical condition as revealed to us by the Elohim and the 6D Fleet.

This unplanned event creates new, unexpected financial constraints for me and I will appreciate very much if you – my readers and the PAT – can make donations to this website, so that I can cover the expenditures surrounding my surgery and flight to Germany. I am intending to return back to Vancouver as soon as possible and no later than early September, in case we shall not ascend before that.

I will do everything possible to continue editing my website during this period and provide you with the latest information from the HR regarding our ascension.

The Captain of the PAT 

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