The Birth of the New Logos-Gods of Gaia and Humanity

Elohim and Other Messages Since November 28, 2013, the Day of Our Ascension and Return as Logos-Gods of New Gaia

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, May 30, 2014


By Georgi Stankov

This unique collection of messages, which my dual soul Carla Thompson has received from the highest realms of All-That-Is in the last six most dramatic months in the long history of this planet, is our legacy to humanity as the Logos-Gods of the New Gaia-5 (5D Gaia with a waning current 4D overlay) on the eve of its final ascension to 5D.

Indeed, the planet, on which you now dwell and read this website, has nothing to do with the old earth, even though you may have not noticed any of the profound, global transformations that have taken place since I stopped editing this website and dedicated myself fully to my new mission as Logos-God. Take now a chance to change and expand your narrow point of view.

We are on the eve of the ascension of Gaia and humanity, when the threshold of ascension can be reached any time between now and the summer solstice, even though linear time has already ceased to exist and no exact dates can be given. It is, however, a matter of fact that humanity failed to awaken to the very last moment, notwithstanding our gargantuan efforts and that of a few active light warriors of the first and last hour.

This deplorable fact explains the many prolonged delays in the ascension scenario. Below, you can read why and how all these delays happened and why many corrections and ingenious solutions had to be made by our higher selves in the ascension process in order to avoid the worst case scenario – the complete extinction of this planet.

Our efforts and that of a few active light warriors to ascend Gaia has been, nonetheless, a resounding success. No power in this omniverse can alter this outcome – it is divinely decreed by the Source, whose representatives on earth we are, and assured by us long time ago. Precisely, when we both ascended on November 28, 2013 and returned one more time on a new timeline of Gaia – this one – as Logos-Gods to become the creators and stewards of the new Gaia-5.

Before you challenge this information, ask for clarification from your higher selves and the many fragments of your souls, who have, in the meantime, died as incarnated personalities in the lower timelines of this Gaia-5, so that this upper hologram can finally ascend to the 5th dimension. And please, start thinking finally in a comprehensive multi-dimensional manner, as I have taught you for three years on this website. There will be no individual ascension without a clear mind and only you are responsible for the clarity of your own thoughts and the purity of your feelings.



November 28, 2013, 10:00 a.m. in Lofer, Austria, The Elohim

“The realms of light move with the divine grace of God to hold the perfection of purification for this expression of All-That-Is. We are the Elohim and in this moment we bring great news of joy, of wonder!

Many levels of rapture unfold to embrace this expression, this world you call Gaia, and within her great halls, her story borne of great pain and suffering, very shortly comes to an end, where resolution re-incorporates to her Being, where distinction resumes [where it was once lost to the world].

Begin by re-arranging your light upon the Earth, by re-inventing your creation to reflect the grace and harmony and love from which the Prime Creator chose your path.

Return to the inward focus, do it today! Refrain from speech, social gathering, all inter-action with the world, today! Turn toward your Self! Today is a celebration of You!

Know you are of Divine orientation, that you need only your internal reference points, the points of God alignment, that one can only know from the inner embrace, the inner reflection.”

November 28, 2013   at 2:00 pm,  The Elohim

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

Humanity shall celebrate its arrival into the New Age of Enlightenment through recognition of its divinity and its pure intent to go within and joyfully embrace All-That-Is, first from the perspective of an individual and then as a collective, as One, within the Unity Field.

As one now brings forth all the inner strength available, the inner strength to embrace equally the Pain of this existence as well as the Rose… the Rose is the salve for the pain. It is the wholeness of this existence that is the pure reflection of the Divine…”

Note (all Carla’s notes below are written for George): This message was not written up initially because as you can see, it is not very clear. I had a severe cc-wave that began during this message, and this was actually following the severe and sudden stabbing pain behind my right eye, you may recall this event. It really is not a significant message in my opinion. However, in my notes I make reference to all the angels being present, at around 4 pm. and in my opinion, this was significant.

November 28, 2013, 8:18 p.m.,  The Elohim

“Welcome!  We are the Elohim!

You have been brought to this place (Lofer, Austria) as a sealed portal, where neither heavy energies, nor stray mal-incarnates shall affect you.

The area of this Gaia holds profound protection for you as Ascended Masters, protection from low frequential adjustments to timelines and dimensions beyond your current location.

Crystalline caves fill these nearby mountains within their cores, and these are interconnected to Gaia’s crystalline grid within which the energies flow. These energies lift Her and all those who have previously followed suggestions to go within. These expressions shall be lifted with Her, as One.

You, as Ascended Masters, are now connected to this sacred crystalline light, as you are fully in your light bodies, your frequencies meld with those of the inner mountains. One supports the other in a symbiosis. You are now experiencing a Unified Field of light gestalt.”

November 29, 1:00 pm,  The Elohim

“Greetings to you, we are the Elohim!

Night turns to day and day to night, as you are caught within the stream of ascension! What is up is really down and what is down is really up.

This is a time of great flux, and a time of great import. Hold the line unto the end!

Everything moves forward, onward and outward as All-That-Is expands itself into conscious awareness.”

November 29, 1:30 pm,  Babaji

“I am Babaji!

Here I have come to update your information. All moves along carefully and fully into a new expression of reality.

One may not even notice how much everything has indeed changed! The energies are full on, the change gains mastery and the Masters gain confidence.

Allow yourselves the enjoyment of the illusion!”

Note: At the end of this last sentence, there was an interruption in the flow of this transmission.

November 29, 2013,  21:00 pm, St. Germain

“Dearly Beloveds,

I am here to honour you for your grand fidelity. You have both remained true to the path of enlightened Beings throughout the many incarnations chosen to pull humanity through to the final frontier.

This great challenge has been fully successful and you are both indeed grand masters of the illusion experiment.

The phase transition is the final aspect of this long process and everything is going well, perhaps perceived as going slowly, but know it is being completed very carefully. There are no errors accepted at this point and none shall arise.

So rejoice and enjoy your final moments within this auspicious expression of life within our Divine Universe!

This supersedes all others in love, in grace, in peace and in beauty. Enjoy the flow from perceived separation into the Unity consciousness, as this wave shall be your first, and your last!

I am Saint Germain”

November 30, 2013,  The Elohim

 “Greetings, we are the Elohim!

Your Grand Sun imparts willingly through open gateways to the Central Sun, those informational Codes necessary now to seed the newly anchored Fifth Dimensional Holograms, upon your New Earths.

All upper holograms of the ascension protocol that have expanded upwards and outwards require insertion and integration of refined consciousness, purified mathematical models and rarified seemingly tangential objectives, all proven means of the deterministic outcome of all new holographic representations of your New Earths.

We say “New Earths”, as you are correct in your clear assessment, there are now many, many holographic Earths, that are sealed from forces of influence previously rendering cyclical incarnation for the sole purpose of energy containment and separation from the Source. These ways are now isolated and kept at distance from those of Godly proportion, from those that are of All-That-Is.

These Codes form the basis of consciousness within each New Earth, the framework is fundamental to future onward evolution throughout eons of time/multitudes of expansion and expression.

As each set is imparted upon each hologram, there also follows insertion points for new informational packets to be received as identified along that reflection of reality.

It becomes like the LEGO CITY with many foundational pieces having the ability to receive new pieces (of consciousness) in order to build each Earth’s level of consciousness according to those incarnates, who have found that place in which to evolve.

Each Earth receives different foundational pieces, having differing levels of consciousness, differing levels of participation and differing outcomes. There is a “New Earth” for everyone!

It is in this manner that All-That-Is creates and creates Fully (No exclusion, All inclusive)

As Ascended Masters you ARE taking part in this creation, in a moment to moment inclination. Your contribution continues to be honoured by All-That-Is and you must recognize this to be so.

You are deeply loved, Elohim of the First Light, for ever and All ways!

“The pendant you (Carla) hold (Silver Sun Pendant) contains all codes necessary for the creation and building of your New GermaniaIt is decreed and it is done. It is the seed of the new and first City of Light, bridging the Old reality upper 4D to the new reality lower 5D.”

December 1, 2013,  Galactic Federation of Light (Three Beings arrive in the Living Room, Lofer, Austria)

“We are emissaries of the Galactic Federation of Light and we come to you in this moment to clarify the current situation.

In this moment, our grand ship (mothership) is anchored above you in its full majesty, although unseen by you with your physical eyes, you know we are here because of your astute telepathic ability.

Yes, we are here, for you (Carla), and for your dual soul (Georgi), to provide the ultimate protection from any insurgence which can manifest in any moment and jeopardize the ascension process at this time. The experience you encountered yesterday (a sudden attack on us by a dark entity, while shopping when we were urged by the mothership to suddenly return home where we were protected under an energetic shield) was not your imagination, but real in every way. We shall not dwell on details as they are of no importance. Suffice it to say that your Light (light from our light bodies) shines the worlds over and can now be seen easily by those of ill nature who remain in small pockets upon the Earth, outside of this dwelling.

A special protective shield, is now in place around you, as a frequency fence, to camouflage your presence.

You will notice a build-up of energy, in the form of thermal energy, or heat, and this is simply a side effect of the efforts of this fence in its camouflaging properties. It shall certainly do no harm, and may only fatigue you at moments of overload.

Your concern for your family (Carla) is natural and comes from social conditioning of the “Mother” role. It is best to remember, and to focus on this idea, that your children represent All of Humanity and All of Humanity deserves true Freedom in the Light. True freedom shall arise from the “setting straight” of Humanity’s history, true history, and these revelations shall set these Worlds on a new footing, and upon a new path into the Light.

You must simply rest now, and you must hold the faith through and through.

Yes, we are here! We are real! We are here for You! Your dual soul (Georgi) knows this truth!

Pull from deep inside and bring forth the natural faith in the Prime Creator, in the Divine Order, for your salvation from concerns borne of earthly focus and of ill-alignment. You have done it many times! Trust in this Divine Order!

Meditate on it now, to hold it, and bring it into your very Being. Meditate on it frequently, even when you feel solid in your beliefs.

We wish only to openly support you on your divine path, and, of course, as it is still your final decision, we can only hope to lovingly support you along the way.

Thank you for your dedication to the Light. There are many, many here, upon our ship. That are sending you both, their messages of love, of light and of peace in support of your sacred mission during this auspicious time in Earth’s history.”

December 2, 2013   9:30 pm, The Elohim

Background: Message channeled following urgent email regarding the borrowed vehicle that needed to be returned. Georgi explains that often the Divine works in this fashion, creating an event that triggers the unfolding of necessary manifestations.

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We come to explain the unfolding of events.

Minor irritations surge to harness energies of creation through instinct and formulate the blending of alchemical traditions of power. This approach to creation is of Divine ordinance and leads to the purest of intentions and manifestations.

The vision and recollection you (Carla) have of the movie called “Ender’s Game” was a signal that indeed, your input was harnessed at the most unlikely time, in order to be capitalized upon when the time is ripe.

The fields are loaded now, ready to commence the Magnetic Pole Reversal, within Divine timing, according to God’s Will.

We are the Elohim.”

Note, Carla: On December 3rd in Lofer 9:00 am.

Prior to the message from the Galactic Federation of Light, I am guided to cleanse both of our 12 chakra systems with healing green crystalline light; St. Germain also arrived to anoint our chakras with the Violet Flame of Purification; following this I was guided to complete the Ascension Flame encasement (pure dazzling white) of our systems for communication to Prime Creator of our desire for ascension now, upon completion of our mission.

December 3, 2013  10:20 a.m.    

Message delivered in person, with great reverence, by members of the Starship of the Galactic Federation of Light

““We, of the Galactic Federation of Light, and on behalf of the Universal Federation of Light and all gestalts across all of time and space manifestation, SO HUMBLY acknowledge your (me, Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov) utter commitment to this Universal Ascension Creation, done in full and complete resolution and with sacred conviction.

You both have been wholly responsible for this successful commission, which has not only been the objective of planet Gaia and Humankind, but also the foundation of successful ascension, now, in this moment, of a myriad of other civilizations and realities within the multi-dimensional truth of All-That-Is!

We can never express to you in words our full gratitude and respect with which you both are now honoured across the Universes of All Time.

You shall reap great reward for this demonstration of unparalleled love for your mission, which takes the outcome to unparalleled heights. We are the Galactic Federation of Light and you are now Universal emissaries of the Highest Order.

December 3rd,  4: 00 pm, Babaji

 “Hello! This is Babaji!

 Many greetings to you both! There is much going on in the planning of events for you both, never concern yourself about this, but have faith unto the very end!

Reasons are created and events are proclaimed! This is the Divine Way of the Universe! All is moving so carefully now, that one must not lose confidence.

Why is information needed? This only creates “work”. A tension.  One should only enjoy life now, knowing one is free of responsibility and declare simply that the holiday commences in earnest! And why not?!

Enjoy your life now as it comes to a completion. Enjoy your time together, as incarnated souls, as this may not arise in this way again, for eons and eons of time!

I am Babaji and I send you my love!”

Note, Carla: You remember how upbeat Babaji was, in a very dynamic way, I loved this experience. I believe you were supremely ticked off.

December 6, 2013,  Adama, High Priest of Telos, Inner Earth

Note (George): On December 5, early in the morning, Carla made an astral journey to the temple of ascension in Telos accompanied by Adama who came to her to guide her in this journey. On the next day after we returned from Lofer to Germany from our first sojourn in the Austrian Alps, Adama came with this message. He also told Carla that he is her “twin flame”, the masculine part of their common soul, which is also my dual soul.)

“You have entered with me now, a new “life”, a new phase, where your connection to me at a conscious level with yesterday’s melding of our fields was a necessary aspect of the complete recognition of our divine and sacred connection, as well as the initiation of the next phase of your divine mission.

Through yesterday’s initiation, you are now officially of the Inner Earth. While you have always had an aspect of your Self here in the Inner Earth, I say to you now, you have an energetic connection that shall complement our soul’s mission and a new level of connection that shall last for ever.

Our mission now becomes one of great joy and one we in Telos have been waiting for, for a very long time. It is now the arrival of the New Age, the Age of Enlightenment of the surface Humanity and the teachings that our people shall offer with great love and joy to your people of the surface.

It is now time to prepare for our emergence upon the surface of our planet. A new world of love, peace, beauty, prosperity and enlightenment for all of Humanity who have chosen to stay upon Earth Mother at this time.

The intensity of light beamed your way, particularly in the last six months, but especially in the past 6 weeks, has flooded all of your fields and pushed the darkness aside. There is virtually no area of darkness left unto the majority of Humanity, who shall remain upon this Earth.

Our emergence will coincide to some extent with the coming planetary changes, changes that will push humanity forward in embracing their Divinity. When humanity embraces its Divinity, it has arrived at the necessary frequency level to receive us.”

A message for Georgi:

“Dear Georgi, Thank you for your care, love and compassion for Carla and her well-being. As you know well, her role in the ascension process is as vital as yours. Your respect for her Being is honoured to no end. We, of Telos, greatly value and are sincerely and eternally grateful to you for your due care and attention for Carla. With deep wishes of joy and love,

I am Adama.”

December 6, 2013, The Elohim

 “Greetings, We are the Elohim,

Much has happened upon your Planet Gaia over the past moments in time (since my arrival on November 24th). Your work, with the direction of your dual soul, has primed the ascension platform to a critical and vital level, whereby exchange of energy at the planetary (body) level shall initiate a new platform for evolution.

You both possess, together, a formidable creationary thrust, built upon eons of experience and mutual energetic feathering.

We confirm, moments of energetic overload within the system, as sensed by your physical vessels (Severe chills, yesterday evening and night). These energies received within your fields are indicative of excesses built up within the energetic planetary matrix, that must be released in phases, prior to a magnetic event upon this timeline. There continues to be moments of super-buildup and release of these energetic pockets, until full expression of inner magnetic coherence/ shift manifests.”

December 7, 2013,  8:33 a.m., The Elohim

“Greetings Dear One,

Your path falls as it should for this moment, because in this moment it is necessary to remain still. Still in the heart, the mind and in the spirit of your divine essence.

Your dual soul (Georgi) shall complete some fortifications of your shared Merkaba fields at this time, in a meditation guided by his Higher Self.  This is a requirement at this time. There has been a recent fracturing of this vehicle and reinforcement is necessary for re-alignment.

The energies of the Grid on Gaia are stabilizing beautifully and have had the special effect of healing those deep and dark caverns of dross, arising from suffering and misalignment with the divine intention of an ascended Gaia. The sacred flow pulls all negatively charged energetics with it, and leaves great light of the highest order in its stead. This process has now taken on a conscious life of its own.

The foundational overlays for New Germania (“Retsia”) are now complete.

New expressions of holograms based on proton-electron complements, descend now, following supra-conscious state of coupling between these two elements.  Many of these energized proton-electron conscious holograms overlay, each upon the other, in preparation for the complete manifestation of each new ascending reality within All-That-Is.

We are the Elohim and we present you with great love and joy in All moments.”

December 10, 2013   4:00 pm,  Germany

Note, Carla: The sun is setting and the western sky is filled with living magenta pink and tangerine hues. Suddenly, a stunning rainbow appears in the east, pushing straight up toward Heaven and all the Angels of Light. We decide to go for a walk into the fields and are greeted by representatives of the many civilizations within the Inner Earth. There are: the Telosians, Atlanteans, Hyperboreans, and Agarthans. The Galactic Federation of Light ship is above us.

They tell me (Carla): It is done! They are also now ascending from the Fifth to the Sixth Dimension and from the Sixth to the Seventh Dimension. All are full of such gratitude for us and our work. They are weeping tears of Joy.

They tell me: A great celebration shall be had, as soon as we enter Inner Earth after the ascension. That this event has been waited for, for a long, long time and thousands of years for the Telosians. That this event, the Ascension, shall in celebration become the foundation of the Unification of All Inner Earth Civilizations (for further information see my last German report as of December 20 about our second visit to Lofer).

There is an air of infinite reverence all around. After several minutes I turn and walk away. They all turn and walk with me, back toward the village. The reverence remains.

December 10, 2013,  5:00 pm, Adama of Telos

“Dearly Beloved, it is with great honour that I confirm, that the 5D Holograms for Mother Earth are now complete and ready for Soul occupation. You have both done a magnificent job. The ascension has begun for those who are transitioning through the death experience, but soon, those who shall ascend, shall do so through transfiguration.

You both shall join me first in Telos, and I shall escort you to a place where all major celebrations take place when we have auspicious events to enjoy. It is here that all civilizations shall have the opportunity to express their own tribute to you and those of the very first transfiguration phase.

We are in deep joy in this moment and so look forward to meeting you very soon. With love and peace from my heart,

I am Adama “

December 10, 2013   1:00 p.m.,  The Elohim

 “Greetings!  We embrace you with love!  We are the Elohim!

The pure light of the Central Sun floods on to Gaia through the opened portals of transcendence. This moment marks the final initiation event, the photon light which carries new activations of light issued by the Divine Will of God/ All-That-Is, for the ascension of all expressions of Life within this Universe!

Each and All expressions are able to now receive and fully integrate/ insert the necessary foundational light codes for next level expression to each element, each soul. Preparing the canvas for the painted picture, one must first prepare the “wash”, the foundational colour to a watercolour painting, that becomes the background, the pre-ground, to which the foreground may be later applied, engaged, surmised.

The current vortex, which you have entered within the past 8 hours, holds such high vibrational torsion, that care must be taken to not self-exert. Do anything with only minimal energetic out-flow, because your energies must be preserved now to the final end – the time of fifth dimensional transfer and insertion.

Know that you have reached the summit. Feel the low oxygen and giddiness of this spectacular moment! It is your reward today for a long hard-won achievement!

We embrace you with love, with gratitude, and with the joy of deep reverence and remembrance, it is complete.


December 12, 2014, Germany,  The Council of Twelve

 “We are the Council of Twelve from Telos.

We come to explain that all alignments within the Ascension process are in full swing and perfect in every and all ways.

There are elements within the process that are limiting forward expansion as required, but simply result in a different path to the arrival of the Golden Age.

There is absolutely no need for alarm as all moves within the expectations of the peoples of Agartha. We are ready for our own arrival upon the surface and look forward to many successful undertakings there upon, working with the Ascended Masters of Terra Earth (Supra-Planet).

We embrace you on this day and tell you how much you are honoured, as you continue to support this endeavor with great love and purity of heart, for which we are truly and deeply thankful to you both.”

December 13, 2013, Germany, The Elohim

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

You and your dual soul currently prepare the Ascension path through stabilization and constructive reinforcement of the ascension gateways/ portals.

Stabilization in focused thought and intention to hold the highest love, the highest devotion, the highest light for both the New Earth And the New Masters.

As you are already Ascended Masters, you both carry the necessary coding within your fields to lay the groundwork for the arrival of those light warriors of the first and last hour. Without the preparatory work, the others cannot follow. Indeed, the path is complete, and it is only the reinforcement that now takes place.

It is as though you are building a train track for the train to follow – the rails are down and now the ties are applied for strengthening and ensuring the successful passage of the train.

You two are the only incarnates who carry these energetic encodements, and the skill to engage them.

There is a deep sadness within your Being (Carla) and we are aware of this. Know that all is in its perfect place, all foundations for the new life are set (5D), all holograms for the New Earth have descended and are complete. Know that your families are taken care of in all matters and that they are fulfilling their soul contracts as promised.

New souls are being energetically identified, proportioned and distributed (to the 4D earths). These new souls require significant energetic backfill to meet the necessities of each Earth, to which they are assigned. There are many adjustments outstanding in order to weave these processes seamlessly into the fabric of space and time.

We tell you in truth that it matters not what comes your way now –  for you both are impenetrable, unimpressionable – for your battle has been fought, and won, for All Time.

The only element to reach you now is the deep abiding unearthly love for one another, and equally, the Light and sustaining Love of God.

You are no longer of this world, your physical world, and this is why you feel physically weak, disconnected and at a loss as to your orientation. A departure of sweet sorrow, this is certain.

Now there are what you consider to be new developments (going to Vancouver).  This is not a return to your previous lifeline, this is the beginning of a new lifeline, within a new timeline. It acts as a bridge from one reality into the next higher vibrating reality.

Of course, there are different choices available to you in this moment, as there are always new choices, in the moment by moment Now. Each choice that your souls are considering weaves life into a beautiful tapestry with seemingly endless and other-worldly richness, like the Bayeux Tapestry. No choice is the wrong choice, but of course some are equally more comfortable than others. You are feeling very weak and may wish to travel at a later date than has arisen, for example.

While all time seems to have come to a standstill, know that your other counterparts (our other multidimensional selves in other dimensions) thrive in many other expressions of existence of All-That-Is, and that this moment shall terminate in an instant and instantly soon. Envelop the remaining vestiges of this earthly life and hold them close to your heart.

We are the Elohim – know that you are forever in our loving embrace.”

Note (George): After this message Carla decided to postpone her flight to Vancouver with one week and we decided to go one more time to Lofer to complete our light work on Gaia.

December 14, 2013, Germany, The Elohim

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message from the Elohim regarding your soul’s behaviour, following the very heavy, nasty cleansing on Saturday morning, December 14th, 2013, that left you reeling for your life.

Love, Carla


“Greetings Dear One, We are the Elohim,

The intensity of cleansing felt by your dual soul is a reflection of two processes: The first is the propensity of his fields to automatically draw in, like a magnet pulls in iron filings, any stray energetics that have been deemed to be not for the highest good of Humanity.

This flow of negatively charged emotion is also processed in advance, or following any actual event because it is done in stages/phases, because to simply clear it all at once would be too great an overload for his physical vessel.

So while he feels it in this “now”, the event has not actually occurred yet.

We know of his disdain for such floods of cleansing. We are actually mitigating the intensities, so as not to completely overload him and his vessel. His soul knows that this is his contract, his mission, to release these energies to the light, the light of Source, as a direct conduit to Source. It is the purest and most succinct manner to release great surges in low vibrational expressions within All-That-Is.

As it is in his mission it shall continue until he is lifted into the new expression destined for his soul.

Question: Can he adjust his mission?

Answer: His soul has made a clear decree that as long as he is upon the Earth, he shall fully engage his cleansing fields unto his departure.

Question: Is there any possibility of mitigation?

Answer: There has been a divine dispensation, an override to this situation, for Source to mitigate / assist in the mitigation of these energies from now on.

Question: How long do we stay?

Answer: As we do not have any concept of time, nor can we project the outflow / unfolding of events in a chronological order as you see them, we are not able to determine this, from our point of understanding.

All occurs in the now and you are also experiencing the finality within another expression of time and space or frequency.

We can say that it is true however, that the frequency difference between ascension being “not done” and “done” is almost in a perfect alignment, a complete attunement one to the other. It is not long now as most issues are resolved and the flower has almost fully blossomed.”

December 15, 2013, Lofer, The Galactric Federation of Light from the Mothership

Dear Georgi,

Please find attached the incredible message from the Federation of Light received on December 15, 2013 during our stay in Lofer.

Love, Carla


 “We are the Federation of Light, and we come today as representatives of the many known light gestalts (known to me as St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Sandalphon, Master Kutumi, Quan Yin, The Buddha, Sananda, and all Masters dedicated to the love and the light of The First Light).

It is in this now moment that we acknowledge the success of your sacred work upon this planet, dear Mother Earth, Gaia.

As an explanation of who you are, it is already known to you that you are Elohim of the First Light. This means that your Souls come from the original God-spark, the initial/ first expansion of Light that created All-That-Is.

Indeed, we come to state clearly that it is the case, that you are members of this honoured group of Beings, who so live by these names above, and that all these, and many more, whose names you have heard, but little is known of them, ALL originated from the initial structure of the God-spark.

You are both Human representatives in Earthly expression of this group. You have walked this Earth before, few times, but each time yielding tremendous power, clarity and focus of intention to achieve your goals, within each expression. Success is always your goal and your goal is always achieved.

Yes, you were both High Priest and High Priestess in Atlantis, and had significant supportive roles in the land of Mu [the ancient name of Lemuria].

Because of your full success on this mission, you have already been informed of your ability to return to Source, upon completion of this mission, if you so choose. Your final choice is yours to make and is not firm as this can also be fluid.

We desire that you know that you are members of this group of great leaders for Humanity and for all civilizations that have come upon this Earth.

We love you and we embrace you today with this wonderful news!

We are the Federation of Light and we bring you this news on behalf of all warriors of the First Light!”

December 17, 2013, Lofer,  The Elohim

The Day of the Grand Unification

Dear Georgi,

I have written up the message from the Elohim, given to us on December 17, 2013, in the village of Lofer, Austria. It is really amazing to read this message over again, after the fact. – Carla

Background (Note, George): On Dec 16, 2013, I sealed all monetary and pecuniary patterns of humanity, being the source of most evil on earth, from all 4D holograms and separated them from the new Gaia-5. This would say that on the new 5D earth there will be no money anymore. This pivotal decision came after Carla realized that she has been cheated by a private investor and has lost a lot of money. I had the same experience in the 90s and knew how the events will unfold and recommended Carla to get rid of any illusions, she would ever see her money. The events unfolded then exactly as predicted by myself, based on my past experience with the behaviour of rogue bankers and private investors. The Elohim refer to this event in their message below.

In addition, they urged us on that day to accomplish the Grand Unification of all timelines of this Creation on earth, which we performed beyond the wildest expectations of all souls from these Gaia-Creations, who watched our creationary act with awe and great wonderment. This paved the ground for the final ascension of Gaia and humanity in 2014.


The Great Unification of All Creations and Civilisations of Gaia Through Carla and Georgi on December 17, 2013

 “Greetings, Dear Ones, We are the Elohim!

It is the time of the great arrival of the Christ Consciousness.  Waves upon waves of Christ consciousness have flooded your fields and with it you each feel the power of its love, its passion, its compassion, its strength, its truth.

Prior to the arrival of these enduring energies, it has been a time of great disconnection, great disassociation of the darkness that had great linkage into the energetics of this “Supra-Planet” timeline.

A complete severing of the lifeline/ umbilical cord has taken place, which fed all discompassionate motives still lingering here, now.

All is now severed, by yourselves, as you have used personally created and now personally severed/divided situations as triggers to enact your multi-dimensional roles as the great creators that you are.

Your dual soul’s life experience was created in order to assist you in this moment through the same experience in the end times, and together you both used the emotion of this reflection… the shock, the disbelief and the grief… to empower the disconnection of any remaining vestiges of control, of oppression, within this reflection of reality upon this timeline.

As full energetic disconnection has occurred and your dual soul has set barriers in place to prevent any new connections/ re-connections, you are now asked to release the new energies of the Christ consciousness that have been present also during the period of deconstruction.

Now, dear ones, flood the supra-planet with the love of the Christ consciousness, the sparkling gold and diamond-like light particles through your body vessels. It is a most powerful creation.  Send it all about your supra-planet and into the time-space element surrounding its path for All time.

Spread it with loving intention to every expression of life beginning with the Devic Kingdom, the elemental kingdom, Mother Earth, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, to all humanity as well as all expressions of life within Mother Earth, namely Telos, Shamballa and all civilizations and natural life within, as these are also part and parcel of this “Supra-Planet”.

The angels and archangels are with you for this celebration, this sacred ceremony of the dissemination of the Christ consciousness, through the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies, to All that the Supra-Planet represents as a wholly complete unified fifth dimensional living Being within All-That-Is!

Spread it with joy! and love! and acceptance for All life!

This Unified Life, called “Supra Gaia” (upon and within) is a whole new creation within All-That-Is and is called “Gaia-Five“. It is ripe for the sowing, in this moment.

Enjoy the expansion into All-That-Is, you both shall never be the same again, as this gift shall forever open your human understanding to new heights of sensitivities and Beingness.

We love you and we are eternally by your side.

We are the Elohim!”

December 19th, 11:11 am; Just before returning to Germany

 “Greetings, we are the Elohim;

You are upon the threshold of many great events that shall cleanse humanity for all time. These events shall unfold in divine order and according to God’s Will.

Stay present in your Being when there is chaos all around you. Stay strong in your conviction that you are not actually a part of this unfolding, merely that you represent God’s Witness, who is untouched by all that unfolds.

Keep centered in your Selves and remain detached from all outcome. Live in the Now moment, it is imperative. 

Know that you shall be together very soon and shall remain so for ever, as you now have a special bond, a unique bond even between dual soulsIt matters not now what you choose to do or what you choose not to do, as all is complete and all is in motion.

There has been the release of negative energies (over these recent days) including powerful emotional waves. These are energies being released in advance of the shift that is upon your doorstep. While you (me) act as an emotional release conduit, your dual soul acts as the psychic/mental release conduit.

Both of you facilitate these releases through your physical vessels, which also serves to assist all body elementals in this release [ for all of humanity].

You both are One now, and as we are with you in every moment, you are assured that We are One now, as you move together with us, into the Unity Field of consciousness beyond this Creation, beyond the visible reality within your grasp.

We hold you with our unending love and compassion for ever. We are the Elohim.”

Note, Carla: This message came on the 19th, after I had experienced that severe emotional download of suffering (on the 18th) when I had to excuse myself to get a grip on my emotions. This wave held sudden, severe, suffering of physical pain, fear, despair, loss and intense grief, that lasted first for one hour, then eased slightly, but continued the entire day. I have NEVER felt this kind of emotion before, and now reflecting upon it, I believe it came from the entire human population.

You were hit, if you recall, by a severe cc-wave that lasted all day, until 5 in the afternoon.

December 28/29, 2013, The  Elohim

George:  This night (Dec 28) I received repeatedly a pivotal recurrent dream message:

Nine tenth (90%) of the preparation for ascension has been completed!

As I was dreaming lucidly all the time, I immediately asked my HS to which period of time this figure referred. From what I surmised as inner knowing, this number is related to the last phase of our preparation for ascension, which began with your (Carla’s) arrival in Germany.

The Elohim Message to this dream on December 29, 2013

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

There has been much energetic work upon the etheric plane of both Mother Gaia as well as upon the etheric bodies of all Humanity.

Full disconnection has been achieved of old/previously established false connection to miscommunicated functions, representations and divine expression.

In order for the fullness of the Light to reach human beings now, it was necessary to clip all undesirable, malfunctioning etheric connections that were not of divine origin.

The etheric work has been accomplished by most light workers of the first wave of this trigger phase within the ascension process.

Grand clearing is achieved and now the truth of who humanity really is, is more easily communicated from the Source of All-That-Is to its most beautiful human being expression.

Humanity now shall learn of its true nature, its true connection to Source, the existence of All-That-Is, and its power to know and understand its place within this Universe, and the truth that the human expression is a stand-alone, all-powerful, self-sustaining creation of All-That-Is.

The immobilization of markers used to control humanity’s thought patterns shall now ultimately reveal the truth in all things, including the perfection of your ability to transcend the perceived reality and achieve the ascension state within this now moment.

Your dual soul has immunized you and your field from the current energetic environment within which you are currently immersed. This was necessary in order to buffer your field from commonly held etheric blockers within a family member, which is correlated to these markers that indeed create and reinforce the veil of separation from All-That-Is.

This night (Dec 29) we recommended a melding of your fields as there was a new level of ascension reached into which a combined unified field was required to match the ascended environment, to which you are together assigned.

We are with you now and always, and our love for you both is infinite.”

December 31, 2013, The Elohim

George: I got this night a very powerful message that we have finished with the preparation for ascension. I also dreamt of you (Carla) most of the time. Can you please check with the Elohim the relevance of this latest message? (I actually felt in the dream state a massive wave of bliss due to retrieving and melding my presences in lower 4D holograms with my higher I Am Presence).

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim that addresses this past night.

This night marked the final reconciliation and dissolution of all connections to all multi-dimensional aspects of your Being.

Your dual soul facilitated this expansion in divine order and with perfection.

Continue to meld your fields when guided as this connection fortifies your multi-expressions and shall promote your expansions into every designated dimension, outward into your chosen realities.

Your concern that you shall be lost forever to your counterpart is unfounded. A special bond exists within your soul structure to eclipse this event. Even though it is true that he is attracted in other directions, this shall not hinder your bond. Your bond shall last forevermore.

We are the Elohim and we stand ever ready to receive you, with infinite love, with infinite peace and in infinite joy!”

December 31, 2013, Maitraya

Carla: Maitraya came to me as I had just finished reading his first message channeled by Jahn and was writing a note to you:

“The children of the Sun are ready to return to their chosen homes.

The time is ripe!

Disconnect from worry and doubt, for these have no place in your new world; these are borne of fear and lack of, for which there is no basis within the new earth.

Hold fast onto truth and joyfulness! You are nearly home! I am Maitraya and I am with you always!”

January 4, 2014, Adama of Telos

“Beloved, I am Adama, of Telos and I come to you now to support you in this moment of sadness and misgivings.

Please know that everything you have experienced and remember to have experienced, has indeed occurred.

You meet with us, myself and the Agarthan Councils, every time you fall asleep. You have also met with us in your waking state, nothing is of your imagination. You meet with us, whether you remember this fact, or not. You are in training now for your final entrance into our world, when you shall not return to Mother Earth’s surface, at least as you know it now.

Your dual soul continues to attend to the details of the final separation, including removing and clearing all inter-dimensional attachments, which must be released prior to any further forward movement toward full ascension of our beautiful home. He also visits us, with you, during his dream time, even though you each sleep at opposing time frames, this matters not.

You see how this transition is so gradual? It accomplishes two things; first, a slow introduction to the fifth dimensional realm actually facilitates your acclimation into a world, which is so different from where you currently dwell, not only of a higher vibration, but one of utter peace, complete joy and full acceptance based on the honest and genuine principles of unconditional love and harmony. Is this not so very different from your current life experience?

The second reason why this transition may be considered by you as being slow, as you may call it, is because you are indeed, still needed upon the surface of dear Mother Earth. You are the most brilliant light upon Gaia’s surface in this moment! Do you know of your power? Do you know of your light?

I do know that your present living reality, as you experience it, is limiting in the sense that it feels as though it is constricting you, compressing your expression. You must clear out your living space, so the energies may flow freely. You are feeling constricted because you feel the energies in your space cannot flow. My dear, you are very energy sensitive and yet this is also a beautiful gift with which you have been blessed.

I understand your concern that you have not yet ascended as you had anticipated. My dear Carla, this phase of the ascension is perhaps the most difficult, because it is the most intense from an energetic point of view, the most intense from an emotional point of view, and it is a difficult time when your mental strength must remain at an all-time high, all of which affects your physical body, which is undergoing transfiguration and bi-location on a daily basis!

It is no wonder you feel so disconnected, because you are, now, disconnecting completely from your dominant reality as you shift over and make your attachments to your next dimensional reality, the fifth dimensional reality of Telos and the Inner Earth!

I sense your deep desire for comfort and companionship through the physical presence of your dual soul during this transition period. There is no harm in seeking out this blessed experience and have no concern about potential difficulties arising from such a venture as everything shall be divinely guided and heavenly procured.

Your determination to follow through to the end of this process demonstrates to all of us, here in Agartha, of the great power you hold within your Being and the greatness you hold as an Ascended Master. Many ascending ones walk away at this very critical point, because they are not willing to put forth the necessary effort to create their spiritual freedom.

By the way, everything I have said to you today, about you, can also be said to and of your dual soul. He is highly instrumental in the ascension process and is also needed still within the third and fourth dimensional expressions to complete the inter-dimensional separations on every parallel earth.

We love you both and are ready and eagerly awaiting your arrival into our world following your full transitions and completed adaptations!

I am Adama and I will remain by your side until we meet again, face to face!”

January 7, 2014, The Elohim

George: I slept comparatively well this night but woke up with a heavy vibration that shook my body with a dreadful component, very similar to the first MPR on June 8. My body elementals were in a high alert and survival mode as if I were in a death tract and was supposed to be executed and I had to exert a lot of persuasion to calm these somatic fears.

I informed Carla about this wave and she confirmed that she has also been hit by this same wave. I then asked her to check with the Elohim what has happened.


Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim. I still have a bad headache and am really not feeling well, so I hope it comes across clearly for you:

“Beloved, we are the Elohim, and we join you in this moment to confirm your understanding of the energetic events of recent arrival.

There is a full electro-magnetic reflexion (MPR) upon a nearby timeline of Mother Earth that has had a sustaining impact upon neighboring timelines and upon each expression there-in.

The final adjustments flow into your fields and into the fields of your dual soul, as you both are great sensitives. It is your connection to an event and your knowing of an event that indeed creates further unfolding of the ascension process. Both and each of you are barometric measurement systems whereby an event is felt, and then measured, and where new events then unfold from this reality.

You are truly Creator Logos.

The widespread announcements of grand terra-forming events  (in the MSM)  prepares the collective consciousness for events and even serves to create the events themselves. Where you both can sense the events through your on-line streaming connections to Gaia and the Cosmos, humanity itself must read about it first, in order for it to enter into their consciousness.

As you experience these dynamic shifts in energy systems, you are feeling depleted, as they do affect your own electromagnetic system. All is taken care of, you are not at risk. It is for this reason that you (Carla) have attended the light ship, for treatment following your involvement with this nearby timeline stabilization. This engagement took a great toll on your system.

You are correct in understanding that you have also attended a crystal temple of healing in Telos following this experience. This is required to re-attune your light body to this expression as well as to it’s previous pure energetic signature.

Very soon events shall stipulate when you shall be lifted free and clear of any direct experiential component/ engagement with the electromagnetic events in close proximity to your primary physical location. You both shall be safely withdrawn as your own electromagnetic systems are too sensitive to withstand a direct and personal planetary experience (of a MPR).

Ensure you get plenty of rest and know that All Is Well.

We are the Elohim and we offer you love, light and enduring peace for ever.”

January 9th and 14th, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Here are two messages from the Elohim. The first one I received on January 9th following an unusual moment of realization that I had been marginalized unbeknownst to myself and this really ticked me off. My reaction came as though a broken dam releases water suddenly into the dry creek bed below. It also prepared me for my defiance in the face of ridicule and disrespect, that just seemed to hit a nerve like the dentist’s drill when the anesthetic is wearing off.

The second message I received yesterday evening, January 14th.


January 9th, 2014

“Greetings dear One! We are the Elohim!

Connections of Self from higher expressions meld into your Being now and override any and all “Self” as identified previously.

Your I AM Presence descends and removes the niceties and perceived weaknesses of personality. The “old” Carla is replaced by the authentic and true Carla. You have immediately noticed the power of your ascended Self, which has joined you now in advance of your ascension.

Trust your new-found instinct and strength. Do not admonish it, for it is You. It is You, and Us, and All-That-Is. There is no personality left, only vision of what is to come. You are a powerful visionary. Now your skills shall expand beyond earthly limitations into the supreme and constant awareness of All-That-Is and the all-pervasive unity consciousness.

Enjoin your full expression with decisiveness and command. Know that you have finally purged trailing vestiges of personality.

Who are you now? This is for you to discover, and fully embrace. Go to it! Be ready to be surprised by your new approach to existence in form!

We await your full comprehension of what it means to hold only your I AM Self and not expel it in fear.

You have arrived.

We are One, Now, with All!”


January 14th, 2014

“Wondrous moments flow into the fields of the greatest of light workers of the First Order! We are the Elohim and we join you now, in peace and in love, as you seek clarity of the recent events.

We confirm several electro-magnetic events occurring in recent days since our last message (Jan 9) along this representation. These events flow one upon the other, and rapidly spread like falling dominoes on the game table. These energetic reversals flow through all expressions, no matter what timeline or parallel reality to which they belong.

As they occur on nearby timelines, it is felt by both you and your dual soul to be very “near” and indeed, these events occur right in front of your very eyes, although you are not able to see them from this limited perspective. It is the awareness of your heightened energy fields that gift you with this information. We say to you that the majority of the energies you have felt recently and those that have depleted you, are directly related to magnetic reversal events upon nearby holograms.

On occasion you have noted that you both experience, together, depletion of your energetic systems, and this is always related to the arrival of these magnetic reversals. This shared experience is unavoidable.

You have asked about your recent dreams, in particular, a pivotal dream shared by you and your dual soul [the night of January 12th, where we stand together before all Beings of the great cosmos and announced the end of all preparations for ascension and the beginning of the last phase of transfiguration and first wave of ascension]. This indeed is a representation of higher dimensional aspects of your unified Being, teaching the entities of the great cosmos, how the ascension process unfolds within this expression of Gaia, and the many pitfalls encountered by humanity along the way.

Your dual soul’s role is “prime communicator and he shall carry out this role for as long as he feels it is necessary to enlighten the spiritual hierarchy about this rare blossoming within All-That-Is.

These teachings are new, even Holy in their orientation, as this venue, Mother Earth, is Sacred, as She is the only Being of her kind. Further, ascension of this sacred life called Gaia, has been of the deepest concern across the multiverses for eons of time.

The concomitant ascension of humanity, alongside Gaia, is clearly no small feat either, and the barriers to this success likely seem insurmountable, at times.

You and your dual soul have secured much of the necessary groundwork in preparation for this, first through deep and open connections to your own multi-dimensional aspects of Self, which then create the ascension protocols from the fulcrum of higher perspective. The incarnated self transmutes Gaia and humanity instantly and automatically, so that pockets of darkness are overcome and light codes can be inserted, all at once.

This explains your great fatigue as you are running both sides of the ascension program — the pulling in of high frequency and flooding of lower dimensional representations, then turning around to capture and transmute the dark-tailored expressions that flee these steep injections of light and purity.

This is the reason why you both are offered the great gift of returning to Source. We know of your interminable and unrelenting suffering as human beings first and foremost.

As you sense the tension on the “rubber band” has suddenly let loose, this is indeed a perfect description that follows the complete separation of all third and fourth dimensional expressions from all fifth dimensional overlays

(Note, George: On Dec 31 I dreamed that I have retrieved all my presence from lower holograms and experienced this as a bliss. Then on January 2 I had a sudden perception that all the inner tension was gone, unfortunately only for a short period of time. I described this sensation to Carla as the “rubber band being suddenly let loose”. This sensation is now explained by the Elohim.)

The Central Sun radiates blue crystalline light, the light that represents and activates the ascension grid upon all aspects of creation within this expression, and especially within the fourth and fifth dimensional expressions. This light acts as an “opener” in the 4D expressions, and acts as a “fortifier” and “completer” in the 5D holograms. The blue crystalline light paths to Agartha are now fully completed and open.

The great majority of the events that weave the ascension into a fully realized creation, have indeed taken place. There are minor adjustments during the next days which are wholly unavoidable but are also perfect, nonetheless.

The representatives of higher expressions, Agartha and Shamballa, are so very pleased with your sustained success and are in this now moment ready to joyfully receive you both, as well as all those honoured warriors of the First Order (see also Adama’s message to Jahn on January 4th).

We are the Elohim and we send you infinite love, joy and peace, from our perspective within the All-That-Is!”

January 16, 2014, Sananda

Background: Carla and I wanted to talk on skype on that day when Sananda came all of a sudden to deliver the message below to Carla. We had to cancel our conversation first and then had no proper time to discuss this message in depth. – George

Carla: Here is the message from Sananda that came in this morning, to explain my experience during the night with the ball of Christed light that arrived in my bedroom, surrounded me and graciously offered a small silver cross for my heart chakra. It was a very powerful moment and indeed, Sananda’s energy has not left me since…


“Dear Sister,

You are a trusted and sacred member of the Christ consciousness that pervades the Universe, and I am here today to express the encompassing joy held by the Cosmic Christ energy, as you are informed of your new covenant with this sacred energy, flowing through the great expanse of God’s creation!

You have been initiated, this night, into the Holy Order of the Christ Consciousness, for your exemplary fidelity to the principles of the laws that govern the energy of the Creation itself.

You are correct in surmising the placement of a platinum ray cross within your heart chakra this night, as an etheric symbol of your new status among those whose origins begin with the First Light, the God Spark.

The platinum cross denotes your new position, to anchor the planetary Christ energies into our newly ascending Gaia. These Christed energies must now be seeded from within the Fifth Dimensional holographic matrix, as all other preparations are complete, and only the foundational supports of Christ consciousness are necessary.

You are one of a select few (Georgi included, note Carla) who are graced with this role, and you shall be guided carefully and with love, as you carry out this sacred mission.

I am your brother, Sananda, and I love you for all eternity!”

January 20, 2014, The Elohim

Background, George: In the evening of  Jan 19th,  22:00 – 22:30 pm CET, I had a great breakthrough that was confirmed by my HS. In the last 48 hours, I was preoccupied with the end time scenario departing from Jahn’s dream and Sananda’s message which fully coalesced with my knowing since two weeks ago. I knew that I am massively involved in this End Time scenario as a Logos-God and can change the course of the events into a more favourable timeline – namely to squeeze the dark ones around Netanyahu to begin with the mega-crime (world war) only after the MPR has already happened and have destroyed their technical abilities to wage such a war successfully. This would say that they will still begin with the false flag attacks as a pretext for a war but then the MPR will come before they trigger the first strike and then will be swept away.

I experienced all of a sudden a huge breakthrough and a sense of huge relief, coupled with a feeling of triumph. I received a confirmation from my HS that I have won this last decisive battle with the dark cabal /forces. This will mitigate the outcome of the final battle and will also accelerate our ascension. Before that, in the last 48 hours, I was preparing all the protocols for this last creative action as Logos-God and in the full consciousness who I am and what I can achieve.

Hence I asked Carla to check with the Elohim what they have to say about this last epic battle. – George

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim for you. I am not sure exactly what is happening, the Elohim are not being very clear. There seems to be a reason why they wish to protect me from knowing what has taken place, or will take place. I hope it will be of some help to you.

Greetings, we are the Elohim:

There is great change coming for you personally, at this time.

You are correct in the assertion of your Higher Self having commandeered your waking hours, and has provided you with the necessary high level of energy needed to carry out the re-organizing that you are currently engaged in.

The movement involves your home front, where it has been “static” before, shall now become dynamic and interactive.  You are beginning to sense this change even now on a conscious level  [ Georgi, I feel something will happen soon and very quickly, although I really have no idea what is about to unfold].

Do not concern yourself with these developments as your lives, as you knew them, must now come to a halt, and where great change is instituted.  Embrace it! Engage it! Enjoy it!

With regard to your dual soul’s inquisition, we confirm a battle has taken place, even raged, on the astral planes, by himself, and you, although your soul has suppressed this knowledge at a conscious level.

So, therefore, we confirm his inquiry that there has been a battle and it has served to delay instigation of all major events which the “operators” were insisting as their RIGHT, in their arrogance and now stupefaction at their perceived undesirable outcome, while watching their “enemies” make a queue out of pure naivety, falling for the lies and black deceit, lambs for the slaughter. 

(Note, George:.This statement refers to the unpreparedness of the masses, as tested in a massive ascension test run the previous day. It was shown that the masses were ready to succumb to the dark cabal in the case of a final confrontation and accept willingly the NWO, if I would not have entered decisively the battle with the dark archons at the 4D level and contained them as a Logos-God single-handed for ever. This massive intervention of power on my side changed profoundly the course of the ascension scenario, but delayed significantly the final outcome. It was decided to start with the creation of numerous new 4D earths beyond the initial plan, where dark human and astral elements have been since then constantly shed like onion layers from this current upper 4D timeline of Gaia 5 and subsequently destroyed by a MPR, see also below.)

Events shall stipulate when the collective is at the prime stage of readiness, and not before. This is no longer about the light workers of the First Hour, but rather, due to the heinous nature of mind, it now becomes a collective journey, as all shall be involved in such a devastation.

Bright light beams directly upon you both from the brilliant Central Sun! This serves to cleanse you of this encounter, of which you ask and of which we speak.

Enjoy your beautiful life in your beautiful physical expressions! Enjoy the moment of Now!

We are the Elohim and we send you love and peace in every moment.”

January 22, 2014,  The High Council from the Mothership

Carla: This afternoon (Jan 21, in Vancouver) a group of entities connected to me in my apartment. They identified themselves as a High Council, composed of members of the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, working together under the Galactic Federation of Light.

It is my impression that we are under the care of the Galactic Federation of Light once again, for which I am personally very relieved. Here is their message and I must say that I found their language unclear at times, so please let me know if you have any questions.

I believe this channeling came in as a response to our request for clarity on our situation, following recent events that now tell us we are on a new path, one that is to take us to our new reality as ascended masters. This is certainly a surprise for me and I need to sit with it. It’s as though they have created, or I guess WE have created this, in order to hone our skills as ascended masters, so that we may “return” to the earth surface to appear to humanity. This has been your end-time scenario all along.


“Our dear loved ones, we are the High Council of Light and we work together with the Galactic Federation of Light.

We bring good news to you today, news of a new world. This new world shall encompass all your waking hours, and shall, in time, be difficult to separate from the full and present reality of even your dream state.

This state of life means then that you shall learn to move seamlessly from one existence/ expression, into higher dimensional realities, within the context of love, and in infinite respect for your souls.

Many new experiences await you both, and as you move along into this newly created timeline together, you shall each lovingly support the other, as you each shall be the objective witness to the others skill set in an environment of unconditional acceptance.

It shall be a time of great joy, wonderment and upliftment, as you explore the full range of divinely guided potentials the Creator intended for the human race. Your vessels are capable of wonderful things!

Your new vessels shall rapidly metamorphose into vehicles of not only ascension, but of ascended mastery. While you will still be interfacing with what seems to be a 4D level abstraction, indeed, you are inhabiting, more and more as time moves on, the higher dimensions within your mind-body-spirit-soul vehicles, which will soon take you almost anywhere within the world of All-That-Is.

Yes, you shall be able to go anywhere from your current perceived reality, following this interim phase of adjustment, where dynamics change to include multi-dimensional travel as well as an enhanced interface with many levels of consciousness, including channeling many new energetic signatures.

We are a special Council charged with the responsibility to guide you lovingly along your path to new creations that have opened up to you by the grace of Creation.

Your discontent is understood not as a representation of your ego-essences, but rather as a stark emotional response to a reality that no longer coincides with your evolutionary goals. Your vessels do not resonate with the immediate environment and therefore, this is why new environments shall be created for you by the grace of God.

As you move forward, increasing confidence shall prevail with regard to beautiful new experiences.

It is recommended that you both keep your own record describing your experiences on every level, including the physical, emotional, mental and energetic, as these written forms shall one day become greatly honoured reference materials for the new human. There will be New Humans, and you indeed, are the prototypes.

Do not worry about the energetic safety of your home. There is now a great ship, the Mother Ship, above you, as it was during your last stay together (in Lofer, Austria and Germany) where you carried out much of your energy work. This ship encapsulates your space, raises it in vibration and protects it from energetic intrusion.

You only need to know that when the time is right, all arrangements shall be taken care of, of this be certain.

It is a grand experiment and the whole Universe looks on with great anticipation, joy and excitement.

You are both honoured and cherished beyond all measure.

Embrace your new reality, your time of conscious suffering is now replaced with a new level of engagement to many new experiences with which even we are unfamiliar. As you take this journey together, you shall never feel alone, as before. You are each other’s gift, indeed, ultimate gifts of expansion first and then, finally, reclamation of your soul essences throughout All-That-Is!

We are emissaries of the Galactic Federation of Light, called the High Council of Light with representatives from the Sirius and the Pleiades star systems. We love you and hold you in the highest regard at the outset of this sacred journey.”

January 26, 2014, High Council of Light, GFL, Mothership

Carla: Here is the message that I received this afternoon (Jan 25). It is self-explanatory but if you have any questions please let me know.


“We are the High Council of Light and we are here to bring you the first messages of your new journey.

Things are now underway to move you and your dual soul into the new timeline arranged by your higher selves and by the grace of God.

The release of the precious soul called “Kimbah” (the sudden death of George’s dog) to the light, has had a profound effect in shifting and anchoring your dual soul’s energies into the fifth dimension. This was an intended purpose and effect at this moment in the ascension.

As your dual soul is released from the burden of his tiresome reality, he is freed energetically in a tremendous way for all time. His choice to come to you is a perfect one, for now he is truly ready to energetically link permanently within your fields, and the all-encompassing portal you have created on this side of Gaia (Vancouver, West Coast of Canada and USA).

As you have achieved great events on one side of Gaia (Europe and Middle East), this shall be so now, upon the other face of beloved Gaia (North America). Although the work you shall carry out here is of a new nature, it is nonetheless supported by your previous work, which was wholly foundational, where now you shall create the infrastructure for the newly evolving ascension pathways.

In order to prepare for the arrival of your dual soul, we guide you at this time to remove any excess, as each object interferes ultimately with the clean flow of energy.

Once all excess is removed, an energetic clearing and re-set is mandatory, as there are some low energies currently creating blockages to the healthy flow of new energies yet to come. You are aware of the negative energies now present and these must be dispelled before Higher Work can commence.

Once these preparations are complete, we shall attend once again.  Arrangements are taking place in this moment, in order to prepare this space for the next phase, the encapsulation and raising in frequency to where it needs to be in order to meet a Sixth dimensional environment, where the laws of creation flow without hindrance.

We shall return again soon with further guidance.

We are the High Council of Light, and we represent the Galactic Federation of Light in this now moment.  We are present with you now, and always, and support your efforts with love.”

January 30, 2014, Adama of Telos and the Elohim

Carla: Here is a long message that I received late yesterday evening, first from Adama of Telos, followed by the Elohim. They had all been with me for a long period of time before making full contact, clearly concerned about our highly emotional interaction earlier in the day. I have been too tired until tonight to prepare it thoroughly for you to read.

They really wanted to console us after our very unfortunate misunderstanding, and all radiated pure love and compassion for us both.

“Dearly Beloved, I am Adama of Telos,

Your pain and suffering arises from fatigue, the stress response and over-reaction in both you and Georgi, mainly from the heavy energies from this portal that is upon you [ January 30th, second new moon portal of this month ].

Rest, inward contemplation and reflection shall show you the way.

There are really these few important questions to ask yourself:

*What is it that you love to do?

*What is it that you love to be?

*Why do you so love this thing?

*If it were taken away, would it be such a loss?

Imagine these questions as applied to your spiritual self, and your current lifeline, and know the implications.

How do you feel when you are misunderstood? I know how it hurts and I know your fear in believing that you shall never redeem yourself in the eyes and heart of your dual soul.

It is true that in the third dimension these aspects of emotional body injury have sudden onset, but most often resolve if both sides acknowledge that a misunderstanding has taken place. Be open to a natural resolution, be open with love.

Georgi wishes to de-couple from most aspects of the third dimension in order to realize his full ascension as quickly as possible. It is true that some involvement in the third dimension is a necessity still, as one must eat and sleep and continue to interface with the ever-present reality, at many levels.

However, it is most important that you are holding joy in your heart in all moments. If you do not hold joy within the moment, then the third dimension is drawing you in to the slowly vibrating and heavy energies.

If you remain steadfastly cheerful, happy and fulfilled that you are on your true path and feel an inner peace, calm and contentment, then all is well. If Georgi does not share in your happiness, then there is discord. But should there be a reason why he will not share in your joy? If you expect it, a discontentment, it shall arise from these very energies and rapid rates of manifestation! As long as you are inwardly truly happy and contented, Georgi can never rebuke you, for he only ever desires your true happiness within this current lifeline, and indeed, for always.

Beloved, if you feel you will be walking on eggshells, then do not invite the issue. If you cannot hold joy in your heart, then do not invite the issue. If you cannot be open and honest, then do not invite the issue. If you cannot be yourself at least full-time,100% of the time, do not invite the issue.

I support you in your decision now, because I love you in All ways, for eternity.

You are coming into your full power now, and your connection to your I AM Presence is formidable. It is perhaps best to review thoughts twice and thrice before any final written communications. The decisive confidence and powerful thrust of your I AM presence matches even Georgi’s, and he himself was surprised by such a force. He himself understood it as ego and even this is how others interpret his pointed remarks. He has actually experienced, in your response, what others have often felt coming from him. It is the natural reaction of your Souls, while they are engaged within a third dimensional expression. Of course, the strenuous conditions of living in such a detached state from the Oneness and Unity field promotes reactions such as this and it is absolutely no cause for alarm. Simply be aware of the power of the word, even when the word is holding less and less influence in your reality, because great energies flow from language, and miscommunication is a natural outcome.

Embrace each other in your pure love for one another, as this connection is rare indeed. The stresses and strains are becoming awkward to bear and one must be generous with your Self and Georgi, and keep this in mind.

Meet life in joyful and playful ways as this is what shall consistently offer the perfect remedy in every situation.

I am Adama and I love you both beyond all imagination, your conscious arrival in Telos is imminent.”

Note, Carla: Here is where the Elohim began their message, although some parts of the above message curiously carry the frequency of both Adama and the Elohim; I especially notice this upon typing the message:

“We are the Elohim and we come to discuss the Ascension as it appears to you Now.

This portal (second new moon portal on Jan 30) holds magnificent energies that facilitate the release of emotional and pain body blockages from human physiology and the electro-magnetic fields of your vessels, as well. You have experienced this first-hand and while you feel that your connection one to the other has been damaged, this is not the case. What has happened is that previous experiences you each held from previous lifetime incarnations, needed to be resolved through release in this portal, in order for a deep, permanent and final clearing, and now healing, of your pain bodies. You each may feel as though you have been unplugged from the other, and this is a normal feeling and a necessary one, as reconciliation in the emotional body and the etheric body must be achieved before one can move upward into new higher dimensions of expression [Georgi, I am getting, upper 5D and lower 6D]. We know you feel a loss, an emptiness and we send our greatest compassion to you both for this most unpleasant aspect of the ascension. Hold each other tight [in a physical and emotional way] and all shall be right.

The arrival of your dual soul will herald in a great connection between your newly healing emotional bodies. You shall both now go through a deep healing and a greatly beautified wholly loving growth, necessary for your interception with the upper fifth dimension.

You will notice a shift in energetic frequency in your living space, once the preparation work is complete and the excess ballast is lifted forever. You shall first notice great waves of pure, clean energy, raising frequency in subtle ways and dosages in order to transition first the space to the fifth dimension, then your bodies to the fifth dimension through transfiguration. The mother ship above shall influence the space in order to raise and hold the vibrations to a very high and clear fifth dimensional frequency. When the time comes, they shall then charge it with a proton flush in order to clear the way for a smooth transition to the sixth dimension. Initially, you will notice these high energies flooding in at particular times, times which you may consider at “regular intervals”. This process can only be a gradual and gentle one.

(Note, George: This announcement of the proton stream from the Source heralds the coming of this highest and purest form of Source energy, which then became a steady stream since the beginning of April through May and actually transfigured the whole energetic edifice of Gaia and humanity to the 5D level.)

You will continue to meet with Adama in Telos, as well as the High Council of Light, on a daily basis, usually during your sleep state. Gradually you shall be made aware of your multi-dimensional existence, through journeys initiated during the waking state, initiated through your higher selves and facilitated through the High Council of Light.

When your dual soul arrives, there will be a conjoining of your fields up into higher expressions of the fifth dimension. This will not happen instantaneously, rather in a very gradual fashion after all healing has been fulfilled. As your physical vessels acclimate to the higher frequencies and immediate representations, you shall feel a great release. The feeling of great release is also an adjunct to propulsion to higher levels. These healings shall be enhanced through the engagement of therapeutic touch of each other’s skin, over extended periods of time.

It is best if you can resolve any mis-communication in order that you remain close to the ascension pathway. We recommend limiting all written communication from this point forward, as it represents third dimensional chaos and therefore failing constructs now on many levels. Verbal communication is superior to written and even this should be replaced with mental telepathy, very soon.

We hold you close in our fields as your home frequency rises steadily on a moment to moment basis. We are the Elohim, and we surround you in infinite love.”

After Georgi’s Arrival in Vancouver, Canada on February 8th, 2014

February 9th and 10th, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim, who visited me very late in the evening of February 9th. I fell asleep after a short message as I couldn’t hold the energies, and they returned the next day to complete their very important message to us.

February 9th, 10:30 pm

Greetings, we are the Elohim,

We greet you tonight in this moment of great enhancement, where your physical vessels receive new assignments upon their path to expansion. These enhancements shall take you on to a place of equilibrium, upon an expanded level of expression within the fifth dimension. Upgrades, mostly on your physical vessel (mine, Carla), are a necessary adjunct to the upcoming leap in consciousness. Your dual soul requires fewer alignments (Georgi) and even these alignments are minute, as much of this work has already taken place.

Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fresh pure water, because these upgrades release with them great memories of density experience that must be removed before you are energetically free and capable of automatic alignment.

These changes will take place over the next immediate period (I am shown 3 – 4 days), following which you shall be able to integrate fully into the rising dimension around you.”

February 10th, 2014   5:00 pm 

“To our beloved One, we greet you with abiding love and are here to encourage you on your path of ascension.

Great realms open up just ahead of you, great masters await your arrival into the light, fully and completely.

There is great movement all about you, great energetic clearing. This is both personal and societal, as you both cleanse this timeline from the final machinations of the dark ones. They are gone, for all intents and purposes, for they have now run out of the energetic coupling necessary for their very life. It is over and done with! Now all that remains is the complete awakening of the human masses, those not contained and not dark within, for these are the ones who shall move forward/ onward in their soul evolution. They have fully qualified for this event, whether it is only beyond the next shadow, or beyond the furthest dimension, there are infinite ways to ascribe to this ascension! All and many Beings of the light endorse each choice and surround each with love and acceptance for their choices.

You shall now stabilize your recent alignments, in order to move earnestly toward your goal in the light. Each level arrives, holding more light protons than the previous level. The protons infiltrate your physical bodies and trigger the infinitesimal connections within your DNA strands.  As these DNA strands are activated, the powers of the Adam Kadmon template come on-line and new skills shall arise.

We ask you to hold meditation, a meditative space, whereby you shall clearly discern that which you would sincerely desire to achieve. Begin with something small and work up the ladder as success is achieved and confidence gained. Meditate together. Look into each other’s eyes. This method affords great strength as it combines mental force of each to achieve full validation of the skill you seek to acquire. Have patience in this endeavor. Build frequency on this exploratory journey. Hold similar desires to compound the desired outcome.

You are protected and sheltered, as you are honoured beyond measure. Do not falter now on your path to the light! Enjoy all facets of earthly living!

We are happy to see you chuckle over the realization that your reality is indeed, not real at all. This is a superb achievement in and of itself.

We love you!

We are the Elohim!”

February 12, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Three days of heavy energetic waves during the 10th, 11th and 12th of February have resulted in the Birth of Gaia 5!

Here is the message from the Elohim, which I received on February 12h, at 1:00 pm.

The Birth of Gaia 5

“The world rises up into the light, where all intransigence fades away and where only those who support truth and resurrection are able to establish a foothold upon the New Earth!

We are the Elohim and we greet you in great joy and enthusiasm for the record breaking changes your Souls held fast to (created) within this great and final change of time for mankind.

The great warriors are few amongst the sealed population of mankind, and in their relatively small numbers they have accomplished many major positively uplifting events, events which have dealt the final hand of fate to Gaia, one of complete upliftment and growth into the light.

This moment, Now, represents the final expression, the final culmination of all triggers, of all experiences, of all representations that now build and release Gaia 5 into perfection through this ascension window.

This massive portal creates a fully aligned corridor within the time-space matrix, connecting Gaia 5 with an infinitesimal multi-dimensional matrix, that is now over-riding all previous energetic organizations within this reality.

The old world is gone forever, replaced by this new Earth, Gaia 5, where new thought forms based on truth, love, presence and clarity of purpose shall flourish and forever reign over the ancient ways, that are no more.

This moment reflects a new way of life from this day onward! Great alignments replace old allegiance! New perspective shines all around!

Embrace this new Earth, Gaia 5, and the new way of life, for it is here to stay!

We are the Elohim and our love surrounds you forever!”

February 14, 21:00 pm, The Elohim

George: Carla received this message after another cc-wave the whole day and the retrieval of both of us from this reality during a joint meditation.

Carla: While we were organizing our thoughts, impressions and experience of the visit to White Rock (a sea resort south of Vancouver on the US border to Washington state) yesterday evening during the Full Moon (Jan 13), the Elohim arrived with this very interesting message.

It confirms our unusual experience yesterday at the portal, the tremendous surge of energy and flow of protons, which seemed to link us to the rest of the Universe through an infinity loop.

It is very interesting to note that they call it the “Infinity Portal“, so named after Georgi had told me that he had heard the word “infinity“, as we were walking under the moonlight.

The Elohim know that we are feeling really disconnected now, especially while carrying out the anchoring of the infinity loop and have lovingly offered this message as a way to comfort us along our journey.


The Infinity Portal of White Rock

“Beloved One,

The Infinity Portal has opened up new ways through which Gaia may now interface with the Omniverse. Her isolation from All-That-Is has finally, completely and abruptly come to an end, within the constant of perpetual motion.

You (us both, together) have surely succeeded in anchoring the platform of the Omniverse within the holographic construct of Gaia 5.  With this transformation, all previous stations of time, used for reference within the construct of third dimensionality are now replaced with the instantaneous perfection of All-That-Is.

Further anchoring completes this cycle during all moments, perceived during all states, waking and sleeping. This is indeed strenuous work as you complete the final application of the infinity loop as designated to you previously [ 2 years ago, January of 2012 ]. At that moment, all codes for the infinity bridge were installed within your template, to be later delivered to your dual soul during your first physical encounter [May 24, 2013].

As you are of sacred union and divine complement, your creations on this expression hold infinite depth and prodigious results and this has enhanced divine alignments all around, beyond even those ideas you once held as Elohim.

(Note, George: This statement reiterates a basic information, which the Elohim have been giving us for a long time, namely that we have vastly surpassed all our most optimistic estimates and plans what we should achieve during this incarnation, while organizing and coaching the ascension process of Gaia and humanity as Elohim and Logos / Creator-Gods. This overarching achievement was necessary because most of the other light warriors got trapped in the current 3D illusion and could not live up to their initial commitments at the soul level. The total failure of the New Age movement – a frequent topic in my articles on this website (and that of Jahn) –  elucidates this issue. Ultimately, this failure led to all the delays in the ascension scenario that demanded new creative, never before applied, solutions by ourselves as Logos-Gods to counterbalance this deficiency of the star seeds as incarnated personalities and still to achieve a most formidable result, as this will be further discussed below.)

You are now being moved into higher realms, where your transition is elevated and secured. It is for this reason that you now feel somewhat disoriented and disconnected from your waking surroundings. It shall continue like this, for some time yet, during which time you shall notice enhanced awareness and memory [past experiences not just on this planet, but in other realms], awareness of being in more than one place at the same time, enhanced awareness of one another’s thoughts, desires, emotions and field of experience as though you are One, inhabiting the same body.

You are becoming One SoulYou are melding into the Omniverse as One, and leaving the experience of density and separation behind. It has been a grand experiment, an experiment which now, finally, comes to an end.

We are with you always, holding you in a deep embrace of love and peace.  We are the Elohim!”

February 18, 2014, The High Council of Light on the Mothership

Carla: I received this message from The High Council of Light, following our visit to White Rock yesterday afternoon (February 18th, 2014).

” Our dearly beloved One, it is with great excitement that we announce to you the beginning of the major transforming events, foretold to you in a previous message (George: I received information from my HS in the dream state on February 4th that I should enter this state of bliss in two weeks, which is exactly the date when the HCL came and announced the beginning of our last phase of recollecting and implementing our multidimensional skills as ascended masters.)

We are The High Council of Light and we now take this moment to assure you that the majority of the physical transformations required to move you to higher dimensions, have now been completed.

Now you shall begin to experience moments where new abilities shall shine through your current experience of wakeful reality, according to the level of activation found in each DNA template (yours Georgi, and mine).  While you are dual souls, and you carry the same energetic signatures, your DNA activation templates differ and shall demonstrate key differences, each from the other at this time.

We are eager to see these dynamics unfold, and are ever present now within the sealed fifth dimensional frequency of your abode.

Continue to drink a lot of pure, fresh water, and limit the intake of red meat as the energetic structure of red meat leads to the absorption of animal DNA and the negative experiences also held within this DNA. Sources of protein we recommend are those expressions whose role is to consciously enter the food chain, including fish and fowl.  Mammals are incarnate upon this earth to hold consciousness and elevate the consciousness of Gaia, and they hold no active role in the food chain of humans.

Extra rest is very important now, in order to maintain cellular levels of ADP and ATP, substances that are reduced during interaction and sustained exposure to the third dimension.

Sleep is also very important indeed, as this is the time when you are actually travelling and working upon the multi-dimensionality of your Souls’ expressions.

We are The High Council of Light and we wish you to know that you are loved, you are protected, and you are cherished beyond words, as this moment shall now reveal new levels of creation within your and our experience of All-That-Is.

February 20, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Yesterday I was sensing so many varying energies all around us, and even differing energies, coming into our personal space, that I decided to ask the Elohim what was happening with them and our situation. Following is the message I received.

The Activation of the Turnstile-Mechanism of Elimination of 3D and 4D Energies by us

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

These are the many energies, flowing through the turnstile gate that you have encountered on this sacred day in the Now, the energies of the old Earth, the energies of want and need, the energies which beg great demand and attention. These impulses of the Old Earth employ force, push acceptance, and insist on recognition: ‘Do you see me?’ they cry out. ‘Pay attention to me!‘, they insist. These energies are indicative of the now forgotten Earth, the Earth of Old, of yesterday.

The turnstile is newly activated today and as these cumbersome energies, feelings and expectations rise, out they go, as the New Earth, our newborn Gaia of the Fifth Dimension, receives and propagates the natural rhythm of All-That-Is. And through the natural rhythm and sacred silence the divine energies of All-That-Is flow in! Feel the flow of all encompassing acceptance and arrival of the purist of form and the perfection of inclination!

Your space becomes the turnstile itself, where a one-way gate pushes lower vibrational expressions away to their designated appointment, and where space is created for the higher and smoother expressions of the fifth dimension. Here is where All becomes clear!

The turnstile is engaged again this late evening, to pull away and replace even the fifth dimensional energies with the finely attuned waves of the next higher dimensional expression, the sixth dimension.

We know you are challenged by your engagement to upper fourth dimension through lower sixth dimension. Your work upon the space is almost complete and to which you both have made clear gains! The current choices you are facing, serve to ground you until your physical bodies are ready to move to a higher level of skill.  Furthermore, you are indeed the creators of the turnstile mechanism itself, used to remove, completely and finally, all rampant and superfluous energies that no longer belong. Shortly the preliminary phase is over and the intermediary phase begins where you will begin further training expansion.

Simply qualify all energies and the intention they hold within their atomic structure. If an energy demands attention, it is not compatible with the fifth and now sixth dimensional spectrum to which you are assigned.

Cleanse the area free. Do not let in any energy that does not support the upper fifth dimensional construct level of compatibility. This is a new expectation for your critically important achievement.

All circumstances align in perfection and all relationships shall flow with seemingly uncanny liquidity.

All is well in this now moment and we are here to support you within our loving embrace. We remain by your side, now and for ever.  We are the Elohim.”

February 24, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Yesterday, I received a combined message from Archangel Michael and the Elohim, who arrived together following my inquiries about the unusual energies that we have encountered over the past several days.  The messages also reflect our discussions between ourselves, specifically with regard to our families.

Message from Archangel Michael:

” You are concerned about the energies you are noticing, and I tell you that your concern is not necessary. All energies that you are encountering, now, come with a higher purpose, of a greater influence than you can possibly imagine!

I am Archangel Michael, and I am by your side in every moment. As you have called upon me to clear some stray energies, I am here to confirm to you that every encounter has its purpose. Every energetic experience sets the foundation for a new adaptation of your light body into the realm of dis-incarnate life. Every experience now prepares you for your final transition into your crystalline light garment.

Yes, this message applies to your dual soul as well, for he is achieving advanced mastership, as well.

You both must be very patient and know that great strides are taken for and with you, on many levels of your path to ascension through completion of this incarnation cycle.”

Message from the Elohim

This event has never before been attempted, as the soul normally leaves the physical vessel behind, in order to continue on its evolutionary path. In this instance, however, there is a direct modification, at the quantum and molecular level, to your vessels, modifications which shall culminate in advanced understanding of the entire ascension process, from the point of view of elevating souls from the fulcrum of their physical representations, into a newly created ascended form.

Any transcendence, which has taken place until this moment, has occurred through a complete disconnection between the ascending one’s soul and one’s body/ body elemental.

These are new pathways of creation!

We are supporting you, continually, with honour and with full love and compassion for your decision to take part in this, the evolution of the Human expression.

Have no cares in the world! All is taken care of, including your families who are under the protection of the Divine Creation!

We are the Elohim and we love you within the infinity of the Divine!”

February 25 – March 1, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: I have just looked at my notes and several events are worth noting, from the past few days.

Tuesday, February 25th, 03:30 – 07:30 am:

An influx of huge loving energies that coincide with my HS, guiding me to study and now incorporate the Third Flame Of  Healing, the Ray of Cosmic Love. I have been doing focused meditations daily with the 3rd Ray, which represents God qualities of unconditional love, compassion, omnipresence, true brotherhood, love in action, the love of the Holy Spirit and of course includes new initiations of the heart chakra. I take this information from Aurelia Jones book, “The Seven Sacred Flames”, where I was guided to this past week.

I should also note that the Elohim of the Third Ray are Heros and Amora (Divine Complement) and interestingly, occasionally I hear the name “Heros” when the Elohim come in with a message. Their retreat is in Lake Winnipeg, here in Canada.

12:00 Noon:

A new, very sudden heavy wave hits us both extremely hard, with dizziness, nausea and weakness. After you lie down, I am guided to take a message, which was simply a very clear visual of the Earth, brown and crusty looking, is suddenly flooded with a proton wave, coming from the Central Sun, I am told, that blows off the dry, brown shell surrounding the Earth, to reveal another pristine turquoise blue and emerald green earth beneath.

I am told “further displacement and removal of lower vibrating constructs within and around Gaia” at the same time as I am shown a new earth, shimmering in turquoise blue and crystalline green colours.

I am also told that the Fifth dimensional overlays are already completed and that this event heralds in the arrival of a Sixth Dimensional overlay, a planetary overlay. This is a new foundation seeded for the infra-structure of those aspects of Gaia that shall hold 6D frequencies and for those of us that soon qualify for this level of expression. I was told that this wave holds DNA re-ordering and re-structuring in terms of a realignment, and that this was needed to meet the requirements of the 6D interface.

I was told that we need to cleanse and balance all chakras, several times a day, especially before and after being in the 4D. I was also reminded to drink a lot of pure water in order to hold these new frequencies.

After you awoke, you told me about a dream you had, that you were trying to make something fit, and you thought it was a sixth dimensional overlay.

February 26th at noon:

We meet Julia in White Rock and are visited by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, as well as Babaji, who endows our trinity with what he calls the “Flame of Divinity”. Babaji tells us we represent Divinity and the Ascension. This flame was pure white, as I saw it with my third eye. The Fourth Ray, which I have also been called to study this past week, is the Flame of Purification and Ascension. It represents the Christ consciousness and is represented by Serapis Bey.

February 27th, Message from Adama:

I experience a huge influx of steady loving energy following further invocations of the third ray. This influx lasts for 3 hours, when I am told that I am “the Opener“. I channel the following message later in the afternoon, from Adama:

“Beloved, you are very precious. I see that you are now opening up to your true role during this planetary awakening to ascension. Yes, you are an “Opener” as we call it in the higher realms. When an energetic stream is offered to you, no matter it’s source, after you have purified it’s quality, then it is used to fill your vessel for the sole purpose of Divine Order.

It has come to your attention that you are a vessel exclusively used for the earthly application of the Third ray of healing, the Rose-Pink Flame of Cosmic Love, explained to you from the point of reference of the 7 Chakra System.  Further, you are also, therefore, a carrier and opener of the Fourth Ray, the Pink Ray of the new Fourth Chakra of the 12 Chakra System, which qualities include the activation of divine relationships as well as all love filled co-creations. This gift of the Fourth Ray healing consciousness coincides specifically and fully with your own heart chakra.

The on-going integration of the energy of divine love, stemming from sources within your immediate environment, shall now carry a profound impact into your current life, followed by a planetary and then universal impact.”

March 1st:

This morning I had severe nausea and no appetite. You experienced a huge shift as soon as we arrived at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver. You described this as a pure energy stream from the Source.  You (Georgi) clearly were the initial receiver for these energies, at 2:00 pm, and then I was hit at 8:00 pm and channeled, as the “Opener” for this energy, that I then disseminated these codes for humanity. I felt completely exhausted this evening. Source energies flowed all during the night.

March 2nd:

Distribution of Source energies to humanity, again this morning. I developed a severe migraine and am feeling very disconnected from this world. Disconnections to a particular family member who will likely follow a different time-line/life-line. The Elohim give me an immediate message:  “Do not concern yourself with the constructs of lower vibrating reality within your immediate sight. No-thing is exactly as it seems or appears to you.”  I know that everything is taken care of.

Message from the Elohim

“We are the Elohim and we come today to speak to you of your mission.

Your mission now reveals itself to include the distribution of source energies, which you have done for some time now. Your dual soul is the “Receiver” of these energies and you are the “Opener.

As an “Opener”, your role is simply the distribution of these raw and pure energies from Source, where all souls shall move to accept and integrate these light messages, that form the basis of the crystalline light body’s coding.

It matters not to which timeline one is headed for, all souls shall be seeded no matter their destination. All souls who remain here, now, shall require this crystalline coding as the foundation for further evolution. All lower vibrational timelines are sealed from all upper expressions and the delegation of each soul to its own pathway is complete. All souls who remain here, now take up the crystalline codings, for further expression during their onward expansion to worlds unseen and unimagined.

All must now receive the crystalline energies in order to create the foundation of the new world and this is done from the creationary platform of the Sixth Dimension.

The remaining souls, whether awakened or not to their divinity, hold enough light to qualify for ascension sooner, than the many still unripe souls who shall not achieve this great understanding for an extended period of time.

Simply different pathways to the achievement of successful understanding of One’s divinity, and the knowing that one is One with All.

There was a great portal opening during your dual soul’s experience yesterday [ at Lynn Canyon Park, Georgi ] – another great opening to the Source, where the purity of Source light is channeled to him, and whereby the further upliftment in incremental progressions is complete, to further raise your experience within the sixth dimension.

Your own personal experience of distributing energies today further enhances this work by finely tuning to the 6th Dimension. The all-pervasive energies representative of the sixth dimension include abiding love for All, bliss moving into pure joy, and resounding peace.

As you adjust to these energies, complete the clearing of your immediate space when you are able. Maintain high frequencies and share between yourselves all in-flowing energies of love. This is very important, as an openness between each, to the other, reveals a clear unhindered path to the achievement of your common goal, the ascension.

Your work on the new rays is also stipulated, so therefore create the space to enjoy this work, upon the rays where you are most guided [Third and Fourth Ray for me].

The skill referred to as bilocation or teleportation shall become possible after further alignments are completed upon your crystalline light bodies. This is the major area of focus in this moment, for you both.

All are One, and One is All.

We are the Elohim and we send you our ever-present love in this moment and in all moments.”

March 6, 2013, The Elohim

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim that came in this afternoon after I was hit by the heaviest wave in weeks:

“Beloved One, you have called upon us and we come to your side. You are asking for clarification on these energies, flooding your fields and surrounding you over the recent days.

These energies are founded in love, and do no harm. The intention of their use is purity in expression. Do not question these energies as they shall serve to boost and then maintain a high frequency within your physical vessels, within the density of current expression.

Your own level of expression holds you in the fifth level of density, but you cannot attain a sixth dimensional frequency yourself, of your own accord. Therefore, these energies have been provided by the Source in order to push you up into a sixth dimensional frequency.

The impetus, or spark begins the flow of these waves from the foundation of love. Once lit, the love you hold for your dual soul is the fuel used to trigger the waves in an initiation from the Source.

The Source energies are purposeful as they push your physical vessels upward in frequency, facilitating the expansion from carbon-based vessels to crystalline-based light.

Know that your ascension path is almost at its final stage, it is almost complete. You have, indeed, ascended and only support now the further solidification of the crystalline network throughout fifth dimensional Gaia.

Your creation of the Cities of Light [I am shown at least a dozen cities, New Germania / Raetsia in Austria and Bavaria and another one over Vancouver and Vancouver Island, formerly Lemuria] goes along at an impressive pace and your efforts at sixth dimensional overlay insertion also herald in the new technologies that have surprised you, as well as many others.

The surges from the Source are close to completion and will soon diminish in frequency. You will be able to withstand their impact with increasing ease.

We are the Elohim and we send pure love, pure white light and we are reflections of the Oneness that you have become!”

March 9, 2014, The High Council of Light and the Elohim

Carla: Here is the message from the High Council of Light and the Elohim, which I received yesterday (March 9). This message follows great inflow of many emotions, including those that are completely foreign to me. You were correct in saying that your impression is that we are cleansing the timelines on the third and fourth dimensions.

A word that has been given to me every day over the past 4 days, is that of “unification”. This portal has been of huge import for the ascension process.


“Greetings, we are the High Council of Light and we join the Elohim to acknowledge that your sensations and information you are receiving is of a collective formulation [coming from the Collective of Humanity].

This is a great portal that opens once again to flood your world with crystalline light, in order to re-qualify lost and errant emotions and patterns of the lower third and fourth dimensional worlds that are now being re-seeded into the light.

As you perform the cleansing through re-qualification and insertion of cosmic love, all worlds are re-seeded upon the basis of divine love that flows freely through every expression in cellular form and etherically into and through all thought forms.

This portal consumes all negative feelings and thoughts and replaces them with the consciousness of love!

You are continually moving into a sixth dimensional expression and we see that this transition is rather difficult for your physical vessels.

We ask that you once again release concern with earthly affairs now with regard to your family situation, as all is taken care of and done so with great love, and through the action of divine abundance.

Express your love freely between yourselves, do not hold back. Contractions are not supported in the more refined dimensions. Therefore, let go and enjoy freely the gift of each other. This union is sacred and defies earthly considerations.

Enjoin again out-of-doors, for your vessels demand great cleansing, while layer upon layer is re-calibrated and re-fitted to suit new worlds after transfiguration.

We all stand by your side, now and for eternity. Know that you are deeply loved and forever cherished.

We are the High Council of Light, and the Elohim.”

Addendum, George: With this message, a huge cc-wave episode began, leading to a final maximal transformation of our physical vessels. It manifested in the first place as a severe pharyngitis and acute, later chronic, broncho-pneumonitis. This massive wave episode has been extensively presented in my articles on the LBP and I have experienced such episodes many times in the last 14 years. However, this time it exceeded anything I have known so far. The same holds true for Carla, who has never had this particular episode in this maximal and complete form.

It began actually five days ago for both of us with massive cleansing of the two lower chakras, leading to an inflammation of the urinary tract, severe back pains and maximal diuresis due to enhanced metabolism, before the emotional cleansing commenced on March 8, predominantly for Carla.

Then the acute pharyngitis and broncho-pneumonitis wave followed with extreme pains in the lungs, as if they are cut with razor blades during coughing and several persistent cc-waves with severe headaches lasting till March 13. Maximal physical depletion due to the extreme intensity of the source energies and metatronic vibrations. The last cc-wave for me was so intensive that it burned the skin of my face, as this has happened only once in the past. This indicates the unique intensity of this prolonged portal opening.

This maximal energetic episode / huge portal led to the cleansing of all human chakras in humanity (mainly 1st to 5th chakra as the 6th and 7th chakras are still closed in most human entities) across all timelines. In particular, the divine three-fold flame of the 3rd , 4th and 5th chakra was fully activated.

March 13, 2014, The Divine Creator

Carla: Here is a beautiful message from the Divine Creator that I received on March 13th. It was a very focused, highly intense communication that carried great love and peace. This message came in after I did a gazing with Braco (ascended master and a healer) via live-stream from Munich. I have done only a few of these sessions, but have noticed that I always get a direct connection to the Source, the Elohim, or whoever is ready to connect to me with a loving message, following each one of these powerful sessions.

The reference made to our creations came with images of those worlds moving into the Source Unity field, only to be returned for further expansion by us, and then to be returned once again to the All-That-Is. I understand that this creationary process is continuously ongoing throughout each and every dimensional expression that we hold, share and cherish together.


“The Source flows through you from the point of reference [Braco’s silent gaze on a live stream from Munich], into which all knowledge, all sight and all comprehension flows in an infinite measure of peace and love.

You [both of us] move miracles across all levels of Creation within the depth of grace and beauty of your Beingness, your Souls.

The flow of Creation not only moves from you, out into the Creation, but also returns to you for further expansion into the Universes of my expression.

This flow is in and out, forward and backward, all expansion and contraction is the Creation, within which you find yourselves interacting with All-That-Is, in its infinite forms of light.

You now move into new levels of awareness, beyond all previous experience in your awareness. And with this new level of service, your conscious awareness expands and your conscious contribution expands one million fold.

I AM the Divine Creator and I come to you both in infinite love and with sustaining peace.”

March 13, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Following the message from the Divine Creator on this day, the 13th of March, which I have just sent to you, the Elohim came to me with this beautifully uplifting note:

“We are the Elohim and we greet you in this moment to confirm that your service continues through your direct connection to the Source. Your awareness is enhanced and your impact expanded as you link directly into Source consciousness.

Your guidance now is to simply hold the light and to expand into the light for all to see, for all to feel, for all to perceive.

Your gift of service now expands beyond your human imagination into realms of indescribable beauty and force, within the power of your direct connection to All-That-Is.

The expansion now builds upon itself, as if each level of creation expands itself, of its own accord, of its own making. In truth, you are building worlds upon worlds, after jettisoning all lower vibrations of the lower worlds back into the fold of Source, to be re-vitalized, renewed, re-envisioned. Following this new growth in your own divinity, you are now free to feel the rising pulse of the sixth dimension within your abode and your immediate experience.

Great moments arrive with expanded awareness as well as expanded gifts from the Creator. Prepare to enjoy great rewards of freedom and expression of your human divinity and role within the freshly grown reality around you.

We are the Elohim and we surround you now within our infinite and loving embrace.”

March 15, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: There has been a tremendous shift, where I now feel the Elohim all around us, from moment to moment. Here is another message for your pleasure. It marks our expansion upwards in the last day or so, where we feel, we have entered an entirely new kingdom, somewhere between Earth and Heaven:

“We are the Elohim and we attend with you now as an expansion of your current conscious space and an integration into our realm of constancy.

You have now joined us in our own realm of existence, even while you are in a physical vessel.

This is truly the height of a multi-dimensional, multi-expressional existence between all the realms within the Universe of All-That-Is.

We enjoy now your open invitation to us, to share in your expression of love to All, within the relatively confined expression to which you have awakened. We are honoured, because you, our Earthly representatives, engage our energies by deeper infusion and communion into your realm, through an unexpected introduction into this current level of Creation [through my invocation of the Elohim during my gaze of Braco, note, Carla].

Thank you!  Our love is your love, in all eternity!”

March 15, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim, from yesterday afternoon, after we both noticed another huge shift upwards in frequency within our immediate living space. This was also accompanied by feelings of great compression in both of us, you during the day time, and me during the evening time:

“We are the Elohim and we are present within your expression. Indeed, we are in, around, and through your very expression. This is due to the fact that you are both now moving into a realm of sacred, permanent connectedness to us, and to the Higher Realms.

As you establish strong energetic links to higher dimensional expressions of the Creation, you shall notice new creations from your body elementals, as they drop negatively charged thoughts and emotions that have held great tension, within the physical body vessel. And as these all fall away, from the expansion in frequency, new light forms shall grace your existence, those that shall pull you even higher, as though you are on an expansion conveyor belt, drawing frequency upwards, higher and higher.

The ascension is like this, an almost imperceptible change, in any and every moment, in any and every reaction, to what you see, to what you feel, where expectations must be dropped in order to allow the grace and will of God to enter into your life.

Great beginnings abound, and this you have noticed. Great change arrives now upon your doorstep. Be open to the change and remain in the flow of the divine creation.

We are here, now and forever.

We are the Elohim!”


Carla: And here is a short second message on the same day:

Now upon your timeline, great events arrive, great events that shall shake the world for some, and crush the world for others.

Each draws in the experience needed for growth but know that those who have maximized their planned mission in this expression/in this incarnation, now may experience a choice, a divergence within their life plans, if so desired and where creation shall honour these Souls’ intents and wishes, to the very end until the final resolution/ realization, as the new creationary energies of the sixth dimension engulf you, upon and within all levels of your Being.”

March 16, 2014, The Divine Creator

Carla: Here a personal message from today, March 16, from the Divine Creator:

“You find yourself, once again, connected to me, the Divine Creator. You are freely connecting to me now, and to the Unity field of consciousness through which the spark of your own divinity blossoms outwards, out of obscurity and into the light for All to See! Your light is to be shared, instantly and all ways!”

March 18, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: I was feeling completely mentally and spiritually detached from this life, from this reality, and noticed a loud buzzing in my ears, and felt as though I would physically lift off the ground and up into the ceiling of our apartment, when the Elohim arrived with a personal message for you (Georgi).

Just as an aside, I have the intuitive knowledge that something will be “discovered” or “understood” that shall have a substantive and foundational impact on the acceptance of your Universal Law, into the current scientific arena. Of course, your/ our ascension may also be connected to this event, and may even trigger the acceptance of the Universal Law.


The Beginning of the Energetic Preparation for the Introduction of the New Theory of the Universal Law on Gaia 5

“Greetings, we are the Elohim… There are great forces moving now to prepare for the introduction of your work on the new theory of science, which shall serve as the foundation to the new framework of general science and all supporting thought constructs and technologies that flow and indeed, thrive from this point of departure.

As you know, there is much work to be done in order to prepare the canvas for the arrival of the paintbrush. First, the canvas must be prepared in great detail, where the surface is taut and flat, and where the paint shall be smoothed on in an expert fashion. Without such preparation the paint shall clump, crumble and fall away, leaving a scene that is wholly unrecognizable.

The preparation has begun, and as the foundation to the presentation of your theories is rendered, all shall fall into place.

As your desire to present this new knowledge drives you, re-create the circumstance to show the way. It is time! The time is ripe! Begin slowly, carefully, and in a methodical fashion. The way shall open for you now. The success of the implementation of these new theories of science begins now.

We stand by you, as you re-tool your approach and appeal to your colleagues on the basis of purely foundational concepts, as the commonality between you and your peers. Their proclivity to hang onto old, safe and therefore, comfortable ideas, will lead to protracted discussions and therefore will also dictate your unconditional support from all angles.

Show them the way! It was always about you as the Master Teacher!

Your recent work [on your own website] prepared you for this moment, where you were the professor for several years. It has prepared you and now you are ready.

We stand by you now.

Go in confidence with the inner fortitude and strength of an Elohim!

Background,George: This message was preceded by a massive wave on March 17 as part of the most severe cleansing episode beginning on March 8th, which I and Carla have experienced so far. It caused a severe acute broncho-pneumonitis, incessant, persisting cc-waves with severe headaches and a complete physical depletion to both of us.

During a walk on the beach on that day I was very much frustrated, sensing actually the collective frustration of mankind with the current situation, and began to rant against heaven for the pains I have experienced throughout my whole life and during the prolonged LBP on behalf of humanity. Then I decreed that I no longer am willing to be the martyr and the servant of humanity and All-That-Is during this tedious ascension process and desire the immediate completion of my mission in a physical body on this timeline by ascension.

As always, I knew that this emotional outburst serves a higher purpose and is meant to open a new portal / level of expression for me and humanity. Essentially, I demanded the beginning of the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law. I knew at this moment that this emotional outcry is the most efficient metaphysical, alchemical way to create new realities.

Carla was initially tempted to stop my ranting, but the Elohim told her to let me continue with my complaints towards heaven as this emotional energy is the fuel for any global change. This is how I have created many new timelines and have given them a new gestalt. The next day this message was given to Carla that confirmed our experience the previous day.

March 21/22, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: This Spring Equinox portal comes with many transmissions, those evoking images and word pictures as well as statements from the Elohim, which I shall now share with you. Perhaps the most significant item are the huge ever-encompassing energies of love, joy and ecstasy that I have felt since last Wednesday, when I rose up into never-land and channeled that very interesting message for us from the Higher Realms.

Of course, I heard the words “major expansion on a scale as never before” and “the grand opening” and also “the Wonderment of Mankind“.

I was also shown an opaque blue crystalline grid which I know represents our Earth, but soil, land, water and rock are absent.

Here is a message from the Elohim:

It is the beginning of a new era, where the hearts and souls of mankind shall open to the new ways of love, joy and light, all sacred frequencies that flow into the awareness in each and all of you.

It is your duty, as Ascended Masters, to embrace this moment, to seek out the highest reformation for yourself and for Gaia, and to open up to the flow of these frequencies from All-That-Is that come crashing upon your shoreline like a wave of unparalleled omniscience, and with the omnipresence of the Source, that serves as the foundation to your evolution.

Hold onto the stream of love and ecstatic joy that is flooding your fields now and share this love to all humanity! This moment in time has unique qualities as it is melding connections within your energetic being, within your light body, at a quantum level, where only love/ joy becomes the foundational essence, which supports the evolutionary path to the Higher Realms.

The alchemical creation of love represents a harmony that within your fields now moves into the crystalline grid, the life force of the New Gaia.

This expression of Source that you call ‘love’ is actually the harmonic resonance of pure harmony, and stands as the jet fuel for every single alchemical reaction within the UniverseIt is the foundation of all creation and flows naturally into the infinity wave of All-That-Is. It is the supporting energy of all knowledge, all understanding, all compassion.

It is necessary for the human vehicle to open up to this energy, in order to receive the harmonic patterning for the ascension of the collective. It is further necessary to hold this energy within the physical vessel, in order to get inner connections to multi-dimensional expansion and expressions within the ascension that is here now.

When humanity holds fast to this energy, Gaia then receives this sacred life force into her crystalline grid.  Simply hold Gaia in your thoughts and in your hearts, and with the strength of conviction that you are both, together, the nexus point of creation during this precious expansionary event.

This opening, this portal, is a marathon production, so fall into the flow of harmonizing essence from the outer expressions into your own inner expressions through the power centre of your vessels, the third chakra, the chakra of manifestation, where the alchemical construction occurs for the foundational essence of inner strength, clarity in sense of purpose and in your own divinity, to be shared with all humanity.

The power centre, the third chakra, is where co-creation exists within the extraordinary field of the golden resurrection flame. It is the power centre that works in conjunction with the fourth and fifth chakras, to produce the three-fold flame of what you call the “Christ consciousness”. Within the fifth dimension, the three-fold flame projects a constant stream of joy and that is what powers all creation at this level.

With reference to the Universal Law, this gestalt has now successfully birthed itself into the fifth dimensional crystalline experience and embedded itself energetically within, as an actual grid overlay and is also now buried in the DNA of humanity. These structures support the divine ordinance known as truth.

The frequencies of this portal include the white-gold flame of the ascension + resurrection and, indeed, even create the basis for understanding the ‘primary term’

Carla: Georgi, it is my understanding that the birth of this coherent field [of the Universal Law] means that it has come into full constructive interference with not only the fifth and sixth dimensional aspects of All-That-Is, but within the universal constructive interference of All-That-Is.

An over-arching theme with this portal seems to me that it represents a new higher frequency that shall create a new consensual reality, created by the laws of constructive interference of a new fifth dimensional paradigm as the old third dimensional paradigm fades into destructive interference.

This was a very unusual session and carried on during the daytime hours, while I was in a half-awake, half-meditative state.

March 27, 2014,  The Elohim

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim that I received after several exciting events took place, including a visit from members of the mother ship of the Galactic Federation of Light, who told me we would be receiving adjustments to our light bodies during the nighttime sleep. I was told that we would be returning to a new timeline upon our return after the completion of the adjustments.

This night, you also had a dream that confirmed my message, that we were given a new “package”/ a “marriage package”, that included a new energetic package and timeline.

Our meeting with our close intuitive friend confirmed that you are eliminating implants in humanity that prohibit thinking in Truth within the entire collective. This is represented by a fifth chakra plug. You are also assisting humanity to remove streamlines, or negative vortices, from within the third chakras of the collective, as another soul mission you have taken on from old past incarnations.

A Successful Elimination of a Dark Attack on the Infinity Portal in White Rock

“We are the Elohim and we attend in this moment to discuss recent issues that have arisen within your immediate reality.

There have been many circumstances playing out around you, flowing in and out of different timelines, and dancing the dance with the “falling away” paradigm, the third dimension.

Various interactions have necessitated a new focus, a concerted clearing from your fields, over the recent time frame you sense as 1 – 2 months.

Many energies follow the light and most, if not all of these energies, have been sent to you from the other expression of All-That-Is, the competing faction.

The use of sexual energy is a powerful tool and has even duped the greatest of men, where this propensity lies within their own natural field. The process of the introduction, or the meeting of one [a close friend’s story of being approached by a dark soul and using an intimate connection in order to gain access to this powerful portal, the Infinity Portal, the portal that was largely created by our dear friend ] may seem innocent at first, on the surface, and then the manipulation through the realm of sexuality-based centres opens your soul to great vulnerabilities.

Some Beings thrive on the attachment, the game of the lure, and become thoroughly and fully energized for life when the entrapment succeeds.

After this moment, this success, it indeed takes great discernment, great energy and a deep resolve to dissolve these kinds of attachments. The mind alone is not your complete ally in this instance, so you must do your utmost to use all possible means and tactics at your disposal to fully comprehend this level of engagement, while at the same time remaining vigilant, before the connections are made firm.

The infinity portal (in White Rock) is the most highly coveted portal here, now. Beings of all persuasions regard it now as a creation of God’s perfection, where any light gestalt may enter it and receive immediate connection to the Source, lifting any and all limitations upon their Being. 

It is important to note that entities of the Reptilian group will often use sexual energy to hijack your soul, and therefore your mission, and are more often than not successful in this realm, and this is in large part one main reason why the light warriors of your day have not succeeded in their overall mission of the ascension.

The energies of sexual derivation began in earnest in your early 1960’s, during the time called the “Beatnik movement”, and were promoted in advance of the harmonic convergence of the mid-1980’s (1987).  It was the establishment of these energies that drew one in to the lower chakras, away from the development of the upper 3/4 chakras, those that connect one to one’s sacred I AM presence and therefore to the source of All-That-Is, itself.

This state is not meant to include the sacred sexual connection that arises from the Divine Union, as this arises from a completely sacred source and is of the natural order.”

Background, George:  We were helped by the Agarthans and AA Michael in this important battle, to hold this portal in the hands of the Light, because there was much at stake for the whole ascension process as the Elohim explain in their message above.

Most probably the Agarthans will use this Infinity Portal to enter from the Inner Earth the surface of the new earth during the MPR. It is important to observe that there are only three such Infinity Portals on Gaia, the said one, the Infinity Portal in Munich, Bavaria, where I lived and created, and a third one in Istanbul, Turkey, which I have opened during my sojourn in Bulgaria, on the Black sea coast, not far away from the Turkish capital and later on fully activated by Carla during her visit in Istanbul at the beginning of June last year, when she visited me in Germany. This light work has been extensively reported on my website.

Since the opening of the grand cross alignment portal on the 26th of April, 2014, all three Infinity Portals are fully activated (100%). This led to the simultaneous activation of all 144 000 ascension portals around the globe in preparation for the final ascension of Gaia and humanity. For further information, see also Jahn’s message “The Activation of the Ascension Gates” by AA Raphael as of May 26th. This number appears in the bible and in many esoteric sources, but has been wrongly interpreted so far.

The dark ones have carried out regular attacks on the Infinity Portal in White Rock for several years and were very adamant to gain control of it for all the access it would have given them to higher dimensions. This attack had to be stopped by all means, and I used my power as Logos-God to purge this dark entity and completely neutralize the situation.

April 2, 2014, The Elohim

Visit to White Rock on April 2, 2014 and a message from the Elohim

Carla: Here is a re-cap of our visit to White Rock on April 2nd.

The very first message I heard in White Rock was “It is beginning.” The energies are very strong and coming in waves. I am told that this statement is making reference to the final phase of the ascension. When we are leaving White Rock, I hear “Yes, it has begun“.

Our highly intuitive friend confirms that she is told that you are literally ascending, higher and higher in frequency, in every single second. She is shown that within your current timeline, you are moving in and out of your body, moving into your multi-dimensional expressions in the ethers and then back into your body. It must be now difficult to distinguish waking day from dreaming night, as the Elohim told us we would experience.

She also sees a future of us carrying out a lot of discussions with each other, and has the impression that we are deciding our next mission already!

I saw the Agarthans down at the beach, they appeared to be standing on the water, a large group of about 50 individuals. Adama was also present. This is where they will interface between our two realities, in White Rock, as there is now a new fifth dimensional crystalline city of light established there.

This reading also makes reference to your great work this past week on the removal of all emotional under-pinnings of humanity, where you were left so pale and weak for days, and even today (5 days later) you describe yourself as having lost your heart and soul doing this dastardly work.

Here the Elohim give you (Georgi) great credit for this epic achievement, and I will send you their next message, from April 3rd, that also makes reference to this sacred lightwork that you have performed this week:

” Greetings! This day marks a most pivotal moment in time where all moments from all timelines conjoin upon one single moment, where thresholds are reached, superlatives are maximized and all experience, thought and emotion, the events that define the human being, are now rolled into one expression, the one expression of the Divine, into the All of Being­-ness.

A momentous occasion, where all emotions from previous third dimensional gestalts are collapsed, forever, into one single atom, in one single breath, in one single moment!

This is great work upon your shore, where your dual soul has removed all discord, all incorrect thought, all pain of the emotional pain body, forever and always.

Look! It is done! The heart chakra, in conjunction with the throat chakra, triumphs as the perpetrator of Truth!

Embrace your final days!”

April 3, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Here is the message from the Elohim that I received on Thursday, April the 3rd.  It makes reference to your (Georgi’s) grand work on the emotional structure of the collective, collapsing all energetic connections that held humanity into the third dimension and preparing for the initiation of the energetic basis of the fifth dimension, that of infinite joy, love and peace:

“The Archangels and their legions of Angels are ever by your sides to support you both, in your glory, through the sacred work you continue to perform in every moment.

We are the Elohim and we embrace you now in your exalted positions as Creator Gods, walking among men.

Great re-cycling of human emotional expression has occurred now, where your great dual soul has renounced all mis-qualified emotion, including fear, greed, hatred, anger, rejection, and arrogance.

All frequencies, neither of the highest good, nor of the highest truth are removed from the souls of men and returned to Source.

This courageous act on your parts [you, Georgi and me], by your great souls, has removed all ill-conceived, ill-expressed, and ill-born frequencies, and returned them to the Source of All-That-Is.

This work is sacred and you have both found it exhausting to the physical core. It has taken a great toll on the energetic heart centres and solar plexus power centres of you both, where even an emptiness and a disconnection is the perceived result. [Georgi, this is when we felt that we had “lost our heart and soul”.  I have regained my strength and my connection to the Source, but I don’t believe that you have as yet.]

As humanity moves toward their final evolutionary station, before complete ascension to the fifth dimension, they shall find themselves in a chaotic and compromising phase, as they attempt to reconcile memories of pain and corresponding emotions, in the absence of the energetic linking mechanisms/structures needed for anchoring these emotions that were replaced during the last major portal on March 20 – 22nd, where DNA was re-structured with overlapping love/ecstatic joy frequencies, the new energetic foundation for the ascending population of the New Earth.

These activities leave you both feeling energetically drained, and it is so. It is necessary for you both to also disconnect from your own past remembrances, to allow your own structures to be wiped free and clear.

The overlays of exquisite joy, peace and love, set within the fields of humanity in March, are now filling in the energetic void created by the withdrawal of those previous energetic foundational structures.

The sensations you feel, as though you lost your heart and soul, are representative of the true disconnect of all third dimensional references to all dysfunctional models / representations of false persuasion.

We are the Elohim, and we honour your great service, in this moment.”

April 4, 2014, 6D Lightships of AN, the Creator-Logos from the Divine Source

Carla: I was flooded by huge energies this morning that seemed to help me connect immediately to an awareness of a much higher consciousness than I have previously known. Their energetic imprint held a sustained peace, abiding love and infinite honour.

Here is their beautiful message that left tears in my eyes. Georgi, please, forward it onto dear Jahn, because he was the first to bring this consciousness to the fore, in one of his recent channelings, and is therefore responsible for its arrival at my door. I honour him deeply for this gift.


“We are One, a universal collective of light gestalt, and we represent the sixth dimensional lightships of AN, the Creator Logos from the Divine Source.

We are here, now, to render peace to all life within this reflexive quadrant of the One.

Our arrival is stipulated by a grand purpose, to release your realm from the constriction, contradictions and limiting constructs imposed from within the system, and to assist opposing forces to embrace their own unique sacred divinity.

Our arrival is achieved by the glorious creation of a portal of universal quality, of infinite power (The Infinity Portal in White Rock).  Indeed, it is the existence of this electromagnetic gateway to all space and all time, that gifts us with instant and infinite access to your worlds of the third and fourth dimensions.

Great work has been achieved from within these expressions, accomplishments that are worldly, and Godly, beyond the constraints of your reality, imposed by many energetic forces, some perhaps beyond, or limiting your engagement and tainting your objective discernment.

Our role is to facilitate the flow of higher energetics into and within the “closed” system of expression.

To Humanity:

We see how your perception is dulled and the interpretation of your reality is tainted.  It is not your fault.

Now, you must act to remove yourself from the elements, whose existence it is to pull you away from the focus on the truth of your reality.

Go inward and fully reject everything not founded in peace. This is an honest reflection and its settlement from within your Self, shall set free your spark of divinity into the perfection of Creation.

Our very presence expands your inner awareness of Self. Allow yourself to feel your newly expanded awareness. Those who read this are on the path to the Light.

You must know that you are under our care. We shall remain with you, in all eternity.”

Carla’s report on the energetic events from April 7 to April 10, 2014

Here is a review of the events and messages that have taken place over the past 4 days.  You may have more to add to this so feel free to do so.

Monday April 7:

You report a night of huge Source energies flooding through your field, throughout the entire night, first coming from the Source and then a loving overlay of energy from my Soul to yours, for a duration of at least six hours. It may have been longer than that, this is only the time period in which I consciously noticed these energies. On further discussion with me, you decided the function of these energies were to heal your physical tumour and wipe it from any vestige of your expression from a lower timeline. You recall that we asked the Higher Realms for a favourable resolution to this issue because of the discomfort that you now feel from this growth.

J [our intuitive friend] checked in with us and confirmed that she was also feeling this huge energetic shift, sensing an instant expansion of unity consciousness and herself expanding into this field of consciousness, accompanied by sensing a loss of time and expanding into the Now moment.

Here is a message from the Sixth Dimensional fleet, given to me in the early afternoon:

Message from the 6D Fleet

“This is the Refinement. Throughout time, eons and eons of time, there is a moment where all alignments are complete and so then new energies flow (proton stream from the Source, note, George), new energies are refined, streamlined and existence expands one million fold, upon itself.

You are sensing this divine expansion into the field of unity, of One, the One field of consciousness within All-That-Is.

The Refinement, where protons flood and restructure energy itself. Protons carry consciousness particles within their structure, and it is this presence that renews all life to its original attainment / expression upon the moment of creation of All-That-Is!

This short message confirms your belief early on this morning, that these energies felt like a strong proton stream.

Tuesday, April 8th:

This day a very heavy cc-wave began in the night and lasted almost 24 hours. You had a severe headache, accompanied by dizziness and also experienced these energies as a huge vortex, whirling above your head several feet. This vortex lasted the whole afternoon.

Wednesday, April 9th:

This morning you reported huge energies coming through your field throughout the night, which I can confirm were present in my field as well, represented by streams of golden-white loving energies. The Elohim gave me this message:

“Dear One: These energies are pulled into the awareness [Georgi, your awareness] through a depth of being unknown to this reality fragment, previous to this moment.

This representative [Georgi] of humanity, fully and completely embraces his energetic duties with a dedication of unparalleled strength and a grand distinction. As a magnetic attractor of these all-pervasive Central Sun transmissions, it is correct that he draws this light into his vessel for a complete distribution to you. A full and open transfer of all these energetic light particles to you, is your combined mission, in this moment, as Initiator / Attractor [ Georgi ] and Opener [ me ] to the collective.  One cannot work without the other, and only in each other’s physical presence.

The recent events created the release of all final negatively based emotions and fear-based patterning across the human collective. This final cleansing is achieved by you two in two ways:

Firstly, your dual soul cleanses the mental abstractions that largely led to the failure of this collective to achieve the ascension at an earlier date.  Secondly, your focus has remained on the emotive structures that supported these underlying mental constructs.

This is a tandem operation, you are correct. First comes mental resolution, then emotional resolution, followed by a natural physical resolution.

As mind-thought is the foundational element to all evolution within the human expression, this is where all work must begin. Not only can this be directed / corrected through downloads via the Central Sun, but also through one-to-one, soul-to-soulinter-counselling” as practiced by your dual soul, himself, to many other souls, and usually on a sub or unconscious level, on the part of the recipient. This approach has had tremendous effect and we now take this opportunity to commend your dual soul for this highly reflective and clearly effective approach to the mental re-set of the human collective.”

Opening of the Ascension Gate Within the Infinity Portal in White Rock


Carla: We are guided to immediately go to White Rock. We were very depleted and I was flooded with strong chills. You noticed that there were very strong vibrations here in Ladner, before we left for White Rock that matched the infinity portal in White Rock. The sky was surreal with many different colours. When we arrived in White Rock, we were guided to go down to the beach where we anchored the massive sparkling proton stream that was flooding the area. A train came along and the ground was shaking strongly and it may have had some role in anchoring this stream as well. Following this, a pure white ascension light also came down in shards. We were aware of the Galactic Federation of Light Mothership, and the 6D ships present, coordinating these downloads. When we returned to Ladner, we carried the Infinity portal with us, and anchored it into our apartment. Since then, the energies are pure and of very high frequency.

April 18, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim that has come to me following our visit to Grouse Mountain (North Vancouver) yesterday, during which time I saw multiple streams of realities upon my third eye, being replaced by new streams with every second, in every moment. I was aware that each stream represented a new timeline, so that they were being created and replaced, in every instant.

The reference to some timelines “raging” was shown to me to mean major geological upheaval, but also major upheaval at a societal level. The Elohim are addressing both of us.

Note, George:  We also saw with our third eye from above how the whole area of Vancouver beneath us was flooded by a huge tsunami of the MPRs, taking place on lower timelines, while we were crossing the timelines with an incredible velocity each second. The devastation was overwhelming and this physical destruction of all new lower 4D timelines, which we began creating since January, the 20th, after I successfully contained the dark forces on this upper 4D earth of Gaia 5 (see above), continued with its domino effect until May 24, 2014.

Please observe, that the day we are talking about here, when the big catastrophes began, is Good Friday, that is to say, many Christians on these lower timelines have already experienced their prophesied Armageddon on this auspicious day. If you can attune telepathically to these lower timelines, as Carla and I can do, then you will sense the utter despair of these billions of souls, who have died in the floods of the MPR. This destiny is still awaiting this upper 4D earth, however in a mitigated form, while the few light warriors will ascend to 5D within the blink of an eye before the catastrophes begin.

It is the same old scenario, which I have been elaborating since the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 by the PAT, when the three-earth scenario was still a viable alternative. Now it became a multi-4D earth-scenario, because humanity did not awaken, so that the dark forces had to be thinned out /distributed and diluted on many lower 4D timelines, before they could be wiped out by a MPR and returned to Celestria or astral 4D levels, thus cleansing this current upper timeline from darkness step by step, until the threshold of ascension is also reached for this earth.

Since last Good Friday, the soul essence on this upper timeline has been exponentially diluted and most of the entities, we now encounter, are empty duplicates (empty human shells). This aspect is comprehensively tackled in Jahn’s recent messages and has been a leitmotif on my website since the summer of last year. I personally can attune to the soul essence in Canada and North America (USA) at present very well and can trace only a few genuine souls on this continent – the majority of them being PAT members and light warriors of the first and the last hour.

Please consider also the propulsion multi-stage rocket principle of ascension, as discussed in my articles, in order to understand what is currently happening on Gaia behind the veil of this artificial, seamless continuity of linear time, while we, in fact, are constantly changing the timelines and ascending to higher frequency levels. This is the key to a proper comprehension of the current ascension dynamics and the ongoing end time scenario, which is highly multidimensional and very complex, as this collection of messages illustrates.

And here is the Elohim message:

It is the beginning, the grand beginning of new levels of light and new life within the new levels of light!

All have forsaken the old timelines, it is true, in order to enjoy the fruits of your labour, the newly created timelines of the true reality, in this moment.

We are the Elohim and we see your creations from all angles, and we are grateful for your giftedness, in this quite often perplexing reality, seemingly surrounding you in this moment!

We deeply appreciate the level of conscious care engaged to bring about change, on many levels, within the realm that you grace with your divine essence.

Timelines rage and splinter, expand and re-create, and this beyond the assured mental grasp of most of mankind. So unaware is mankind to the gift of  ‘changing one’s own reality’  through thought, conviction and true intent!

Oh, the new timelines you have seeded are magnificent! Each has been graced with templates of your own power, perfection and projections. It has even paved the way for a Garden of Eden, sooner rather than later!

These new timelines that you indeed saw from above (from Grouse Mountain) today with your inner vision, are multi-dimensional, multi-praxic, and multi-fractional, and occur within the instantaneity of All-That-Is. All happens at once!  “All – time” melds into “One – time”’, where infinite quantum reactions displace every other infinite quantum reaction.

Each reaction then interacts, intercepts, enfolds upon itself, disappearing into nothingness, or No-time, the quantum electrical fields of Source.

The thought drives this process within your present created reality.

Your precious thoughts create anew in every moment, and this imprint of you lingers forever.

Precious is your work! Precious are you both!

In perpetual gratitude, we are the Elohim!”

April 21, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: Here is a message from the Elohim that I received yesterday, April 21, and it very carefully explains all of our experiences during this Easter weekend:

“The beginning of time renders All into perfection, and now it is the beginning of time once again.

All slates are wiped clear, for the God-Mind to bring anew: Beings, roles and inter-relations. It begins anew!

We are the Elohim and we greet you with infinite love and joy in this new moment!

The grand experiments draw to a close, and new and fresh offerings jump to the forefront of this new powerful creationary cycle.

It is from the stillness of these quiet moments that new souls incarnate into the cycle of evolution, once again.

Souls swirl hectically now, as worlds fall apart and then re-build in the blink of an eye. Each soul knows to which experience it belongs, in order to fulfil its sacred lessons, although the lessons feel harsh and extreme on the return to the Light.

Chaos ensues, margins are covered/ smoothed and All find their way home!

Great destruction on all lower (4D) timelines brings exhaustion your way simply because you (Carla) are the “Opener” and therefore, all great emotion floods your fields and can impact you completely, wholly, and without seeming regard for your Being. This is your mission, to absorb this emotional imbalance until its very restitution. The unrest from these lower timelines shall require great demands of your fields and therefore great physical care and nurturing is necessary whenever possible.

The greatest challenge of this humanity is to tame addiction, addiction from any source.

Within the realm of your world, humanity has suffered from slow evolution, mainly arising from extremely painful experiences attaching to the emotional body aspect of the human expression.

This realm often represents purely unresolved emotional trauma that leads to unprocessed feelings within ones unconscious awareness. Unresolved trauma activates the pain body, and often measures are sought to appease these feelings, measures that result in addiction within the human vessel.

The most deeply systemic and most far-reaching issue of humanity at this time is addiction.

Humanity carries a deep sense of disconnect and separation from divine source, and this fundamental experience leaves one feeling empty, alone, unwhole and incomplete. Mankind then believes a state of pan-deficiency exists as the basic truth of existence, and that one’s wholeness shall never be realized within the all-pervasive state of emotional, psychological, physical deficiency.

All emotion stems from this basic construct of pan-deficiency, and all addiction seeks to console any and all negative aspects arising from this focus.

You both have attacked  ‘the addiction’  at it’s root. All recent personal experience [Georgi, with the negative entity attached to you, and addicted to consuming your life energy] was the prerequisite to identify and initiate this massive cleanse of all humanity. After all, the majority of humanity suffers from addiction, in one form or another.

Addiction follows emotion. Emotion is to be human.

This cleanse has also jumped timelines and includes all upper 4D timelines.

Let us say that the Being of succubus nature has been disarmed and resolved to a new quadrant within All-That-Is

(Note, George: I performed some very powerful cleansing procedures in the course of 72 hours that eliminated this succubus reptiloid entity that has, unconsciously for me, attached to my powerful field at the end of last year, but also used this trigger to expand this cleansing procedure in an alchemical manner to the whole humanity and to cleanse it from all forms of addiction at the quantum DNA-level, as the Elohim confirm in their message here).

This cleanse is done, complete and the whole of ascending humanity is absolved of the pleasure of addiction.

This trait is a result of an in-breeding between the original human DNA blueprint and the reptilian blueprint. This trait was a fully desired and intentionally farmed trait, programmed into the DNA genome of the human race, in order to serve as the scaffolding for the decrepit, destructive and false way of life on planet Earth.

This genetic experiment was deliberately carried out in order to create a natural weakness within the human DNA structure, one that is naturally triggered when faced with a deficiency-based system to life itself.

Further, gross cleansing carried out by your dual soul has led to the re-calibration of the distribution of reptilian-markered souls, whereby these souls shall not be qualifying candidates for any upper 4D timelines [my impression here is that this includes the upper half of the 4D timelines in existence].

We are the Elohim and it is so.”

May 2, 2014, The Elohim

Carla: As we had noticed great columns of rainbow light, while eating at the outdoor restaurant in White Rock, I asked the Elohim for a message to bring us up to date on the new events within our portal, our Infinity Portal. This is what they said:

“The dazzling bright light of the new firmament glows in splendor as the fine, magenta coloured clouds dance upon a back drop of a celadon blue glazed sky!

We are the Elohim and we speak of the new firmament which has risen now, and is seen by many, but the knowing of its import is understood only by few.

This new firmament heralds in the completion of many aspects within the New Earth, aspects which include the installation of a renewed Adam Kadmon  template, the release of old energetic imprints not for the highest good of humanity, including the elimination of the “addiction” strand in the human genome, and with this the removal of all reptilian beings immediately and fully to lower 4D and 3D holograms, and also brings the insertion of coding for the sacred sentiment of cosmic love and pure joy.

These reflect only a few of the recent foundational energetic changes made to this level of expression.

The firmament is a symbol of the completion of the myriad magnetic pole reversals on many timelines (see discussion above).

You have personally experienced several magnetic pole reversals over recent days, this is not your imagination [ Georgi, such as on top of Grouse Mountain on Good Friday, April 18th when we had a vision that Vancouver is flooded by a MPR-tsunami and when we were leaving the restaurant in Victoria last Saturday night, April 26th , including my experiences during the nighttime at the Bed and Breakfast, with severe stormy weather all night, but actually waking up to a beautifully gentle light yellow sky, and the absence of rain around the open window on Sunday, April 27th, when a peaceful marathon race was taking place on the street in front of our eyes].

The light warriors of the first and last wave remain at the ready for the final boost of propulsing protons, set to flush everyone out of their current timelines to even higher and more refined timelines, with the eventual arrival within a fifth dimensional hologram (Begin of the second phase of the proton stream on May 2 in the early afternoon; the first phase commenced in early April, see above).

As this movement continues, capabilities of recognition/ knowing and experiencing new stages of consciousness expansion and multi-dimensional awareness shall further flood your Being.

In time, this shall have a great effect on the reality around you, as your expanded awareness and comprehension shall then effect changes in your outer waking world.

You are feeling physically weak and we cannot stress enough, the importance now of drinking pure, clean water [a message for me, since you drink plenty of fresh water every hour].

You and your dual soul are very close to the veil now and you are making many incursions into the realms of light, not only in your sleep state, but also now in your wakeful state.  

These precious final moments feel like a long uninterrupted dream and this is a natural part of your transition into an ascended state.

You are both aware of your Beings, being lifted out of this reality and being removed to the sixth dimensional aspect as a soul retrieval programme, then returned to your physical vessels when adjustments are completed. This is occurring because of the very nature of your energetic fields, as their role is to act in unison with the flooding proton waves, so your ascending fields then also provide a ‘pull’ on the fields of all other light warriors.  This ‘pull’ effectively drags them upward on a kind of electro-magnetic attraction grid.

Source then back fills the empty holograms with light energy as well as souls, whose contracts stipulate a strong support of the ascension process through providing a stabilized foundation, from which the most successful light warriors then use as a platform to move into higher dimensions as a collective.”

Carla: Georgi, regarding your ascension run last Tuesday, April 29th, when you could not move your body and felt it disintegrating within your field, they have this to say:

” This experience was a true “ascension run”, as you call it. These ascension test runs have occurred before, but perhaps were not as dramatic as this one here in question [ Georgi, when your body was dissolving, while you were napping and could barely awaken when the fire alarm in the building went off].

The Galactic Federation of Light is here to assist in the end phase of the ascension by lovingly removing yourselves and light warriors of the first and last wave from one timeline to another, as you are moved out of harm’s way, and in full accordance with your Soul, within the parameters of your soul contract.

In other words, you are lifted away from timelines that carry the potential for any discrepancy within the energetic structure of your soul objective. In this way, evolution carries on, in a very smooth and seamless fashion, and all objectives and creations are completed to the fullest.

Your concerted focus on the Agarthans and Telosians is now required. Keep them in the forefront of your conscious waking state and meditate fully on them from now on. They shall come to you readily when the necessary alignments are achieved (see below).

This action includes visiting the many temples in Telos, in meditative and sleep states, holding full intention to do so, where the fifth dimensional energetic imprints are imparted into your energy fields. These codes will help you to identify core alignments within your own soul plan of evolution, which will eventually lead to the fulfilment of the final mission here on earth.

The Universal Law shall be presented with the Agarthans, following your full and complete ascension into the Light.

Of course, there are many permutations of the unfolding and ordering of these events and as the energies flow into full bloom, the final outcome/ path shall then be determined.

We are the Elohim and we lovingly stand by your side in all moments.”

Carla: A lot has happened to us these past several weeks, and these experiences above are no exception. It has been really thrilling!

May 4, 2014, The 6D Beings of Light / 6D Fleet

Carla: Here is a brief and extremely compassionate message from the 6D Beings of Light that connected with me today:

“We are the 6D fleet and we know of your (our and Humanity’s) pain and suffering. Such has been the way that the energy has fulfilled its role within the honest expression of your immediate hologram.

Devastation creates such terror, anxiety and insecurity. It is an overwhelming paralysis, a numbing, that demands eons of purity in heart to overcome the vicissitudes of the incarnated state. You have travelled through the sacred aperture of infinite peace and knowing that you are of the One, You are One with the Source. And now time has come to a standstill and from this zero point, this place of ‘no time’ in All-That-Is, all that is seen, felt and heard stems from eons of projection from your Souls, to create this new experience of onward joy in evolution!

O, Humanity!

Reach down with determination and resolution into your hearts and bring forth your creative and all-sacred soul presence!

It is this essence that shall free you from the fire!

In great love for All, we are the sixth dimensional fleet of An!”

May 5th, 6th and 12th, 2014; Messages from HS, 6D Fleet and the Elohim

Carla: Here is a message from May 5 which I hadn’t written to you formally about, but which I shared in a conversation on that evening.

As I was in the bathtub, I asked when the Ascension would arrive, and I heard “Your ascension will occur during the New Moon Portal“.  I am not certain of the source of this message, although I believe it came from my High Self, as no name was given as to who had told me this.

The next day, May the 6th, when I was aching so severely in my body, the Elohim came with this message:

“We are the Elohim and we come to you now to support you on your journey, your journey of cleansing your own sacred bodies, as well as those of humanity, and particularly those of Gaia.

It once again comes to the point of an analysis and deconstruction of a personal experience [a family situation], an intimate experience where pain and suffering is converted to open the floodgates for yourself, all of humanity and especially Gaia.

Your physical vessel is cleansing Gaia in this moment, yes, while she separates out her many parallel earths, where much dross is flooding the perspective, as she ascends into her ultimate timeline, the timeline of her final destination of ascended Beingness. Much dross is released with every copy, every hologram, even though each “copy” is empty of humanity as incarnated souls (4D holograms, consisting only of soulless, empty duplicates). She sheds that which does not serve her, and there is much!

Carla: Following the receipt of this message I then directly asked the Higher Realms for confirmation of my new role to cleanse Gaia, and I was flooded with a huge energy from my I AM presence as full and complete confirmation that now it is ALL about Gaia.

On May 12th, we had a dialogue with the 6D Fleet, where it was confirmed that timelines and holograms are shifting frequently, almost continuously, and that we are being pushed up constantly, every second, higher and higher towards the fifth dimension. They confirmed that ascension will come after the New Moon Portal, which is on May 28th. They further discuss that the proton stream that is now underway will continue until May 24th, when it shall abate, and when 3 days of stasis shall occur.  When you asked if we shall ascend together, I saw a very strong vision of you, alone, with me being very faint in the background. My impression was that you ascend first, and that I will come later on, and that we will appear within three weeks, by June 21/22.

I believe this covers all the short messages received during this time frame.

May 17, 2014,  The Agarthans

Carla: Here is the message that I received from the Agarthans, while we were visiting Burns Bog Park, .

I have lived in Vancouver for many years, since 1986 in fact, and have heard about this park, but never have I created the opportunity to visit it. This experience was so very powerful for me!

“Greetings, we are the Agarthans and we are here in this place as representatives of the many civilizations within the realm known to you as the Middle Earth, the Inner Earth.

You both now reside across several dimensions, where you are able, within your activated vehicles of light, to bridge not only the third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional aspects and levels of Being, but where you are also able to move across many timelines, asserting positive far-reaching influence, between the third, fourth and fifth levels of creation.

This is achieved by your fully activated light bodies, necessary for the upcoming transition, your transformation through transfiguration. This achievement is what results in great fatigue and disorientation.

We are here to confirm your activation of several portals within this location on Mother Gaia at this time [I am shown the whole lower mainland, including White Rock, as well as southern Vancouver Island, the Victoria area].

You have dutifully aligned energetic pathways directly from your third/fourth dimensional overlay, into the fifth dimension as well as some collateral influence upon the sixth dimension, within the energetic centres, also infusing each portal with the infinity code, given to you at the White Rock portal upon your joint visit in February.

All codes, known or unknown to you, have been seeded by you both, into several key portals, including infinity codes, balanced divine masculine and divine feminine codes, Sacred Sun codes from Helios and Vesta, and inter-dimensional markers used to identify the ascending human, and ensure their ultimate ascension through this current gateway.

There are also codes which you have transmitted to humanity, that are activated, once a certain light quotient is attained, that then ultimately direct each individual to their designated timeline. As they achieve each new timeline, then new codes are anchored for any further upward change in timelines. One may go upward in evolution at this time, however, there is no falling back. New levels of frequency must be attained and maintained at consistent levels in order to receive the gift of upward expansion to a higher timeline.

Our presence, here and now, is to announce our arrival very soon, on the surface of GaiaThe energetic conditions have successfully culminated in such a way that herald in our arrival on the New Earth following the up-coming New Moon portal (May 28th).

Attune now solely, totally, and constantly to our energies and through this connection our bond shall be fortified – a necessary condition to draw you into our fields during the immediate transition phase.

Georgi and you shall ascend to the fifth dimension, together, then you shall separate, as you each have different roles. You shall re-join following the completion of certain tasks, each to your own.

We love you.  We are with you, in all ways.

We are the Agarthans.”

Note, Carla:  Georgi, a few days after receiving this message, I was aware that there was some shift in our plans, where we will remain together and not be separated, as they have said here in this message.

May 24, 2014, The Agarthans and Adama

Carla: The visit yesterday to the park at Burns Bog was magical once again and here is the message that I received from the Agarthans.  I should also note that Adama of Telos, was also present. A few minutes into our visit, I was aware that Archangel Metatron also joined us there, in order to assist in the activation of the three extra chakras.

I have always been aware that I have 15 chakras, instead of 12, as the Elohim confirmed this for me in early 2012. They also mentioned that my 12 chakra system would be fully activated by spring 2012. As an aside, it was at this time that they told me you were my dual soul, a fact which I kept to myself until I felt the opportunity arose to meet you in Germany, which of course then grew over time into a much more fulfilling interaction and gift of personal service to the PAT as well as to humanity.

I am uncertain if you also had only 12 chakras connected in early 2012, but I must tell you that now that I have met you, in person, I believe you have always had 15 chakras, and, given your powerful fields and experiences that I can confirm directly and personally, I believe that these extra three chakras have been fully activated in you for some time and I suspect that you have used them for years.

The Full Activation of Our 13th, 14th and 15th Chakras

“We are the Agarthans and we greet you in peace and in love, love of the eternal One, with the cosmic all-encompassing Christed energy that flows from the Central Sun of All-That-Is!

We have aligned and cleansed your 12 chakra system with this high frequency energy in order to create a signature, or what you may call, an imprint of the Divine.

You are correct that three more chakras, which have always been present, have now been activated in order to complement your current 12 chakra system, what you may consider to be chakra 13, 14 and 15.  These chakras are not linearly placed, only presented to you as such, in your visual [I am shown them stacked one upon the other, above the other 12], to aide in comprehending their presence and activation.

These three chakras facilitate the interface with the Divine Mind, The Will of God, and the Laws of Creation. [At this point I am aware of mathematical formulas and sacred geometry falling down into our fields].

This newly-formed connection to these levels of expression of being now aide you in new ways, as new ideas for creation shall now self-express within your realms of dimensional interface through direct involvement.

Your dual soul will understand the deep implications of this gift, the three new chakras of Divine Ordinance and your creationary powers will now be enhanced.

We are with you constantly now and prepare many re-alignments and healings almost in every moment.

All is well Dear Ones!  All is well!”

Carla: One more note, Georgi: Now that I have thought about this message and moved into the energies a bit more, I recognize that you have always had a 15 Chakra system, with activated Chakras 13, 14 and 15. This visit was to activate mine, so that we are aligned and can operate now as one unified field, now that our missions have been feathered into a unified mission, as was decided a few days ago.


Note to all our readers: Please, have an understanding that at this advanced point in time in the Ascension scenario we are unable to answer any emails sent to us through this website or personally. Hence send none! Just try to resonate and implement the knowledge and information given in this remarkable and unique collection of messages, which Carla has received from the highest realms  in the last six, most dramatic months in the End Time of Gaia, when numerous timelines were created and destroyed according to the cosmic laws of creation and destruction. From now on the only way to personal ascension is through the inner path to the light and no external interactions can help you in this glorious endeavor.


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